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The epic battle of Red vs AJ was ACTUALLY the battle of Democracy vs Anarchy.
While AJ has to rely on the will of thousands of voice to command him(Even Democracy itself was locked from the Mob), Red was orderly and tactical, at least more so then AJ. This could mean two things:
  • Red has become corrupted with Democracy sometime during his timeskip.
  • Or Democracy left the Mob and returned to Red either during the timeskip or before the battle.
This literally meant that by beating Red, Anarchy was restored before Democracy took over and destroyed the world as we know it.
Along with hacking the game to employ Red’s party in the VERY anticipated Champion Red fight, the admin will change Red’s dialogue.
What he will say may include and is not limited to…

The Gen II protagonist will be a girl.
Assuming we're playing Crystal.
  • Jossed.
  • And then un-jossed! Right after the Elite Four the mob accidentally reset the game, picking a girl as their avatar.
    • Then re-jossed, as the Streamer took control and reverted back to the previous save.

AJDNNW will keep his starter this time.
Hopefully, but people have already started up a chant, pressing for Feraligatr's release.

The Admin's post-Red stats examination in Pokémon Gold and Silver was a Distant Finale for Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal.
After the battle on Mt. Silver, Red met up with the AJDNNW again at some point. Finding a sort of kinship with the kid, Red hangs out with him and even shows him his old team of Pokémon, telling them tales of what happened with the gang when he adventured around. Red himself also figures out that he might have got a couple of factoids wrong during his adventure.

Since Pokémon Gold and Silver have puzzles that require more precise movement, it will take weeks to months trying to reach and beat Red.
  • At least partially Jossed; AJDNNW repeated Red's original feat (eight badges and the Championship) a week faster than Red did.
  • Totally Jossed. Red was taken down 3 days faster than Lance.

AJDNNW knew where Red would be because like Red, he was controlled by a Mob of his own. He has a sort of instinct that tells him where people like him will be, similar to how Stand Users seem to find one another wherever they go.

A Pidgey or Hoothoot will inherit Bird Jesus's mantle.
History will repeat.
  • A Pidgey has been caught, so this may very well happen...
    • Some are trying to worship it, others are fighting back.
  • Jossing this one now; we've named him Brian.
    • Brian, you say?

The reason why Red fights AJDNNW on Mt. Silver...
...Is because Red recognizes that AJDNNW is being controlled by The Mob as well, and either wants to free him or is terrified because he thinks The Mob has come back for him.
  • Or for revenge in the hopes of stopping The Mob once and for all.

Eevee will get redemption this time around.
Despite all odds and against all of Bill's sabotage Eevee will find its way to our party and this time will be welcomed by all.
  • Considering the difficulty of obtaining Elemental Stones in Crystal (they can only be randomly gifted from NPCs who have your Pokégear number), the Eevee in question will evolve into an Espeon or Umbreon; an arduous path, what with all the wipeouts lowering his friendship values.
  • That's true, but with all the puzzles and ledges we'll have to face, we'll be walking a LOT, and friendship also rises by walking 200 steps, so there's still hope!
    • Actually, friendship raises by +1 every 512 steps. The good side is, this counts steps even when Pokémon has fainted. Other than fainting (-1), the only other way to lower friendship is to give it the bitter medicine herbs, which can be obtained only in the Goldenrod City's Underground's shop which shows up only during Saturday and Sunday. Also about the stones, Bill's grandfather can give some of them once, if you bring him a specific Pokémon (for Crystal that's: Everstone = Lickitung; Fire Stone = Growlithe; Thunderstone = Pichu; Water Stone = Staryu; Leaf Stone = Oddish)
  • Confirmed, sort of. Eevee evolved into Espeon, causing many of The Mob to interpret Espeon as The Heart of the team.

After getting out of the Ice Cave we will proceed to jump down the ledge beneath Blackthorn City.
Despite out triumph over clearing the Ice Cave our uncoordinated would prove to be our downfall as we jump down the irreversible ledge beneath blackthorn forcing us to start again from near the beginning of the game.
  • True, but if we can coordinate well enough to teach someone Fly and us it, we might have a chance.

Mystery Egg and Togepi will be false idols.
The Egg will inevitably latched onto and worshiped by the Mob, but at some point in the game an event similar to Bloody Sunday will occur, and Togepi will be blamed, causing a fraction in the Religion of Egg.

