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Recap Page for Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal.

NOTICE: Per wiki policy on Recap pages, ALL spoilers will be UNMARKED. Read ahead only with caution! You Have Been Warned.

A Tale of Mobs and Mons Eternally Retold: Game Start, New Bark Town to Azalea Town - Day 1

  • Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal starts. There is one major change from the previous stream: Democracy is not allowed for an hour after the game begins, and then kicks in every hour, while Anarchy is an option you can vote for during the Democracy periods.
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  • The player is named AJDNNW (AJ). Leaving his mom's house, AJ begins his Pokemon adventure and chooses Totodile, but decides not to nickname it.
  • Totodile uses Leer nine times in one fight against a Pidgey, earning it the nicknames "King Leer" and "Lazorgator". Totodile later faints against a Sentret, after surviving several fights on 1HP and about to reach Level 7. AJDNNW whites out.
  • After three and a half hours, AJ reaches the second town, and speaks to an energetic old man who gives him a tour. Our hero later reaches Mr. Pokemon's house and receives the Mystery Egg as well as the Pokédex. On his way back to Prof. Elm's, AJ battles his rival, armed with a Chikorita, and leaves the rival with the default name SILVER.
  • AJ catches a Pidgey and doesn't nickname it. The Pidgey is instantly seen by some as the second coming of Bird Jesus, and by others as a regular Pidgey by the name of "Brian." He also caught a Sentret and named it ADiiiiihhh, with some labeling it "Admiral," and a Caterpie named OXXOZZ -:, aka Oxxy Ozbourne (who is female).
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  • Shortly after, AJ encounters a spunky boy by the name of Youngster Joey. AJ defeats him and his top percentage Rattata easily, but the two exchange phone numbers.
  • After hours of level grinding Totodile while everyone else was KO'd, AJ finally makes it past the ledge and into Violet City. He eventually takes on Violet City's Gym and defeats Falkner, gaining the Zephyr Badge from him. He also reclaims the Mystery Egg from Elm's assistant before setting off for Sprout Tower to train.
  • Totodile reaches Level 18 and starts evolving, but a few people decided to troll the rest of the chat by pressing B and canceling its evolution.
  • The egg hatches into a level 5 Togepi. Prince Omelette is born. AJ advances into Union Cave.
  • AJ ends up catching an unnamed Wooper. Many people have already begun to call him "Wooper Goldberg". Similar to Oxxy Ozbourne, Wooper Goldberg is named after a celebrity of the opposite gender. He is also sometimes referred to as "Burger King" or "BK" by some people as "Wooper" is similar to Burger King's signature sandwich, the "Whopper".
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  • After several hours and a few failed attempts at Democracy, AJ finally stumbles out of Union Cave and into Azalea Town.
  • AJ meets Kurt, the ball smith, who scampers to the Slowpoke Well. Following, our hero encounters Team Rocket for the first time. He also attempts in vain to capture one of Team Rocket's Rattata, and is labeled a thief by one of the grunts.
  • Prince Omelette reaches level 7 and finally learns Metronome, meaning that it can finally deal out damage. Alas, it is KO'd shortly afterwards, once again leaving Totodile as the only active party member.
  • Team Rocket is eventually driven out of the Slowpoke Well, and Kurt brings AJ back to his home in Azalea City where our hero receives a Lure Ball. AJ tries to head off into Ilex Forest, but is stopped by Silver. A long and grueling battle ensues, mainly because of Silver's Gastly, though AJ manages to pull through, victorious.
  • AJ turns his attention to Azalea Gym and makes short work of its trainers thanks to his Lv.24 Totodile. At only 20 hours in, AJ defeats Bugsy, his Totodile being the only one left standing, and claims the Hive Badge.

