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NOTICE: Per wiki policy on Moments pages, ALL spoilers will be UNMARKED. Read ahead only with caution! You Have Been Warned.

  • The names for the Pokémon.
    • ABBBBBBK( the Charmander/Charmeleon (referred to as Abby)
    • JLVWNNOOOO the Rattata (referred to as Jay Leno)
    • aaabaaajss the Pidgeot (called Bird Jesus or Abba Jesus)
    • AAIIIIIRRR, the Lapras (also known as Fresh Prince)
    • AA-j, the Zapdos (also called Battery Jesus)
    • AAAAAAAAAAA the Nidoking (also called King Fonz)
      • While King Fonz got his nickname from fans pronouncing his name as a long "Ayyy!", AAAAAAAAAAA is also quite hilarious if you pronounce it as an Overly Long Scream.
  • The Running Gag of using the Helix Fossil and other key items, which spawned its own religion.
    • ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ USE HELIX ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • "Twitch Plays Pokémon" Bingo.
  • Red having No Sense of Direction at all.
  • At one point, Red blacked out in a Pokémon Center due to boxing his only non-fainted Pokémon, which can only happen in the first-gen games.
  • After an entire day of being stuck in the Rocket Game Corner, Red accidentally used DIG, which took him back to the Pokémon Center entrance.
    • It happened four times.
    • In general, the entire Rocket Game Corner was a disaster, taking nearly two days just to get the lift key. And that's after the admin added the voting system (see below) to make things less hectic.
    • And even after the lift key was obtained, they accidentally dug Red back to the Pokémon Center AGAIN.
      • To top it all off, after they finally defeated Giovanni, and he dropped the Silph Scope, DigRat used Dig before the team could grab the Silph Scope.
  • The entire experience is best exemplified in a Tumblr post.
  • The administrator having to manually remove Red from a Pokémon Center because he kept going left and right around the exit instead of down through it.
    • And again after Red got trapped in the maze when he didn't need to go there, brought to the elevator that time.
  • Red was stuck in-between Revive Girl and 3 walls.
  • After gaining Eevee, Red was sent to the Celadon Department Store so the community could buy a stone for it. Most of the people playing wanted to get a Water Stone, as the team would eventually need a Pokémon that could Surf and they were worried about what could happen if they had to resort to the PC. Others wanted a Thunder Stone because a Jolteon would be useful in battle. What did they end up with? Four Pokedolls and one Fire Stone.
  • The creator changed the anarchic system for a voting, democratic system. It made everything worse. People suddenly united against it by repeatedly pressing "start9". Soon after they overthrew the voting system, they continued to fight because of the PC.
  • Giovanni's reaction after Red spends over 24 hours wandering in mindless circles in his basement before finally (after two more hours of struggling with the elevator) reaching his office? "I'm impressed you got here!" We were too, Giovanni. We were too.
  • After spending the better part of two days navigating the Rocket HQ in Celadon City, Red finally made it to Giovanni, and was about to take down his last Pokémon, when Pidgeot, his own last Pokémon, used Whirlwind instead of an attacking move, and promptly lost.
  • The stream once got paused for one reason or another. Panic ensued, sparking things like "LORD HELIX HAS ABANDONED US!" to appear in the chat. One Tumblr user summed it up thus:
    Tumblr user: WHAT IS HAPPENING
  • The mythological timeline of the struggle between Helix and Dome. Note that the worst path is the one Red is currently on.
  • A Max Ether was used up ON GUST. While lost once again in the Rock Tunnel.
  • Pidgeot fought a level 24 Gastly that won the fight.
  • The scare brought on by Dux being thrown into the PC in Lavender Town and almost immediately being rescued back.
  • The team's inability to make it through Pokémon Tower is hilarious considering how they had trailblazed most battles and even a few Gym Leaders the past days.
  • After days of struggle, Red finally made it to the healing zone in Pokémon Tower and revived his fainted Pokémon. The Channeler he bumped into right after screamed "Zombies!"
  • After effortlessly defeating a Channeler's Gastly, Drowzee reached Level 24... and forgot Psychic for Headbutt.
  • While trying to name Gastly, Red named Pidgeot "aaabaaajss."
  • The reactions of people who leave the stream for a few hours and then return to see they are still in the same location as before.
    "We are still in the fucking tower?!"
