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The Helix Fossil will send its greatest prophet in the Safari Zone

And it shall be a glorious Poliwag.

  • Unless they decide to go back to the Safari Zone this is Jossed.
    • The Helix Fossil prophet is the All Terrain Venomoth, the moth with the soul of a dragon.

The Helix Fossil will become a Game Changer later on

The power of science will revive the mighty Helix Fossil, and once he is free his power will no longer be restrained, enabling Helix to carry Red to victory.

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  • Has come to pass in part. Lord Helix has been a critical part of the Elite 4 pushes so far.

Alternatively, The Helix Fossil will be turned into an Omanyte...
...but it will be released, possibly after turning into an Omastar. In fact, many will be released in the process of making an empty slot in the party to turn it from a fossil in the first place. Because sometimes the game just shits on you that way.
  • Turned into Omanyte indeed. But is still with the Party, has evolved, and no major losses were had in retrieving him.
  • Jossed. The God of Anarchy does not, nor did he ever, succumb to release.

The game will not end once Red beats the Pokemon League.
We will never be able to tell, but Red will be devastated. He'll just be sent back to his house. The voices won't ever end, no matter what he does. Unless...

Giovanni let Red win

Giovanni probably knows about the prophecy which states that the fossil's owner is one day destined to be the Pokemon Master, that's why he sent his Team Rocket to find it. Unfortunately, some meddling kid found it before him. Even if he probably hates Red, he perfectly knows he is the Chosen One, that's why he doesn't try to stop him and lets him wander for days in the Rocket HQ. In the end, he realised he was doomed and told his Onix to miss his attacks.

Brick is starring as Red

This is the script to the spinoff Anchorman movie, where Brick trains to be the best Pokemon Master.

The Gastly are the souls of all the Pokemon released by Red

They are led by Flareon and seek revenge.

The Helix Fossil will die.

Upon Red's reviving it into its physical form, the Dome Fossil will see its chance and kill it using the PC.


  • Jossed, good sir, for Helix lives yet! MAY HE FOREVER REIGN!

Red will obtain Lapras...

But it will be way behind in levels.

  • Confirmed. It was obtained in Silph Co.

The whole playthrough takes place in a Dark Souls inspired type of world.

The world is inhabited by NPCs who do the exact thing Red does, which is stand around or walk around in one place forever. The reason Red can advance is because while much like the people around him in that he has thousands of voices in his head, his are so many that a good number of them are actively trying to help him advance. This makes him pretty much the Pokemon world equivalent of the Chosen Undead. The Trainers he battles are much like invaders, and the Helix Fossil is much like a stat boosting ring.

"RED! this isn't the time to use that!" is Oak's answering machine message

There is no way someone would always repeat the same sentence hundreds of times a day. After a while, Oak got bored of trying to watch over Red.

Red will catch Mewtwo
And not release it by accident. ...What? A man can dream, can't he?
  • Jossed, because he didn't catch Mewtwo.

Cubone is Abby's baby wearing his mother's skull

This makes the event of the Pokemon Tower even more tragic.

Ash is being controlled by Twitch

This would explain why he seems so incompetent: his actions are being dictated by the Mind Hive. And every saga, the audience playing him gets more coordinated, hence his improvement in skill. But in BW, Cameron is the one controlled: he threw out Pokemon with quad type disadvantages out at Ash for no reason other than drama, has a Lucario that's extremely overlevelled Pokemon that towers over everything else on his team, is constantly late for meetings, moves erratically, is a natural ditz, and inexplicably manages to win most of his matches.

Red will, within time, eventually catch Missingno. and M', eventually destroying the universe to the point beyond repair in the game's true ending.

After completing the game proper, the hive mind will decide they have to investigate the seams between the world and it's end. They spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to catch an Eldritch Abomination or two from the briny depths of the ocean, but accidentally end up picking up the highly unstable M', leading to an eventual game crash. That will be the true ending of TPP.

The players are Exiles and Red is playing Sburb
But the terminals are bugged and they all connect to the same player. Also, the entire population of both moons got exiled.
  • This may be a rare case of exiles in a dead session, if exiles even happen during a dead session, especially given the goal of conquest, rather than the multiplayer goal of creating a universe.

The Helix represents Spiral Power and the Dome represent the Antispirals.

