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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: AJ is either a fight-happy child tortured by the voices with a goal of merely defeating Red or an embittered individual deciding to Kill The Gods of the previous stream and their leader. And some even interpret him as liking being possessed.
    • Red, on the other hand, is thought to either be saving AJ from control of the Mob by beating the voices out of him or to have finally gone off the deep end and kill anyone remotely associated with the voices.
    • This applies to the Mob itself: an Eldritch Abomination hell bent on making children's lives miserable for entertainment a la Drosselmeyer of Princess Tutu, or well-intentioned users who are just as much a part of the ride as the protagonists are?
      • Some have even applied it to the Reasonable Authority Figure Admin themselves, stating that they aren't as reasonable as they might seem.
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    • A the Raticate: Butt-Monkey who was unfairly kept underleveled by AJ, had his chance for redemption with the EXP Share taken away from him, and then was harshly abandoned in the PC? Or The Load who chickened out upon first battling Red and dove into the PC because they didn't want to have to face him again?
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Lord Helix and the other characters from the previous game themselves. One side is trying to force similar characters into this game, whilst the other side just wants to move on and introduce new characters. You can imagine the outrage when the former caught a Pidgey and declared it the second coming of Bird Jesus... There is also a noticeable divide in lore interpretations between those who want to interpret Lord Helix as still being the Big Good and the events of this game as a Batman Gambit by the gods of the previous instalment, and those who prefer the darker, more mortal-centred "No gods or kings only 'mon" version.
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    • The way that Prince Omelette is one, either he's the true Supreme Being, a messenger from Helix, or just a member of the team continuing a Monarchy theme
    • King Leer the Lazorgator. One side loves having a crocodile that shoots lasers from its eyes; the other side believes that he has become overpowered and makes the game boring as a result. They point to the moment in Twitch Plays Pokemon Red when Red lost his starter as the moment when the game started to become interesting. And on yet another side, there are those who love Lazorgator just fine but believe that relying on a single mon to win would come to bite them in the butt, which showed when they fought the Elite Four. The tensions over Lazorgator boiled over during the Night of the 3rd Day, resulting in a spectacular shattering of the fanbase, a nearly hour-long war over the PC, and debate spilling into Reddit, 4Chan, and other chats dedicated to the stream. The stream's gotten 2 badges since this, but still spends hours in Pokemon Centers arguing over the fate of Lasor Gator.
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    • The base breaking eventually became a part of the lore itself, interpreted as the team struggling to carve their own identities and fight back against the Gods of old; i.e. the standard set by the original TPP. For instance...
  • Broken Base:
  • Contested Sequel: To Twitch Plays Pokemon Red. Some are glad the adventure is continuing and will be able to get more of their crowdsourced gaming fix, but others feel that the entire concept is going from "Hey, we beat Pokémon Red!" to becoming a steaming pile of Discredited Memes.
  • Crack Ship: The Girl That Never Was/"..." of Pokemon Lost Silver, based on mutual existence cessation.
  • Discredited Meme: Anything centered around the Helix religion due to "No Kings. No Gods. Only 'Mon." The first game built the meme, the second one tried to kill it. That and many players were sick of people trying to force the old lore into subsequent games, to the point that some players pushed for an Emerald lore where no one is even aware of Helix.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Despite being a Scrappy for any other part of the fandom, The Mob seems to love Trainer Joey, to the point of him becoming meme. So far they have made two detours to visit him, just so that Joey would continue calling AJ.
    • It may have to do with the military theme and or the fact that they were Killer Rabbits at the start but Admiral Sentret's release was met with sadness, fan art and confessions wishing he would stay despite not doing much for the team.
    • The loss of Prince Omlette made the mob realize just how much they had fallen in love with the little egg.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Hooray! The gods are dead! The kings are dethroned! AJ and his team can make their own destiny! But Red, a 14 year old kid, is still stuck on Mt. Silver amidst hostile wild Pokemon, assuming his disappearance after the battle means he didn't die too. He watched his friends die for something they couldn't control. And despite being kidnapped and boxed, according to Mania, Shuckie doesn't seem to want to leave the team. ...Yay?
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: AJ and Joey.
  • Fanfic Fuel: Kris, since she was probably erased from existence by the Reset Button.
  • Goddamn Bats: Defeating Red would be a lot easier if it weren't for Mt. Silver's absurdly high encounter rate.
  • Growing the Beard: Following the release of Lord Omlette, the story began to gradually shift away from trying to re-capture the magic from Twitch Plays Pokémon Red and began to solidify its Rage Against the Heavens identity.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: This image, drawn a whopping three years before the start of TPP Crystal, depicting their version of Ethan/Gold in the aftermath of accidentally killing Red's team.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Look at the first comment.
    • "Starting to think that hats are a symbol of mind control in the TPP verse."
      • Keep in mind, this is before the flood of hat = mind control fan art the next day.
