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The Recap page for Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald.

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A tale of a girl who discovers freedom through chaos:

     A for Anarchy - West Hoenn, Days 1 through 7 

A False Start - Prologue

  • The Streamer puts Pokémon Emerald on the stream but disables button input, meaning nothing happens except for the menu cutscene playing over and over again. Democracy mode still remains disabled.

A Slow Beginning: Pokémon Emerald Begins (Littleroot, Petalburg, Rustboro) - Day 1

  • 30,000 viewers, twice the usual audience for Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal, arrive to witness the premiere. The countdown timer for Emerald reaches zero... and the stream promptly crashes.
  • After several tests with the options menu, the Mob meets Professor Birch. They pick a girl trainer and name her " /' " (nicknamed "Slash" or "Slasha"), but then accidentally reset the game. They choose the girl again and pick the default name option Camila.
  • The game is reset again. The Mob picks a boy and names him "T", but wanting to have kept the girl, try to reset the game again.
  • The game is reset again again. This time the Mob has difficulty picking a character, but eventually pick a girl again and name her "A".
  • The Mob finds itself trapped in A's bedroom, unable to leave until they confront The Clock.
  • The stream is paused to disable the Select button, preventing any more resets.
  • After A set The Clock and watched her dad Norman on TV, she started wandering around Littleroot Town, unable to enter Brendan's house for about an hour.
  • At 1 hour and 18 minutes, the Mob finally picks Torchic due to A mashing. The Torchic is nicknamed " zyyxyy", in which the Mob declares to be known as "Zexy," "Zexy/Zechs Marquise," or "Hot Wings". After Zexy is received, the GUI of the stream shows A's party of Pokémon at the bottom of the stream with health and level included.
  • As the Mob ventures out to Route 101, A whites out due to a wild Poochyena. A soon wanders back out to Route 101 once again in attempt to reach Oldale Town.
  • The Mob reaches Oldale Town, and inside of the Pokémon Center, an old man mentions the functionality of the PC. Panic ensues and A access the PC. Fortunately, Zexy is A's only Pokémon, so no risk of releasing... for now. A leaves the Pokémon Center without even healing.
  • With at least one NPC mentioning the PC's function in each town so far, the Mob begins to fear that Hoenn is inundated with PC cultists/PC worshippers.
  • The Mob wanders north from Oldale Town to Route 103. Before entering the tall grass, A goes back to the Pokémon Center and heals Zexy. The Mob then wandered back up to Route 103. While A fights wild Pokémon in the tall grass, Zexy reaches level 7.
  • The first battle against Brendan begins with Zexy at half health. After Zexy growls at Brendan's Mudkip numerous times, Zexy faints to a critical hit and A whites out.
  • Zexy once again faints to a wild Poochyena on Route 103. After healing, A goes down to Route 103. Zexy reaches level 8 on wild Pokémon. Soon after, A returns to Route 103.
  • The Mob rematches Brendan on Route 103. In a close battle with Zexy at three health, A wins.
  • After the victory against Brendan, the Mob goes straight back to Littleroot to meet at Professor Birch's lab.
  • A receives 5 Pokéballs, but fails to catch any Pokémon with them due to the layout of her bag. She loses all of her money as well.
  • After the Mob finally makes it to Petalburg, A helps Wally catch his first Pokémon.
  • A enters Route 104 and battles a few wild Pokémon and trainers. Zexy faints not long after entering Petalburg Woods, causing A to white out and return to the Petalburg City's Pokémon Center.
  • After hours of wandering through Petalburg Woods, the Mob finally makes it to Route 104. Eventually, they made their way into Rustboro City with Zexy at level 17.
  • A captures a Nincada, an Abra, and a Poochyena, all in a row. Nincada is level six while the other two are level seven. Abra receives the nickname "apf uojkyy", in which the Mob is undecided of calling it "Fapbra" or "Airlock"note . Yet, the Mob is frightened that A will be sent back to a Pokémon Center at bad times thanks to the field use of Abra's move Teleport. Poochyena is often referred to as "Doge" or "Dogeyena" by the Mob. Wow.
  • A obtains Cut and manages to teach it to Nincada relatively quickly.
  • The Mob decides to grind for a while since they don't have any Pokémon super effective to rock. Zexy, being at level 20, is still a Torchic. He would have evolved to Combusken, a Fire/Fighting type, at level 16. Yet, B spam stopped this from happening.
  • After their grinding session, A goes back to sightsee around Rustboro for about two hours, going into almost all of the buildings and checking them multiple times, privacy be damned. Apparently she really likes this city. During a visit to the Pokémon Center, Zexy almost got deposited into the dreaded PC. Thankfully, he wasn't.
  • The mob is split in two factions: the ones who want to grind more in order to beat Roxanne and the others who want to fight without the extra grinding. This causes A to wander around Rustboro for another hour.
  • After buying 3 Poké Balls with the last of her money, the Mob agrees that they have to make those balls count. However, while struggling to get an item, they catch 2 more Poochyena note  and the Marill that would go on to achieve new glories for TPP.
  • With the acquisition of Marill, the Mob is afraid of accessing the PC in order to retrieve her, because the next day marks the one month anniversary of Bloody Sunday.
  • The Mob attempts to withdraw Marill from the PC. Marill is eventually placed in the party... but every other caught Pokémon is now in the PC.note  The Mob has become Tracey Sketchit.
  • The Mob flees the PC and rushes to the south of Rustboro, where their Level 5 Marill proves insufficient for grinding and they are promptly whited out by a wild level 6 Poochyena.
  • After many grinding failures, A returns to Petalburg in order to train Marill on weaker wild Pokémon. Petalburg Woods would have been perfect, being full of Cascoon and Silcoon, but the mob fled from the first Silcoon they found and then ran out of the forest due to the ledges.
  • The first day ends with A roaming around Petalburg City and flipping the trainer card constantly.