To elaborate on it a bit, the Helix, while impressive, is capable of causing immense destruction if unrestrained. The Dome represents an urge to prevent this destruction, at the cost of stagnation. The Old Amber could represent the approach to using Spiral Power seen at the end of Gurren Lagann. It harnesses the power of Spiral Power/The Helix to its full potential, but moderates its use to prevent the destruction that can occur if it's allowed to run rampant.

  • In addition, Spiral Power runs on evolution. One of the central themes of Pokemon is evolution.
  • Even further, Lord Helix is actually Lordgenome, the Spiral King.
    • Omanyte and Omastar are known as the "Spiral Pokemon" species.
    • Lordgenome is known for succumbing to the Anti-Spiral's ways, causing stagnation. This is represented by Lord Helix being part of an extinct species that got wiped out due to evolution.
    • Lordgenome rides a mecha called Lazengann, "Spiralface". Lord Helix' spiral-shaped shell serves the same purpose.
    • Lordgenome has a Badass Beard with sideburns curling upwards. Lord Helix has a beard of tentacles, with the two side tentacles... curling upwards.
    • This all leads to one thing: Helix will be involved in a PC disaster which will wreak havoc on Twitch's forces, but will later be redeemed and assist in taking down Blue in an epic Moment of Awesome.
    • And Flareon is an anti-spiral messenger, like Nia. In addition, evil!Flareon, and martyr!Flareon both exist, just like regular Nia and messenger!Nia.

The reason why Digrat used Dig was...

Because he was cracking under pressure. After fighting lots of ghosts and possessed channelers in Pokémon Tower, unable to hand himself, he finally cracks and digs outside the place in shock.

Democracy is Red's Superpowered Evil Side

Red can channel the power of democracy granted from afar by the Dome Fossil to filter out the conflicting stream of voices, in order to "see" the correct path he has to take, after much time spent analyzing and dismissing commands issued with malevolent intent or incompetence. However, it is very hard to maintain and it also puts him at risk getting temporarily paralyzed by the wicked Start 9 curse.

Blue's Pidgeot, "Bird Judas", is actually the Evil Twin of Red's Pidgeot, "Bird Jesus".

Separated from their flock, from each other, and doing whatever they could to survive, the destinies of two young Pidgey were forever changed when they met Red and Blue. Red's Pidgeot would soon become legendary, blessed by the Helix after it was chosen and named as its herald and successor with the untimely death of Abby the Charmeleon at the hands of Eevee the False Prophet. Blue's, on the other hand, ended up corrupted by the Dome's evil powers, and now desires only one thing: power great enough to destroy his new master's arch-enemy, the Pidgeot he once called "brother".

  • Jossed on two accounts. One: Bird Judas takes the form of Zapdos, and is alligned to Old Amber instead. Two: Considering Bloody Sunday and the improved progress of the team not long afterwards, Bird Judas is neither good nor evil, but instead a neutral force waiting for change to happen.

Red's excessive attempts at using the Super Rod is symbolism for certain kinds of desperation.
Professor Oak: "RED! This isn't the time to use that!"

At Silph, Red walked to Giovanni instead of using the healing beds because he was captured
.He couldn't move once he entered the office and there were Rockets all over the place, so it seems likely.

The team will catch Zapdos but release it.
That, or accidentally catch a different Pokemon with the Master Ball.
  • The latter is jossed.
    • And now the former is jossed, too. Bird Judas does not succumb to release, either.

Destiny is a being composed of concentrated Democracy, and the Dome's trump card.
The purpose of the Legendary Birds is not actually to keep the weather in balance. Zapdos, along with Articuno and Moltres, were actually stationed in three points where the dimensions were unstable by their leader, Lugia. Their true purpose is to keep the balance between the dimensions intact to prevent the Dome from stretching its influence across the world. With Zapdos' capture, a crack developed within the seal, allowing the Dome to send Destiny to infiltrate the world. Destiny is a being comprised of pure democracy, which allows it to brainwash people to do its bidding by overriding their minds with thoughts of Democracy, leaving them as mindless slaves to the Dome. Its mission is to infiltrate the Mob and corrupt it from within in order to sacrifice all of Red's strongest Pokemon to the PC.
  • Pretty sure that non-radical democrats are opposed to Destiny.

Professor Oak belongs to a very militant religion or cult, the relics of which are not in Red's possession.
It explains why every time Red tries to use almighty relics such as the Helix Fossil, Dome Fossil, the Lift Key, and the S.S. Anne ticket, Oak keeps asserting that "this isn't the time to use that" because he doesn't want Red to believe in what Oak views as false idols.