Instead of fighting the voices like Red, AJ will embrace the voice of the Mob...
...and thus become stronger as a result. This will be the factor that will lead to Red's defeat.

Youngster Joey's Rattata is a descendant of Jay Leno or Digrat
It's in the top percentage!Joey's Rattata could be Jay Leno re-incarnated.

Youngster Joey is Silver's spy
Note how he always calls AJDNNW on critical moments to distract him from his goals.

The Mob will catch a Shiny other than the Gyarados at Lake Rage
And it will be worshiped as a deity more powerful than any other.
  • Or honored as a valuable soldier, given the new themes of military and the phrase "No Gods, no Kings, only 'Mon".
    • Jossed so far as they've run from the only shiny they've encountered and killed the Gyarados.

AJDNNW will defeat Whitney very easily on his first try
Because AJDNNW's Pokémon will be overleveled once he will enter Whitney's gym.
  • Jossed, Whitney's Miltank did what it usually does and rolled over Laser Crocodile.
    • They did beat her on the second try with a fully healed party, so perhaps this one is only partially Jossed.

The voices have convinced AJ to become a terrorist/rebel bent on overthrowing the league.
Military themes, plans to assassinate prominent individuals, insanity. All accounted for. And those phone calls? In code, instructions to build an army. AJ was converted to the cause by the voices, and AJ has since converted Joey and Wade.

AJDNNW is a Sleeper Agent.
Despite being 10 and living in the wild for an indefinite period of time, AJDNNW had been morphed into a Child Soldier by the voices in his head, only fully going into this mode when his objective is revealed to him. Other than that, he's just an otherwise happy Wild Child with no recollection of his new mission.

The voices this time would be his superiors communicating through a microphone device located in his hat. They spam multiple directions to test and see if AJDNNW can focus on the task at hand while in civilian mode. His "Agent" mode, dare he be lured into it, would be a wilder, more Jack-esque personality, only to be used in murder missions.

The Farfetch'd in Ilex Forest is Dux
After all, who better to introduce us to Cut than the Slayer of Trees himself? Perhaps the people at the Charcoal Kiln found him after he was released and took him in. I, for one, certainly like to think so.

Red's been controlling AJDNNW this whole time.
During his 3-year absence, Red learned to control the Mob inside him and decided to test it out on someone to see what the Demonic Possession he went through looked like from the outside. To better test this, he hid out on Mt. Silver and remotely used the Mob to lead his subject to where he was to see what kind of things the subject might have gotten out of his possession and his journey to the final location.

The appearance of wild Cyndaquil is a sign of some form of divine intervention.
Given that the version of Crystal being played is a hacked version that allows things such as the GS Ball and starter Pokemon to be obtained, it could be explained as the first signs of some form of higher power at work, be it Helix, Dome, or something new entirely.

The real threat to Johto is something that has flown completely under the radar.
When AJDNNW arrived in Cherrygrove for the first time, someone in the chat pointed out how the local flowers look like Slinky toys. Their unnatural appearance has caused some to believe that they are in fact aliens, and their appearances throughout the Johto region suggest that they are planning an invasion of some kind. It remains to be seen whether the Slinky Flowers are a true menace, and if the Mob can stop them in time.

AJ is the Villain Protagonist of the Red Crystal Saga, and Red the Hero Antagonist.
It's only made more obvious by the fact that the mob is effectively sending AJ on a mission to eliminate Red.

AJ is Straight Gay, and the Pokégear contacts are his Unwanted Harem.
Given how accepted Joey is as his main Love Interest, it does make some sense.

Lazor Gator is so strong because he's going through one long Roaring Rampage of Revenge

After the release of Admiral VV, Totodile sought out to get revenge for his fallen mentor-figure. In the process, he's taken on most of the battle experience for himself due to his clouded judgment and one-track mind. The more allies of his that have been released the further his rage will go....

The Anti-Gator faction is like Drosselmeyer from Princess Tutu.
Stuff like "Show me a magnificent tragedy!" and how it'd be better for the story if he were gone. Totally Drosselmeyer.

While Red had a brief moment of brilliance and used his Master Ball on Zapdos, AJ using the Master Ball on a Goldeen was due to a brief moment of stupidity.