Between A rock and A hard place: Rustboro City to Slateport City - Day 2

  • The second day gets off to a good start as Zexy and a Dogeyena are retrieved from the PC. Nincada, the two more recently caught Poochyena and Airlock are kept in the PC. Luckily, none of the Pokémon were released.
  • The Mob travels to Route 102 and begins grinding Marill. Marill reaches Level 7 then faints. Dogeyena battles a bit more until A goes back into Petalburg and proceeds to wander around. In the midst of roaming around, a Cheri Berry is sold at the Pokémart.
  • A soon makes her way to the Pokémon Center, where she immediately goes to the dreaded PC. Luckily, A only takes a look at her item storage, then leaves the Pokémon Center without healing. Minutes later, A returns to the PC. After the Mob reluctantly spammed B, A backed away from the PC and healed the team.
  • In another botched attempt to train Marill, the mob faints her north of Petalburg, then wanders back through Petalburg Woods and returns to bouncing around every building in Rustboro except the Pokemon Center. A's agoraphobia is becoming concerning.
  • In a botched attempt to heal Marill, the mob manages to deposit both her and a Dogeyena into the PC. A unconcernedly runs up and down the escalator while the mob argues amongst itself, and then out of the Pokemon Center entirely.
  • Nincada and a Dogeyena are withdrawn from the box. Right after, the same Dogeyena and Zexy get deposited, leaving only Nincada in the party. A minute later, Marill is withdrawn. Then Nincada is deposited. After opening and closing the box a few times, saving the game, and escalator shenanigans, A finally leaves the Pokémon Center.
  • On Route 102, grinding begins with Marill. She reaches Level 10 and learns Water Gun, giving the team a super-effective move against Roxanne's Rock-types.
  • The mob attempts to move Water Gun to the top-left slot, to make using it much easier in battle. However, the move-switching screen is located behind Marill's "status" screen, which hitting A exits out of. Cue the mob ineffectively spamming A to repeatedly open and close the status screen for minutes before, somehow, they finally manage to move Water Gun. Marill faints in a subsequent battle, letting A heal and then trek back to Rustboro.
  • The Mob makes it back to Rustboro with Marill at level 11 and low health. It takes them a long time to even enter the Pokemon Center, and A procrastinates even longer about healing before Marill is dropped in the PC, with only two Poochyena in her team instead. Aggravated by the sudden cancellation of their grinding, the Mob accesses the PC and manages to retrieve Marill and Abra in exchange for the lower leveled Poochyena.
  • Eventually, the Mob reaches Roxanne once again. Dogeyena and Airlock are ultimately destroyed by the first Geodude. Marill is then sent out and wipes out the first two Geodudes using Water Gun and Defense Curl. Marill reaches level 12. Yet, on the final Pokémon, Marill faints to Nosepass and A whites out due to the Mob making Marill use Tackle and the Nosepass being far more powerful.
  • Minutes later, after a walk around town, A returns to the Gym and challenges Roxanne again. Dogeyena is sent out first, who uses Sand-Attack to lower the first Geodude's accuracy. Yet, Doge faints to Geodude's rocks, and the same happens to Airlock. Marill then wipes out the first Geodude with Water Gun and reaches level 13. After the second Geodude is immediately defeated, Nosepass is sent out by Roxanne. It begins with a rock attack, but then just becomes a competition of the Nose's defense stat. Eventually, Marill begins to actually start attacking with Water Gun. Serious damage is dealt on the Nose, yet Roxanne whips out some potions and heals the Nose. Soon after, Marill faints to the Nose's Rock Tomb. A whites out.
  • Right after returning to the Pokémon Center, A heads straight to the Gym.
  • Roxanne is challenged again. Doge and Airlock faint to the first Geodude as usual. Marill then comes in and destroys the first Geodude, reaching level 14. The second Geodude then falls to Marill's Water Gun. Then comes the dreaded final Pokémon once again. In an attempt to pass the Nose, Marill uses Water Gun some more. Yet, potions happen. But then, at long last, the Nose has been defeated! Marill reaches level 15 and learns Rollout, forgetting Water Gun. Welp. On the bright side, Roxanne has been defeated!
  • Of course, an even more difficult challenge stands ahead: exiting the Gym. After a few minutes, the Mob makes it out, but promptly returns.
  • After crawling out of the Gym and bumping into walls, A encounters a Team Aqua grunt who ran off with a Devon Researcher's goods. "MY GOODS!"
  • In a rare moment of lucidity, A immediately spends her hard-earned prize money on seven Pokeballs, lowering the potential risk of another white-out. She then accesses the PC in hopes of reclaiming Zexy, but instead retrieves every 'mon except Zexy and Abra. A Taillow named HUUUTTTTM is captured.
  • A LONG period of time follows afterward with A messing about on the PC. But thankfully, on the one-month 'anniversary' of Bloody Sunday, it is discovered that Lanette's PC system, while being teasingly tricky to navigate and capable of causing much frustration, is less of a Eldritch Abomination than Bill's system.
  • After defeating Brendan in an optional fight in Rustboro, A heads south and catches a ride with Mr. Briney to Dewford—which is interrupted by a phone call from Norman. Once there, they immediately challenge the gym, only to be repeatedly beaten. A opts now to train in Granite Cave.
  • A challenges Brawly once again. Nincada and ATA go down to his Machop. Then, Zexy knocks Machop and Meditite out. Then the Makuhita appears and Zexy is able to take half his health. However, Makuhita uses its Sitrus Berry and Bulk Upnote . With another peck, Makuhita has 1 HP, leaving an opportunity to it to use Vital Throw, whiting A.
  • After many attempts, Brawly is finally defeated. The Mob then moves back to Granite Cave to deliver the Letter to Steven Stone.
  • While blundering through Granite Cave, Marill reaches Level 18 and first attempts to evolve, but fails. This, along with the consistent denial of Torchic's evolution, begins to wear on the Mob as they grope through the dark cave.
  • After delivering the letter to Steven, A decides to take one last tour around Dewford Town. Unlike Red and AJ, A is very curious, making her wander around in every new place for several hours.
  • A establishes a new fashion in Hoenn, replacing the native "GOOD BIKE" with "GOOD ABRA" and later "APOLOGIZE ABRA". The Mob starts to accept the former as Abra's nickname, and the latter sparks interest in retrieving it from the PC.
  • A once again mounts Mr. Briney's boat and sails to Slateport City. The Mob is happy to hear the trumpets again. A goes to the Pokémon Center in order to heal and withdraw Apologize Abra. However, they leave the Pokémon Center before they can do either.
  • A pays a visit to the Name Rater and finally nicknames a Poochyena "ATMMMGMGG" and Nincada ". TT". The mob immediately starts calling it "Titty" or "Tittycada".note  A slightly less Freudian alternative, "Dottie", is proposed.
  • After finally healing at the Pokemon Center, A goes to deliver the parts to the Museum. The Mob is overcome with emotion and nostalgia upon hearing the S.S. Anne theme being played with trumpets in the background, and seeing ancient relics of generations past. However, two Team Aqua Grunts rudely interrupt the moment. A triumphs over both of them.
  • The day ends with Archie, the leader of Team Aqua, confronting A and explaining his motives: to expand the world's oceans. He leaves A with a warning not to interfere before departing. Unlike what many people expected, there wasn't a 2nd Bloody Sunday today.

A Miraculous Evolution: Slateport City to Mauville City - Day 3

  • A enters another Double Battle. It starts innocently enough, but Dottie begins attacking her ally with Leech Life unprovoked, and when Marill switches in, she retaliates with an unceasing Rollout against Dottie and the rest of A's team, with even Zexy falling to it. After eliminating the rest of her own team, Marill is not strong enough to defeat the remaining Minun and Plusle, causing a white-out and losing another chance for her to evolve.
  • A enters the Trick House and undertakes the Trick Master's challenge, succeeding after only failing once. Acquiring the Rare Candy from the Trick Master, alternately referred to as a "cancer patient" or a "pedophile", takes some time but is eventually successful.
  • Going further along Route 110, A encounters Brendan and battles him, but loses when his Lombre's speed allows it to one-shot Zexy. After whiting out, A heads back to Brendan and tries again. The 2nd attempt is more successful... until Brendan sends out Marshtomp, whose superior stats enable it to easily defeat Zexy, who is still unevolved. Zexy also forgets Quick Attack for Peck.
  • A participates in the Battle Tent for a bit, which causes some people who joined mid-battle to freak out as some people explain the different party with "Bloody Sunday happened".
  • A fights Brendan one more time, and he once again wrecks Dottie and the Wolfpack. However, now that Marill knows Bubblebeam, she easily finishes Brendan's first two Pokémon and leaves Marshtomp low enough on health for Zexy to finish him. In the aftermath, Marill finally evolves into Azumarill! However, because Zexy was left with very little health, he faints to a Poochyena.
  • After picking some Nanab Berries and planting one in their place, A arrives in Mauville. Attempting to heal her badly-hurting team is unsuccessful, but she reaches Rydel's bike shop and acquires a Bicycle - initially the Mach Bike, but immediately swapped for the Acro Bike. The Mob is divided on which is the "Good Bike" of Dewford legend, but soon dismisses the issue, as it's unlikely that either Bike could even be selected for use, never mind used correctly (such as for Mirage Tower). A then spends some time in the PokeMart answering the questionnaire and looking at the Pokedex.
  • A manages to heal her team and defeats Wally in front of Mauville Gym, later entering the Gym with a half-KO'd team, intending to wipe and heal... only to exit minutes later. A wanders to the west, challenging "good friends" Anna and Meg to a Double Battle that is won after more team-killing, rewarding A with their (shared?) phone number. The Mob then tries to enter the Day-Care, but fails to accomplish anything before leaving.
  • Somewhere along the road, A catches a fourth Poochyena, which is later deposited. She also nicknames Azumarill "M —-/'/'4", and one of her Poochyena "ATMMMGMGG". Fans struggle to make nicknames out of them.
  • Following a trip to the Casino, A finally triggers a battle in Mauville Gym - a Double Battle. Team-killing commences courtesy of Azumarill, and A whites out, but not before throwing another Poke Ball at the opponents. The Mob soon realizes their weakness to Double Battles will be most exploited by the 7th Gym's Liza and Tate.
  • A wanders west towards Verdanturf again, partaking in many battles, throwing several Poke Balls at opponents' Pokemon, and collecting some phone numbers - mostly from women. Verdanturf is reached, but little is done there before A lurches back towards Mauville to face the Gym. En-route, a Poochyena is stored in the Day-Care.
  • Most of the mob starts to agree that Azumarill's fan name to be one of the likes of "M4 Moee" Origins 
  • A begins her first of many assaults on Wattson's Gym. The maze becomes increasingly more frustrating each try, taking upwards of an hour each time and exhausting the Mob before even reaching the battle. Wattson's Pokemon themselves have many ways to destroy A's team, from Rollout and Sonic Boom to Thunder Wave and Supersonic (PARAFUSION), not to mention healing in the form of Super Potions and held Sitrus Berries. It doesn't help matters that M4, the second-strongest on the team and the only evolved Pokemon thus far, is weak to Electric moves to begin with. Five attempts are made on this day alone, and many more Poke Balls are accidentally wasted.
  • The Mob manages to use the Rare Candy they obtained on Zexy in order to make him evolve. Not only does this fail due to B spamming, but Zexy also fails to learn Slash.
  • During a failed attempt on Wattson, Zexy reaches Level 35, but cannot evolve due to white-out. Now that he's locked out of learning signature-move Blaze Kick without the help of the Move Tutor, the faction of the Mob wanting to learn the more powerful and reliable Flamethrower while still a Torchic gains traction.

