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Recap Page for Twitch Plays Pokémon Red.

Highlights are available on this channel. Timelapses of the stream can be found here. A dramatic, fan made summary video can be found here. Know Your Meme has a pretty informative article. Additional information and timelines can be found in these links. A narrative of the journey can be found here as well. And there's also a mythological timeline of the struggle between Helix and Dome.


NOTICE: Per wiki policy on Recap pages, ALL spoilers will be UNMARKED. Read ahead only with caution! You Have Been Warned.

The Adventure Begins: Pallet Town and Pewter City - Days 1

  • The first ~35 hours of the stream were largely not recorded, and viewer counts were low. Therefore, little documentation exists in the beginning of the run.
  • Red chooses Charmander, whom he nicknames ABBBBBBK( ("Abby"), as his starter Pokemon. Rival Blue chooses Squirtle. Blue is defeated.
  • Red enters Viridian City, receives Oak's Parcel, and delivers it to Oak, who gives Red a Pokédex. The very first obstacle is encountered outside the town's Pokémon Center, which has a ledge in front of it.
  • After obtaining the Pokédex, Red returns to Viridian City and buys two Poké Balls to prepare for Viridian Forest.
  • Red breezes through Viridian Forest, while throwing both of his Poké Balls at a trainer's Caterpie.
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  • Red defeats Brock at Pewter City after failing at first and collects his first gym badge.
  • By the time Red had begun traversing Mt. Moon, the viewer count had grown from an average of 20-30 viewers to 50 viewers, largely comprised of 4chan.
  • A Pidgey was caught in the road between Pewter City & Mt. Moon, which would later be known as Bird Jesus. Abby also evolved into a Charmeleon during this time.
  • The chat would struggle in Mt. Moon for the rest of the day, blacking out repeatedly and tossing a potentially useful Antidote.
  • The first day ended with the chat handler crashing, rendering the stream unusable for 8 hours.


Of Gods and Mons: Mt. Moon and Cerulean City - Day 2

  • Red finally clears Mt. Moon and obtains the Helix Fossil (and a Moon Stone). Both items would be the subject of memes within the chat as Red could often be seen futilely trying to use them in battle.
  • Red faints from poison before he could heal at Cerulean City. Around this time, the stream began to garner considerable attention simultaneously from multiple sites. The viewer count quickly jumps to 1,000 within an hour.
  • After traversing through Mt. Moon a final time and healing at Cerulean City, gym leader Misty proves to be a tough opponent due to Abby's type disadvantage and other weak party members. Meanwhile, "JLVWNNOOOO" (Jay Leno) the Rattata was caught and Blue was defeated at Nugget Bridge. The Moon Stone would be tossed while on the other hand Helix Fossil would attain cult status as it is untossable.
  • Red defeats Misty and collects his second badge after 11 failed attempts.
  • Nugget Bridge is cleared and Bill is saved, who gives Red an S.S. Ticket to board the S.S. Anne. The TM for Dig is also obtained from a defeated Team Rocket grunt.
  • A second Rattata is caught and unnamed.

A New Feather: Vermilion City and S.S. Anne - Day 3

  • Now having learned Dig, the unnamed Rattata would later be infamous as Digrat. The Dig move will be used constantly to teleport out of areas during inopportune moments.
  • A Drowzee (later known as The Keeper) and a Spearow are caught outside Vermilion City.
  • Red trades his Spearow for Dux the Farfetch'd.
  • Red boards the SS Anne, defeats Blue, clears the SS Anne, and acquires the HM for Cut.
  • After some hours, The Mob finally manages to teach Dux Cut. Dux cuts down the bush blocking the way, Red enters the Vermillion City Gym, and defeats all of the trainers below the locked door.
  • Red solves the trash can puzzle on his first(ish) try. He hits the upper rightmost trash can and then the one below it, getting both hidden switches and opening the door to Lt. Surge. In his first fight with Lt. Surge, Red is defeated.
  • The Mob spends a few hours struggling to cut down the bush blocking the path to the gym. Red fights Lt. Surge for a second time. All his Pokemon, save Abby, are defeated, but not before taking down most of Surge's Pokemon. Red wins the battle when Abby uses Bide and knocks out Surge's Raichu with 5 HP remaining.
  • The game is soft reset in the middle of the day, and a new game is momentarily created (the player named "xxx" & the rival "AAdeeef"). Luckily, the streamer was quickly able to reload the save.

The Ledge: Route 9 - Day 3

  • Making their way to the Rock Tunnel, The Mob spends an insane amount of time trying to maneuver through a straight path by a ledge on Route 9 in which a single 'down' command is all it takes to make Red jump off. After almost nine hours of insanity, the mob finally makes it past the ledge, now aware of the ever-lurking threat of b-spammers. Red hasn't gotten any sleep in three days.

In The Dark: Rock Tunnel and Lavender Town - Day 4

  • Red enters and navigates the Rock Tunnel without the aid of Flash. He spends a good amount of time stumbling around the cave and fighting off wild Zubat, Geodude, Machop and Onix. The newly-evolved Pidgeotto becomes the team's champion and begins being hailed as "Bird Jesus".

Birth of a Legend: Celadon City - Day 4

  • Red mostly ignores Saffron City and walks straight through to Celadon City. He battles for endless hours against trees blocking his path on his way to and back from Gym Leader Erika.
  • Bird Jesus reaches level 40 and is finally allowed to evolve into Pidgeot, thanks to the stream suddenly lagging.
  • Red successfully defeats Erika to collect his fourth badge near the end of the day.

Never the Same: The Team Eevee vs. Team Lapras Civil War, Saffron City and the PC - Day 5

  • Around this time, it becomes apparent that having a Pokemon in the party capable of learning Surf will soon be necessary to continue. Vaporeon and Lapras quickly become the top candidates.
  • The first major disagreement among The Mob occurs when a large amount of users want to get Eevee, while a smaller part prefers to leave their spare slot free for Lapras. After much struggling, the former group manages to claim Eevee at the top of Celadon Condominiums.
  • The Mob makes its way to the Celadon Department Store, and after even more struggling with the elevator and stairs, buys several Pokedolls... and a Fire Stone. Red spends some time buying soda and water at the vending machines and talking to someone who goes on and on about his trainer sister.
  • In an attempt to free up a slot, Red spends a long time trying to make his way to the Pokemon Daycare above Saffron City in order to drop off Eevee or a Rattata, so that Lapras can be obtained and placed into the party instead. The Pokemon Daycare is at the bottom of a hill, meaning a number of ledges must be crossed to reach the house. Below the house is one final ledge, the presence of which forces Red to try again from the top of the hill if he should accidentally jump down from it. Red nearly enters the Daycare several times, but instead drops down each time and finally gives up.
  • Red visits the Pokemon Center in Celadon City and attempts to deposit a Pokemon from the roster. The Mob is split between using the PC and trying the Daycare again.
  • Red finally manages to maneuver himself to the PC in the Pokemon Center. He deposits Bird Jesus, but is able to withdraw him almost immediately afterwards. He then deposits Abby and Jay Leno into the PC by accident. His attempt to retrieve them ends in disaster when both are inadvertently released instead. The Tonight Show gets a new host.

