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  • Our new protagonist's name: AJDNNW.
    • Some claim that "AJ" stands for "Apollo Justice". Cue some Fridge Brilliance for his vengeance against Red; he is in the shadow of his predecessor.
  • How do The Mob start the new game? Opening the menu and saving, of course!
  • How did The Mob decide on Totodile's nickname? By having it use Leer nine times in a row in the second battle, of course!
  • Sentret's Gen II sprite caused the chat to explode with comments about "Sentret's gunshow." Of course!
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  • The Mob spent about ten minutes getting stuck in our own room, twenty actually if you count the time where The Mob blacked out and we were forced to start in our room again.
  • While roaming Route 29, AJDNNW encounters a lot of familiar Pokémon, prompting The Mob to shout "CATCH IT" whenever they find one. The usual response?
  • The very first route of the game is full of ledges.
  • The chat's reaction after getting the Egg and reuniting with Oak.
  • Initially there was much fear and revulsion from the Mob on seeing the countdown to Democracy Mode...and then they realized that "Anarchy" was a legitimate voting option, sending it spiraling back to Anarchy in minutes.
    • To emphasize this it should be pointed out that Democracy only lasts about 10 (if even THAT much) minutes before it gets switched back to Anarchy. While this can get annoying for people who are both playing and wanting to go with the much more orderly Democracy way of things it can be utterly hilarious for people who are simply watching the game be played. Especially during the cases where Democracy doesn't even last a minute.
  • The Mob's Tsundere-ness towards Youngster Joey. Joey doesn't call for a while? Members of The Mob WILL demand that they call him. When Joey actually does call? The Mob gets pissed at him.
    • To further this The Mob (when being the caller) will either insist that they butt (or their preferred word of "Booty") dialed him on accident or that they're calling him to "talk dirty to him."
      • The attitude towards Joey has gotten to the point where it's spawned a Meme about the MC having a mildly abusive relationship with him. Joey is the abused in case you're wondering.
      • Joey calling during two consecutive democracy sessions, screwing over the Mob's respective attempts to obtain Cut and then actually teach it to a Pokémon.
      Joey: This is Joey, got a minute?
    • The mob's love for Joey culminated in Operation Waifu where the hivemind went on an extensive detour for their OTP.
  • A Team Rocket Grunt telling AJ "Don't be a thief" after he accidentally threw a Pokeball at his Rattata.
    • Also Silver after AJ threw a Lure Ball at his Gastly.
  • Togepi's first move used by Metronome was Milk Drink.
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  • The Mob getting AJ stuck in a Pokemon center for about 30 minutes. The Mob kept opening the menu, hitting options, and then changing the text speed to slow, making many people post things like "Slow text! I demand it!".
  • During a fight with a Bug Catcher, the mob sent out their Sentret, which had only one health left. Luckily it was up against a Kakuna with no move but Harden. Sentret too, however, wasted its time using the non-damaging Defensive Curl.
  • Totodile keeps getting its evolution canceled over and over and over and over...
  • Legendary Doge.
  • The Mob depositing all of AJ's Pokemon but Major Gatorage and Admiral VV.
    • After they exited the PC while trying to navigate it in Democracy, Camper Todd calls.
      "AJDNNW, what are you doing?"
  • The attempt to get Croconaw to evolve. With only ten minutes to spare, everyone tried to stall for democracy to make sure that he evolves. Unfortunately, AJ was blocked by a policeman at the entrance of the National Park, reaching level 30. Croconaw tries to evolve, but fails.
  • Their epic failure at saving Private Brian from the Daycare man.
  • The Mob participated in the Bug Catching Contest. Everyone was pumped screaming out for the chance of catching a Scyther, Pinsir, or a Heracross. When the twenty Park Balls were given to them AJ walked towards the arena ready to catch a Bug Pokemon worthy to be a part of his growing army on his quest to slay the Gods. Nothing would stop him on his conquest in catching a strong Pok— wait, did he just quit the contest?
  • During a slow moment 9 hours into the second day. A Twitch user started belting out Frozen's "Let It Go" on the mobile chat. Other users joined in with TPP inspired lyrics.
  • In Ecruteak Gym they attempt to walk across the invisible path. This predictably results in them falling off over and over and over and over.
    • In a later attempt, Democracy is turned on and voted off in less than a second.
    • After the full hour of Anarchy, Democracy is turned on again and the command "right9down3right9down9left5up5right2up6left5up3right5up3left2up4a" is voted as a way to get through the entire maze in one vote. Problem is that they miscounted and so AJ walks the complex path for a while before walking right off, over and over again until anarchy returns.
  • Down to their last Pokemon - Lazerzilla, who was low on health - the majority of the chat shat themselves when they encountered Silver in Olivine.
  • The Spearow/Hoothoot wars; Spearow and Hoothoot's Pokedex entries are right next to each other, causing a lot of battling cries.
  • The mob tried to teach Gator Fly.
  • The mob spotted Suicune, but needed Cut to get to it. After nearly an hour, they managed to teach Cut to Feraligatr and Fly to Brian. They finally cut their way in, and Suicune immediately ran away. (Seeing it there is just an Easter Egg; you can't actually catch it yet. And they had no Pokéballs anyway). Then they accidentally flew back to AJ's hometown.
  • Although Brian the Pidgeot can handle a level 10 Magnemite, in a trainer battle, the fact that it used Whirlwind on it only for another Magnemite to appear is priceless.