A Heroine Emerges and A Disaster Occurs: Mauville City and surrounding areas - Day 4

  • The day begins inside Mauville Gym, fresh off using a Move Tutor to re-teach Rollout to M4. Rollout doesn't help nearly as much as anticipated, however, and the series of increasingly-close losses resumes.
  • Disheartened by continued losses to Wattson, the Mob decides to steer A westward to train. Having trouble trying to rearrange the party, progress is slow. Eventually they make it to the Pokemon Center, where A deposits everyone but M4 into the PC.
  • After mishap upon mishap, the mob and A finally exit the Pokémon Center with M4, Zexy, and the Lv 10 and Lv 8 Poochyena.
  • A heads to the Daycare and withdraws the third Poochyena, who is now Level 29. However, it has no attack moves. A later acquires the HM for Rock Smash.
  • After more losses, Twitch itself crashes.
  • After Twitch comes back online, A deposits her whole team except the level 8 Poochyena, then goes back to retrieve them. This process includes marking every 'Mon. However, A leaves the PC several times in restocking her team, only to withdraw a level 7 Wurmple and deposit the Poochyena.
  • A later withdraws Dottie and redeposits Wurmple. The mob see this as a chance to level her up and gain both a Ninjask and a Shedinja.
  • Twitch crashes again and starts up blind; the game accepts commands, but the screen is blank. Wattson is blamed for it.
  • Several hours and a few thousand lost viewers later, the video comes back. As the party consists of only Dottie, the Mob takes the opportunity to try and grind her to Level 20, where she will finally evolve - hopefully.
  • The quest to grind Dottie takes A to many places, such as the Rusturf Tunnel, where a Hiker's Geodude defeats her after a nail-biting battle. Later, A travels under Cycling Road, finding a Poke Ball and catching yet another Poochyena with it, despite Minuns and Electrikes being in the same area.
  • The mob grew divided in going up or down and got stuck for a while , finding many Wingull and flipping trainer cards. It was a repeat of Rustboro City.
  • The fifth Poochyena reaches Level 13 and learns Bite without incident, while Dottie reaches 19 and avoids learning Mind Reader, retaining Fury Swipes, Cut, and Leech Life as offensive moves. Anticipation for Ninjask and Shedinja increases.
  • After a long day of training, and despite some opposition, Dottie finally reaches 20 and evolves into Ninjask, even learning Fury Cutter successfully! The team also gains Shedinja due to their nearly empty party. Operation: Evolve Dottie is a complete success. The newly-evolved Ninjask shows off her skills by single-handedly demolishing a Fisherman thanks to Speed Boost and Fury Cutter, leading many to refer to her as "Turbo Tits" or "Turbo Dottie". Meanwhile, the Shedinja is lauded with praise and high titles before even seeing battle.
  • With Dottie evolved, A fumbles towards the Mauville PC to rebuild her party and prepare to fight Wattson again. They overshoot Mauville and end up at Trainer Hill, using the PC there to withdraw another Poochyena, Zexy, and the previously-ignored Tailow. Subsequent matches against Wattson end in failure, however, when Shedinja is accidentally switched into Voltorb's Rollout, one of the few attacks Wattson can hit it with.
  • In an attempt to retrieve M4 between Gym challenges, the entire team save Dottie is deposited. A struggle ensues to navigate the claw machine and get their important teammates back. After getting a Shedinja-less team, a significant number of viewers just want to leave, while others are certain that Shedinja is necessary for victory over Wattson, or at least that they don't want to have wasted the day's training. While A is drawn to the PC, the inputs manage to finally get a Pokemon released - Zexy, who had been earlier added to the party. The Mob goes ballistic, with half chastising the others for greed and not getting out while they could, and the other half blaming the first for pressing "down" enough to even get to the options that harm them. Many parallels are drawn to Abby.
  • The Mob goes through the five stages of grief. A takes a party consisting solely of M4 and Tailow and flees north of Mauville, meandering uselessly in her sorrow.

A Hard-Earned Victory and A Tough Teaching: Mauville, Verdanturf, Rustboro and surrounding areas - Day 5

  • Eventually, A uses the PC at Trainer Hill to deposit Tailow and withdraw both Apologize Abra and Shedinja, leaving Australia's overnight shift to fill the rest later. To clear their minds, the Mob goes to Mauville Gym once more and channel their anger against trap-master Wattson. M4 sweeps his first two 'mons with Rollout, but then Magneton finishes off the team. The second attempt goes no better, as M4 is knocked out early and Shedinja turns out to be unable to deal any more than Scratch Damage on Magneton, who is smart enough to spam Supersonic on it until the bug shell takes itself out.
  • The third attempt almost succeeds, as M4 nearly takes out Magneton with a single Rollout, but it heals and then paralyzes A's 'mon, causing Rollout to be interrupted and thus be weakened enough for Magneton to finish off the team.
  • A leaves to grind and catch Pokemon, capturing a Wingull (nicknamed Bird Cop) and an Oddish.
  • A challenges Wattson yet again. M4 unleashes a fifth Rollout (480 power!) and OHK Os Magneton. She then faints. Then Shedinja tanks everything that gets sent by Manectric, and Fury Cutts him down. Wattson is defeated.
  • Bolstered by the victory over Wattson, the Mob prepares to proceed. Using their hard-earned money, they retrieve another Poochyena from the Day-Care, this one at Level 33 and not having lost all offensive moves. This gives A a full, if not ideal, party, and little reason to visit the PC again for the foreseeable future.
  • The next order of business is to use the HM for Rock Smash on a Pokemon to get anywhere else, whether to Rusturf Tunnel to get the HM for Strength and the much-anticipated EXP. Share, or to simply proceed to Fallarbor Town. While some T Ms are used, (Shock Wave on Apologize Abra and Steel Wing on Bird Cop), this takes nearly an entire day of fumbling in itself, oft-interrupted by Apologize Abra's Teleport. Due to this, Apologize Abra himself begins gaining a reputation as another Dig Rat, but worse - Teleport is useless in battle, while Dig has always been at least decent, and Teleport often thwarts attempts to level Apologize Abra up.
  • Some members of the Mob begin blaming their inability to teach Rock Smash on somebody named Jon. It's unclear who this is, but Jon is quickly blamed for everything in the run that has gone wrong, including killing Zexy, and accused of being after A's Doges.
  • Finally, with barely two hours left in the day, Rock Smash is finally taught to M4, replacing Bubblebeam. This leaves M4 without STAB for now, but the abundance of Water-type H Ms in Hoenn ensures she will get something back eventually. With her newfound power over breakable rocks, A heads to Rusturf Tunnel and acquires the HM for Strength, then soon stumbles up and down the stairs of Devon Corporation to eventually receive the EXP. Share, intending to give it to Apologize Abra.

A Roll In The Park: From Route 111 to Petalburg City - Day 6

  • The day begins uneasily inside Mauville's Pokemon Center. Since neither of A's new items require immediate use, the Mob decides not to dwell on them yet, moving north of Mauville and shattering the blocking rocks... only to nearly immediately trigger a Double Battle with Interviewers Gabby and Ty, the game's recurring reporter duo. After A's victory, Gabby asks her about the secret to becoming a great Pokemon Trainer, to which she answers "BAG". That aside, A gets back into her groove, plowing through Trainers nearly as quickly as a normal player could, all the while obsessing over her Bag.
  • After emerging through Fiery Path with only M4 surviving, A encounters Aroma Lady Shayla, who asks for a "romantic battle"; someone (peeing?) at a tree who gives A the TM for Secret Power, which hypes the Mob for Secret Base creation; and enters The Home of Infinite Healing, in which A spends an unknown but surely great length of time at the whims of an overly-kind old lady. Now over-healed, A receives a Razz Berry from another young woman, and is immediately asked for an engagement by Cooltrainer Brooke upon being spotted, receiving her number afterwards. The Mob is confused but pleased by these events.
  • A reaches Route 113, in awe of the music and ash-covered scenery. The Mob freaks upon encountering a Skarmory, but they cannot capture it. Apologize Abra proceeds to Teleport away from several more encounters, now at least with the excuse of being critically injured. Subsequent battles slowly pick at the party, culminating in a near-fainted Poochyena causing a double-KO against a Trainer's Numel with Take Down, sending A back to Mauville.
  • A makes her way to Fallarbor Town and catches a Seviper, a Zubat and a Spinda outside of it. She also tosses the EXP Share, to the horror of the Mob.
  • A makes her way into Mt Chimmney's cable car, and heads to the top. A likes the ride so much that she takes it again back down. Once back to the top, Team Magma challenges her to battle, but Maxie realizes that they're no match for M4. Apologize Abra evolves into Kadabra and learns Confusion! The mob rejoices. A follows this by catching a Torkoal.
  • A braves Lavaridge Gym's fiendish geyser puzzles, repeatedly falling just before Flannery's platform. When the battle can finally begin, Apologize Kadabra faints out of the gate to Slugma. M4 takes up the show, and proceeds to roll through Flannery's entire team in yet another sweep, earning A the Flame Badge.
  • A recieves the Go Goggles from Brendan, and gives the desert an examination before heading back to Petalburg via Mauville, stopping along the way to use the Daycare to rearrange her party.
  • Trying to enter Norman's gym in Petalburg City, A gets stuck in the first room while the Mob is split between those who want to go through the Gym and heal the fainted Shedinja later, and those who want to go back to the Pokémon Center to heal and get a checkpoint (which they already have).
  • A reaches Norman's room, while she hears random Spanish Voices.
  • As the Spanish Voices calm down, A manages to reach Norman and challenge him to a Father-Daughter battle. Norman leads with Spinda, but quickly switches to Vigoroth to faint Shedinja. The Level 34 Poochyena, Apologize Kadabra and Bird Cop are not able to to beat it, so A switches to M4. And once M4 got rolling, Norman got rolled up.
  • Once the battle finished, an old man gave A the HM for Surf, and the mob wanted to teach it to M4. However, they are aware of the risk of losing Rollout.

A Lost Day: Wandering Hoenn - Day 7

  • A major scare happens when A deposits both M4 and Zexinja at the Daycare with only 300 Pokedollars; taking both out requires 200. While both are retrieved, 13 Great Balls are tossed in the confusion.
  • The Mob decides to enter the desert in order to retrieve one of the fossils in Mirage Tower. While there, A catches a Trapinch, which the Mob had been asking for. Unfortunately, it is sent to the PC.
  • The streamer introduces a new command imput system, which allows to make chain commands, but prevents out soft reset commands and repeted commands (eg: Up+Up)note 
  • At some point A catches more Poochyena, bringing the total to 7. She spends the rest of the day wandering around Hoenn, challenging trainers and catching Pokemon, including an Electrike.