The Keeper and the Labyrinth: Celadon Game Corner/Team Rocket HQ ("Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride", "Hell") - Days 5 to 7

  • The Mob returns to Celadon and Red makes his way to the basement of the Game Corner to battle Team Rocket. After a few mishaps with the Start menu, The Mob somehow manages to evolve Eevee into Flareon. Flareon is officially declared to be a false prophet of the Dome Fossil.
  • After The Mob spends a day or so unable to navigate the maze, the creator sets up the Democracy/Anarchy system. A significant amount of backlash occurs against the decision.
  • During a trip back to the Pokemon Center, both False Prophet and Drowzee are deposited in the PC. Drowzee is recovered, but False Prophet is released by the mob. Only afterwards do they remember that Flareon was the second-strongest Pokemon they currently had available to them.
  • The Mob spends most of Day Six and the start of Day Seven alternating between Anarchy and Democracy, making progress around the Rocket Hideout but continuously going back due to Dig Rat using, well, Dig.
  • Democracy allows Red to collect the Lift Key. After several attempts to make their way to Basement Level 4, The Mob loses against Giovanni the first time around but defeats him in a second attempt. However, Dig Rat once again accidentally digs them out of the HQ before they can claim the Silph Scope, requiring them to go through the HQ again to retrieve it. After another swap between Democracy and Anarchy, The Mob finally retrieves the Silph Scope and Red starts his way back east.

Ghostbusters: Lavender Town, Pokemon Tower ("Ghost Hell") and Saffron City - Days 7 and 8

  • Red returns to Lavender Town, enters the tower, and defeats Blue. Gets blacked out soon after confronting Gastly due to the team's almost complete lack of attacks that can harm Ghost Types. On another go, Red finally manages to defeat a single Lvl.22 Gastly mostly thanks to Dig Rat's Dig used as a final blow.
  • The mob then attempts to grind Drowzee in the Rock Tunnel, where he catches two Zubat, one named "—-" who is kept in the roster, and one named "X" who is sent to the PC.
  • Red goes back to the tower, only to get wiped out again. After more failure, the mob is divided on how to proceed. Unsuccessful attempts are made to teach Psychic to Drowzee in Anarchy mode and the mob spends some time in a tug of war.
  • After some time wandering and fighting wild pokemon, Red finds himself in Saffron City, where he challenges the Fighting Dojo. He triumphs and takes away a Hitmonlee which he names CCC. In an attempt to retrieve CCC from the PC, Red accidentally stores the SS Ticket, Helix Fossil, Cut and the Silph Scope. Then, X and CCC are released. Red manages to retrieve the items afterwards.
  • The mob manages to teach Psychic to Drowzee and Red goes back to make his way up the Pokemon Tower. A Gastly is captured. Cubone are seen, but Red has no Pokeballs left. Day seven ends and Red begins day eight by getting blacked out twice by Gastly, sending him back to Saffron City's Poke Center. Falls into a cycle of working his way up to the tower until either blacking out or Digging back accidentally. During a trip to the Poke Center, Dux is deposited in the PC but just as quickly withdrawn back into the roster.
  • After effortlessly defeating a Channeler's Gastly, Drowzee reached Level 24... and forgot Psychic for Headbutt.
  • Gastly is retrieved during a trip to the PC. Afterwards when trying to rename Gastly, Red named Pidgeot "aaabaaajss."
  • After many attempts to climb Pokémon Tower failing due to dig, the mob finally reaches the top. They defeat Marowak's ghost and the Rocket Grunts, save Mr. Fuji, and obtain the PokéFlute with relatively little trouble after that, thus ending day eight.

A Trip to the Zoo: Routes 12 to 15, Snorlax, Fuchsia City and Safari Zone - Day 9

  • Red buys three great balls from the mart and travels south. Wakes up Snorlax, engages in battle and tosses a great ball, but its health was too high and the ball fails. After Digrat and Drowzee faint Red runs away. Later enters the house on Route 12 and obtains the Super Rod from a fisherman.
  • x(araggbaj evolves into Gloom and several members of the team gain a few levels while pushing forward to Fuchsia City. Each Pokemon except Pidgeot faints before barely reaching Fuchsia, thanks to Pidgeot pulling a hat trick against the last trainer with barely any health remaining. Democracy was attempted to help Red reach the Pokemon Center, but failed to come into effect before Pidgeot fainted from Poisoning, sending them all the way back to Lavender Town.
  • Red makes his way back to Fuchsia and its Pokemon Center. When proceeding to Safari Zone, Democracy mode is activated but a start9 riot occurs and the pendulum swings back to Anarchy. Once inside Safari Zone, the team discovers the step count to still be in place and then Digs their way out before making much progress.
  • Red enters the Fuchsia Gym and beats most of the various trainers inside. He makes it to Koga with only Pidgeot still alive, who is poisoned early on but manages to take down two out of four of Koga's Pokemon. The mob's desperate attempt to use a Hyper Potion on Pidgeot fails, and Red loses the battle.
  • Red returns to fight Koga and defeats him. Gastly makes a good showing against Koga's first Koffing, but tries to finish it off with Confuse Ray instead of Nightshade and is knocked out. Pidgeot defeats Koffing and easily takes out Koga's Muk. Dux faces Koga's second Koffing and Leers at it repeatedly, clearing the way for Pidgeot to finish the job. Pidgeot then tanks Weezing's Self Destruct to win the match. Pidgeot levels up and learns Mirror Move, but in doing so accidentally forgets Gust.
  • The second excursion to the Safari Zone proves fruitful, as Red captures two male Nidorans, two Venonats, and a Paras. After exhausting his steps, Red goes right back in... and right back out. A subsequent fourth visit ends disastrously after Dig Rat prematurely brings the party back to the Pokemon Center. Democracy is toggled on only to be quickly turned off, the mob determined to see the Safari Zone through in Anarchy.
  • A fifth visit is more successful; Red defies the odds and captures an Exeggcute named "AIA", as well as a third male Nidoran. Democracy sticks in another attempt, and "a", a fourth Nidoran Male, a Nidorino, "B-!" a third Venonat, and "AEWWWWVV" the Rhyhorn are caught. After getting most of the way through the Safari Zone, Red runs out of Safari Balls and gets kicked back to the entrance.
  • Red returns to Safari Zone and, guided by Democracy, manages to capture a Venomoth, naming it "AATTVVV". The chat decides that ATV stands for "All-Terrain Venomoth". A while later, Gold Teeth are picked up, after that Red reaches the secret house with around 140 steps to spare and receives Surf. Anarchy regains control. Red gives the Gold Teeth to the Warden and receives Strength.
  • BigDig and Gastly are put in the PC. All-Terrain Venomoth is withdrawn. Cabbage (Lvl.25), ATV (Lvl.32), Dux (Lvl.27), Bird Jesus (Lvl.55) and the Keeper (Lvl.26) become the party as Red leaves Fuchsia City.