The new voting system is AJ trying to outdo the Mob.
After capturing the Goldeen with the Master Ball, AJ started to snap due of Mob's stupidity. As such AJ has been starting to block the voices on his head. The new voting system is the result of this, as where he is still slave to the Mob's commands, he can block the voices better and focus on taking one command at a time.

The ROM will screw up after the champion battle, forcing Twitch plays Crystal to end on the note of Disc-One Final Boss Lance.
Hey, everyone was expecting to face Mewtwo in Red, and it wound up The Unfought.

After Pokemon crystal, the Admin is going to try some other game.
Frankly, the mob is getting good at this. It took less then a week to get all 8 Johto badges, and while, yes, all the Kanto badges are still left, we're likely going to get them just as fast. Eventually they are going to get something for us monkeys to fight over. That being said, let's list the options.
  • Old-school Role Playing Games: Turn-based combat and open world rooming allows appeal, room for chaos while still being solvable.
    • Twitch Plays Shin Megami Tensei: When the Mob realizes that Helix and Dome are not the only Gods, the Heathens all must be taught a lesson. Also, both games were released on the Game Boy Advance.
  • Card games: Watching the mob try to beat a Yu-Gi-Oh! or MTG game would be funny, Magic would be the most viable since you don't have to worry about having your monsters self-destruct by attacking stronger ones, (something the mob would often do).
  • Adventure games: Assuming you could get the bot to pick up on the commands, it could be fun.
    • Jossed: the admin said he wanted to do Pokemon Emerald, for now.
      • Un-Jossed; the intermission between this game and Emerald has them going through a variety of games.

The Big Bad of the story is the Admin themselves.
Think about it- They're the ones who set up the adventures. They're the ones who created the fabled Anarchy/Democracy system. They're the ones who essentially put the "Voices" in the heads of the protagonists to see if they could cooperate until the endgame. They're also very well capable of hacking the game to make certain events happen if they so wish. They're essentially the IRL equivalent of Bill, as well- they have the power to transfer the protag's Pokemon from game to game, so technically all the runthrough's Pokemon go through them. The Mob isn't some intangible monstrosity; they're merely guinea pigs part of a social experiment the Admin started. They're as much a part of the ride as the kid they control. But because the Admin provides them with entertainment via the LP, they're allowed to get away with it.

If this is acknowleged in-mythos, it could result in a Gladiator-type Rage Against the Heavens from the current protagonist.

  • This theory might hold some weight- if one interprets the countdown clock as the admin being fed up with the mob's incompetence at defeating Red, then the threat of ending the series at Emerald becomes extremely sinister.

The Mob's influence got to Red.
Red started to believe the hype that the Mob built up for him- that his Pokemon were unstoppable and all powerful. He started to believe that his Pokemon were gods, and thus began to think that because he was controlling them, he was the most powerful of them all. He then climbed Mt. Silver and resided there with his Pokemon for the past three years as a sort of makeshift Mount Olympus for his team. AJ's job is to snap him out of this thought and bring him down to size, effectively killing Red's "God" persona and his belief that his Pokemon are gods- fulfilling the Mob's desire to kill the Gods.

Red isn't truly free.
The Mob may be gone, but his battle strategies are still not his own- he relies on random choice and luck to decide what his Pokemon do. The Random Number God has a hold of him now, and there's nothing Red can do about it.

Steelix is actually a reincarnated Solid Snake
After the events of Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake passes away, and his soul is placed into purgatory. He is offered a chance to redeem himself by performing one final mission, which he accepts. When he awakens, he finds himself in the body of an Onix within Victory Road. His mission is a simple one: to infiltrate the ranks of AJ's team and observe them, assisting them in any way possible.

Lance's Charizard is the son of Abby
Since the released Pokémon seem to have survived (with DUX resurfacing to teach AJ's Pokémon Cut), it's fully possible that Abby passed on her genes to Lance's Charizard.