A tale of a girl who comes to terms with hardship:

     A for Acceptance - East Hoenn, Days 8 through 15 

A New Day Begins: Mauville to Route 118 and Back - Day 8

  • While trying to grind Bird Cop in the Daycare to learn Surf, the Mob drags A to the PC, deposits Apologize Kadabra at the Day Care, and shuffles the party around multiple times. Apologize Kadabra is rescued from the Daycare, while Trapinch is deposited in its place. Both Trapinch and Bird Cop are rescued from the Daycare, and the party consists of M4, Zubat, Bird Cop, Apologize Kadabra, and Trapinch. Thus begins what is known as "Fuck-up Friday", wherein the entire team gets jumbled up time and time again.
  • To make matters worse, their coveted Trapinch turned out to be useless in battle.
  • In all the confusion, M4 learns Strength and Surf, the latter of which the mob needed since they got the fifth Gym Badge, all the while without forgetting Rollout. And There Was Much Rejoicing.
  • An attempt to use the PC turns out to be disastrous, leading to the whole party being deposited, with only a single Cacnea making up A's team. Later, only the level 8 Poochyena is in the party. The Mob manages to reform the party, though, with it now consisting of M4, three Poochyena (among them the lvl 35 one), Oddish, and Zexinja.
  • Wattson wants the Mob to go to New Mauville, saying they have his trust. Bad move there, Wattson. A reaches Route 118 without healing, finally uses Surf, and crosses over to the other side. She turns around immediately after and heads back to Route 111.
  • The Mob plans to catch a Tentacool or Wailmer that can learn Waterfall and Dive, which are required to complete the game.
  • On their way to Fortree City, A's team faints due to the lack of healing, sending her back to Mauville.
  • A releases Dotty, making the mob feel guilty about using her to get Zexinja. A's party currently consists of a level 6 Tentacool.
  • A continues to mess with the PC, eventually releasing Oddish.
  • After battling a rich trainer, A attempts to use the Daycare.
  • The mob gives up on the PC and ends up with a party of M4, Minun, and Geodude.

A Song of Waning Dreams: East Hoenn and Safari Hell - Day 9

  • After a struggle between those seeking to make progress and those hoping to refill the team emerges, the Mob ultimately catches a Zigzagoon and another Tentacool (nicknamed u), leaving A with a party of five.
  • Following these developments, the Mob heads to the Weather Institute with almost surprising haste. They encounter many wild Pokemon, provoking countless cries to catch them; sadly, as A has run out of Pokeballs, they gain no further Pokemon while traversing the lower half of the route.
  • Though A's team is incredibly weak, barely holding on to life, she eventually reaches the Weather Institute, where she spends a very, very long time sleeping on the bed, apathetic of Team Aqua's takeover of the building.
  • After waking up, a groggy A stumbles toward the staircase before being challenged by members of Team Aqua. Now fully healed, this goes about as well for the grunts as one might expect.
  • A stealthily wanders across the walls of the upper floor of the Weather Institute, running back and forth in front of Aqua Admin Shelly, before finally announcing her arrival and commencing battle. Despite Shelly also possessing the power of Doge, the battle goes incredibly quickly as M4 sweeps. Upon liberating the Weather Institute, the director provides A with a Castform (nicknamed ACF) that she is forced to put into her party. The Mob is not especially pleased.
  • Eventually managing to remember the functionality of doors, A leaves the Weather Institute and is challenged by Brendan. Everything in his party dies to Rollout; now entirely deprived of all dignity, he provides A with the HM for Fly. Luckily, the Mob sees through his schemes and does not yet make plans to teach anyone the move.
  • The Mob finally reaches Fortree City, nearly three days after acquiring the Balance Badge.
  • The Mob enters the Pokemon Center to gain a new checkpoint, and inches gradually toward the PC before some time passes and the majority decide that the PC doesn't have enough space to store all of their nope, leaving. They allegedly swear off the PC for the remainder of the run.
  • Because Fortree Gym is blocked off by an invisible force, A heads through Fortree and to Route 120. The party is promptly swept by a Roselia. After several close encounters with trainers, including Gabby and Ty, A eventually reaches Steven and receives the Devon Scope. Fortunately for the Mob, they are given no chance to escape before acquiring it this time. They head toward Fortree Gym.
  • While in Fortree Gym, A participates in several battles while absentmindedly pivoting the gates around. Following one of these battles, Geodude manages to evolve into Graveler, even despite the new command interface making it impossible to drown out B-spammers... and then it faints, causing A to white out once more. It is decided that Graveler's nickname is 5'7.
  • A eventually reaches Winona, and the Mob commands M4 to use Rollout on her Swablu. While seeming like a perfectly sensible idea, Winona has a dirty trick up her sleeve: Perish Song. M4 effortlessly finishes off Swablu and Tropius, but as her Perish Count reaches zero, she immediately faints. CCC makes a vain attempt to continue the fight by using Spark on Pelipper, but is finished off by Altaria's Earthquake. Altaria then begins to use Dragon Dance while shrugging off Castform's Powder Snow, ultimately sweeping all that remains of A's team. A whites out, never to fully comprehend the mystery of how a cloud dragon can use Earthquake.
  • A rematches Winona and defeats her Swablu with M4's Strength before it can use the dreaded Perish Song. Rollout makes short work of the rest of the Gym Leader's team, and A receives the Feather Badge and TM 40. She also registers Winona in her Pokenav.
  • A heads south towards Lilycove City and detours towards Mt. Pyre after having spotted a group of Team Aqua grunts heading that way. Many memories of Lavender Town resurface within the mob as Shuppet after Shuppet slowly take a toll on the Team through Curse after Curse.
  • A makes it to the top of Mt. Pyre and battles through Team Aqua - even in a feared double battle which M4's surfs and CCC electric sparks make short work of. But once she reaches the top she finds out Archie has already stolen the red orb and that Team Magma was there before Aqua to steal the blue orb. She is given a Magma Emblem that a grunt left in haste and proceeds on trying to make her way down the mountain full of ghosts. A eventually wipes out and wakes up at Fortree.
  • A makes her way to Lilycove and enters M4 in a Cool Contest, taking last place. The winner is a Tailow named TATAY. She enters a second one, taking last place to a Makuhita.
  • A then moves to the Berry Blender, creating level 10 and 11 Pokeblocks with 19-23 feel. To put this in perspective, level 9 was often thought to be as low as the Pokeblock levels could go, and big feel numbers mean the block is very hard. So what we have is a previously incomprehensibly bad tasting Pokeblock that goes down worse than sandpaper embedded with razors.
  • A heads to the Safari Zone and captures 2 Girafarig, 5 Doduo, 2 Pikachu, 5 Natu, 2 Wobbuffet, a Gloom, and twenty-eight Oddish that are promptly dubbed "The Cabbagepatch".
  • The Mob finally leaves the Safari Zone and heads south toward Route 123. Trying to get back to Mauville, they white out on the way, and end up back at Lilycove City.
  • Breaking their earlier vow, the PC is used. M4, Minun, and 5'7 are deposited while two Oddishes and a Poochyena rejoin the cast.
  • A once more heads into the Safari Zone building. The Mob despairs, wondering why now of all times they must have a wealthy protagonist.
  • The Safari Game begins again.
  • A eventually uses up her money, preventing her from entering the Safari Zone anymore.

A Definition of Insanity: Eternal Mauville City - Day 10

  • A heads to the PC and, after almost releasing Birdcop, releases Trapinch. As the Mob saw him as a servant of Bill, they rejoiced. The party is shuffled around multiple times; G-Man the Wurmple is withdrawn from the PC for the first time since being caught.
  • A heads back to Mauville to enter the Magma Hideout, and while she eventually makes it to the Magma Hideout, she is whittled down by the grunts inside it and whites out.
  • A fumbles about Mauville for a few hours, split between shuffling Pokemon, retrieving the egg from Day Care, grinding the team, or heading back to the Magma Hideout. Amidst the PC confusion, Birdcop is released.
  • The Mob eventually settles on grinding the team before heading back to the hideout. 5'7 is having a field day in the tunnels between Mauville and Fallarbor. A plan is made to go to New Mauville and get the Thunder Stone to evolve Apostrachu.
  • The Mob proceeds to Trainer Hill, with some still attempting to use the PC. The day ends with A never making it into Magma Hideout again and very little progress ultimately being made.