Air to the Throne: Saffron City and Silph Co. - Days 9 and 10

  • Red fights some trainers around Fuchsia City before making his way back to Saffron from the east. Visits the PokeCenter, realizes the Gym is being blocked by a Rocket member, and enters Silph Co. where he starts fighting Team Rocket trainers. Blacks out the first time around, but acquires the Card Key on the second try and blacks out again a while later.
  • Red works his way up to Blue, beats him, and receives Lapras. Lapras is named "AIIIIIIRRR" and nicknamed "Air Jordan" by the fans. Red blacks out again before reaching the healing beds in Silph Co.
  • Day ten begins and the mob navigates through Silph Co. again until Red faints for a fourth time.
  • While struggling to teach Surf to Air, the mob accidentally throws away the TMs for Skull Bash, Double Team and Toxic. After hours of frustration, disunity and confusion, the mob succeeds in teaching Air Surf. Riding the momentum, the mob manages to also teach Strength to Air with some effort.
  • Red explores the rest of Silph Co., defeating most of the remaining Rocket Grunts and Scientists. Despite the interference of obstinate start abusers, Red manages to collect a Protein after nearly an hour's worth of effort.
  • Red manages to accidentally battle Giovanni while trying to reach the healing beds. His only Pokemon during the battle is a poisoned Pidgeot with low health, and he promptly blacks out (after playing the Poke Flute).
  • Returning to Silph Co. and defeating a scientist, Drowzee begins evolving once again, but is immediately interrupted by the mob. explanation 
  • Red manages to overcome Giovanni on his next try, a nigh-fully healed Pidgeot tearing through the Rocket Boss' entire team. Red obtains the Master Ball.
  • Red enters the Saffron Gym. ATV works wonders against the trainers' Pokemon, but when they encounter a Channeler and her Ghost Pokemon, everyone but Pidgeot faints. After at least two defeats, Pidgeot spams Mirror Move and defeats the Channeler.
  • Red reaches Sabrina with only Pidgeot and Cabbage still standing. Kadabra takes both of them out without taking a hit.
  • Red refights Sabrina. After Sabrina's first Pokemon destroyed all of Red's Pokemon but Pidgeot (4 of which were OHKO'd), Kadabra managed to spam Recover after disabling Mirror Move and locking Red into Whirlwind. But after consulting the Helix Fossil a few times, Pidgeot managed to get the cursor to Quick Attack and utterly destroyed the rest of Sabrina's team.

Operation Yellow Thunder: The Daycare, the Ledge (again) and the Power Plant - Days 10 and 11

  • Red heads to the Pokemon Daycare to drop off a Pokemon to make room for Zapdos. After trying and failing to reach the Daycare under Anarchy, the mob finally votes in Democracy, gets into the Daycare...and then proceeds to attempt to drop off Air about five times, which can't be done.explanation  The mob votes in Anarchy after about ten minutes, then almost drops off Drowzee and leaves to go attempt to catch Zapdos.
  • The mob navigates their way up through Cerulean City and willingly returns to the dreaded Route 9 and the Ledge of Doom. Remembering the terrors of the ledge all too well, a large portion of the mob briefly swings towards Democracy.
  • After about 4 hours the mob manages to get past the Ledge. They wander around for a bit, fight a Spearow, and then jump back down.
  • The mob switches to Democracy and immediately starts making relatively fast progress back to Cerulean. They switch back to Anarchy during a fight with a wild Ekans, and then start trying to Cut down the tree at the entrance to the route. Anarchy turns back around and jumps down another ledge, bringing Red back to the starting point.
  • The mob passes the Ledge of Doom for (hopefully) the final time, exiting Route 9 about 5 hours after they entered it. The mob succeeds in reaching the Power Plant in one go despite attempted sabotage from outsiders. Air reaches Level 20 and forgets Growl for Mist.
  • Soon, players realize it might've been kinda suicidal to enter the Power Plant with electricity being super effective against half the roster. Lapras and Gloom are knocked out. The mob persists, making their way through the Power Plant to battle Zapdos, and manages to use the Master Ball to capture it with little difficulty. Zapdos is nicknamed AA-j.