The Post Zapdos Exodus is the inspiration for Othello
With Zapdos as Iago, Cabbage as Desdemona and Dux for Othello himself.

The Post Zapdos Exodus is...
  • Giovanni's revenge for losing to Red.
  • Zapdos's revenge for being caught.
  • Zapdos's plan all along.
  • The Dome Fossil's plan all along.
  • The PC's plan all along.
  • Bill's plan all along.
  • Zapdos trying to free the unused Pokemon from the clutches of the PC, and sending Cabbage, Dux, and DigRat with them for protection.
  • Sacrifices necessary to control the power of Zapdos.

The PC is The Corruption
Notice how any Pokemon that Red uses it for eventually becomes shunned as the Antichrist by part of the fanbase, regardless of how they were regarded as earlier? If they really are evil, it makes sense that the PC would have made them so.

Helix's (anarchy's) avatar is fire, Dome's (democracy) avatar is Lightning
Abby and Flareon came as a result of anarchy. Anarchy brings life to the game but is the downfall of many. It's like fire. Zapdos was caught when a majority pushed together in one direction in both democracy and anarchy modes. Lightning needs time to build, the right conditions, and the right direction, but when it hits, it's powerful—much like democracy.

Helix's spirals represents Anarchy's circular movements, while Dome represents democracy's slower but refined movements

The PC/Zapdos is PURE Anarchy, a being of chaos.
Because Zapdos is a legendary that contains high voltages of electricity, it is essentially an Apocalypse Maiden to any devices that use electricity (aka the PC). Since Zapdos was automatically sent to the PC after capture, its power became a supercharged battery for the wicked computer, giving it a complete will of its own. It was thanks to this new energy that the PC managed to manipulate Red into releasing multiple Pokémon within a single day.

The Old Amber is the god of trolling.
Despite their differences in ideology and methods, most Anarchists and Democrats both have similar goals. Both wish for Red to ultimately succeed, even if it takes a long time one way or the other. But what of the ones who do not care for success? The ones who deliberately impede progress and trigger needless hazards? Who is their deity?

The Amber will indeed unite the Anarchists and Democrats - against it.

  • By way of uniting them against Destiny, this could well by true.

Bill is the Big Bad of the series.
His PC is the direct cause of the worst tragedies that have befallen Red. When you first see him, he is experimenting on Pokemon teleportation — like that of Dig, for instance — and is also known to experiment with mind/body swapping and other things that might potentially cause schizophrenia. His favorite Pokemon is Eevee, known to be the False Prophet, and whenever you visit his house in Red/Blue, he eggs you on to admire his Eevee collection. On his PC.

Flareon is a member of Team Flare
.By releasing the likes of Abby and Jay Leno, it succeeded in making only itself happy, which is Team Flare's goal.

Red is a Channeler.
If one subscribes to the Alternate Character Interpretation that the Channelers in Pokemon Tower are controlled by their own Mobs, Red could potentially be one of them. The Channelers likely would have been sealed in the tower to prevent the spirits within from possessing the townsfolk outside, but they ultimately became possessed themselves and acted sporadically as a result. Red most likely either tried to protect his hometown pre-game and channel spirits into himself or the spirits possessed him at random.

Red is blind.
Because he can't see, he uses his voices (The Mob) as a sort of guide around the region. This being the Mob that's guiding him, It likely wasn't a good idea.

The Burglar is the vengeful spirit of DigRat
Largely hated in life, in death he tries to make Red and the Mob realize how valuable he was. Being stuck in a place only Dig can get them out of while constantly hearing "I wonder where my partner went." seems a bit too much like it was engineered to make them scream "I wish we still had DigRat!"

Twitch Plays Pokémon is the reason Red has isolated himself on Mt. Silver at the time of Pokémon Gold and Silver.
After being stuck under the thrall of The Mob for so long, he just wanted silence.

Flareon and Pidgeot are aspects of the same individual
Pidgeot is The Lion of Judah, representative of Jesus' triumph. Flareon is The Lamb of God, representative of Jesus' sacrifice. Pidgeot is awesome in his power, but images like this make us realize the crap we put Flareon through.

The protagonists of Pokémon Gold and Silver knew where Red would be because like Red, they were controlled by Mobs of their own. They have a sort of instinct that tells them where people like them will be, similar to how Stand Users seem to find one another wherever they go.