A Sign of Progress: Lavaridge Town, Magma Hideout, Lilycove City - Day 11

  • M4 has the Macho Brace equipped, which promotes strong growth but lowers Speed. The mob is desperate to remove it.
  • After what seems an eternity of whiting out and cable cars, A goes from Mauville to Fortree and the Magma Hideout, successfully entering the base. She defeats Magma Grunts and an admin before two wild Geodude use Selfdestruct, bringing M4 to critical health. She whites out shortly after due to more exploding Geodudes and Gravelers, but soon heads back into the hideout. M4 is beaten by a Geodude with Rollout, and A wipes soon after.
  • A makes her way back up agonizingly and finally confronts Maxie, who awakens Groudon before challenging her. M4 is KO'd early, and the Mob resolves to use a Max Revive... but they accidentally give it to 5'7. Who then self-destructs, before A's lower leveled Pokemon are taken out. A whites out again shortly thereafter. Subsequent attempts also fail, though A almost reaches Maxie several times.
  • A heads to New Mauville to retrieve its Thunder Stone and evolve Apostrachu.
  • After another failed attempt to enter the Magma Hideout, with Apostrachu and 5'7 fainted and M4 soaking up all the EXP again due to being next in line, A spends some time in Lavaridge, successfully healing her team, but eventually depositing Apostrachu on accident. 5'7 immediately uses Self-Destruct again against a wild Pokemon, leaving M4 in the next slot again and rendering the healing trip pointless.
  • A reaches Maxie again and defeats him with M4's Rollout. Credit must also be given to her other Pokemon, who sacrificed themselves in the trek through the hideout so M4 would stay healthy. Afterwards, in lieu of leaving normally, the Mob decides to stay in the Hideout, letting M4 faint so that Tentacool can level. Tentacool downs several Pokemon with her Bubblebeam and gains a level, but her evolution is canceled. Before she can gain another level, she faints, sending A to Lavaridge.
  • Her business with Maxie over for now, A wanders down to Slateport and watches Archie steal a submarine. She then returns north, having a rematch with Pokefan Isabel (in which Graveler miraculously does not Selfdestruct) and popping into the long-neglected Trick House to grab some Mail before continuing to Mauville and beyond, running through Fortree and wandering about Routes 120 and 121. A manages to catch a Mightyena and a Shuppet (named SSETT) with newly-purchased Great and Ultra Balls, the first of which is added to the team; two Absol are encountered, but capture is unsuccessful.
  • Managing to avoid the Safari Zone's PC along the way, A finally reaches Lilycove again and establishes a checkpoint at the Pokemon Center, but not before speaking with a girl who asks for a Pokeblock.

A Lucky Break: Lilycove City to Mossdeep - Day 12

  • The day begins inside the Contest Hall, with A meticulously manipulating the two-person Berry Blender to once again make the worst Pokeblocks in existence. Result: Level 10, Feel 23. She feeds it and a Carbos to 5'7''.
  • A catches a level 12 Tentacool and enters Team Aqua's Hideout. The Mob nudges her towards the teleporter mini-maze leading to the Master Ball, navigating it rather easily and claiming their prize, as well as a Nugget. A also fights the two Electrodes there, the exhausted M4 finally falling to a Selfdestruct. Tentacool and Mightyena are soon the only Pokemon left standing. The Master Ball itself is quickly wasted against an Aqua Grunt's Zubat. Tentacool faints, but with 8 health left, Mightyena manages to take down the Grunt's remaining Pokemon. He doesn't last long against the next Grunt, though, and A finds herself in Lilycove again.
  • A makes her way back to the hideout and defeats Aqua Admin Matt, who informs her that their boss is hiding in an underwater cavern. A leaves the hideout and surfs around, eventually entering a double battle where she whites out.
  • A surfs east and reaches Mossdeep City for the first time, healing at the Pokemon Center. She enters Mossdeep Gym and is confronted with one of Red's demons: switch puzzles. She makes short work of the first few trainers; Graveler forgets Magnitude for Rock Blast.
  • After stumbling through the Gym, A reaches Liza and Tate and prepares for trouble (and makes it double?). M4 handles everyone but Claydol with a Rollout as her allies fall beside her, wastes a couple turns using Rock Smash, then finally selects Surf - which doesn't quite faint Claydol due to an earlier Light Screen. With M4 at 5 HP, defeat is certain, as Claydol would be faster if it attacked - but not only does Claydol stop to heal, but M4's next Surf crits, taking down the last obstacle between A and the Mind Badge.
  • At the Mossdeep Space Center, A teams up with Steven to battle Maxie and Tabitha, who are after the facility's rocket fuel. M4 is the only Pokemon A chooses for the battle, leaving her other two slots empty. Without fainting any of Steven's Pokemon by accident, A defeats Maxie once more.
  • A comes to another impasse. Dive must be taught to Tentacool in order to reach the underwater areas necessary to proceed. Remembering how long previous HM moves took to learn, the Mob prepares for a long day. While Surfing around Mossdeep, Graveler fights surprisingly well, gaining a bit of EXP before M4 is accidentally moved to the front of the party. A ends up drawn to Lilycove again, and the Mob tries to avoid the feared Move Deleter.
  • The Macho Brace is removed from M4. After hours of struggle, Tentacool forgets Bubblebeam to learn Dive.

A Thousand Leagues Under: Seafloor Cavern - Day 13

  • After more hours of struggle, A reaches the Seafloor Cavern, only to be stalled by remorseless Surf and Strength puzzles. The Mob gears up for another long fight.
  • Select-spam becomes the new Start-spam, with at least one dedicated spammer slowing progress well beyond the point of standard buffering.
  • At long last, the streamer announces the return of Democracy Mode, to help with a particularly grueling Strength puzzle. Reactions are mixed, but the Mob fires up and attempts to work some magic. Just as A completes the puzzle, finds the TM for Earthquake, and battles Archie, the stream goes offline.
  • When the stream goes back up, Archie is defeated, but he summons Kyogre to flood the world! The clashing of Groudon's sunlight and Kyogre's downpour creates a terrible flux worse than either excess alone, and Steven tells A to meet him at Sootopolis to help right things. However, while A does slowly acquiesce for the sake of progression, she spends no small amount of time fishing. Even when within feet of the dueling titans.

An Exercise in Democracy: Sky Pillar to Sootopolis - Day 14

  • A heads to Sky Pillar. After many struggles with wild Pokemon and inconveniently-placed holes, she makes it to the top in Anarchy Mode... and gets stuck for a few minutes before awakening Rayquaza! A then faces the challenge of getting down from the tower.
  • A makes it down by whiting out, then surfs to Slateport for no apparent reason.
  • The Mob votes for Democracy, then used it to great effect by putting M4 in the back and evolving Oddish and Tentacool into Vileplume and Tentacruel. Anarchy is revived immediately after, and A finds a Revive.
  • A makes her way back to Lilycove. Democracy is used to register the Bike to Select, teach Vileplume Sludge Bomb, Tentacruel Ice Beam, and Mightyena Strength.
  • Steven, Wallace, Archie and Maxie all watch in amazement as A saves the entire Pokemon world with the help of Rayquaza. Then they continue to watch her zoom around on her bike.
  • Wallace gives A the HM for Waterfall. Democracy is engaged to teach it to Tentacruel.
  • A makes it to Sootopolis Gym, where Anarchy-Democracy wars rage. She comes very close to completing the puzzle, but changes in movement mechanics make her overshoot the goal. A also somehow walks through a wall.

A Final Push Forward: Sootopolis Gym to Ever Grande City - Day 15

  • After numerous tries, A makes it to Juan! A battle ensues!
  • Tentracruel is denied a victory over Luvdisc due to Juan using a hyper potion, and subsequently sending out Whiscash, whose earthquake is super-effective against Tentracruel. M4 Moe is subsequently sent out and rollouts Juan to defeat. With their victory, A has won all eight Hoenn badges.
  • A heads to Victory Road and encounters many setbacks, including Strength puzzles, waterfalls, and tough Wild Pokemon and trainers.
  • A makes it out of Victory Road and to Ever Grande City, where the Elite Four await. With A close to her ultimate goal, the Streamer sets an ultimatum: a countdown in 3 days to Fire Red.
  • A's team battles the Elite Four, but their lack of Exp. Share makes grinding against the +10 level higher mons difficult. A leaves for a time to grind at Victory Road then returns and boxes Wingull in the PC.

A tale of a girl who confronts the End - and beyond:

     A for Annihilation - Ever Grande, Day 16 Onwards 

Apotheosis: The Pokémon League - Day 16, 72 hours remain.

  • A makes it to Glacia with M4, now level 96, still at 87% health. The mob continuously attempts to invoke Democracy and catch something in Victory Road, ideally a Lairon or a Hariyama, but the voting period always occurs inside the Pokémon League, where Anarchy reigns. With possibly the longest Democracy has lasted in a major battle, M4 slays Glacia's entire party with Rollout - reaching level 97 in the process.
  • Grinding against the Elite Four is proving unfeasible with the underleveled team, so A leaves to train at Victory Road. There she catches a level 40 Hariyama. Democracy activates and the Mob uses the opportunity to teach it Strength and Earthquake.
  • A returns to the Elite Four, but grinding still proves difficult, limiting the average-level-30 team from growing any stronger. M4, however, keeps getting bigger, and with Sidney's defeat reaches Level 100. Despite having reached maximum power, though, the run fails and A leaves to train more on Victory Road.
  • Grinding doesn't accomplish much due to the prevalence of wild Golbat. The Mob is conflicted about what to do, and alternates between buying items, grinding, and fighting the Elite Four.
  • Tentacruel learns Hidden Power, replacing Ice Beam; the good news is that its type is either Electric or Ice. Democracy is used to teach it Surf, replacing Acid. Grinding for Tentacruel goes well, with it approaching level 50, but Vileplume and Mightyena remain stuck in their mid-30s.
  • After grinding for a long time, getting Graveler and Tentacruel to levels 51 and 49 respectively while moving M4 to the back, A proceeds to challenge the Elite 4 as an attempt to white out and heal. Surprisingly, she makes it to Drake. The Mob tries to use a Hyper Potion between battles, but lacks the coordination to do it in Anarchy. They despair as the battle with Drake begins... and then accidentally use the Hyper Potion on M4 anyway. As chat put it, "the heal is real."
  • Sadly, the Rollout breaks on Flygon, who deals critical damage to M4 while she spends time trying to get Rollout to last long enough to kill it. Though Flygon eventually falls, Salamence slays M4 and they white out anyway.

Assimilation: The Pokémon League - Day 17, 48 hours remain.

