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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why is Red on Mt. Silver for an indefinite period of time in Pokémon Gold and Silver? If one goes by this playthrough, he's too incompetent to get down.
    • Or maybe he will eventually be released, and use the solitude of Mt Silver as a place to be calm and quiet for the rest of his life.
    • Another theory is that because the Mob is controlling a new character.
  • Red, who is controlled by thousands of malevolent spirits, finally breaks down in Lavender Town, a town full of 'em. He likely had a Sensory Overload after hearing more voices than he was used to.
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  • The sudden improvement in teamwork, and the correct usage of Democracy mode and the team member Venomoth caught in Democracy mode are all due to the fact that the Dome fossil has been brought back to life, and in display in Fuchsia City.
  • Why does the mob constantly save the game when it's unnecessary? Because Bird Jesus saves.
  • Anarchy mode keeps things moving fast, interesting, and unpredictable. While Democracy mode is slow and unbearably boring, it gets the important shit done.
  • It depends on if you follow Helix or Dome but the reason why anarchy is winning in retrieving Lord Helix is because there are those who wish to release him.
  • After defeating Giovanni, DigRat the Rattata digs out of the Team Rocket hideout before Red can get the Silph Scope. In other words, 360 no-scope.
    • There's a gif of this as well.
  • Pidgeot is a bird of prey, making aaabaaajss literally Raptor Jesus.
  • Calling the LP "A Cruel Trainer's Thesis" makes a bit of sense when you realize both the main characters of its namesake and TPP are mentally disturbed individuals driven to madness thanks to their respective professions.
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  • Why is Pidgeot Bird Jesus and not Bird God? Because there's already an overleveled Pokémon elsewhere who has the "God" title: Godchu.
  • Red has caught Lapras, released Charmeleon, checked Bulbasaur's cry and released Flareon. And has Lv. 81 Zapdos. Who else has an Electric-type at level 81, Lapras, Eeveelution, Venusaur and Charizard?note 
  • Someone pointed out that Omanyte's shell has twelve segments. How many Pokémon were released on Bloody Sunday? Twelve. What happened the following day? Lord Helix was revived. It could well be that those twelve Pokémon were sacrifices needed in order for Lord Helix to awaken.
  • In gen 2, Air Jordan was revealed to be female. We should have seen it coming given her Gender-Blender Name.
  • The Mob latched onto Omastar as a deity. Oddly enough, this is not that far from the truth gameplay-wise. Despite its average stats, Omastar sees play in the Ubers metagame alongside legitimate Pokégods (primarily Kyogre) due to a few amazing features: a Swift Swim which increases its speed from "lackluster" to "excellent" in the rain, an already very good Special Attack and Shell Smash, one of the most powerful setup moves in the game, which propulses said Speed and Special Attack to astronomical levels.
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  • A moth (ATV) slays a dragon because of a computer bug. What caused the first computer bugs? Moths!

Fridge Logic

  • Fridge Logic: Flareon is seen as a symbol for democracy, even though it through anarchy that Abby and Jay Leno were released and Eevee became Flareon.
    • People aren't exactly the best at making sense. This is probably also the answer to most future cases of Fridge Logic.
    • People wanted Jolteon or Vaporeon, but the mob's lack of coordination led to the third, unwanted result of Flareon. Hence. Flareon represents the necessity of Democracy, not its flaws. However, because the Mob detests Democracy, they refuse to admit this necessity, which is why Flareon became The Scapegoat and had everything blamed on him. Also, anarchy led to losing Abby.
  • Why are members of the Mob obsessed with beating Misty if she's been beaten early on?
    • Considering that Misty is one of the most popular Gym Leaders (thanks to the anime) and that this Let's Play didn't catch to mainstream attention until after Red completed the Cerulean Gym, it's possible newcomers of the mob either didn't know Misty was beaten already or just wished that they can challenge Misty again because they've missed in the first round. That, or the insanity has finally caught to the mob.
    • To troll/spam.
    • OP here, and I may have found a bit of Fridge Brilliance in here as well: If we do go through Kanto in Gen 2, then the whole "GUYS WE HAVE TO BEAT MISTY" thing will become a Brick Joke.
      • It was a brick joke to begin with. Red spent an entire day wandering around Cerulean City trying to get out, so for a while newcomers genuinely had no idea if they'd beaten Misty yet. The longer Red was stuck there, the more people started to say it as a joke/trolling attempt, and soon people were saying it at the Route 9 ledge.