Red is a Death Seeker.
His entire journey was an attempt to rid himself of his demons by deliberately invoking Too Dumb to Live on himself, seeing as he has no proper training with handling Pokemon and he constantly has run-ins with the Mafia. In one case, he runs head first into a meeting with its boss. However, it didn't work. No matter how hard he tries to die and how much he blacks out, he just can't off himself.

Eventually, Red realizes that in order to be rid of these spirits, someone in a similar predicament is going to have to kill him. He finally achieves his long awaited death at the hands of the next couple of protagonists at the end of Pokémon Gold and Silver, who are controlled by Mobs of their own. His defeat grants him the freedom he hasn't been able to have for a long time.

Alright, this may sound crazy, but hear me out. What if the PC is secretely the Only Sane Man of the setting? What if the PC is really the only one who sees Red for what he truly is - a raving lunatic possessed by hundreds of thousands of demons screaming in his head? What if "release" is not death, but just what it sounds like - release from the cruel clutches of an unstable maniac who leads his Pokémon to their inevitable doom?

For that matter, what if the Church of Helix is actually a Religion of Evil? And Lord Helix is actually an Eldritch Abomination that inflicts violent insanity on those who are affiliated with it? He even sorta looks the part, too, especially if he ever evolves.

The Mob is the demonic army called Legion that possessed a man. Hence, why their 'god' is an eldritch abomination, all the religious iconery almost being blasphemous, subjecting innocent creatures to endlessly battle and faint, the in-game insanity .....Ya know what? A possessed man become the strongest trainer in the land is kinda scary.

Giovanni is still the Big Bad.
It was because of him and the Rocket HQ that the anarchy/democracy schism occurred, and literally every place Team Rocket is involved has caused Red and the Mob great trouble.

Since Pokémon Gold and Silver have puzzles that require more precise movement, it will take weeks to months trying to reach and beat Red.

Legion was lying about Geth consensus
Let's face it, after watching this cluster*** do you really think anything would be able to collectively work together?
  • Jossed some what by the Geth themselves, but it is a very good place to explain how the Geth work. The Geth form 'consensus' before they act, meaning they run entirely in democracy mode rather then have each AI attempted to force the platform to do something. The Heretics left the Geth proper in a fit of Anarchy mode. The geth were so unnerved by this because. . . well, to quote the OP, look at this cluster***/

Dome Fossil isn't evil, just a rivalling god with Helix Fossil
Both Fossils are equal in power and morality and have been trying to overcome the other for a long time. The two eventually decided to go to Mt. Moon and see who will gain larger following. Helix won after Red got it, causing Dome to start sabotaging Red's journey as a revenge.

Destiny is Bill's father

Both seem to have the goal of releasing Red's Pokemon. Bill is simply better because he learned from his father's mistakes.

Destiny is Bill's mother

See above.

Giovanni was like Red at some point.
When he was younger, he was probably also possessed by a Mob-like entity and dragged around. As he got older, however, he managed to break free of his Mob, and with his newfound freedom, took it upon himself to do everything he couldn't with him under their control, like taking what he wanted for himself or offing Pokemon he didn't like instead of facing them until he passed out. He went drunk with his freedom, essentially.

This is why he lets the kid go when he loses- he knows what it's like.

Giovanni IS Red, from the future.
He's desperately trying to stop his past self before he becomes corrupt with power—he's already driven mad from the voices.

Twitch Plays Pokemon will end with Mewtwo defeated.
Either Mewtwo is caught or defeated, either way, Mewtwo recognizes that something is wrong with Red. Feeling something of a kinship with another experiment, he uses his immense psychic abilities to breaks off the Mob's control. Everything after the Mewtwo battle will be a psychic reality a la Ship In A Bottle from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Jossed. The game crashed after Red became Champion, causing the Admin to end the game. Mewtwo currently remains as The Unfought.
  • Half-confirmed also, as the game ends in Red's freedom.

The Real Big Bad is in fact, The Snarl, or something like it.
The Mob's frequent disagreements have given rise to a seperate entity focused on destroying Red's team, then Red himself, and through him Kanto.

The voices are broadcast to Red through the Rocket-controlled Radio Tower in Gen 2.
Thus setting up a sequel hook.

The Charmeleon owned by a certain Cooltrainer in Victory Road is none other than Abby
But she has tragically forgotten Red due to the extended period of time they had been separated, and is forced to battle against him. Through sheer willpower, she evolved into Charizard to make one final stand for her new trainer's honor, but upon being defeated again finally remembered Red as she fainted. Later on down the line, she will be released by the Cooltrainer when he senses she longs for something and will seek out Red after he has become Champion. The two will find each other in the interim between Gen 1 and 2 and have a tearful reunion, much like AZ and his Floette in X and Y.