  • Democracy is invoked to purchase Hyper Potions, but the mob is divided on just how many votes are bots and what their purposes might be - either way, Anarchy immediately reigns and the Elite Four is immediately challenged following their previous loss to Phoebe.
  • With M4 at 69% health, A spends a total of 15 minutes walking around Drake's room before challenging him, some attempting to use potions A doesn't even have. Shelgon's Rock Tomb lowers M4's speed drastically, and Altaria paralyses it, but the Rollout keeps going until Flygon, who is surfed to death. Intimidate cuts M4's attack and M4 faints halfway through Drake's final Pokemon - which lasted for a total of two and a half minutes, a sixth of the time spent wandering his room. Grinding continues afterward.
  • Graveler reaches Level 53 and forgets Rollout for Explosion. Realizing this made their second-most powerful mon useless, the Mob activates Democracy to overwrite Explosion with Strength. There is talk of teaching Hidden Power to Mightyena, but Anarchy takes over again before that can be done.
  • The Mob attempts to head to a lake beneath Victory Road to grind Mightyena and Vileplume, but cannot make it to the lake before they die. Graveler and Tentacruel continue receiving the majority of experience.
  • Hordes of users begin spamming Select. Select is eventually disabled - although most of them continue pressing Start which, thankfully, is rather easilly countered by spamming the harmless 'b' command.
  • Annie forgets Earthquake for Endure. Yeah. While attempting to challenge Sidney, the Mob begins to debate feminism.
  • After losing, A heads down Victory Road and to Route 126 to grind more efficiently. She then heads to Sootopolis, receives the TM for Brick Break, and plans to use it to replace Hariyama's Endure.
  • A reaches the Sootopolis Pokemon Center and heals before exiting. Democracy activates shortly afterward, and the Mob plans to use it to teach Brick Break, but a horde of bots take over A once it activates. To the Mob's horror, they realize A's heading back to the Pokemon Center, as the bots plan to access the PC to release and box her 'mon. The walk there sparks a furious battle to regain control, with A going back into anarchy just two steps away from the PC.
  • Democracy is activated safely, and Annie learns Brick Break... but overwrites Hidden Power instead of Endure. Undaunted, the Mob teaches it Rock Smash to replace Endure.
  • Left-spamming bots send A all the way back to Route 126. The Mob starts to cross the Despair Event Horizon. They encounter a Shiny Chinchou, but with no Pokeballs, Hariyama kills it.

Armageddon: The Pokémon League - Daybreak, Day 18, 24 hours remain.

  • On the dawn of the final day, A returns to Ever Grande City. The Mob is determined to make one final stand against the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo (the shadow army of bots) and beat the Elite Four.
  • The bots turn to spamming left to delay A in a lake, then spamming start to negate walking, but the Streamer takes the stream down and forces off all the bots before restoring control to the Mob. Traveling back up Victory Road resumes.
  • Even with all of A's training, she fails to make it past even the first section of Victory Road with more than Tentacruel and M4 alive. 23 hours remain.
  • Democracy activates, and a series of bots unite perfectly to... run from a Pokemon battle that Tentacruel could not possibly lose. They attempted to press start, but Anarchy bots kicked in to end their power. Of the several hundred voters, the Mob begins to wonder just how many are real as they continue through Victory Road. 22 hours remain.
  • A reaches the exit of Victory Road. 21 hours and 25 minutes remain.
  • A exits Victory Road and heads inside the Pokemon League building, but as she makes her way to heal her Pokemon, she is suddenly steered towards the PC, possibly by bots. 21 hours and 9 minutes remain.
  • An intense battle to make it through the Elite Door - to a place where there is no PC - before the voting period, begins. Though long and difficult, with many close calls, the Mob unites in spamming B and various directions until making it through the door with 0 seconds to spare. 21 hours and 6 minutes remain.
  • The Mob reaches Phoebe again. M4 is commanded to use Strength, but her attacks pass straight through her Banette's ethereal body. Banette then counterattacks with Thunderbolt. A is defeated once again by the Elite Four, but wakes up in the Elite Four Pokemon Center. 20 hours and 43 minutes remain.
  • A's team does surprisingly well, making it to Drake's Shelgon before whiting out. With a minute left on the vote counter, parts of the Mob attempt to use the PC while others attempt to buy potions; the two equalize and A makes it through the Elite Door before Democracy occurs. As democracy is invoked, the party's moves are switched around. 19 hours and 44 minutes remain.
  • Following a disappointing Sidney battle, Doge impresses the Mob yet. After everyone had given up on him, labeling him a sacrifice or a waste, Mightyena tanks Phoebe's Dusclops and a full restore, nearly leveling up in the process. Wow. Sadly, Doge's struggle is in vain as Banette bears a grudge against M4's Rollout - which successfully slays Phoebe's team, but now lacks the PP to survive the remaining battles. 19 hours and 8 minutes remain.
  • M4 is left the last one standing against Glacia, and very weakened afterward. Knowing their attempt against Drake is doomed, the Mob challenges him and whites out in one turn. A returns to the Pokemon Center, where she purchases a Hyper Potion while in Anarchy. They then re-enter Sidney's room. 18 hours and 45 minutes remain.
  • The run fails, but a subsequent attempt against Sidney goes better, with only Mightyena falling and M4 finishing his team off. Against Phoebe the Mob sends out Annie but switches her out knowing a Fighting-type is useless against Ghosts. Graveler wounds Dusclops with Earthquake but falls to Ice Beam. M4 rolls out the whole Ghost team but loses lots of health. The Mob challenges Glacia before they can heal her. 17 hours and 45 minutes remain.
  • Annie takes out Glacia's team in place of M4, sparing M4 from overuse. The Mob tries to heal their biggest mob before continuing, but Democracy is 15 minutes away. Thus the group alternates between trying to heal her in Anarchy and stalling until voting time comes. Unfortunately, Up spam takes A out of Glacia's room to Drake's, challenging him before Democracy can activate. 17 hours and 30 minutes remain.
  • Annie and Vileplume buy time while the Mob activates Democracy mid-battle, so their Hyper Potion can be used on M4. Instead a Max Potion gets used on Vileplume, who promptly gets brought down to near half-health again by Shelgon. The Mob tries again with the Hyper Potion, successfully healing M4. Vileplume faints, M4 is deployed, and Anarchy reactivates. 17 hours and 10 minutes remain.
  • Shelgon goes down from Rollout, but not before sufficiently wearing down M4's speed with Rock Tomb. This allows Drake's next mons to get in hits before being run over, culminating in M4's last Rollout missing, letting Flygon finish it off. Tentacruel makes a stand against Flygon with Surf and Dive, but is defeated. 17 hours and 2 minutes remain.
  • A whites out and returns to the Pokemon Center, and subsequently chat explodes. A wanders about the upstairs of the Pokemon Center, divided between those who want to give democracy potion use another go and those who want M4 released as penance for tainting the run with a futile heal. In any case, A proceeds back through the Elite Door before either the PC or the Pokemart can be used. 16 hours and 55 minutes remain.
  • M4 grasps victory from the jaws of defeat, earning A her first victory over Drake. With the Elite Four collectively defeated for the first time, only one challenge remains: the Champion. 16 hours and 15 minutes remain.
  • A enters Wallace's chamber and initiates battle, but a severely-weakened M4 is smashed into the nearest wall by a Double-Edge from Wallace's Wailord. If nothing else, the Mob enjoyed the cool change of music. A whites out 3 minutes before the voting process for Democracy begins, but enters the Elite Door a minute before it takes effect. 16 hours and 9 minutes remain.

Apocalypse: The Pokémon League - Midday, Day 18, 16 hours remain.

  • After a newfound success in making it to Wallace, the Mob invokes Democracy to switch Annie with Mightyena for Sidney, and is dismayed to find out that launching Annie directly into an Intimidate and Sand Attack, astonishingly enough, hinders her capabilities. She falls to Shiftry's Extrasensory after finally slaying Sidney's Doge. The Mob perseveres. 15 hours and 56 minutes remain.
  • A returns to Victory Road and attempts to grind Annie and Doge to reasonable level. 14 hours and 50 minutes remain.
  • A manages to beat Sidney without relying on M4 and with only Annie fainting. 11 hours and 52 minutes remain.
  • The training makes its worth: A defeats Phoebe with only Mightyena fainting. 11 hours and 39 minutes remain.
  • Doge, while fighting Phoebe, deleted Bite for Take Down, removing the only move it had to fight Ghosts in favour of a weaker move it already had. 10 hours and 37 minutes remain.
  • A makes it to Wallace a second time, with Tentacruel faring surprisingly well against Wailord and Whiscash. Gyarados defeats it with Earthquake, but M4 rolls out... and is hit with a Giga Drain from Ludicolo, ending the challenge. 9 hours and 40 minutes remain.
  • Resigned to defeat in an unlucky run, the Mob attempts to use Ultra Balls to capture Phoebe's Sableye, thus preventing said balls from wasting turns in a run where they actually have a chance. One such ultra ball is used in this manner. Some, still bitter about the thought of healing (due to not needing it in vastly easier games with stronger teams) attempt to waste a hyper potion and prevent its usage as well. Azumarill faints with the potion and four balls intact, ultimately whiting out. 9 hours and 17 minutes remain.
  • A makes a beeline for the PC, but the resulting nope takes her out of it - and accidentally through the Elite Door as well. All things considered, perhaps her most salient moment in some time. 9 hours and 11 minutes remain.

Absolution: The Pokémon League - Twilight, Day 18, 8 hours remain.