All That Glitters is Not Goldenrod: Goldenrod City to Ecruteak City - Day 2

  • AJ proceeds onwards into Ilex Forest where he finds a young man searching for his Farfetch'd that knows Cut, leading the mob to believe it is perhaps Dux. AJ finds the Farfetch'd and returns it to its owner. Democracy mode is activated and the Mob tries to use it to talk to the man, but Joey interrupts them by calling AJ, allowing Anarchy to return. They eventually talk to the man and get the HM for Cut.
  • As the mob struggles to teach Cut to a Pokémon, AJ returns to Azalea Gym, taking a fascination to the Slowpoke standing beside it. Democracy is activated and as they vote to teach Cut, Joey has the unfortunate timing to call AJ again, allowing Anarchy to return. Disgruntled, the mob guides AJ towards Ilex Forest. They slowly make their way towards the Shrine, grinding AJ's Pokémon in the process, when they discovered a tree blocking the path to the Ilex Shrine. Democracy is once again activated, and the mob again seizes the opportunity to teach Cut. After a grueling effort, ADiiiiihhh finally learns Cut. Anarchy is voted in immediately after.
  • AJ arrives at Goldenrod City. The Mob attempts to use Democracy to win the Pokégear's radio card from the radio tower quiz, but Anarchy is quickly voted back in messing up the attempt. They subsequently try again and succeed in winning the card in Anarchy mode.
  • AJ shambles his way to the Pokémon Center and heals his Pokémon three times. However, before he can leave, a nurse comes from upstairs and gives him the GS Ball! The mob is thrilled, and many eagerly insist they should go and capture Celebi with it.
  • AJ eventually gets to Goldenrod City's Gym and gets to Whitney with just Totodile (who just got denied an evolution). Despite the level difference, Miltank's Rollout attack was too powerful for Totodile to take alone. AJ whites out.
  • The rematch with Whitney begins with her Clefairy using Metronome to conjure up Zap Cannon, defeating Pidgey instantly. Caterpie is able to stand up against the Clefairy for some time before AJ switches in Totodile to finish the Clefairy off. The battle with Miltank goes much better, with Totodile being able to take her down on his own. Humiliated, Whitney breaks into a hysterical sob, but after speaking to her again, she presents the Plain Badge to AJ.
  • While wandering around Goldenrod City, AJ comes across the Name Rater. AJ changes ADiiiiihhh's nickname to AJS, then immediately to VV.
  • The mob squabbles over whether to have AJ take the Odd Egg from the daycare or to withdraw the Pokémon that were accidentally deposited into the PC, which left AJ with only Totodile and VV. In the end, AJ receives the Odd Egg from the Daycare Man and presses on.
  • AJ fights his way through Route 35, but his team of Totodile and VV is slowly worn down and picked off by its many trainers. AJ is eventually defeated by Juggler Irwin and whites out.
  • Back at the Pokémon Center, tragedy strikes when AJ releases VV while using the PC. In the ensuing struggle, AJ manages to withdraw Pidgey, Togepi, and OXXOZZ -:, withdraw a Super Potion, and renames Box 2 to AJJJxx——.
  • An epic war erupts over whether to evolve Totodile. Finally, over ten levels higher than his normal evolution point and one level below his next evolution point, Totodile defeats a Drowzee and evolves into Croconaw with the help of Democracy. Anarchy mode is restored, and the battle begins anew to see if Croconaw can reach his final form.
  • On Route 36 in a fight against a trainer's Tangela, the Mob manages to, for the first time on record, successfully use their last Antidote to cure a poisoned OXXOZZ -:. The Tangela promptly wipes out OXXOZZ -: with Constrict anyway.
  • AJ attempts to catch Sudowoodo, but defeats it by accident. Pressing on and obtaining yet another phone number, the Odd Egg hatches, and Smoochum is born.
  • Arriving in Ecruteak City, AJ tries to enter the gym, but is told by a monk that the Leader, Morty, is away from his post, and is rudely shoved out.
  • AJ travels back to the National Park and catches two Hoothoot, one male and one female. The boy is kept in the party, while the girl is sent to the PC. He then catches a Drowzee, naming him :n. AJ decides to deposit the male Hoothoot and Brian the Pidgey in the Daycare.
  • Returning to Goldenrod City, AJ encounters the infamous Bill and obtains an Eevee, to the joy of the mob. Caught up in his excitement, AJ immediately enters the Game Corner to harass its patrons. Shortly after, AJ has a run-in with the dreaded PC, but is saved by the unlikely intervention of Camper Todd. Todd is declared a hero.
  • Stumbling his way back to Ecruteak City, the mob directs AJ to the Burned Tower where he captures a Koffing, nicknaming him WWWEEE. AJ is subsequently overwhelmed by the tower's poisonous inhabitants and whites out. After regaining consciousness, AJ is treated to a phone call from Juggler Irwin who is berated by the mob.
  • AJ makes his way into the Burned Tower again and encounters Silver, who petulantly accuses him of being the reason why he has not found a legendary Pokemon that is said to be roosting there. Silver's Haunter uses the last of its strength to lay a Curse on Croconaw, which eventually makes it faint during a battle with Silver's Bayleef. To add insult to injury, it leveled up before fainting, further preventing its evolution into Feraligatr. Eevee eventually loses and AJ blacks out.
  • AJ returns to the Burned Tower thirsty for revenge. After multiple wild battles and a bizarre encounter with a Cyndaquil, OXXOZZ -: evolved into a Metapod, much to the surprise of the mob who expected another round of b spammers.
  • At the end of the day, a sidetracked AJ decides to challenge the Kimono Sisters in Ecruteak City.

An Assassination Plot is Hatched: Ecruteak City to Olivine City, "The Gator Wars" Part 1 - Day 3

  • AJ defeats all five Kimono Girls and receives the HM for Surf. Croconaw evolves into Feraligatr. Democracy kicks in, and the Mob is able to replace Scary Face on Feraligatr with Surf. Anarchy returns shortly after.
  • Back in the Burned Tower, AJ captures a Raticate and names her ABBBDDDDDD. ABBBDDDDDD aids in finishing off Silver's Zubat after Feraligatr does most of the work in the rematch. Raikou, Entei and Suicune are awakened inside the tower. AJ captures a Zubat, but does not give it a nickname.
  • After wandering aimlessly around Ecruteak City for a while, AJ enters the Ecruteak Gym. There he finds out that the place combines two of the biggest weaknesses he would encounter: Ghost-type Pokémon and section which would require precise movement (with the path being invisible!). The Mob decide that they need Democracy mode to complete it so they wait for it to activate in order to proceed onward.
  • Democracy is able to pass through the maze, allowing AJ to face off against Morty with a paralyzed Feraligatr, Togepi and Eevee. Unfortunately, Anarchy kicks in which screws the "Spam a9 for Surf" strategy, causing Feraligatr go down to Morty's Haunter, Togepi faints due to Curse (though not before laying Sacred Fire on the Haunter, the burn from which ultimately defeats it), and then Eevee faints due to Curse and Gengar's Dream Eater. Defeated, the mob directs AJ into Mt. Mortar to grind, though they spend a great deal of time just getting there.
  • Using Democracy mode, the mob again guides AJ through Ecruteak Gym, and successfully crosses to challenge Morty. The channel briefly crashes, but after a minute is restored and the battle ensues. AJ leads with Weezus and then Oxxy, both quickly falling. Lazorgator is sent out, sweeping through Morty's team with repeated Surfs. After hours of struggle, the Fog Badge is finally won.
  • Advancing into Route 38, AJ is about to receive the number of a Lass, but his contacts are full of strange boys and a Juggler. AJ presses on and arrives in Olivine City.
  • AJ climbs to the top of the City's Lighthouse where he meets Olivine City's Gym Leader, Jasmine. She asks AJ to get Medicine from Cianwood Island for the Ampharos which keeps the Lighthouse running. At some point AJ also picked up the HM for Strength.
  • A convoluted dispute erupts amongst the mob, some of whom believe that the ridiculously-overleveled Lazorgator is carrying the entire game on his scaly shoulders and making it impossible for any other Pokemon to meaningfully contribute. An anti-Lazorgator faction forms with the goal of releasing him or (at least) putting him in the PC for a while until AJ's other Pokemon have a chance to get stronger. The chaos continues for several hours and drags AJ all over Olivine City before causing a scene in its Pokemon Center.
  • Feraligatr is deposited into the PC as a means to level up the rest of the party. A training session begins in Route 39, though very little progress is made due to the conflicting Gator War.
  • The mob heads back to the Pokemart to buy Pokeballs, but is sidetracked to the PC by people wishing to retrieve Gator. A battle for control breaks out between those who want him back, those who want him in the PC, and those who want him released. ;n is caught in the crossfire and ends up accidentally released.
  • Democracy is activated. Feraligatr is withdrawn successfully, and the mob bolts out of the Pokémon Center.