All of the children the mob will play as have different kinds of disabilities/disorders.
Red obviously has schizophrenia. The next protagonist in Gold/Silver/Crystal will have amnesia. The one in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald will have blindness. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum will have ADHD. Black/White will have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And finally, X and Y will have schizophrenia again.

Once all is said and done, the creator will hack the game to bring Abby and the others back into the game.
Because what better way to earn a happy ending?
  • Jossed.

The reason why Red fights Gold/Kris on Mt. Silver...
...Is because Red recognizes that Gold/Kris is being controlled by The Mob as well, and either wants to free him/her or is terrified because he thinks The Mob has come back for him.

Mewtwo saved Red in the end.
Feeling both pity and knowing that the Mob would command Red to go after him once he becomes the Champion, Mewtwo decides do free Red's mind from the Mob's control with his psychic powers, so that Red can be free and he himself would be safe from possible capture or defeat.

Pidgeot was taught Fly by Red after the voices left him.
Now he can use it safely without accidentally activating it, and thus use it to fly to Johto.

The Mob is the real villain.
Seriously. I'm pretty sure Red is scarred for life from all the voices in his head. Red's attachment to the Helix fossil wasn't worship at first, it was a reminder of a being that had no voices in its head. The Mob just ended up fragmenting Red's psyche to the point where the only thing left was 'helixhelixhelix,' thus it evolved into creepy worship (think of the transformation of Simon Petrikov into Ice King). It was The Mob's fault that the Pokemon were released from the PC, not Flareon or Bill. The Mob was using just using Red as a puppet.

The Admin's post-game stats examination in Pokémon Gold and Silver was a Distant Finale for the next playthrough.
After the battle on Mt. Silver, Red met up with the Gold/Kris again at some point. Finding a sort of kinship with the kid, Red hangs out with them and even shows them his old team of Pokémon, telling them tales of what happened with the gang when he adventured around. Red himself also figures out that he might have got a couple of factoids wrong during his adventure.

GlaDOs or VAL is the anonymous Admin
A social experiment? Sounds like something GlaDOs or VAL would do.For science.You monsters.

Red is, at least partially, a Willing Channeler
He has a strong desire to become league champion, and since the mob shares this desire, they came to him. He gave up control of his body, but in return received their immense skill and knowledge of Pokemon battles, as well as a certain amount of precognition.

The Firered/Leafgreen playthrough will start an Alternate Continuity.
While the Red/Blue and G/S/C games will be connected, the Firered/Leafgreen playthrough will start a whole other story, continuing through Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the G/S/C remakes, and eventually Gens 5 and 6. Things that might trigger this include:
  • The protagonist choosing the Dome fossil instead of the Helix.
    • Confirmed.
  • The protagonist becoming one with the voices to such a point where they become Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • The Protagonist pulling a Face–Heel Turn.
  • A switch of protagonists. If Leaf is chosen, this Red could have the potential to lead a resistance while Leaf takes Red's role in the story and changes things.
Among others.
  • Pokemon Fire Red is confirmed, and randomized.

Octodad is the son of Helix
He even has a multiplayer mode in his game where two people control the ONE octodad! And even in single player mode he plays like he's moves like Red in perpetual Anarchy mode

And nobody suspects a thing.

Eevee was good, however he sided with the dome after seeing the evil side of the anarchy
In the beginning, Eevee was sent by Helix to show the Mob that Anarchy could have progress, while Bird Jesus was their light in battles, Eevee would be the light of the anarchy. When the Anarchy failed to turn Eevee into a Vaporeon, and he instead became a Flareon, Eevee kept his hope, for Helix said that the chaos caused by this would end up being beneficial. However, when the Mob blamed him for their problems, instead of accepting that it was their mistake, Eevee (now a Flareon) turned against the Anarchy that destroyed his life, and became a herald for The Dome and the good part of Democracy. This action was what gave Democracy the power to survive the Start 9 banishing proprieties. Later Flareon would be reborn as another Eevee, who later would become "Burrito" the Espeon.

Old Amber is the God of Revolution.

That is why when Bird Judas came to the team, Bloody Sunday came, and then the team arose to new heights. Old Amber knew that Helix and Dome needed the contest to come to a close, so He sent Bird Judas to see to it that change would be had.


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