  • Red stocks up on Great Balls intending to catch Snorlax - only to run away from it.
  • An attempt at the Safari Zone resulted in (after much walking into a signpost and a tree stump) an eventual encounter with a Kangaskhan, who rarely appears there... which led to, after spamming the "BAIT" option, Red throwing 5 Safari Balls with all 5 missing the Pokémon (quoth one commenter: "HOW DO YOU MISS SOMETHING THAT BIG"), followed by it running away. Then Digrat immediately used DIG to escape.
  • During a battle in the Silph Co. building, Bird Jesus faced off against an Electrode and kept using sand attack on it. The Electrode used self-destruct, killed itself, and missed Bird Jesus entirely.
  • What's the last thing Red does before Giovanni defeats him at Silph? Play the Poke Flute. "Now that's a catchy tune!"
  • When reaching the Saffron Gym, a Psychic read Red's mind. Bad decision.
  • The return of THE LEDGE as the mob tried to reach Zapdos.
  • While fighting a trainer's higher leveled Lickitung, Drowzee Disabled its opponent's Disable, and later, the Lickitung Disabled Drowzee's Disable. To paraphrase the comments that followed "The Keeper's disability has been disabled." Doubles as a CMOA as that allowed Drowzee to win.
  • If you enjoy schadenfreude, the events of Bloody Sunday might have left you gasping for air between your laughs — although you probably couldn't get any Air because he was deposited first, followed immediately by Bird Jesus, igniting the mad scramble that lasted for nine solid hours. The real show was the furious tug-of-war over the controls between the two factions of viewership. Neither side seemed completely prepared to deal with the challenges, and with the Anarchy-Democracy meter swinging to extremes at speeds never seen before, there would be periods where a lot of nothing happened very slowly, just to be broken by a sudden flurry of activity that released multiple Pokémon. It's almost enough to make one forget the despair of losing several beloved Pokémon. Almost.
  • After a long struggle in Pallet Town, the mob finally managed to use surf. They made a beeline downwards to Cinnabar... and ended up swimming straight into a floating pier, jumping back on land again.
  • Red was marooned on an island with two fishermen for company, causing the mob to cry "WILSON!". They also nicknamed it "Fat Guy Island" or, occasionally, "Two Guys One Island."
  • When the group found a roomful of PCs at Cinnabar, this happened.
  • It took three tries, but Red finally fought his way to the Gym key in the basement of the mansion on Cinnabar. And then he blacked out, one step away from success.
  • Continuing the disasters in the Pokémon Mansion, Red got himself stuck between a table, some rubble, and a Trainer.
  • While surfing up from Cinnabar Island, Red got stuck on Fat Guy Island. Again.
  • Giovanni once more proves himself to the mob as a diabolical mastermind/magnificent bastard by strategically building his gym near one of Red's greatest weaknesses. His gym is on top of a ledge.
    • To make matters worse, it's blocked from the left side by an old man, forcing the mob to go up, right, and down to get in.
    • As one person in the chat put it:
    "We are the very best and very worst like no one ever was."
    • As Mr_OF_COURSE remarked on the multiple attempts needed to enter Viridian Gym:
    at this rate we are going to be able to pick up the giovanni fossil
    • While trying to enter the final Gym, he heads to a tree instead.
    "RED found a POTION!"
    • After handily winning the first 2 battles inside Viridian Gym, Red randomly decided to just walk out of Viridian Gym (when it had taken hours just to get inside) and hopped over the ledge again, as if his appetite for ledges hadn't been satiated just yet.
  • There is a Helix Fossil Hymn. And it is glorious.
  • "Grimer's Disable has been disabled!"
  • After two days of being in Giovanni's Gym, he tells Red this.
  • After Giovanni was defeated at Viridian Gym, he said this.
  • After defeating Giovanni, trying to get out of his GYM resulted in Red (literally) spinning in circles, walking towards the exit. At the same time. It looked like he was dancing his way out.
  • The sixth battle with Blue was just a trainwreck... for him.
    • He sent out Blastoise against Zapdos. It went as well as you'd expect.
    • During that same battle, he used a regular Potion in a battle between what could be reasonably called end-game teams. The Pokémon he used it on died immediately after.
    • He constantly has Exeggcute fire Solarbeam at Pidgeot. Not only does this do next to nothing since Pidgeot is several levels higher and resists it, but he later Mirror Moves it and Critically-hits Exeggcute with it, KOing it instantly.