Bloody Sunday - Day 12

  • After leaving the Power Plant, Red blacks out to return to the Pokemon Center. The mob struggles to activate Democracy in order to retrieve Zapdos from the PC, but the vote is won by Anarchy at the last vote percentages, as it's claimed a troll named Destiny will be using his bots to hijack Democracy mode as soon as it activates, with which he will release Red's best Pokemon. In the process, two thirds of the party is boxed and AA-J narrowly escapes being released. With only two junk Mons on hand, Red wanders aimlessly while the mob argues about the dangers and benefits of using the PC and/or enabling Democracy mode.
  • Zapdos is eventually retrieved after many close calls, but A (Lv. 22 Venonat) is lost forever to the PC.
  • In an effort to get as far away from the PC as possible, the new makeshift team of Zapdos, Dux, Rhyhorn, and a Nidoran♂ ventures into Rock Tunnel, where a Geodude and a Zubat are caught.
  • Democracy Mode is activated once again at the PC, in the hopes of a successful retrieval of the best Pokemon. The players are able to revert to Box 1 in the Pokemon Storage, and proceed to attempt to withdraw Pidgeot. Unfortunately, this requires depositing a Pokemon from the now full party, and to complicate matters further, Box 1 is full, meaning that a Release (or changing back to Box 2) is necessary to continue. Any attempts to release a Pokemon are met with a barrage of B votes in the Democracy system by panicked voters who haven't figured out what's going on, and the text advance prompts cause more confusion than ever before. Anarchy regains control a short time later, in part thanks to the intervention of Destiny's posse, who were otherwise unable to sway the Democratic vote in their favor at 5AM on a Sunday.
  • Red continues milling about in the Pokemon Center while the mob argues. Zapdos learns Take Down from a TM. Through further ill-advised PC usage, Dux and several items are deposited, and several Pokemon are released into oblivion: "B-!)" the Venonat, "AIA" the Exeggcute, "AAA" the Paras, another Venonat, and another Nidoran. After much trial and error, Digrat, Gastly, Air, and Pidgeot are saved from the brink of death.
  • A second attempt is made to retrieve AA-j, but one Party Pokemon must be deposited in order to do so. The attempt ends in failure when Cabbage is released accidentally. With the Seed of Hope gone, despair begins to take hold over the mob. Digrat and Gastly are deposited, while Geodude and Dux are released. Digrat is released. Zapdos is blamed for the deaths. Pidgeot almost suffered the same fate, but ended up getting withdrawn.
  • Pidgeot, Air, and ATV are retrieved once more, and AA-j is deposited, making the whole attempt for naught.

What Has Fainted May Never Faint...: Journey to Cinnabar Island - Day 12

  • Having no Pokémon that can learn Cut (and having released Dux and Cabbage, the only ones that knew it already), the mob initiates Operation Shoot For The Moon to reach Cinnabar Island. To get around the need for Cut, the plan is to have Red go through the Rock Tunnel, head south for Lavender Town, turn left to Saffron City, head up to Cerulean City all the way to the Nugget Bridge, surf to the Unknown Dungeon, then head straight to Mt. Moon and Pewter City. The catch is that the Cerulean side of Mt. Moon is covered with impassible ledges, with no way back save for the long-winded route stated above. A detour to drop something off at the Daycare, and attempt to retrieve Zapdos later, is suggested.
  • After hours of trekking through Rock Tunnel, most of the party is knocked out by random encounters. As they near the exit, Pidgeot, long since out of PP, finally Struggles himself to death. With only a low-HP Air remaining, the mob somehow manages to escape the cave and reach Lavender Town.
  • After healing Red's Pokemon, the mob is split between whether they want to try to retrieve AA-j again here or leave it in the PC until they reach Cerulean City. They attempt to use the PC, in both democracy mode and anarchy mode, but accomplish nothing significant. Eventually, Red wanders out of the Pokemon Center and towards Saffron City.
  • Red reaches Route 5 and attempts to enter the Daycare, but fails repeatedly, jumping off the cliff in front of it each time. After several rounds of this, the mob grows tired of it and, apparently forgetting the plan, wanders south through a tunnel to Route 6.
  • After several more failed attempts to reach the Day Care, the game switched to Democracy mode, and Red successfully reached the Day Care. Red deposited Pidgeot and subsequently withdrew it. He then managed to do the same with The Keeper before depositing Rick Gastly. Afterward, he exited, the game switched back to anarchy, and Red headed for Cerulean City before accidentally jumping back to the ledge path. He got back on track to Cerulean and continued Operation: Shoot for the Moon.
  • Another stop is made at the Cerulean Pokemon Center in order to withdraw Zapdos, but The Fonz (Nidorino) is withdrawn instead through Anarchy, so the mob decides to once again resort to Democracy. With the divine guidance of Helix on their side, the Democrats successfully deposit Dashbat, withdraw Zapdos, and flee the PC with no further accidents. Anarchy is restored, and Operation Shoot for the Moon continues with a final roster made up by AAJ (Zapdos), Pidgeot, The Keeper (Drowzee), AIR (Lapras), ATV (Venomoth), and The Fonz (Nidorino) at 11d2h29m. A restored team makes its way to Mt. Moon, after spending over an hour by the shore attempting to Surf.
  • The mob manages to traverse Mt. Moon, and acquires a Moon Stone hidden in a wall. A mob of spambots redundantly demands anarchy. Start-spamming and ineffectual stabs at using the Moon Stone hinder Red's progress as he heads for Pewter City.
  • There is success in navigating towards Pewter City by avoiding ledges.
  • After making it through the forest and reaching Viridian City, the mob makes another attempt to use the Moon Stone. This time, it is a success, and The Fonz (now known to some as Moon King Fonz) is evolved into a Nidoking.
  • The mob continues to press onwards, easily making it down to Pallet Town, where Red's mom applies her magic healing powers to the not-so-exhausted team. The mob tries to flirt with Blue's sister, but receives only a town map, and Red stumbles back out the door.
  • After being delayed by up-spamming bots preventing him from surfing, Red finally gets surfing on his way to Cinnabar, but gets stuck on a island with two fishermen. Unleashing Zapdos the Anarchy Jesus, its volatility makes short work of one fisherman's magikarps. Keeper falls to the other fisherman's Seaking. With both trainers beaten, the mob begins the arduous process of trying to Surf downward from "Fat Guy Island" towards Cinnabar. There are concerns that Red will have to eat the fishermen to survive. After nearly an hour, they finally reenter the water and head south.

...But Rises Again, Hardened And Stronger: Cinnabar Island and Pokemon Mansion - Days 12-13