  • The Mob makes it to Wallace again and discovers 3 Rollouts are needed to take down Wailord. 2 Hyper Potions are in inventory. 7 hours remain.
  • As Azumarill rolls out Glacia with the remainder of the team dead, the mob continues to civilly and politely discuss whether it is better to win in Democracy or fail in Anarchy. Others attempt to stall out the Democracy timer to use a Hyper Potion, or else use it naturally in Anarchy... even though Azumarill is the only one alive and the run is in general going pretty horribly otherwise. Glacia gets rolled out, leaving a paralyzed and mostly-dead Azumarill to solo Drake and Wallace... 6 hours and 26 minutes remain.
  • In their desperation, the Mob begins to blame others for their shortcomings; the Rawst Berry is held responsible for their weakness. They are scapegoating a strawberry. 6 hours and 4 minutes remain.
  • After several more failed runs, the Mob uses Democracy to buy 4 Revives, 1 Hyper Potion and 3 Full Restores. They then sell their Nugget to buy 3 more Hyper Potions before restoring Anarchy. The A-Team, now all backpack-ed up, heads in to challenge the Elite Four again. 4 hours and 46 minutes remain.
  • The team reaches Glacia with half the party fainted. Vileplume puts up an impressive stand against a Sealeo 20 times its level, by using Giga Drain and Full Restores to remain healthy, but ultimately falls to a second Sealeo after taking out the first. M4 is subsequently sent out. Both sides heal their mon and M4 wins, but has no PP left for Rollout. Only she and Tentacruel are left against Drake. 4 hours and 19 minutes remain.
  • Tentacruel does admirably against Shelgon and is switched after Flygon wounds it. M4 is deployed but runs into trouble against Kingdra, who eventually knocks it out. Tentacruel is sent out to faint. A whites out and challenges Sidney again within 10 seconds of coming to. 3 hours and 58 minutes remain.
  • Down Spammers attempt to prevent A's success once and for all with massive down spam, but the mob rallies with an equal onslaught of up spam, enough so that a straight walk is made from the league entrance to the Elite Four door. 3 hours and 13 minutes remain.
  • A manages to make it to Wallace. However, anarchy bots end Democracy before the team can be healed, so M4 is the only usable Pokemon. She takes out Wailord and Ludicolo before a Sludge Bomb from Wallace's own Tentacruel knocks her out. The chat reaches its breaking point, and many people on both sides of the argument begin screaming at each other, blaming anarchy, democracy, and the Rawst Berry for the failed attempt. 2 hours and 15 minutes remain.
  • Another attempt fails to get past Glacia. The Mob activates Democracy soon after reviving so they can buy more potions. 1 hour and 30 minutes remain.
  • Another run sees M4 faint to Glacia, leaving only Tentacruel and Vileplume to deal with Walrein. Glacia eventually falls, leaving only Drake. With M4 down, things appear bleak. The next run may very well be the last. 25 minutes remain.

Z: The Pokemon League - Midnight, Day 18, 20 minutes remain.

  • Vileplume is sent out first and the Mob fails to heal anyone in the two turns that it lives. Tentacruel is sent out next and the Mob manages to use a Revive on Annie. 14 minutes remain.
  • Tentacruel brings Shelgon to within an inch of life, but Drake uses a Full Restore on it. With half of its own health gone, the Mob struggles to use another Revive but Tentacruel faints. 10 minutes remain.
  • Annie finishes off Shelgon and gains a level. The Mob keeps it from forgetting Brick Break in exchange for Seismic Toss. Unfortunately, it's now up against Altaria... a Flying-type. The attempt to use another healing item fails and Annie is knocked out. 9 minutes remain.
  • A returns to the Pokemon Center, the Mob now certain that there's no chance of winning left. After staring at the map of Hoenn for a while, A decides to go down fighting and rechallenges Sidney. 7 minutes remain.
  • Annie knocks out Mightyena and Shiftry. The vote for Democracy activates but the Mob votes against it, wanting to die in Anarchy as they lived. 4 minutes remain.
  • Annie is fainted by Cacturne and Tentacruel is sent out. The voting period ends and the group says their goodbyes in their last moments left. 1 minute remains.
  • The Mob turns to anyone and anything - to Helix, to Dome, to Zexy, to the Rawst Berry, to Bird Jesus, to Tentacruel, to M4, to the streamer himself - to spare the world. The clock continues to tick down, mercilessly, thoughtlessly, hopelessly. Annihilation is imminent and inevitable. Less than 1 minute remains.
  • The stream goes down and is replaced by the usual "Thank you for watching" message. The Mob laments that they have lost the game and that A's journey has come to an end. 0 minutes remain.

A Second Chance: The Pokemon League - Day 19, 72 more hours remaining.

  • The Streamer plays the Song of Time and declares that he will give the A-Team 3 more days to complete the game. He expresses some disappointment that the "wait" command never won in Democracy, implying it has some hidden use. The Mob goes in chaos, praising and thanking the Streamer for giving them a second chance.
  • The stream returns and the battle against Sidney resumes. A eventually loses to Glacia and upon reviving treks down to Victory Road to grind. Cabbage is brought up to level 40, leaving Mighty Doge as the only team member still in their 30s.
  • During grinding Graveler forgets Earthquake for Double-Edge. The Mob uses a Democracy session to rearrange Mightyena's moves, putting Strength in the first slot rather than Take Down but planning to switch them again once it comes close to learning Crunch.
  • As of today the Mob has battled the Elite Four 61 times.
  • The Mob decides to continue their original plan of backtracking through Victory Road, grinding as they go until they drop down the waterfall leading to Victory Road's entrance, where they will have a better place to grind.
  • Stream suddenly goes offline for over an hour, and returns... with "TPP will resume shortly" message. The Mob does the only thing possible in this situation - riots. Eventually, it resumes, and the Mob makes it to Mossdeep to grind.
  • The Mob is torn between whether they should continue grinding Cabbage and Doge (to teach them Petal Dance and Shadow Ball, respectively) near Lilycove, or go to Mt. Chimney to witness the last cutscene of the game and possibly catch a Legendary.
  • Ultimately, the Mob decides to launch Operation: Backtrack and returns to Mt. Pyre, teaching Cabbage Petal Dance on their way there.
  • Shadow Ball's TM is obtained and Democracy is activated to teach it to Mightyena. There is further debate about going farther and using their Heart Scale to the Move Reminder so Annie can relearn Earthquake, and teaching Rest to M4 in exchange for Rock Smash.
  • The team is 2/3rds fainted, so A goes to the Lilycove Pokemon Center, healing under Democracy. Two attempts are made to teach Rest in Democracy but each time they are outvoted.
  • A third attempt is made to visit the Move Deleter to begin teaching Rest, but the majority votes in Democracy against it. This is taken as a sign that their time in Lilycove is over, so A goes Surfing to Mossdeep to heal and grind.
  • Dogeyena reaches Level 40. The Mob heads to Route 120 to fight higher leveled wild mon.

A Voyage to the End of Time: The Pokemon League - Day 20, 48 more hours remaining.

  • Rest supporters carry A all the way back to Lilycove, and tries to reach the Move Deleter and delete Rock Smash a further three times in Democracy. All are unsuccessful. In the process, A visits the Pokecenter and comes within a single command to depositing Pokemon into the PC. Instead she gets stuck on the second floor, unable to coordinate and walk down the stairs again.
  • Upon exiting, another furious war erupts and A almost reaches the Rest TM in Democracy. Some of the Mob propose a compromise: merely deleting Rock Smash, which is no longer needed and virtually useless in battle.
  • With less than two days left on the clock, the Mob decides it's time to head back to Ever Grande City. A surfs back east then starts trekking up Victory Road. During the travel, Democracy is activated to switch Doge's moves - setting Shadow Ball in first slot - and give items to Tentacruel and M4.
  • The Mob returns to Pokemon League and immediately challenges the Elite Four, managing to reach Drake with a weakened team. Subsequent attempts fail, and the discouraged Mob heads to Victory Road to grind, though they are hampered by bots.
  • After a short grinding session and two failed runs, the Mob manages to reach Wallace for a first time since the time extension.
  • During a fight with Sidney Hariyama reaches level 55 and learns Reversal. Against his Dark-type team, it proves to be tremendously powerful, growing even stronger the more health Annie loses. The Mob praises Annie as the new powerhouse of the team.
  • Sidney is challenged again and Annie sweeps his entire team with Brick Break. It reaches level 56 at the end, making it strong enough to one-hit KO invokedShiftry. The Mob cheers for Annie but knows she'll be useless against Phoebe's Ghosts. Post-battle they struggle to switch Annie out for Mightyena in Anarchy. Unfortunately, they don't succeed in more than just browsing their Pokedex over and over, and decide to try switch out again while in battle with Phoebe.
  • The attempt results in multiple switchouts that wound much of the team. They win against Phoebe, but in the battle with Glacia it culminates in half of the team knocked out. Annie also loses all its PP for Brick Break, forcing it to rely on Reversal. Hail turns out to be a blessing in disguise, as Annie's Reversal keeps growing stronger, but Walrein finally faints it with Surf. M4 is sent out next and defeats it with Rollout.
  • Tentacruel sweeps two of Drake's mon but has trouble against Altaria, who badly wounds it before being knocked out. Against Kingdra it tries to avoid its attacks with Dive but its Water-typing deals little damage against the dual resistant seahorse. The Mob tries to switch in M4, some in Anarchy, some trying to activate Democracy. Tentacruel gets bodyslammed before it can be switched out, leaving M4 alone to be taken out by the now massively-stat boosted Kingdra.
  • During a later attempt, which has half the team reach Drake, Chinese text start spamming the chat. The Mob freaks out. Others troll back by posting Hebrew or Russian text. Eventually, the spam ceases.
  • An attempt makes it all the way to Wallace with Mightyena, Tentacruel and a very wounded M4 ready to go. The hound is unleashed and is one hit KO'd by Wallace's Wailord; the mob sends out M4, who, despite her wounds, proceeds to sweep half the opposing team. Next up is Wallace's Milotic, but M4 has gotten up to speed, and is ready to unleash a 240 power rollout onto it. It misses, allowing Milotic to KO M4 and leaving only a healthy Tentacruel left. Despite Tentacruel putting up a valiant fight, Milotic is a Stone Wall, and knows Recover, allowing it to whittle down Tentacruel by Death by a Thousand Cuts. A whites out, one rollout from a possible victory.
  • With less than 26 hours remaining, a run starts out well, with Sidney taking only 27% of Annie's health, and Mightyena is successfully switched in at the start of Phoebe's fight. He's now strong enough to take out three ghost Pokemon before fainting.