  • Eevee's new nickname. Say the second part aloud and it can be read as rage/ridge or The First.
  • Where is the Gym in Blackthorn located? Atop several rows of ledges.
  • During the questions which the Elder of the Dragon Clan gave to AJ, he ended up giving the same wrong answer to one question several times. The fact that the elder kept on saying he probably heard his answer wrong is just amusing.
  • The Mob managed to get the Master Ball from Professor Elm. Not even an hour later, they used it on a Goldeen.
  • The Mob attempted to catch Suicune but instead they ended up killing it.
    • Doubles as a CMOA as Suicune's death solidifies the "No Kings, No Gods, Only Mons" theme that the game has been going through.
  • They get through Victory Road after party wipes and a loss to the rival, finally enter Indigo Plateau... and immediately talk to the NPC that teleports them back to New Bark Town.
  • The idea of 15,000 people collectively losing one item for several hours is pretty hilarious when you consider this was the EXP Share critical to their grinding.
  • When fighting Will of the Elite Four, Lazorgator came up against Exeggutor, a Pokemon resembling a palm tree. So what did Lazorgator do to defeat that living tree? Cut it, of course.
  • Another run against the league sees the Mob madly bombarding the Elite Four's Pokemon with Pokeballs to no avail. Koga gets fed up and Sludge Bombs Feraligatr to death.
  • In the midst of preparing to battle Karen, AJ accidentally taught Espeon Attract.
  • The Mob accidentally picking New Game after finally defeating the Elite Four and Lance. Everyone was still cheering AJ and his Pokémon, only to be suddenly met by a drowsy Oak asking what time it was. Luckily the creator stepped in and got the thing back on track. It was horrifying while it happened, but in hindsight, the massive Mood Whiplash of the moment and the entire chat losing its shit was pretty hilarious.
  • Reaching Surge, the mob sends out Pidgeot and Feraligator against electric types.
    • Made funnier when Thunder, a move that has poor accuracy unless it's raining or the foe uses fly, hit Brian when he flies almost KO-ing it.
  • Sabrina has a female Mr. Mime.
  • AJ was stuck outside Erika's Gym for a while. Right as Democracy took effect, Joey called, and Anarchy quickly resumed.
  • After about seventeen days of yelling "GUYS WE NEED TO BEAT MISTY" into the chat, the Mob reaches Cerulean Gym... only to find Misty absent.
  • A horde of bots hijacked a Democracy session and navigated AJ through Route 9. Once Anarchy is restored, the Mob, in rebellion, jumped off the ledges ON PURPOSE, thus resetting all the progress they had made. An hour later, the same thing happened again.
  • Whenever Metal Gear the Steelix attacks/misses/is sent out/faints/does anything at all the reaction in the chat is always "SNAAAAAAKE!!"
  • At the end of the battle for the Soul Badge, Janine makes a last-ditch effort to beat AJ... by sending out her last Pokemon, Weezing, and telling it to use Explosion.
    • Also a brilliant Call-Back to how Red beat Koga when he was battling for the Soul Badge.
  • The final Kanto Gym Leader is Blue, the rival the mob had surprisingly little trouble with in the Red playthrough. Naturally, they beat him on their first attempt.
  • AJ had issues with the stairs at home. When he got to Red's house...
  • When encountering Red's mom, the Mob's reaction... varied.
    He's been gone for three years. But his mom still bought him an N64, just in case he might return. That's true devotion... :'(
  • The Mob wondered if AJ could steal Red's Nintendo 64.
  • When going through AJ's pack and stopping on the Calcium.
    "We need calcium to give strong boners!!"
  • After the Mob reached (and were defeated by) Red for the first time, the moment they awoke at the Pokemon Center, Camper Todd called suggesting AJ should battle him to test how much stronger he'd gotten. The Mob were utterly furious, believing Todd was taunting them.
  • The Mob successfully, in Democracy mode, taught Espeon Flash (replacing Sand Attack) and managed to switch the light on...Only walking out of Mount Silver in seconds.
  • After the announcement that A) Democracy mode had been disabled and B) there was a cheat code to reactivate it, one commentator in the stream began spamming some Classic Cheat Codes, even at one point simply asking for it to be reactivated.
  • The chat managed to keep a full party through the first two rooms of Mount Silver, only to encounter a Graveler while walking up to Red. Said Graveler KO'd the weakened Solid Snake, then used Explosion to one-hit-KO Brian. Even funnier when compared to how many Selfdestructs and Explosions Bird Jesus managed to evade last session.
  • After the game officially came to a close, the chat had some people suggest that we move right onto Pokémon Diamond, skipping Emerald. The mod put in "Pokémon Diamond."
  • Twitch Plays with the Remote. The Mob got to screw around with the controls of a DVD player showing the Pokémon anime, resulting in several hilariously bad remixed episodes a la Youtube Poop.
  • Twitch played Catz for the GBA and have managed to break it: their cat, BCCDDD (or "Bacon Dice"), got stuck in a corner and was walking indefinitely.
    • This led many to declare the cat dead.
    • It's important to note that this occurred while the streamer was probably asleep, so the cat ended up dancing for several hours...and yet the stream still managed to keep a steady 3 to 4 thousand viewers.
  • I present you: Burritoful Boyfriend: Ryo Seiai.
  • The Godslayers Super Show


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