Kris "The Girl Who Never Was" is still alive.
Reverting to the old file didn't erase her. It just moved the Mob back to their previous location in AJ and spared her from becoming another host.
  • The creation of TGWNW's timeline perhaps resulted in a change of events in her world, wherein the protagonist is perfectly sane and the prime deity is the Dome.
  • She'll be certain to ally with its seemingly rational ways, considering the madness she'd have felt during her brief taste of anarchy.
  • With the announcement of TPP: Emerald, it could be that this third installment takes place in Kris' timeline.
  • The universe Kris comes from is likely the one from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, where the setting of Red and Blue is updated to match that of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Kris could come from the non-TTP canon, where the protagonists don't have the Helix and Dome philosophies to worry about (and why she is able to escape the fate AJ couldn't).
  • Or she still exists in this universe and thus will go on a hunt to find out where these voices came from and where they went to.

AJ Uses the Voices to His Advantage
AJ hates how the voices have influenced him to release his Pokemon, but the voices also allow him to perform morally ambiguous acts, like murdering a god. A small part of AJ is thankful that he can get his revenge and blame everything on the voices. It's a bit like Super-Powered Evil Side, no restraint, can go all out.

The mob will pick a Mudkip in TPP Emerald
Twitch Plays is more popular than the actual Pokemon games, most people's experience with Hoenn then will be the "i herd u liek mudkipz" meme, so Mudkip is the likely choice.
  • Has the potential to be jossed by something as small as a randomizer. Though if we do get one, I'd rather call him Husky the Fish, after a certain member of Team Crafted.

Thankfully Jossed.

Red never became enlightened on Mount Silver.
They say that over time, Red became much saner on the summit thanks to all of the peace and quiet. How, then, does he know what weaknesses AJ will be up against and when he will come? Red never grew out of his anger and hatred of the Mob, and once he got the feeling that someone controlled by them would be coming for him, he researched everything he could about him to figure out the perfect way to kill whoever it was who would. All he wants is the Mob's death, and he doesn't care who or what is standing in the way of that and him.

There will be a Prophecy Twist of some sort.
AJ, according to the Mob, is supposed to defeat the gods Red controls and Red himself to be free of the Mob. Red, also according to the Mob, is said to need to be rid of AJ to be rid of the Mob for good. But it doesn't have to result in death of one or the other:
  • Red could be reaching A God Am I status, and a simple defeat of him and his team could put his entire team as well as himself on a Broken Pedestal in the eyes of their followers, effectively "killing the Gods".
  • Red usually blacks out after losing a battle. If AJ beats his team, all Red has to do is black out afterwards, prompting AJ to leave; Red would be rid of AJ, and the Mob would leave him alone for good.

Red is a Death Seeker.
His entire journey was an attempt to rid himself of his demons by deliberately invoking Too Dumb to Live on himself, seeing as he has no proper training with handling Pokemon and he constantly has run-ins with the Mafia. In one case, he runs head first into a meeting with its boss. However, it didn't work. No matter how hard he tries to die and how much he blacks out, he just can't off himself.

Eventually, Red realizes that in order to be rid of these spirits, someone in a similar predicament is going to have to kill him. He finally achieves his long awaited death at the hands of AJDNNW, who are controlled a Mob of his own. His defeat grants him the freedom he hasn't been able to have for a long time.

The secret code to turn democracy back on is...
The Konami Code.
  • Possible, but perhaps not in the way people expect. It may need to be entered in coordination by the chat, as in one person inputs up, then the next person inputs up, and so on and so forth.

If AJ doesn't beat Red...
the next game will be Ruby or Sapphire, rather than Emerald. Exact Words!
  • Well, guess we'll never find it out.

AJ was more right than we imagined about defeating Lord Helix being the key to ridding himself of the voices.
Defeating Lord Helix - but not the rest of Red's team - has resulted in a seven-day Timed Mission to finally beat Red, otherwise the stream will end and Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald will never happen. In addition, the Mob no longer have Democracy Mode to help them achieve their goal in time. It's quite possible that the Mob will fail, and the Twitch Plays Pokémon stream will have to be disbanded - ending the voices for ever. AJ and Red may have tricked the Mob into destroying itself, bringing peace to them both.
  • They beat Red within 24 hours of that warning. So whether this WMG was true or not will forever remain unknown.

Lord Helix held back.
Think about it. He gave the Mob seven whole days before he destroyed the world. They could probably have leveled all their Pokémon to 100 within that time, or at least well into the 80es. And in fact they ended up beating him in just ONE day. So why did he give such a long time limit? Simple: because destroying the world was never his goal.