  • Arriving at Cinnabar, the mob proceeds to enter the research center and give the Helix fossil to be revived. The chat promptly loses its collective mind, lost for direction without the fossil to check on. In the confusion, Macho Man is accidentally released, leaving Nidoking as the only other Pokemon who can learn Surf should anything happen to Air.
  • At long last, with the assistance of the scientists of Cinnabar, the Helix Fossil has been revived in its true form: Omanyte. The mob reacts as expected. Unfortunately, it is stored within the PC.
  • Omanyte is successfully retrieved from the PC, but the unnamed Zubat and a the Nidoran are released, and Bird Jesus, Air, and the Keeper have fallen into the PC. Democracy Mode is activated in an attempt to get them out and finally complete the team that shall lead the mob to victory in the Pokemon League.
  • Bird Jesus and Air are withdrawn with no casualties, while the Keeper is left in the PC. Anarchy is restored, and the team is finalized: Moon King Fonz, ATV, Air, Anarchy Jesus, Bird Jesus, and Lord Helix. The mob is distressed over abandoning Keeper, but they decide to move on and not risk angering the PC. The team is finally healed for the first time since reaching the island, saving it as a checkpoint in case of blackout.
  • Eventually the Mob realizes that the PC and Bill are their true enemies, not Flareon and (possibly) Zapdos.
  • Red tries to enter the Gym, but the door is locked! Apparently the key is in a nearby building, so he heads off to find it.
  • Lord Helix's first battle ends with him drowning a level 30 Koffing while taking 2 damage from its tackle. The chat's faith is renewed, and they continue to explore the strange house.
  • The many creatures and trainers lurking in Pokemon Mansion beset Red and his brave team relentlessly. Eventually, what remains of the team falls to the cruel sting of poison multiple times, blacking out Red, but our hero quickly tries again.
  • Red finds TM 14, Blizzard, and spends several minutes wandering while trying to press a Rhydon statue switch. Red blacks out again, still lacking the key. The team braves the mansion a third time.
  • Red keeps going through the Cinnabar mansion. One by one, his Pokemon succumb to the poisonous inhabitants of the place. He stumbles towards the key to Blaine's gym door, and despite holding on for dear life, Bird Jesus finally succumbs to the poison as the last of his team, with the key on the neighboring square, in arms reach.
  • Mansion, round 4. Most of the team is knocked out again, and Red flees, intending to heal at the Pokemon Center. But the mob can't coordinate, and wanders the island at random for over half an hour while rambling about beating Misty.
  • Eventually Red makes his way back into the mansion. More are considering Misty, but then Red gets trapped between the rocks, table, and the Burglar on floor 3. The mob switches into Democracy and attempts to use their Escape Rope. However this fails when users fail to remember that they need to vote one action in advance to compensate for the stream delay, while anarchists use this time to regain control. After battling countless wild Pokemon, Red is able to escape the Burglar's captivity by blacking himself out.
  • After having tried for hours to execute Operation Surfboard, and being prevented by trolls spamming the B button, the mob finally manages to teach Lord Helix (Omanyte) Surf. Prior to this, the mob had made up a plan on reddit to teach Surf to Helix and Nidoking, so that they could use them to defeat the Cinnabar Gym leader, Blaine.
  • Yet another attempt at navigating the Mansion ends in failure, after Red's Pokemon fall to poison while in the basement. A push for democracy to salvage the attempt was made, but the anarchists resisted long enough for Red to white out, at which point the democracy push lost steam.
  • Though all others fainted, through the valiant effort of Bird Jesus, Red finally makes it to the Secret Key successfully - nabbing it and the SolarBeam TM in the process. Nidoking is also taught Surf. Red proceeds to (slowly) leave Pokemon Mansion and begin the final stretch of his Gym Challenge.

Scorched Earth: Blaine, Giovanni, and Perfect Ledge - Days 14-15

  • Red blacks out due to a Ponyta and poison and makes his way towards Blaine's Gym.
  • Finally getting into Blaine's gym, 4/6ths of the team faint leaving only the birds to fight Blaine. Zapdos sweeps Blaine's team and Red acquires the 7th badge! Red proceeds to make his way back north with a team of Bird Jesus (Lvl.62), Lord Helix (Lvl.33), AA (Lvl.59), AIR (Lvl.21), ATV (Lvl.35) and King Fonz (Lvl.36).
  • After much fiddling, Red hops aboard Helix, and sails in the general direction of Pallet Town. Red promptly gets stuck on Fat Guy Island. Red eventually escapes, in the wrong direction, and fights wild Pokemon and Swimmers. Trolls attempt to direct him back down, and he comes dangerously close to getting trapped on the island again, but he manages to travel up and land. On a peninsula that has no land path to Pallet.
  • Red makes it back to Pallet Town and spends a while checking the sign in front of his house. He enters his house intending to talk to his mother and heal, and deposit the Poke Flute, but gets stuck by a potted plant in his room. Red eventually talks to his mom, who heals his Pokemon and sends him on his way.
  • When Red got to Route 1, The Mob was divided to people who want to go to Viridian City and those who want to go to the PC in Red's House to get back the HM for Strength and teach it to Fonz (the PC in Red's House only allows you to deposit and withdraw items, so no risk of releasing any Pokémon). Strength is withdrawn, but several TMs are lost.
  • After The Mob was able to get the HM back, the one group still wanted to first teach it to Fonz, deposit Poké Flute and get back the TM for Blizzard to be taught to Lord Helix where as the other group still wanted to move on to Viridian City, causing Red to be stuck in Route 1 due to the opposing forces. After much struggle, Red made it to Virdian... and the ledge by Giovanni's gym.
  • Instead of focusing on trying to get past the ledge, Red starts to wander around Viridian City aimlessly. There is a huge wave of Democracy votes to do something, but the game refuses to enter Democracy mode. Finally, after about 4 hours, Democracy engages. Red is quickly maneuvered to the Pokemon Center and heals, marking what will probably be the last checkpoint until the Elite Four. He leaves the Center, and Anarchy returns.
  • A second push for Democracy begins when the mob remembers that Giovanni's gym, like the Pokemon Center, has the dreaded Ledge Right Below The Door. Democracy is achieved, allowing Red to finally enter the eighth and final Gym, where shocking surprises and revelations await. The first of which being the return the dreaded directional tiles from Team Rocket's headquarters.
  • The first trainer battle in the final gym has a lot of Poke Flute playing, but thanks to a well-timed Surf the trainer's Tauros goes down. The second trainer's Machoke gives Bird Jesus a hard time, so He is switched out for AA-J, who defeats the Machoke with Drill Peck. Things are looking up for Red as he progresses through the maze.
  • Red is tossed back to the entrance of the gym by a floor tile. Acting quickly, he heroically bounds out of the gym and off of the ledge once again, and continues wandering aimlessly for reasons unknown.
  • With another round of Democracy, Red makes his way into the gym yet again. Once inside, Anarchy takes over almost immediately, and Red goes to work banging his head against the walls in response. A few minutes later, he manages to find his third Trainer. A Lv. 39 Nidorino makes quick work of Air, who has gone into the battle with only half his life remaining anyway, but not before Air dishes out some tasty tunes. Once Air falls, King Fonzie takes over, and with a few rounds of Surf, both Nidorino and Nidoking are promptly subjugated. With one more Trainer dispatched, Red decides to call it quits again, and makes space tracks to the gym exit, and jumps off the ledge yet again. The mob explodes in fury. Red wanders back to Pallet Town, but the mob manages to navigate him back to Viridian.
  • Still in Anarchy mode, the mob immediately makes a perfect beeline for the gym, enters it on the first try, walks back out a second later, and jumps over the ledge.
  • Thinking that third time's the charm, the mob entered democracy again. Successfully guiding Red yet again inside the gym, Anarchy quickly took control of Red. After a couple of wrong turns, Red challenged another trainer where Lord Helix successfully swept the fourth trainer's Pokemon.
  • Red battled Giovanni. His Rhyhorn fell easily by the 1-HP-left Lord Helix, who after withdrawing, Water Gunned the spikey rhinoceros to oblivion. His Dugtrio proved to be a formidable opponent, defeating both King Fonz and Air with Dig and stymieing Bird Jesus with Sand Attack and Growl. Red tried and failed to use an Escape Rope and TM 38 before switching to AA-j. Ultimately, Giovanni won, and Red was set back to the Pokémon Center in Viridian.
  • Fed up with the ledge, the mob quickly voted to democracy yet again in an attempt to return back to the gym and take revenge for the loss but not before jumping another ledge.
  • After consulting Bulbasaur's Pokedex for luck, Red battled Giovanni yet again. Omanyte took out Rhyhorn but lost to Dugtrio, and The Fonz also lost to Dugtrio. AA-j took out Dugtrio, but was paralyzed by Nidoqueen. The battle went on, leading to an intense battle with Red having only a gravely wounded Bird Jesus and Giovanni having Rhydon. The Sand-Attacks Bird Jesus did were able to make Rhydon miss its Stomps and Horn Drill did nothing anyway, allowing Bird Jesus to Quick Attack its way to victory, winning Red the final badge. Red spun his way out the door and made the most satisfying ledge jump in his life.
  • On Route 22, Red encounters Blue and purposely loses to heal, then returns and defeats him. He then tackles his real opponent, the Route 22 ledge.