Hard-Boiled Sacrifice: Cianwood City, Return to Olivine City, "The Gator Wars" Part 2, Lake of Rage: Day 4

  • While surfing to Cianwood Island, most of the party faints except for Lazorgator after several trainer encounters. Lazor is eventually poisoned and is reduced to 1HP, but the mob manages to use a Full Restore on him.
  • AJ reaches Cianwood Island and heads to the gym. There, he discovers that the Gym is filled with Strength boulders which need to be cleared out of the way to reach the Gym Leader, Chuck. After clearing the boulders and spending some time bumping into walls, AJ challenges Chuck and demolishes his team with Lazorgator, earning him the Storm Badge.
  • While wandering around Cianwood, AJ obtains the HM for Fly. Our hero has a brief encounter with Suicune, and then fights Suicune-fanboy Eusine, who he narrowly defeats. AJ eventually obtains the Medicine for the lighthouse Ampharos.
  • Another war for control breaks out between the Pro-Gator and Anti-Gator factions in the Pokemon center. In the struggle, all pokemon but Gator are deposited into the PC. He withdraws Zubat, Smoochum, and WWWEEE without any casualties and names Box 1 IRmnnote  before running away to route 41. The radio gets turned on for about half an hour, which makes it seem oddly like a dance party.
  • AJ reaches Olivine City, where another Gator War ensues. After much struggle, he heals his Pokemon and heads to the Olivine Lighthouse.
  • AJ climbs to the top floor and delivers the Secret Potion to Jasmine, allowing her to heal Amphy the Ampharos and return to her duties as Gym Leader. The mob heads back down the Lighthouse.
  • The party is healed at the Pokemon Center, but yet another Gator War ensues, with the mob coming dangerously close to releasing Togepi. AJ exits the Pokemon Center eventually and goes to the Olivine Gym. Smoochum learns Swagger from a TM, forgetting Pound.
  • Jasmine's Magnemite sweeps the entire team thanks to its new Steel-type resistances. The party attempts to heal, but the Anti-Gator faction seize the opportunity and direct AJ toward the PC, and the mad struggle ends up releasing Togepi. Smoochum is deposited, and Eevee is retrieved.
  • The second time around, Feraligatr pulls off a clean sweep, knocking out all three of Jasmine's Pokémon with a single Surf each. Six badges in hand, AJDNNW sets off for Mahogany Town.
  • The Gator Wars intensify, with Anti-Gator faction becoming ever more adamant that he be removed from the party. A compromise is suggested; to avoid braving the PC, AJ returns to the Day Care to deposit Feraligatr. Of course, to do this shuffle, he must use the PC anyway, and ends up with a party comprised of Brian, Lazrgatr, Hoothoot, Shuckle and Eevee. Wooper had the misfortune of being released during the ordeal.
  • After a run-in with the Name Rater, Feraligatr has been renamed AAAAAtttta, and Pidgey BBBBBD. The party heads toward the Lake of Rage, and level grinds Brian along the way.
  • During the journey to Lake of Rage, Brian got to level 34 thanks to defeating a Pidgeotto, allowing himself to evolve into a Pidgeotto.
  • When AJ arrives to the Lake of Rage, they find the Red Gyarados that is rampaging at the lake. He approaches it in Anarchy, but because he only has two Pokéballs, capturing it would be nearly impossible. The Gyarados was eventually taken down by Feraligatr, which the Mob wasn't really happy about.

Gatrage Never Dies: Mahogany Town, Team Rocket Invasion Arc - Day 5

  • After defeating the Red Gyarados, AJ talks to Lance who explains why the Pokémon in the lake are acting so strange and instructs him to go return to Mahogany City.
  • After arriving back to Mahogany Town, AJ finds out that the house with the perfectly-normal giant doom-antenna sticking out of it includes an entrance to a Team Rocket Hideout. Both Lance and AJ head inside the base to clear Team Rocket out.
  • AJ defeats Team Rocket in their Hideout and he and Lance get rid of the Electrode that are powering the machine driving the Pokémon in Lake of Rage mad. Lance gives the HM for Whirlpool as a thank you and heads off with AJ following him.
  • AJ eventually heals at the Pokémon Center and heads to Mahogany Town's Gym. There, he finds an obstacle which the Mob hasn't dealt with before: ice floors. Not only that, but because it's an Ice-type Gym, Feraligatr is the only one who has a chance of success, as Eevee isn't quite high of a level, Pidgeotto and Hoothoot are weak to Ice and Shuckle is way behind on levels.
  • During AJ's attempt to get to the Gym Leader, Pidgeotto evolved into a Pidgeot.
  • AJ finally battles Pryce and defeats him, but not before the entire party except Feraligatr is wiped out by Pryce's Piloswine. Before he successfully heals at the Pokemon Center, AJ receives shocking news from Professor Elm: Team Rocket has taken over the Goldenrod Radio Tower! After healing, AJ heads back to Goldenrod City.
  • Suicune is spotted, but the path is blocked by a tree. The mob teaches Cut to Feraligatr, forgetting Water Gun. Brian learns Fly, replacing Gust. With the tree cut down, Suicune is engaged but quickly flees, angering the mob further.
  • AJ flies to New Bark Town and drops everything trying to initiate "Operation Talk To Mom."
  • After hours of arduous sidetracking, including trading the Red Scale for an EXP Share which is promptly put on Eevee and regaining Youngster Joey's number, AJ finally arrives in Goldenrod City, enters the Radio Tower, and begins cleaning house (mopping the floor with Team Rocket).

