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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal

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  • TPP Part 3: Red.
  • TPP Crystal.
  • The idea that a legion of voices have taken over, or forced their way into the mind of another young boy is incredibly upsetting for some people.
  • The first encounter with the PC resulted in the Mob depositing most of the team. When they attempted to withdraw them, the Admiral was released, making him the run's first casualty.
    • Though some have been saying that Admiral was not released, but was instead sent on a high priority mission to gather forces for AJ's army.
    • :n was released while trying to rescue Feraligatr from the PC
  • This. Just... this. Poor Lazorgator...
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  • For those who liked him, AJ deleting Joey's number is this.
  • The Prince... our beloved Prince Omelette... is gone. The Mob accidentally released him when warring over releasing Feraligatr. Even people that wanted Feraligatr gone were horrified and saddened.
    Elm: AJDNNW, I thought the egg hatched. Where is the Pokemon?
  • "I never want to grow up...."
  • AJ reached Lance for the first time... and lost.
  • After defeating Lance, the Mob accidentally started a new game as Kris. When the save state was restored, Kris was erased from existence and became "the girl who never was."
  • On his way to defeat Blaine, AJ visited Pallet Town and spoke with Red's mother, who was worried about her son not coming home.
  • This story about Red.
  • This series of stories about Red and his team.
    Red: Somewhere out there is a Charmeleon named Abby. She’s got the brightest spirit and the strongest flame. I... left her alone, long ago, and I need to make things right. Can you find her and carry her to me?
    • Later, this happens.
    Red turned away, his shoulders heaving as he sobbed silently. Nidoking’s tail curled protectively around his young friend.
    The Fonz: Shhhh, Princeling. Let the tears flow. You’ve been too strong for too long. That’s why you have me – I’ll be strong for you.
  • After his third defeat at Red's hands, AJ immediately deposited A into the PC and left him there while he went to Mt. Silver.
  • According to the streamer, if AJ doesn't beat Red Emerald will not happen. Lore has interpreted this as the world being destroyed if he isn't stopped—and given what happened to Red in the previous stream, this is all the Mob's fault.
    • It could alternately be seen as Red destroying the mob, preventing it from infecting any other innocents. AJ's victory just means someone else will be made to suffer.
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  • Depending on your interpretation, Lazor Gator used Cut in memory of his old friend.
  • Do you need a hug, AJ?


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