Strong Desire Rages Deep Within: Return to Pokemon Mansion, Training from Hell Part 1 - Day 15

  • After several attempts to bypass Route 22, the mob collectively decides that it is most definitely not worthwhile to grind in a cave that requires going through the Ledge's Final Form every time they die. They then proceed to Cinnabar Mansion, the highest level place they have reasonable access to, and grind levels.
  • Helix reaches level 40, and starts to evolve. But someone presses B and stops him. The chat riots. There is a huge push for Democracy that almost succeeds, but is stopped by people who refuse to see the God of Anarchy evolve under Democracy. Lord Helix succumbs to poison and faints.
  • The mob realizes that Red's ceaseless meandering must have allowed Rick Gastly—who's still in daycare—to reach a suitably high level. The Earthquake TM is in the same general area, and would be useful for Fonz. However, the dreaded PC would have to be faced to retrieve Gastly. As the mob argues over this plan's viability, grinding in the mansion continues.
  • Red blacks out, forcing him back to the Cinnabar Pokemon Center. Discussion continues on whether or not to retrieve Gastly while Red heads back into the mansion to continue training.
  • After more training, Red surfs back towards Pallet Town, ending up on the same patch of grass he was stuck on previously.
  • Air gets himself beaten up, and Red surfs up to Pallet. He trudges onward to the Victory Road ledge and, incredibly, defeats it on his second try. Up-spamming intensifies as he waltzes up through the gate and on towards Victory Road itself. Unfortunately, he has not healed since Cinnabar, so he'll be sent back there when he blacks out...

Fever's Rising High: Victory Road, Training from Hell Part 2 - Days 15 and 16

  • Red presses onward through the gates of Indigo Plateau. One by one, the guardians confirm his badges, and allow him to pass through Victory Road.
  • A wild Machoke, their first encounter in Victory Road, beats up Helix. Fonz takes revenge, but soon falls to a Graveler. Bird Jesus makes an effort to run away from future encounters, but steadily loses HP. The mob haplessly tries to use Strength so they can work on the first boulder puzzle.
  • Red's pokemon are wiped out in Victory Road, and he wakes up back on Cinnabar Island. The Mob then sends Red back to the Pokemon Mansion to do some more grinding.
  • At level 41, Lord Helix finally evolves into Omastar (in Anarchy mode, at that), assuming His true form.
  • Red does a bit of fishing, then Surfs up and, once again, traps himself on Fat Guy Island. But, miraculously, he escapes less than a minute later and reaches Pallet.
  • Returning to Red's house, the mob withdraws HM04... and the dreaded Pokeflute. Democracy takes over, but instead of teaching Strength as planned, the voters decide to run from the PC, even though it's currently completely harmless. Anarchy returns, and Red's mom works her healing magic. Red messes with the PC some more, and all the items are deposited.
  • With an empty inventory, the Mob ultimately decides to challenge Victory Road again, walking past the ledge with little trouble. Anarchy manages to activate Strength and push the boulder over to the door, but Red accidentally walks through said door, resetting the puzzle. Later, a Democracy attempt makes effective use of command queuing to almost complete the puzzle, but pushes the boulder too far and has to start over.
  • Democracy stays afloat and, in its second try, gets the boulder on the switch. They move past the barrier, collect the Sky Attack TM, and successfully teach it to Bird Jesus, overwriting the useless Whirlwind. There is much rejoicing, but the scale tips Anarchy's favor, and Red blacks out once again, sent back to Cinnabar Island.
  • Red returns to Pallet, making the traditional stop at Fat Guy Island, and takes another stab at his PC. This time, they succeed: he withdraws all his items, and overwrites Fonz's terrible Focus Energy with Strength. After some bickering, all the items except the Secret Key go back in the PC, and Red goes north to Viridian.