Failure to Launch - End of Team Rocket Invasion Arc, Ice Path Part 1 - Day 6

  • Taking a break from fighting the criminal syndicate, AJ decides to fumble around Rocket-infested Goldenrod City. During this time, our hero brings Smoochum back into his party and nicknames his Eevee AAAS RJ-I. AJ then proceeds into the Department Store Basement where he faces Silver once again and wins. Silver subsequently suffers a meltdown.
  • AJ slaughters his way through countless Rockets and the bizarre underground maze before returning to the Radio Tower. Confronting the head executive of the new Team Rocket (Archer), AJ makes short work of him, crushing Team Rocket's revival and ending the syndicate for good. As a reward, AJ is given the Clear Bell. The mob heads east and encounters Suicune yet again, but, just like before, it runs away.
  • Our hero makes his way back to Mahogany Town and, thanks to his defeat of Team Rocket, he may now proceed onwards to the site of his final badge: Blackthorn City.
  • After AJ gets past some rather difficult ledges, he arrives at Ice Path (but not before accidentally flying back to New Bark Town, just one step away from entering the cave, and using Democracy to fly back to Mahogany Town), which the Mob has been dreading for some time, not only for its icy floors, but also Strength puzzles.
  • The Mob wastes its only Ultra Ball attempting to capture a full-health Golbat. To the Mob's frustration, they immediately after stumble upon several rare Delibird in a row.
  • AJ is able to get through the large sliding puzzle and cross the smaller one, collecting the HM for Waterfall... and then walk right back into the bigger sliding puzzle. During AJ's awkward ice-skating sessions, Eevee evolves into Espeon.

The Night is Dark and Full of Ledges: Ice Path Part 2, Blackthorn City - Day 7

  • In order to progress through Ice Path, AJ is forced to teach Strength to one of his Pokémon. Using Democracy mode, the Mob succeeds in teaching Strength to Shuckie, forgetting Withdraw. Smoochum is also taught DynamicPunch.
  • The Mob starts viewing Espeon's smart light to LazorGator's brutish darkness. Ironically, they fail to teach Espeon Psybeam, so his only damaging move is still Bite, a Dark-type attack.
  • After battling the ice cave for a full 17 hours, AJDNNW finally emerges in Blackthorn City and heals his team. The City of Ledges is still a frightening place to navigate, but after the Ice Path, it doesn't seem so bad.
  • AJ arrives at Blackthorn City's Gym and is greeted with even more Strength puzzles. Enduring countless Dragon Rages and giving Shuckie's Strength a thorough workout, AJ eventually reaches Gym Leader Clair. Brian is able defeat two of Clair's Dragonair and gravely wound the third before being brought down. Lazorgator immediately finishes off the third, but, due to his paralysis and weak move set against Kingdra, he is eventually defeated, whiting out AJ.
  • AJ immediately challenges Clair to a rematch with a fully healed party. The match begins with Clair easily defeating Shuckie, Smoochum and Espeon before Lazorgator is sent in to wipe out all of her Dragonair. Kingdra proves to be a challenge once again, but AJ switches in Brian to lay the pain, defeating Kingdra. Bitter about her defeat, Clair refuses to give AJ the Gym Badge and sends him to Dragon's Den to show his worth.
  • Thinking ahead, the Mob decides they need the free Dragon's Den Dratini so that they have someone who can learn Waterfall. They wait until Democracy kicks in and deposit Smoochum into the PC.
  • Upon arriving at the Dragon's Den, AJ finds that the way to the Dragon Shrine is blocked by a whirlpool, which requires the HM for Whirlpool to be crossed over. The Mob is able to teach it to Lazorgator, forgetting Scratch in the process.
  • After clearing the whirlpool, AJ enters the Dragon Shrine and talks to the elder inside. The elder asks AJ a series of moral-evaluating questions... which our hero gets wrong repeatedly. Despite his questionable performance, AJ eventually answers all the questions correctly and the elder declares him to be a kind and just trainer, which shocks Clair. Clair finally presents AJ with the Rising Badge, the final badge needed to challenge the Pokemon League. AJ also receives the DragonBreath TM and re-enters the shrine to get Dratini from the elder, which he names KT (Katie).

Against the North Wind: Victory Road, Suicune - Day 8

  • With the teaching of Waterfall to Dratini, AJ has every HM he needs. Exiting Dragon's Den, AJ heads down the route from Blackthorn City, eventually bringing him back to New Bark Town. From the shores of his hometown, AJ's Pokémon League challenge may finally begin. Before he sets off, AJ visits Professor Elm, who gives him the Master Ball.
  • Making his way east, AJ sets foot in Kanto for the first time, which a bizarre fat guy eagerly informs him. While in Tohjo Falls, AJ accidentally uses his Master Ball on a Goldeen, nicknaming him IAAJS.
  • While wandering around Route 27, a new system is introduced that succeeds both Anarchy and Democracy. The new system is a combination of the two where a command is randomly selected every 0.5 seconds from the pool of inputs during that time. The previous periodical Democracy mode is removed.
  • Before reaching the Pokémon League gate, AJ whites out and is sent all the way back to Blackthorn City. On the way back to New Bark Town, the old Anarchy/Democracy system briefly returns before the new system takes control again.
  • Reentering Route 27, AJ receives a call from Professor Elm who asks how Togepi is doing, completely unaware of the Prince's fate. AJ remains dead silent.
  • Plowing his way through Route 27 a second time, AJ finally makes it to the Pokémon League gate and enters Victory Road. Shuckie gets into a hug war with an Onix, both using Wrap, Bind and Constrict on each other repeatedly. The struggle continued until Onix threw rocks at Shuckie.
  • After blacking out in Victory Road, AJ makes his way to Ecruteak City and defeats the Three Guardian Sages of the Tin Tower, each using an Eeveelution. When they enter the Tin Tower, the three Legendary Doge appear before AJ. Raikou and Entei flee, but Suicune challenges him. The battle is fierce, with many attempts by the mob to capture him, but in the end the motto of "No Gods, No Kings, Only Mon" is upheld, as Feraligatr kills Suicune in cold blood with a Surf.
  • His hands soiled, AJ marches back to Victory Road, now more determined than ever to see his quest through. Along the way, AJ is challenged to a rematch by Youngster Joey. His top percentage Rattata is easily outmatched by Espeon.
  • Returning to Route 27, AJ captures two Tentacool. He nicknames one BBB((((hg, but leaves the other nameless. AJ also captures a Noctowl, nicknamed AA, and a Raticate, nicknamed I. He also catches an unnamed Graveler.
  • Just when AJ reaches the exit of Victory Road, Silver comes out of nowhere and challenges him to a battle. Unfortunately AJ's team was really crippled from wild encounters and Silver was able to defeat any remaining Pokémon he had, causing AJ to white out and return back to Cherrygrove City.