Fridge Horror

  • The implications of being a ten year old boy, travelling the nation with no parental supervision and a debilitating case of schizophrenia is... not pretty.
    • The mob's continual rejection of democracy, which would give Red's mind some solace — the disease WANTS Red to be as helpless as possible...
  • The premise of the game, thousands of players controlling a single character, allows for multiple, disturbing possibilities:
    • Red is being mind controlled and cannot refuse the thousands of commands directed at him.
    • Red has free will, but can hear in his head all the commands and conversations going on.
    • Red is a robot or a cyborg under control of the user mob (official according to the Twitch account).
    • Red has a Mind Hive and the tens of thousands of users are a part of it.
  • If Flareon IS an envoy of Evil God Dome, it's quite possible that Eevee was innocent all along until being possessed or infused with Dome's will.
  • Being that some battles are unwinnable and stretch almost endlessly on, defeat is the only option and is welcome by the mob when it actually happens. Not much thought is put on whether Red enjoys blacking out both so often and out of his control.
  • Not only has Red gotten no sleep since the game began, he hasn't rested in anyway whatsoever. That means he has been either walking or standing up for over ten days straight, except for those brief moments when he blacks out.
    • Which explains quite a bit about his increasingly erratic behavior.
    • Thankfully, he took about a half a dozen naps in Silph Co.'s healing beds.
  • Come Pokemon Tower, it looks like Red has finally amassed a competent team... and then you realize he still doesn't have anything that can learn Surf. Not only does he still need to catch something that can learn the move, but he has to fish it out of the PC, which may result in one or several good Pokemon being released.
    • Crisis averted, thanks to Lapras.
      • Subverted, Lapras, ATV and Bird Jesus were all deposited post-Zapdos, with Cabbage, BigDig and Dux being released.
      • And then Double Subverted, as the first three were carefully retrieved. The latter three however will be sadly missed, and Zapdos was stuck in the PC for a good while.
  • If Lord Helix is released into the wild, who can stop his reign aside from a grass type?
  • The revelation that the PC and Bill are the true villains puts a lot of Bill's earlier actions into question, as well as Red's.
    • Bill gave Red the SS Ticket. It's probably a bad idea that Red keeps consulting it.
    • Bill could very well skip town with his connections and set up shop on the next region over, and/or wrap other trainers into his game through direct influence, or his network of computers and unchallenged market on Pokemon Transportation Technology. Just how far does his reach go?
      • His home town is Goldenrod out in Johto, so he probably has more victims we don't know about, and he will continue to get more victims. After all, an interview with the streamer did mention plans to start a game in G/S/C once this file is done with. If that goes through, Bill will be free to torment whoever the new player avatar is. And who is his favorite Pokemon, the Pokemon he'll later offer to the player? Eevee.
      • Every single protagonist up to and including the current generation (if not counting spinoff games like Pokémon Colosseum or Pokémon Ranger) has the potential to be piloted by Mobs. Even if Bill was the reason Red became possessed in the first place, that still doesn't account for all the other kids around the various regions of PokéJapan and countries on the other side of the world. This could mean that the other PC guys around the Pokémon world are in on the experiment too. The Mob tests are going worldwide.
  • The Mob's method of getting around is extremely fucked up: they possess mentally unstable children and use them as a vessel to reap all the benefits of traversing the land while simultaneously driving the child mad. Once the kid is champion, they just up and leave, looking for the next unstable kid to get around in.
  • For fans of the stream, the idea of a new adventure starting is a reason to rejoice. But for some unlucky kid somewhere in the Pokémon world, the worst of nightmares is about to start...
  • Unless you are on a mobile or handheld device of sorts, you're browsing this page (and watching the current episode of TPP) on a PC.