α: The Pokémon League - Day 21, 24 more hours remaining.

  • On an otherwise excellent run, Annie is frozen solid by one of Glacia's Glalie. Nonetheless, the Mob is optimistic about the final day. 23 hours and 59 minutes remain.
  • Democracy is called after a battle with Phoebe, during which the Mob switches Vileplume to 3rd slot and Dogeyena to 2nd, Doge's Take Down moved to 1st move in anticipation of Crunch, Battle Animations turned back on, and the Frame increased to 13. 21 hours remain.
  • The subsequent run goes extremely well, with Annie sweeping both Sidney and Glacia with One-Hit KO Brick Breaks each. Unfortunately, some fumbling with Phoebe faints half the team, and Marill loses all its Rollout PP to Grudge. As such, the battle with Drake ends with only a scarcely alive Cruela left standing, falling to Wallace shortly after. With Democracy about to activate, the Mob lets Wallace finish off their last mon. Democracy activates three seconds later and the Mob uses the opportunity to buy healing items. 20 hours and 53 minutes remain.
  • On a subsequent run the A-Team reaches Glacia with everyone but Doge standing. Annie is about to sweep, but an Ice Beam from Glalie freezes it solid. As Annie's health drains from Hail, the Mob tries desperately to use a Full Restore on it... but instead uses a Revive on Mighty Doge, costing Annie its last health. M4 is sent out next and sweeps Glacia. 20 hours and 14 minutes remain.
  • The battle with Drake begins. Doge and Vileplume fail to do anything significant against Shelgon, and M4 is deployed. Her Rollout takes out every enemy but Salamence, who brings her down to red. But at last, the Mob successfully uses a Full Restore on her, and she rolls out Salamence with 56% health left. A reaches Wallace with Graveler, Cruela, and M4. 19 hours and 56 minutes remain.
  • Wailord takes out Graveler in an instant. Cruela is sent in and takes down the whale with its electric-type Hidden Power. M4 is sent out against Whiscash and begins Rollout. However, it's not very effective, and Whiscash wears down M4 with Earthquake. It thus faints, leaving Tentacruel against Wallace's last five mon. Knowing that Cruela against one of Wallace's mon went badly, the Mob goes into riot. Wallace then uses a Full Restore on Whiscash, who takes out Tentacruel with two Earthquakes and Hyper Beam. 19 hours and 44 minutes remain.
  • The run begins again, and Sidney is totally sweeped. Democracy begins just after the team challenges Phoebe, but despite an attempt to use it to switch in Mightyena, it lasts for only a few seconds before anarchy ends it. Vileplume is sent out in Anarchy instead, its attacks triggering Dusclops into using a Full Restore. A turn later Phoebe switches it out for Banette, who takes it out with Psychic. Dogeyena is sent out next, and both it and Banette damage each other to a sliver of health. The team does a tactical switch so Doge can gain experience upon Banette's defeat, except the helpless Hariyama is sent in. The Mob attempts another switch but instead Full Restores Annie twice, Banette wounding it every time. A civil war breaks out, half the Mob trying to use the last Full Restore, the other half trying to switch Annie. Neither happens and both Annie and Dogeyena are knocked out, making the whole effort a Shaggy Doge Story. Tentacruel is sent out next and sweeps the rest of Team Phoebe. 19 hours and 8 minutes remain.
  • 5'7'' decides to show she's not worse than Annie and sweeps through Glacia's team, losing mere 40% HP. After she's knocked out by Drake's Kingdra, M4 enters the battlefield and rolls through the remaining dragons. 18 hours and 56 minutes remain.
  • A reaches Wallace with a barely alive Doge, Tentacruel, and a 48% health M4. Cruella takes out Wailord after it flattens Doge, but mistakenly uses Hidden Power twice on Whiscash, leaving M4 alone against the enemy team. It takes four Rollouts to take out Whiscash, during which M4 is brought in the red and finished off by Ludicolo. 17 hours and 58 minutes remain.
  • Frustrated at how difficult it is to use the moved Shadow Ball in combat over the useless Take Down, the Mob decides to go to Victory Road to grind Mightyena, who reaches Level 47 at last and learns Crunch. 17 hours and 44 minutes remain.
  • The Mob attempts to heal, but gets stuck on the PC. Deciding healing not to be worth it, they engage in a suicide run against the Elite Four. Despite having very little remaining PP for Brick Break, Annie singlehandedly stomps half of the Elite Four up to Drake's Kingdra (with M4 to help with Phoebe.) Vileplume dies against Phoebe and Mightyena against Kingdra, and then Tentacruel takes down the remainder of Drake's team (but is gravely wounded in the battle.) M4 rolls out Wailord, then Ludicolo (through a Double Team). Wallace sends out Tentacruel, and while his Toxic misses the first time, M4 misses and a second Toxic combined with a Full Restore wipes out M4. A's Tentacruel beats Wallace's Tentacruel, but is killed by Whiscash. Although the Mob laments the loss of their Urn, it went pretty good for a suicide run. 17 hours remain.
  • The Mob comes the closest they have ever gotten to defeating Wallace. Rollouts from M4 annihilate most of the problem Pokemon, but it falls to Whiscash. GJ comes in and Surfs Whiscash to death, leaving only Gyarados. Unfortunately, the Mob fails to select Hidden Power, instead using ineffective Surfs which leave Gyarados at half health and give it enough time to Dragon Dance twice and retaliate with an instant-death Earthquake. And just to rub salt in the wound, it's a Critical Hit in addition to being super effective. 14 hours remain.
  • Another run fails at Drake. The Mob is getting increasingly impatient. They resolve to not buy any more potions, as they've been dividing the button spam and keep getting used at the wrong time. They begin their 94th attempt, which once again fails at Wallace. 11 hours remain.
  • Almost 100 attempts at the Elite Four have been made, and only 8 hours remain.
  • Another bot invasion occurs, spamming down to sabotage the runs. 7 hours remain.
  • On the 100th run, A makes it to Wallace and loses. 6 hours remain.
  • On a promising run, Democracy starts before the Phoebe fight. The Mob uses this to swap out Mightyena and spam Crunch. It works for a while, but eventually Crunch runs out of PP, Mightyena faints, and the resulting panic causes Anarchy to be reactivated. Desperate fumbling for something that can fight against Ghosts allows Dusclops to wear down Vileplume and Annie, dooming the run. 5 hours remain.
  • On run 103, Annie reaches level 79 after defeating Glacia, and subsequently becomes powerful enough to sweep Drake's Dragon team. Doge finishes off Drake when Annie falls, and the A-Team arrives at Wallace with five mons left. 3 hours and 10 minutes remain.
  • Wallace is challenged on the 103rd run. Mighty Doge is sent in first, and "doge"s four Blizzards by Wailord, Crunching it until it's forced to use a Full Restore. It then faints Mightyena, who still manages to bring Wailord to 25% health right beforehand, negating its healing attempt. Rather than wearing down the rest of her team, A cuts to the chase and deploys M4 immediately. It begins prepping a Rollout. 3 hours and 5 minutes remain.
  • Rollout takes out the already crippled Wailord, and makes two passes over the dreaded Ludicolo, even as it Double Teams. Tentacruel emerges and is promptly flattened. Undeterred, Wallace sends in Milotic. 3 hours and 4.5 minutes remain
  • Milotic is steamrolled by M4's 5th rollout. Wallace, down to his last two Pokemon, sends in Whiscash. Voices screaming inside of her head, A and M4 prepare another Rollout. It goes slowly, taking four strikes to get through Whiscash, but the blows are hard enough to make the catfish forget any attack moves, using only Amnesia. Only Gyarados remains. 3 hours and 4.25 minutes remain
  • M4's final Rollout connects with Gyarados, taking him out in one strike. The mob gets their urn, and A is crowned as the new Champion of Hoenn. Their pact completed, the voices return to the dimension from whence they came, freeing A. The countdown to the end of Hoenn and Emerald stops, with only 3 hours and 4 minutes left to spare.
  • The credits roll, showing the departing voices all the Pokemon they had encountered over their journey. The last portrait to fade to black is Torchic.
  • The stream later crashes, to the team's dismay, causing a riot to begin.

Another Dream: Day 22?

  • The life simulation game Dogz Fashion is put on screen. The team hears a strange voice that sounds suspiciously like Microsoft Sam.

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