AJ vs. The League: The Elite Four Part 1 - Days 9

  • AJ returns to Victory Road again, but first decides to grind his team close to a house that gives out free healing. During this training session, KT reaches level 30 and evolves into Dragonair. AJ also captures a Raticate named A, A Ponyta named AAAAAAAAA and an unnamed Doduo.
  • Feeling confident, the mob has AJ tackle Victory Road once again. There, he captures an Onix named AAJRR RRR. AJ gets to the end of Victory Road to meet up with Silver again. At the cost of not learning Hydro Pump, Lazorgator was able to sweep Silver's team, removing the last obstacle in his way of getting into the Pokémon League.
  • AJ enters the Pokémon League, but makes the mistake of talking to the man with an Abra, who ends up teleporting AJ back to New Bark Town. AJ surfs back to Kanto in hopes that he can Fly back to where he left off. During this time, Anarchy/Democracy mode returns once again.
  • AJ is finally able to Fly back to the Pokémon League and heal his Pokémon, securing his checkpoint. Unfortuntely, he dwells on the PC and ends up depositing Katie, making the Mob flip out. While trying to recover her, Onix is withdrawn and both Shuckle and Pidgeot are deposited.
  • Even with an incomplete team, the Mob decides to challenge the Elite Four. First up is Will who defeats everyone except for Lazorgator, who responds by defeating all of Will's Pokémon, and AJ continues onto Koga. The battle against the poisonous ninja was going well until AJ tried to capture Koga's Muk multiple times, resulting in Muk defeating Lazorgator, thus ending AJ's first attempt.
  • Waking up in a daze, AJ accidentally deposits Lazorgator into the PC. Using Democracy mode, the Mob reassembles the team, now consisting of Lazorgator, Brian, Burrito, Katie, Raticate and Onix, then attempts to tackle the Elite Four a second time. Once again, AJ defeats Will, but is immediately brought down by Koga. This process repeats 8 times.
  • Eventually, AJ decides to grind in Victory Road and retrieves the TM for Earthquake. He catches a female Golbat with a Pokeball at full health and names her "S -c." Another run against the league sees the Mob madly bombarding the Elite Four's Pokemon with Pokeballs to no avail. Koga gets fed up and Sludge Bombs Feraligatr to death.
  • Attempts to grind in Victory Road fail due to the Pokemon simply being too powerful. Upon returning to heal, AJ accidentally speaks with the Abra man, and is once again sent back to New Bark Town. While home, AJ briefly contemplates chilling with Joey and taking his money back from his greedy mother. Juggler Irwin calls and says he saw AJ at the Dragon's Den, and that he hates hanging up on him... weirdo.
  • AJ spends several hours bumming around Professor Elm's lab reading his books, meanwhile the mob discuss amongst themselves how they can make Onix useful. Using Democracy, the Mob teaches Onix Strength, Earthquake and Iron Tail, deleting Bind, Harden, and Rage, respectively. They also take the time to teach Dragon Breath to Katie, deleting Thunder Wave. Finally, the mob teaches Icy Wind to Lazorgator, forgetting Rage.