It's not a new interpretation that Red being beaten was part of Helix' gambit. However, once AJ battled him Helix found that he, or the Mob, lacked the conviction to take down Red's team - held back by residual faith in Helix. In order to remove those restraints, Helix pretended to be evil to fire up AJ and the Mob, while hoping that the long time frame would stop him from either having to carry out his threat or admit that he had lied. It worked.

  • Notably, defeating Helix purged AJ of the mob. And since Silver and Red were the only two games in such direct contact, Helix might have believed its Heroic Sacrifice killed the mob... At least until Black 2...

the time between crystal and Emerald is being used to extensively hack the game.
Jossed, no hacks as far as anyone can tell for Emerald.

In Red's eyes, his loss on Mount Silver was just that: just another loss
Red and his team have lost many times in their journey. Perhaps he even lost his Champion position to Lance (the actual canon of the games is unclear if the Champion of the Indigo league is the Champion of the Jotho League as well, or if the Jotho League has its own Champion who could also be on the Elite Four of the Indigo League) .

After losing, Red simply packed up his Pokeballs and scurried off to the Pokemon center to heal up, and planned to go back to Mount Silver to keep on training. AJ and the Mob were possibly expecting him to get angry, or to say something of importance... ANYTHING. Red just packing up and treating it like just another loss that a Pokemon trainer has to deal with possibly infuriated AJ, his team and the Mob. This left them feeling unfulfilled and without purpose, so they just ended up shuffling around in some random tall grass and battling the Elite Four again for kicks.

All this stuff about Red and company wanting to end the world is a lie/delusion by the Mob/AJ — or it was "the Admin" who was the one who would end the world.
Maybe Red wasn't on Mount Silver because it was some spiritual place where he could break reality, or any other mystical purpose. Perhaps his team was just so high leveled that he traveled to the place with the strongest Pokemon so he could get the most EXP he could.

In the end, Red was just a powerful trainer, he and his team had no plans other than to get stronger.

Red is deaf.
After he finally became the Champion, the voices in his head went away at the cost of losing his hearing completely. This is why he is unable to speak through the events of Crystal.

What really happened to Red?
We recall that after the chat beat Blue in Gen 1, the game was over, but any Poke-fan knows there is still one final challenge waiting for them—the Unknown Dungeon! We never got to see the trek through the Dungeon and the climactic fight at the end of it, so it could be assumed that Red went there sometime later after celebrating his victory. Lord Helix had told Red that he sensed an incredible dark power coming from the Dungeon, a threat even greater than Dome or the False Prophet. Red was all too eager to bring down this great evil, but in his eagerness he failed to realize that his connection with the Hivemind had been severed...

It was in the depths of the Unknown Dungeon that Red made first contact with the one known as the False God, the Artificial God, the Man-Made God—Mewtwo! Created from genetic data recovered from the legendary Mew, Mewtwo was to be Team Rocket's ultimate weapon, one who would topple the "feeble" Poke-gods and allow Giovanni to create his own divine religion, with Mewtwo as its central figure. From his birth, Mewtwo was brought up with the belief that he was the one true god, destined to inherit the earth. One day, the False God escaped from the facility he was being held in and took shelter in the Unknown Dungeon, where he would meditate and hone his psychic powers to prepare for his ascension to absolute divinity. It is said that some members of Team Rocket—including Giovanni and Archer—actually worship Mewtwo as a god...

Red fought the best he could against the False God, but even with the aid of Lord Helix, Bird Jesus, and Anarchy Jesus, Mewtwo's power was devastating! Eventually, Lord Helix was all that stood between Mewtwo and Red, but with one final psychic blast the great Omastar was defeated... Red fell to his knees and wept, knowing this might be the end for him, but as he felt dark energy flowing through him, Lord Helix, and the rest of the team, he heard the False God exclaim that he had a use for a trainer as powerful as Red, and especially the one who controls the Helix...

From that day on, Red would be Mewtwo's vessel, chosen to carry the will of the False God to the lands outside of Kanto. His path eventually brought him to Mt. Silver, where he could witness the devastation he had wrought in the name of his new master... It was only through AJ's courage and strength of will—and the ferocity and rage of Lazorgator the Godslayer—that the link with the False God was broken and Red and his team were freed!


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