  • The man standing in front of Viridian Gym has a few words for Red.
    IMP1017: Voldemort standing outside the gym looking at us in confusion has been my favorite thing of the past couple hours.
  • Red tries to conquer the ledge's final form, but inexplicably has some last-second qualms and reservations...
    Tensuke: It was crazy. One of the first couple attempts, we were doing it, there were even some ups on the way so he had to go up once he cleared the fence, right? Nope, IMMEDIATELY jumps off the ledge after passing it. Almost as if to say, "You can control me, but you can't control me!" I think my favorite part is right after he gets to the ledge and moves once, he looks down, like he's looking down a cliff and then scurries across trying not to fall off. Then just say fuck it.
  • Someone in chat about Red viewing the Old Man's "How To Catch A Pokémon" tutorial multiple times:
    "At this rate, we're going to exterminate the Weedle population."
  • Someone pressed B just as Helix was evolving. This caused the entire chat to flip the fuck out.
  • Lance's Dragonite (his final Pokémon) kept spamming Barrier and Agility against Venomoth (Red's final Pokémon during the battle with Lance) because the AI decided Barrier and Agility, being Psychic, were strong against its Poison typing. Despite the fact that Barrier and Agility do no damage. After many turns of the Dragonite's Hit Points being whittled away by poison, said Level 36 Venomoth goes on to win the battle, leveling up to Level 37 in the process. Not a single Ice-type move was even used by Red's Pokémon during the battle.
  • One Elite Four run loses momentum pretty quickly, and it looks like Red is going to lose to Bruno, who is considered to be the weakest of the Elite Four and has not been lost to in every run. AA-j the Zapdos then commences a sweeping rampage (despite two Pokémon being Rock-type) and survives with 5 HP left just so Bruno doesn't tarnish that record.
  • During a battle against Lorelei, Red actually threw an Ultra Ball in an attempt to capture Lorelei's Slowbro, failing miserably as Lorelei deflected the rogue item.
  • After a grueling ordeal to invoke democracy in order to switch Zapdos into the front slot (thus allowing it to beat the tar of Lorelei effortlessly), the mob agreed to go back to anarchy. Once in battle, Zapdos smote the first four of Lorelei's mons... and then was switched out for AAAAAAAAAAA (Nidoking, a Poison and Ground type) against Lapras. A Total Party Kill happened shortly thereafter.
    • At first the democrats were blamed for the Total Party Kill but it was quickly turned around when the democrats called out the Anarchist on their utter incompetence of having Zapdos steam roll through Lorelei. As one commenter put it. "You guys had one job. Typing A. Simple as that, yet somehow you guys still screwed that up!"
    • The mob had another good run, Zapdos easily defeated the majority of Lorelei's Pokémon until all that remained was Lapras. Victory was in sight. Only problem is Zapdos got hit with a Blizzard and got frozen, resulting in its death.
  • One user's response to Red's numerous attempts to talk to Agatha (which resulted in him walking around her room for a good five minutes before he actually reached her).
    Commentor: "Maybe Agatha will die of old age."
  • Bird Jesus is mad! His Rage beats Bruno!
  • During one battle with Agatha, she kept switching between her Haunter and Arbok, without letting either of them attack. As one commentator put it: "I think we broke Agatha."
  • AA-J is Level 81 upon beating Blue. The same level Red's Pikachu has in original Johto games. All the implications...
  • Professor Oak: "I came when I heard you beat the Elite Four!"
  • After the savefile went out into the public, people transferred the Pokémon over to Gen 2... and found out that AIIIIIIRRR, the Fresh Prince, is actually a princess.
  • This video, which gives us a look what probably happened after the Pokémon League was defeated and the mob left Red in peace.
  • While the mob waits for the next adventure to begin, they can play a version of Mario with red, a bunch of pokéballs for blocks, and tiny blobs for enemies.
  • The save file was publicly released, letting anyone download it and use the team. One fellow went to catch Mewtwo and then went to the PC and released it.
  • Two people had the identical teams fight each other.
  • Jesus accepts Helix as his lord and savior.
  • The real final battle of G/S/C: the PC.
  • Even the game knows Helix is the answer.
  • Twitch Plays Pokémon, now an animated feature. The Misadventure Begins! And lo, much walking into walls was had.