No Gods, No Kings, Only Mon: The Elite Four Part 2, Johto Arc End - Day 10

  • AJ makes his way back to the Pokemon League, and challenges the Elite Four yet again. Although some poorly-chosen decisions are made against Bruno, AJ triumphs and faces Karen for the first time. Feraligatr is beaten by Umbreon's Faint Attack, leaving only Brian, who had earlier been put to sleep. Brian awakens and makes short work of Umbreon, but ends up Cursed by her Gengar and is defeated.
  • The mob is collectively conflicted over whether to delete all Burrito's moves aside from Bite, box Raticate in favor of another Pokemon like 9 A's the Ponyta, evolve Onix, or grind on the Elite Four until AJ wins. Yet again, he returns to New Bark Town via teleport.
  • AJ goes to Blackthorn, deleting Whirlwind, Whirlpool, Sand Attack, Growl, Tail Whip and Agility from Brian, Gator, Burrito and Katie before returning to the league.
  • Karen is defeated for the first time and AJ challenges the Champion, Lance, with only Brian left. Lance's Gyarados gets taken down with two Fly's, but his Dragonite fries Brian with a Thunder. AJ whites out, but undaunted by this defeat, immediately challenges the Elite Four again.
  • Following several attempts ending in defeat, AJ takes some time after fighting Bruno to enter Democracy and give Onix a Rare Candy, allowing him to finally evolve into Steelix.
  • AJ almost manages to completely defeat the Elite Four and Lance, but on the last turn against Dragonite, Lazorgator used Cut rather than Icy Wind or Surf, giving the dragon the time it needed to finish off the general with Outrage. AJ whites out and tries again.
  • In the following run, Espeon completely sweeps Will's all-Psychic team with Bite, and then learns Psychic and sweeps Bruno's mostly-Fighting team with it. Steelix handles most of Koga's team while Katie Dragonbreathes Venomoth, and Raticate is knocked out. Upon reaching Karen though, the Mob panics in their attempt to switch out Burrito because of her Dark types, resulting in multiple switches that ends with Espeon knocked out. Lazorgator falls to Destiny Bond, dooming the run. AJ reaches Lance with only Brian and a wounded Katie left, and is ultimately defeated again.
  • Not ready to quit, AJ marches right back into the league. His challenge with Will starts off shaky, but, working together, Burrito, Lazorgator and Snake defeat him, though they lose A in the struggle. Unlike before, AJ manages to find Koga relatively easily and Burrito makes short work of his Poison army. Moving on to Bruno, Burrito easily defeats most of his fighting Pokemon with Psychic, though he eventually runs out of PP and is slain, leaving Hitmonchan to Brian. Karen again gives AJ trouble, quickly defeating Katie. Gengar is sent out and Snake enters in Lazorgator's stead, bringing down Gengar but fainting from Destiny Bond in the process. Brian takes a lot of damage, but crushes Murkrow and Houndoom.
  • Finally, all that remains is the Champion. Lazor endures countless Hyper Beams, Thunders, and struggles with paralysis, but he systematically defeats each and every one of Lance's Pokemon. Lance reveals his final trump card: he commands the awakened form of the Old Amber - Aerodactyl, God of Neutrality. Enraged from his paralysis and his back to a wall, Lazorgator reaches a new level of fury after Aerodactyl's Hyper Beam leaves him on the brink of death: 6 HP remaining. With his last bit of stamina, Lazor uses one final Icy Wind, killing Aerodactyl and defeating Lance for all time. AJDNNW is now the new Champion of the Pokemon League.
  • The mob celebrates, but in the chaos accidentally start a new game as Kris. The Admin quickly intervenes, pressing the Reset Button to rewind time to before their progress was lost. Kris becomes the girl who never was.

Welcome Back to the Stage of History: Kanto Arc Begins, S.S. Aqua to Power Plant - Day 11

  • AJ has returned home to New Bark Town when he receives a call from Professor Elm. Upon arriving at the Lab, Elm hands him the S.S. Ticket, which will allow him to board the new S.S. Aqua and travel to the land of Kanto.
  • AJ flies to Olivine City and boards the S.S. Aqua. No sooner does he enter the boat that a man requests him to look for his missing granddaughter. AJ tries going to the lower deck, but a crew member stops him, saying that if he can find a co-worker who is slacking off, then he will let AJ pass.
  • AJ locates the lazy bum of a sailor and subsequently retrieves the lost girl. With his tedious side quests done and most of the ship's occupants destroyed in wake of Champion AJ, our hero arrives in Vermillion City.
  • After spending some time aimlessly wandering his new environment, AJ manages to cut down the tree to Vermillion Gym with only moderate difficult, only to decide it might be wise to heal first. AJ spends a half hour trying to get into the Pokemon Center to heal.
  • Accidentally using Fly, AJ winds up back at the Pokemon League. Lacking the will to use Fly again, the Mob chooses to challenge the Elite Four again, hoping to black out and be teleported back to Vermillion City, the last place they healed. This does not work, and they wake up at Indigo Plateau.
  • AJ makes his way back to Vermillion and defeats Lt. Surge, earning his first Kanto badge.
  • AJ then goes to Saffron City and defeats the Fighting Dojo trainers, earning a Focus Band. After making his way through her Warp puzzle, AJ faces down Sabrina. Burrito sweeps the other psychic Pokemon before him, earning AJ the Marsh Badge.
  • AJ makes it to Celadon City, where a war at the PC breaks out between people who want to release Lazorgator, people who want to release or deposit A, and people who don't want to use it at all. He escapes successfully and heads towards Erika's Gym, where he encounters several obstacles, including a tree in his way, an NPC blocking access to the tree from the left, and ledges. Right as Democracy takes effect, Joey calls, sending things spiraling back into Anarchy.
  • AJ defeats Erika and earns the Rainbow badge, furthering The Unit's rampage across Kanto. However, he hits a dead end when he tries to pass through Cycling Road, and realizes he forgot to get a Bicycle from the Goldenrod Bike Shop. Not letting this get him down, AJ makes his way towards Cerulean City, making the Mob ecstatic knowing that they will, once again, beat Misty.
  • AJ arrives in Cerulean City and enters the Gym...but Misty isn't there, to the dismay of the Mob. They decide to go to Nugget Bridge for old time's sake and complete the Nugget Challenge, being rewarded with none other than a Nugget.
  • Continuing on their trip down memory lane, the Mob decides to visit the Power Plant, the landmark where Red caught Zapdos. Much to the mob's surprise, AJ walks inside to find that the Power Plant is no longer abandoned, and has been completely remodeled. Not all is well, however, as the Plant's Manager is in a foul mood after someone had stolen a crucial part of the main generator. One of the workers returns and says there have been reports of a suspicious character lurking around Cerulean and requests that AJ investigate the matter.
  • Upon returning to Cerulean Gym, AJ bumps into a Team Rocket grunt who does not seem to have a firm grasp of the English language. The grunt quickly escapes after explaining his intentions in great detail and realizing that AJ is a witness to his activities. Desperate to beat Misty again, some members of the mob constantly re-enter and exit the gym over and over again hoping that she will come back, while others are under the belief that the part for the Power Plant generator is hidden somewhere in the Gym.
  • The latter portion of the mob turns out to be correct, as the Machine Part is found in the center of the Gym, hidden in the water. AJ begins navigating through the ledges again to return the Machine Part to the Power Plant. Democracy activates and a horde of bots navigate AJ through the ledges, demoralizing the Mob during their takeover. Furious at the bots for cheating, the Mob deliberately makes AJ jump off the ledges again, resetting the hour's progress. The next hour the exact same thing happens.