The Moment of Truth Draws Near: Victory Road Continued, Training from Hell Part 3 - Day 16

  • Anarchy and Democracy, once pitted against each other, set aside their differences and see the true power they all share deep inside, agreeing to work together for the greater good. Using Democracy, the mob guides Red back to the gates of the Pokemon League, and intends to do so for Victory Road as well.
  • Anarchy returns as they near the gate, and after facing some Dittos heretically imitating Helix, Red wiggles his way through Victory Road. A Cooltrainer on the first level is ruthlessly steamrolled by Bird Jesus, who takes down his Charizard with a One-Hit Kill Sky Attack, subsequently bringing up memories of Abby in the chat. The team reaches the second level for the first time, and Democracy takes control. Voting is often so close between two commands that the command often changes at the last second, making it impossible for anyone to tell where the game will be in 30 seconds. Other times, the majority will vote the right next move, but it will be split between people voting the right move (e.g. down) and the next two right moves (e.g. downa2), resulting in a 3rd wrong move winning. Still the fight presses on to activate Strength for the forthcoming boulder puzzles.
  • Strength is finally activated, after which the Boulder is pressed onto the switch with relative ease. Democracy continues to hang on by a thread as Red encounters a Tamer. Bird Jesus continues to lead the pack, and despite suffering massive damage, manages to outlast both the Tamer's Lv. 44 Persian and his Lv. 44 Golduck. Red picks up the Full Heal and moves on.
  • Bird Jesus finally succumbs when a Golbat paralyzes him, making it so that he can't escape battle. That same Golbat goes on to wipe out Venomoth (AATTVVV) from full health to nothing. Zapdos, having seen enough, steps in and slaughters the Golbat. In the heat of the moment, Anarchy is restored.
  • Democracy is restored to solve the last of the Strength Puzzles.
  • After the last puzzle is solved, an oversight results in a trainer battle, in which King Fonz defeats four psychic pokemon with Critical Hit Strength.
  • After three days of ardous climbing, Red finally reaches the Indigo Plateau. After healing his party three times, Anarchy regains control.

And the Silence: The Elite Four, The Final Battle, The End - Days 16 and 17

  • Red takes a deep breath and proceeds to Lorelei's room to challenge her with his team of Bird Jesus (Lvl.65), Lord Helix (Lvl.43), AA (Lvl.67), AIR (Lvl.27), ATV (Lvl.36) and King Fonz (Lvl.49). Unfortunately, he waits too long to deploy Zapdos until 2/3rds of his party has fainted, and even then takes a while to start using electric attacks. The battle ends with Lorelei's final Pokemon, Lapras, defeating Red's final Pokemon, Lord Helix. Red loses and leaves to try again.
  • Red begins the second fight with Lord Helix, but manages to switch out Zapdos after sustaining some damage. Zapdos proceeds to sweep the entire team, up until Lorelei sends out Lapras. Lapras hits Zapdos with a Blizzard which wipes him out. Bird Jesus is sent out next, but meets the same fate, dealing little damage. Third, Lord Helix is sent back out, but is switched for Air after a few turns. Air goes down quickly, and is replaced by ATV, who manages to paralyze Lapras before being confused and hurting itself into fainting. Lord Helix attempted to continue the fight, but its efforts were in vain and Lapras managed to defeat it with a Hydro Pump. Finally, out came King Fonz, with all of our hopes resting on him. Fonz managed to whittle down the Lapras to 1HP, but Lapras managed to hit King Fonz with a Blizzard, dealing 2x normal damage due to Nidoking's ground typing, defeating King Fonz and Red.
  • Red reengaged Lorelei a few minutes after coming to. Lord Helix opened the battle against Dewgong, who promptly rested. Red switched out Lord Helix for Lapras. A turn later, he sent out Zapdos, who set up shop sweeping the enemy team again. Zapdos came close to being defeated by Lapras, but two Thundershocks were enough to subdue Lorelei's team, and Red moved on to face Bruno.
  • As with Lorelei, Red opened the battle with Lord Helix. After a few Horn Attacks, a Water Gun was enough to subdue Bruno's first Onix. After the battle with Onix, Lord Helix attempted to learn Spike Cannon, but the mob decided not to. A few more Water Guns proved able to best Bruno's Hitmonchan. Hitmonlee's Low Kick defeated Lord Helix, making way for ATV. Hitmonlee's barrage of Jump Kicks subdued ATV, and so Red sent out Lapras. Hitmonlee's Hi Jump Kick took out Lapras, making way for King Fonz. King Fonz's Surf was able to best Hitmonlee, causing Bruno to send out Onix, which Fonz took out with another Surf, making way for Machamp. A few Surfs from Fonz were enough to take out Machamp, and also Bruno. With two victories in hand, Red began moving to take on Agatha.
  • Agatha proves just as tough a nut to crack the first time around as the mob predicted, but second time they blaze through Lorelei and Bruno, and Zapdos does what it does best, sweeping much of Agatha's team on its own. Next up is Lance, who manages to make Zapdos KO itself through recoil damage from using takedown. With just their All Terrain Venomoth left, the team faces their toughest challenge yet as Lance sends out his Dragonite. It's the level 36 ATV vs the level 62 Dragonite, and ATV is predicted a quick and painless Non-Lethal K.O.. After all, its only moves are Leech Life, Poison Powder, Stun Spore and Disable. But the AI of Pokémon Red and Blue proves itself to be a class example of Artificial Stupidity: ATV is part poison, and poison is weak to Psychic-type attacks, of which Dragonite has two: Barrier and Agility, both of which can't do a single point of damage. The AI, thinking psychic-type attacks beats poison, continues spamming those two moves, allowing the level 36 ATV to poison the Dragonite. While ATV mocks his opponent by occasionally disabling its Hyper Beam just for giggles, Dragonite slowly succumbs to the agony of poison sapping its life away, earning a win and a Level Up for ATV who should by all possible accounts have been on the receiving end of a Curb-Stomp Battle. Henceforth, ATV was known by another moniker: ''The Dragon(ite) Slayer.''
  • Upon defeat, Lance reveals that a Champion has already been crowned, and Red must defeat him to claim the title for himself. Entering the Champion's room, Red is shocked to find out the Champion is none other than Blue! Blue then proceeds to wipe the floor with ATV despite its heroic bout. Needless to say, the mob was sympathetic.
  • The next attempt starts off badly with Bird Jesus and The Fonz being knocked out by Lorelei's team. Despite this the mob perseveres. Helix proceeds to sweep Bruno under the rug singlehandedly; the enemy's attacks rarely even connect. He Cherry Taps Machamp to death with Horn Attack. The mob goes wild, but only briefly, for Agatha proceeds to wipe the team.
  • Another attempt gets Red to Lance, but his Aerodactyl wipes the team. Undaunted, Red tries again. He makes it to Agatha, but she once again proves too much, and Red is sent back to the beginning. Over the last few bouts, the squad has progressively done better and better, not to mention leveled up against the enemy 'Mons. Each defeat only strengthens Red's Pokemon and his resolve.
  • The game is put on hold for a short time, but comes back only a few minutes later. Red heals his Pokemon a few extra times, just to make sure they're all ready, talks to some of the patrons of the mart, saves his game, wanders around the League Lobby for a bit, and then moves to challenge the Elite 4 yet again.
  • After many more losses and a lot of arguments, the mob is able to switch to Democracy mode, cooperating just long enough to put Zapdos in the lead spot in the party before Anarchy takes the reigns again. This gives them an advantage against Lorelei, who previously tended to defeat at least one Pokemon before they were able to get the super-effective Zapdos into play. However this doesn't take into account switching; the plan is derailed when the Mob switches the Fonz into battle. A near-Total Party Kill followed, but with only Zapdos and Bird Jesus remaining, the mob engages Bruno. Zapdos faints, but Bird Jesus uses a successful Mirror Move on an Onix's Rage attack, forcing it to only use that move for the rest of the battle and allowing it to take out the Onix and the remaining Machamp (in a battle dubbed "Rage Against the Machamp"). The weakened Bird Jesus then manages to singlehandedly take out most of Agatha's party before finally fainting, causing Red to black out.
  • After several dozen grueling attempts, things finally look up for the party. Zapdos effortlessly sweeps Lorelei's team with Thundershocks without losing even a sliver of health. Only Lapras takes more than one hit to kill, but Lorelei wastes her opportunity to damage Zapdos trying to heal her Lapras.
  • With the team intact, the mob maneuvers Red to Bruno. Zapdos manages to dodge a Rock Throw and takes a Rage (though it does virtually nothing) before the mob successfully switches to King Fonz. Fonz Fury Attacks several times, doing nothing but build up Onix' Rage and gradually taking damage. By some miracle, Surf is finally selected and down goes the first Onix. A Hitmonchan comes out and deals some more damage with an Ice Punch before falling to Fury Attack and Surf. Fonz is metaphorically on fire, dealing severe damage to the subsequent Hitmonlee with Strength but takes a Hi Jump Kick to the face before switching back into Zapdos, who finishes the job with Thundershock. Another Onix successfully stalls Zapdos, but thankfully does nothing much other than raising its own defense. Mighty Lord Helix takes the helm, and a Hydro Pump blows the rock serpent to smithereens. A critical Surf just barely fails to destroy the opposing Machamp, who uses Submission and One Hit Kills the partially Rock-type deity - killing itself with recoil damage in the process. Bruno is defeated, at the cost of Lord Helix, and Fonz is at low health.
  • Old hag Agatha's specters and other fearsome creatures don't stand a shadow of a chance. A wrathful Archangel of Justice Zapdos smites them one by one with Thundershock and Drill Peck, banishing them back to the Underworld whence they came, in the process shrugging off a Hypnosis.
  • Dragon trainer Lance is the last of the Four remaining. A Thundershock makes short work of his Gyarados. More Critical Thundershocks floor his Dragonairs as they fail to do anything other than set up Agilities. Old Amber proves its inferiority as its envoy Aerodactyl meets the same fate. Dragonslayer Venomoth is sent out against the Dragonite, but sadly fails to do much before he is accidentally switched out for Bird Jesus. Many useless switches occur as Bird Jesus, AIR and Zapdos all take turns at coming out and doing nothing much in the long term. AIR is annihilated by a Hyper Beam in the process, and Bird Jesus takes some damage in vain until Zapdos comes back in and miraculously dodges a Hyper Beam. Clearly Lord Helix's blessing is with our team, as in another display of baffling luck, one Thundershock paralyzes the Dragonite, and the next one finishes it off.
  • Red finally makes it back to Blue again. Other than Helix and AIR, the team is ready for action. Wasting no time, Archangel of Justice fries the False Bird Jesus and Alakazam with Thunder. A Rhyhorn comes in and proves a problem for Zapdos by resisting his Thunder and slowly chipping away at his health with Fury Attack. Acting as one, the mob reacts by sending out Fonz to Surf him to death. Zapdos returns with more Thundery death for Arcanine, and Bird Jesus swoops in to Sky Attack Exeggutor, leaving only Blastoise, but the threat of the turtle is not to be underestimated - he carries the fearsome Blizzard, which could spell the end for Zapdos. Thankfully, Bird Jesus makes use of his signature Sand Attack thrice to severely reduce his accuracy, before dying for our sins as a Blizzard successfully hits. Fonz and ATV chip away at Blastoise's health. Finally, AA-J dodges a low-accuracy Blizzard and puts the poor turtle out of his misery with Thundershock. Red and his team are registered in the Hall of Fame. After 16 days, 7 hours, 45 minutes, and 24 seconds, Red has finally become the Pokemon Champion.
  • Red returns to Pallet Town. He stands outside his mother's house, quietly, unmoving, no longer controlled by the voices in his head. For the first time in 17 days, which had seemed like years, Red is free. After several minutes of shock and awe from the mob, it is decided that Red should forever be left in peace.