    • The anime at one point featured a Youngster character named AJ.
    • This song.
    • So, the version of Pokemon Crystal being played is a hack that (among other changes) adds in all (at the time) 251 Pokemon. And on top of that, Red's team from the first playthrough was hacked in. In other words, we played a Pokemon double-hack.
    • The mob's declaration that Joey is the "Pokémon Diamond" protagonist becomes hilarious after the Mob's associating him with the Pokégear's phone function.
    • Shuckie was never returned to Mania. AJ was finally able to successfully steal a Pokémon from their trainer.
    • People claimed Feraligatr's overleveling was depriving the rest of the team of experience, though this diminished as the run went on. In the next run, Azumarill reached Level 100 while the rest of the team was barely in its 30s, forcing nearly a week of grinding so everyone else could pull their own weight. At least AJ's team had the Exp.Share and the sense to not throw it out.
    • The Mob wanted to capture Will's Xatu and wasted Poké balls cause of it. In Heartgold, which was randomized, the Shiny Gyaradaos was a Shiny Xatu...which the Mob successfully captured!
    • At one point, the Mob wasted their Master Ball on a Goldeen. In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, there's a chance a Master Ball will release a Goldeen instead of a Legendary Pokémon.
  • Ho Yay: AJ/MC and Joey... maybe.
    • "GUYS WE NEED TO MILK WADE" seems to indicate AJ might have the hots for him.
    • Camper Todd's late night call to AJ.
    Todd: Why don't you show me your technique in a real battle, huh? I'll be waiting on Route 34.
    • They had two male Pokémon (Brian and Hoothoot) in the Daycare together up until they received the 6th badge.
    • Currently there are two female Pokemon (Oxxy and Zubat) in the Daycare.
    • Immediately after teaching Espeon attract, Espeon tried to attract a male Xatu. Fittingly, moments later he was confused.
  • It's Easy, So It Sucks!: A common complaint and argument for releasing the starter. Ironically, the fights have been more difficult, if anything, than the first stream... largely because the team relies too much on their starter. Getting rid of him might balance the team out and make it even easier in the long run.
    • This trope is also levied against the low difficulty of the Gen 2 games. G/S/C are considered unbalanced compared to other generations, making this playthrough even more of a cakewalk. Well, until they hit the Elite Four.
      • This is reinforced by the third playthrough with Emerald having multiple stalls in progress, and despite both of them having an overleveled Water Mon, it took A longer to get 8 badges than it took AJ to get 16.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Burrito has been shipped with pretty much everyone on the team.
  • Memetic Badass: The MC due to his fanon personality. See the Characters page.
    • Lazorgator basically defines this trope, especially after killing Suicune.
    • Prince Omelette was able to pull off some spectacular moves and hold his own despite being a baby.
  • Memetic Mutation: See here.
  • Official Couple: Quite a few, depending on interpretation (i.e., Gator and Katie, Brian and RJ-I), but the one most universally agreed to be canon is AJ and Joey.
  • Recycled in Johto: Many of the memes associated with Crystal are rehashes of memes from the first series, eg, the Togepi Egg being the new Helix Fossil, the new Pidgey being related to Bird Jesus, GUYS WE NEED TO BEAT MISTY becoming GUYS WE NEED TO MILK WADE and so on.
    • Fortunately, as the run of Crystal wore on, it began to grow its own beard and start to distinguish itself from its predecessor. Interestingly, the fact that so many people kept trying to turn it into a rehash of TPP Red actually became a major theme in the lore, as the cast (including the aforementioned Pidgey) suffered identity crises due to being forced into the shadows of the TPP Red cast. One of the biggest shifts in the lore (and a big part of what helped Crystal set itself apart and become independent) occurred when the characters finally decide to seize their own destinies and make their own legends. Currently, some memes are still being recycled, but for the most part Crystal is now much more original.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: While many began to dislike Lazorgator for allegedly making the run too easy (see below), he was met with much more acceptance once the team's levels were spread a bit more evenly.
    • Likewise, Eevee was an Apple of Discord in the first playthrough, and when it evolved into Flareon the Mob dubbed the False Prophet and actively tried to release it. The Eevee in this playthrough evolved into Espeon and was instantly treated as The Heart, a symbol of hope, and the Eevee line's redemption.
  • The Scrappy: By Day 4, the stream had lost tens of thousands of viewers over what it usually had during the first generation, to the point even some of the live updaters were losing interest and not updating any longer. Some people on Reddit and 4chan blamed Lazorgator for being overleveled and hogging all the experience from the other team members, thus making the game too easy.
    • Shuckie, or Shuck Norris, tends to slow down the game a lot at the front of the party due to his abysmal attacking power.
    • Raticate A during the Elite 4 run, due to being the least skilled member of the team, having mainly Normal-type moves, and often being OHKO'd. The Onix "Solid Snake" was in a similar situation, but was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap by evolving to Steelix and learning some new moves.