A Taste of Things to Come: Nightmare, Cerulean City to Viridian City - Day 12

  • The stream goes offline, but soon returns. What follows, however, is a horrific sound: a distorted, sped-up version of the Route 3 music. The ledges and bots appear to have broken AJ's mind. A brief glimpse shows AJ looking at his Pokedex: Pidgeot is highlighted. Shortly afterward, the stream goes back offline.
  • After 30 minutes, AJ's sanity returns and he continues attempting to traverse the ledge. Bots once again hijack the stream during democracy, bringing AJ all the way to the power plant before relinquishing control and making it neigh impossible for the mob to return to the ledge (as it would involve fighting those who wanted to move on as well as accessing surf). The Power Plant part is returned, Team Rocket is disbanded for good, and Misty returns to her Gym after AJ interrupts her date. The mob once again beats Misty and AJ earns the Cascade Badge, but Espeon forgets Bite for his ultimate technique: Morning Sun.
  • Katie reaches Level 55 and evolves into her final form: Dragonite! AJ reaches Fuchsia City, home of the Safari Zone and the Gym once run by Koga three years ago, which is now under the management of his daughter Janine.
  • AJ enters the Fuchsia Gym and is met with a strange sight: five identical copies of Janine, spinning in circles. He approaches one and discovers that Janine's trainers have disguised themselves as her in an attempt to fool challengers. AJ manages to find and beat the real Janine, earning the Soul Badge and TM 06 (Zap Cannon), the latter of which the Mob aims to give to Espeon at some point.
  • AJ sneaks into the closed Safari Zone. It is exactly the same as it was in Gen 1 with the exception that there is no Safari Game, meaning AJ must use his own Pokeballs, which he currently has none of. Steelix gets some training time in before AJ heads for his next destination.
  • On the road to Vermillion City, the mob encounters an old enemy: Snorlax! After being beaten by Red, it was forced to find a new sleeping area, so it settled in front of Diglett's Cave. After fiddling around with the Radio, the Mob finds a channel emitting a familiar sound, that of the Poke Flute which woke Snorlax years ago. The Mob once again battles Snorlax, with Snake emerging victorious. Wade gives a sort-of congratulatory call, and AJ traverses Diglett's Cave, emerging on Route 2.
  • Arriving in Pewter City, AJ challenges Brock. The battle is slow, but quickly escalates when Brock reveals what appears to be Lord Helix. Lazorgator's rage is reawakened, and can be felt throughout the chat, but Brian steps in. When "Lord Helix" uses Protect, it indicates something is wrong with the picture, as Helix had never learned Protect. Lazorgator is sent in, and unleashes a mighty Surf, but it is ineffective against "Lord Helix", who retaliates with a Surf of his own. Espeon is sent out, and uses Psychic, defeating him instantly and dispelling the illusion. After Espeon defeats Brock's Onix, he reveals his trump card in much the same way Lance did: he has awakened the Dome Fossil and brought it into the mortal realm as Kabutops, God of Order. Upon seeing the mon responsible for the hardships he endured, Espeon erupts with anger and blasts the evil god with a maximum-power Psychic, killing him instantly and defeating Brock.
  • AJ wanders about in Viridian Forest before the Mob realizes they forgot to defeat Blaine. Fortunately, they remember the way and pass through Route 1, eventually arriving at the place where it all began, none other than the hometown of Red himself: Pallet Town. AJ visited Red's house and played his Nintendo 64 before talking with Red's mom, who expressed worry that her son had not come home.
  • AJ surfs south to Cinnabar Island, only to discover that most of the civilization that was once on the island has been wiped out by a volcanic eruption. He spots someone overlooking the destruction, and it turns out to be Blue, the former Champion who was beaten by Red. He is now the Gym Leader of Viridian City, and invites AJ to fight him once he's collected the 7th badge.
  • A nearby sign states that the Cinnabar Gym has now been relocated to the Seafoam Islands due to the eruption, so AJ heads there. AJ enters the cave and defeats Blaine.
  • The Mob discusses keeping or losing A the Raticate, as he's underleveled and they are approaching the end. They decide to keep him, and give him the EXP Share to help him catch up. Steelix is given Leftovers in Democracy as well, though the Mob loses their patience and holds off on switching Espeon's moves and teaching it Zap Cannon. Returning to Anarchy, the Mob fights over whether to Surf or Fly to Viridian City. After shaky attempts with the former, the next Democracy is used to activate Fly... but frantic "A" spamming causes them instead to briefly detour to the Indigo Plateau, requiring a second, successful attempt to Fly to Viridian. Anarchy takes over immediately afterwards.
  • Before AJ can face Blue, the mob must first deal with yet another old enemy: the Ledge of the Viridian Gym. Anarchy proves incapable of the task until Democracy activates and the Mob carefully crosses the ledge. Anarchy reactivates while inside, and thus AJ challenges Blue.
  • Blue puts up a spirited fight and faints three mons, but regardless, AJ manages to defeat him on his first try. Immediately following this, he wanders down to Pallet Town and talks to Professor Oak, who gives him the go-ahead to go to Mt. Silver, where AJ will finally challenge Red.