The Dreams - Day 18?

  • Suddenly, the game switched over to a Pokémon-themed Game Mod of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, where Red was shown holding the Helix Fossil. How far the team got is unknown.
  • The game then switched to a graphic hack of Super Mario Land, where Red played the role of Mario, Pokéballs replaced ? blocks, and various Pokémon replaced the enemies. The team did not get past the first level, mostly due to the big pits.
  • It was, yet again, changed later. This time, the infamous Telefang hack "Pokémon Diamond". Again, it is unknown how far the team got.
  • These rom hacks imply that Red had nightmares while sleeping for the first time in over two weeks.

The Nightmares - Replay

  • As part of a special event before the new and improved Battle Revolution, the Streamer loads up the first four runs for post-game shenanigans. The final one is Red.
  • With the events of Anniversary Crystal still fresh in their minds, the Mob's morbid curiosity leads them to attempt to glitch up the game in the hopes of encountering Missingno.
  • After doing the Old Man Glitch, the Mob heads to Cinnabar and begins Surfing along the eastern coastline, encountering a LEVEL 132 MEWTWO before running and eventually encountering Missingno. It is caught and named OLDEN.
  • With OLDEN in their party, reality, time, and space begin to warp and distort in terrible ways. Eventually, the Mob becomes trapped in Glitch City, and saves, dooming them to being trapped there for all time. However, they happen to have a Pokemon who knows Fly, and quickly make their escape. Some time later, after more distortion, the game crashes. The game is reset, and the Mob is returned to Pallet Town.

The End