  • Shipping: Much more than the previous adventure, and not caused by the new breeding or attract mechanics like you'd expect. AJ is shipped with any trainer he gives his phone number to (but Joey more so than any of the others).
    • One True Pairing: About 80% of the fandom agree that AJ is in a legitimate relationship with Joey. How seriously he takes it is up for debate.
    • Love Triangle: Depending on the fan, Katie is either in a relationship with LazorGator or Brian, either as fellow reptilian creatures or fellow fliers. The debate continues as to whom she'll ultimately end up with.
      • Katie's been paired up with every other member of the core team by some interpretations. Onix/Steelix was believed by a few to be harboring secret affections stemming from when she was a Dragonair (again, the somewhat compatible physique is noticeable), and Espeon, being associated with love, was paired with her and everyone else.
  • That One Boss: Silver is actually a challenge (especially when compared to Blue), mostly because of his Gastly/Haunter.
    • Morty for the same reasons as Silver but Up to Eleven with the ghosts.
    • Koga, due to his poison moves and explosions.
    • Karen has Gengar, made even worse as it has Destiny Bond along with Curse. In general, more Standard Status Effects moves and better AI have made this Elite Four harder than before.
    • And, naturally, Pokémon Trainer Red. His lead is none other than a level 81 Zapdos, which alone is capable of wiping out the entire team, since the only Pokémon of a high enough level to actually beat him is weak to Electric attacks and the team has to go all the way through Mt Silver to even reach him in the first place.
  • That One Level: Route 29. First route in the game and a maze of ledges.
    • Morty's Gym is a nightmare to the Mob. First of all, the Gym itself contains an invisible narrow pathway with turns on it, making it impossible to navigate in Anarchy. Second is the fact that he uses Ghost-type Pokémon, which has proven time and time again to be really hard to deal with. Thirdly, a Gengar with Curse, Hypnosis and Dream Eater who can stone-wall ANYTHING AJ can throw at him. In fact, Ecruteak Gym has earned its own nickname: "The Elite Floor".
    • Ice Path. Because of the Mob's lack of coordination, the sliding and strength puzzles proved to be a mighty obstacle.
    • Victory Road. In a normal playthrough, it would be the easiest Victory Road in the series with no Trainers or block puzzles to deal with. But in this playthrough, whiting out here means they go all the way back to Johto, and it takes a long time to return to Kanto. Not to mention Silver awaits at the end.
    • And once again, the ledge below the Viridian City Gym. And this time the mob has to wait an hour before Democracy mode kicks, making it frustruating for players who wish for democracy to quickly enter the gyme like in Red.
    • Mt. Silver. Not only does it have a quite high encounter rate, making it difficult to keep the team healthy before they go up against Red, but the first room is also PITCH BLACK unless Flash is used, which is difficult to activate in itself.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: A more streamlined version of anarchy was experimented with, which took inputs for a half-second at a time and chose one at random. Democrats hated it because it replaced democracy, and Anarchists hated it because they thought it was too much like democracy. The old system was put back soon afterward, though this system is different from the one in Red and thus not very popular.
    • Some people, especially in the first days, expressed disappointment that the stream is using a modified game rather than the original, detracting from the authentic feeling of the project. (Most have accepted it by now, however.)
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: It was a struggle to reach Red at the summit when half of the team alive at all, so it's not as if this could be easily avoided, but one unfortunate consequence of the climax was that Brian never got to face off against Bird Jesusnote , despite Katie and Lazor Gator taking out their rivals ATV and Lord Helix.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Despite Kris/The Girl That Never Was' above mention as Fan Fic Fuel, she has little lore surrounding her with the most concrete lore being that she's either from another timeline or she just plain never happened.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Compared to the playthrough of Pokémon Red, there hasn't been quite as much excitement and story-building for Crystal, though the story has developed into a meta-commentary on being a Tough Act to Follow.
  • True Art Is Angsty: A growing subset of viewers want to release Feraligatr and some other random team members, because the stream is supposedly boring without epic massacres and tragic deaths. As Prince Omelette was released in a following "Gator War", they may have gotten their wish.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Sometimes the second Hoothoot caught is referred to as Hootigi when the male Hoothoot is being referred to as Hootio, despite actually being female.
    • Eevee / Espeon is often thought of as female by many in the Mob, despite being male. Part of it is him being The Chick of the team.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: Thinking about how Lazergator is stability and how stale (not entertaining) it is with him around and how the mob wants to release/get rid of him...
    • Coincidentally, their reasoning for releasing Lazergator is the same reasons people were Anti-Democracy in Gen 1.
  • Win Back the Crowd: The confrontation with Red's modified team from the first stream won back many viewers.
  • The Woobie: This interpretation of Lazorgator.


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