To Slay a God: Mt. Silver, Red Part 1 - Day 13

  • After a harrowing journey, which leaves only Lazor Gator standing, AJ makes it to the foot of Mt. Silver and restores his team. Now, only the final ascent up Mt. Silver stands between him and the final battle: Red.
  • AJ makes his way to the top of Mt. Silver, but the journey has taken a heavy toll on his team - he is down to Lazorgator and Brian, the latter of which is at low health. After stumbling about Red, AJ confronts the Mob's previous host, and the ultimate battle between gods and mon begins.
    • The battle starts with AJ sending out Lazor Gator, ready to avenge the Admiral, Prince Omelette, and the Colonel. However, RED leads with Zapdos and despite going at the Archangel with everything he has, dodging thunderstorms crashing down around him, Lazorgator eventually takes a direct hit from the archangel of lightning, leaving Brian left with a wounded opponent. Thanks to Lazor Gator's Icy Winds, however, Zapdos is slow on the attack, and Brian gets the opportunity to Fly up into the air, ready to strike. It is not to be though, as Zapdos' thunderstorms makes even the skies unsafe, striking Brian out of the archangel of thunder's domain. Seeing Brian plummet to the ground, AJ concedes defeat and heals at the Pokemon center at the base of the mountain, where he is immediately called by Camper Todd, who chides him for his defeat and challenges him to a rematch. AJ hangs up and goes back to training.
  • On the second attempt at scaling the mountain, Breakfast Burrito is taught flash and becomes The Lightbringer for the team. As they near Red, METAL GEAR runs out of moves and is forced to struggle, but thanks to the leftovers he is holding, he keeps powering through the recoil damage, cue many people in the chat going "Nanomachines, Son!" AJ fights Red with Snake, Burrito, KT, and Gator. Snake manages to survive a few hits from Zapdos before falling, while Burrito and KT are curb-stomped. Gator tries to Surf, but Zapdos's thunderous jolts overcome him, and AJ is defeated again.
  • The random encounters and limited PP for moves prove too much for AJ's team, and he reaches Red with only a greatly-weakened Brian. Zapdos immediately defeats him, sending AJ back to the Pokemon Center once more. Thrice now AJ has failed to defeat even a single one of Red's champions. Upon returning, AJ stores A in the PC and leaves him there.
  • On the fourth attempt, AJ has only a Steelix with no moves and the Gator. Steelix manages to force Zapdos to use two Full restores before allowing Gator to take it down with a surf. Gator then takes down Venomoth and even Lord Helix himself with little trouble, but the ATV manages to paralyze him with Stun Spore. Lapras does Gator in with Strength, and with Helix threatened, the Admin presents an ultimatum: the Mob has seven days to defeat the rest of Red's team.

Countdown to Chaos: Red Part 2 - Day 13

  • Democracy mode is disabled, though there is a hidden code to turn it back on. The Admin threatens to not do a Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald if the mob fails to beat Red within the time limit, either to fire the mob up to beat Red or to prevent anyone who's rooting for Red to do any more than just that. In the face of this new challenge, the mob has no time to spare, more determined than ever to defeat Red.
  • AJ fights Red again with Lazorgator and Breakfast Burrito remaining. Lazorgator defeats Zapdos and Venomoth, but Icy Wind spammage proves to be his undoing, and he falls to Omastar's Hydro Pumps. Burrito heals himself with Morning Sun, but another Hydro Pump defeats him and whites AJ out. He sets off to try again.
  • Another attempt ends in failure when 3 out of the 5 Party Pokemon are fainted due to wild encounters. Zapdos makes quick work of Katie and Lazorgator, knocking AJ back down the mountain.

Ω: Red Finale, Epilogue - Day 14

  • AJ ascends Mt. Silver to face Red once again, this time having every one of his team at almost full health, except for Brian who was knocked out along the way. Steelix valiantly stands up to Zapdos even after two Full Restores, finally bringing the Archangel down with a mighty Iron Tail. Air enters and immediately finishes off a tired Steelix, trades blows briefly with Lazorgator, and defeats Burrito next, but an Outraging Katie manages to take revenge on the Prince. King Fonz enters the fold and brings Katie down in response, leaving AJ with only Lazorgator left.
    • Enraged, the mighty general fiercely slashes his majesty with Cut before ending the King's reign with Icy Wind. ATV is sent out, but quickly falls to Lazorgator's Icy Wind. Lord Helix steps forward, seeing fit to end this farce himself. The God barely flinches from Gator's Icy Wind, but is taken down by a surprise Surf from the general. His God defeated, Bird Jesus meets Lazorgator on the field of battle — both are all that remains of their teams. Bird Jesus charges up his divine Sky Attack, and the general assaults the messiah with an Icy Wind and Cut. Still standing, Bird Jesus unleashes his attack on Lazorgator, bringing him into the red. Bird Jesus charges up yet another Sky Attack and Lazorgator attempts another Cut, but his fatigue causes him to miss. With his final move, the general unleashes the strongest Surf he's ever performed upon the messiah, at last bringing Red's final champion down. Defeated, Red mysteriously disappears as credits roll in glory of AJ's victory, on the Ides of March.
  • After credits end, AJ gets teleported back to the Pokécenter. However, to his dismay, the Mob hasn't left AJ's mind. He is still controlled by the voices. However, AJ has saved his world from whatever fate the Helix had in store for it, and avenged those who were lost along the way.
  • After a brief visit to Viridian City, the Mob flies back to Indigo Plateau in an attempt to fly back to Johto, but decides to challenge the Elite Four again for old times sake.
    • AJ sweeps the entire Elite Four and manages to choose continue without starting a new game, placing him back in New Bark town.
  • The mob decides to visit Youngster Joey on Route 30 to tell him of their victory over Red and attempts to battle him. Unfortunately, the Youngster declines to battle for some reason. AJ bids farewell and continues on.
  • After hours of wandering around, AJ reaches Violet City, the place where the ancient legacy of Helix and Dome was held in high regard. As if by fate, a sudden silence overtakes him. The voices are gone. AJDNNW is freed.

Electric Dreams - Day 15?

  • The Streamer claims Emerald will be skipped and they'll head straight to Pokemon Diamond instead. True to his word, the infamous Telefang hack, Pokemon Diamond, soon begins yet again. The Mob freaks out accordingly, and declares it to be Joey's origin story.
  • Later, the stream switched to the GBA Casual Video Game, Catz. The team named thier cat "BCCDDD" (Bacon Dice). Howver, the team caused a Game-Breaking Bug, which caused Bacon Dice to walk in place endlessly in a corner for several hours. Despite this, 3000 to 4000 viewers were still watching this.
  • The stream later changed to a GBA Video of the Pokémon anime. The team was able to control the "remote" of the emulator using the buttons. It is unknown which GBA Video ROM was used and what episode(s) were seen.



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