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The birth of a new legend.
  • The mob got the female protagonist they wanted after multiple soft resets.
  • After hours of wasting our balls on trying to steal other people's Pokemon, A ended up catching a Nincada, an Abra, and a Poochena in quick succession.
    • The Abra in particular is a feat in and of itself, since most players have trouble catching Abras even on purpose, so it's left several players who came in late wondering... how?!
  • The previous protagonists were used by the Mob, this time A will be using them.
  • A used the last of her money to buy 3 Poké Balls to help against Roxanne. After catching two Poochyenas, she finally caught a Marill... which was immediately placed in the PC. And considering that the month anniversary of Bloody Sunday is nigh...
    • In defiance of the above, although A spent a significant part of the day interacting with the PC and shifting her party around, not a single Pokemon was released on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday. In fact, since it seems that A was simply choosing to use all of her Pokemon equally, the day was dubbed Lovely Sunday by some parts of the fandom.
  • Not only did the Mob manage to grind Marill to Level 10 and teach it Water Gun, but they managed to successfully switch Water Gun into the first move slot in just two minutes after.
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  • The Mob defeated Roxanne with their Marill.
  • After struggling with Roxanne for so long, Brawly was beaten relatively quickly.
  • Despite the ever-present B-spammers, Marill finally evolved into Azumarill on Day 3.
  • Azumarill tanked two Sparks and a Self Destruct in a battle with Wattson.
  • A withdrew Poochenya from the Daycare. Said Poochenya is now Level 29.
  • A's Resolve.
  • While grinding for Wattson, Nincada reached level 20 and evolved on the first try. Plus, there was a space left for a Shedinja. Despite all the efforts of the trolls, bots and other griefers, the Hivemind prevailed.
  • A caught a fifth Poochyena that kept attacking moves.
  • The A is for Awesome.
  • After the disaster that was Zexy's release, Wattson finally got defeated... with Shedinja, who is commonly accepted to contain Zexy's soul, being the last mon standing. Shedinja was even paralyzed, but refused to give up.
    • Azumarill unleashed a fifth Rollout (480 power!) and defeated Magneton in one hit before fainting.
  • A caught a Seviper, a Zubat, a Spinda and a Torkoal and evolved Abra into Kadabra.
  • The battle against Maxie was one for both Maxie and A.
    • Maxie managed to reduce a level 41 Azumarill to red health and force her to switch out with a level 24 Mightyena. Even better, the hyena used the strategy of lowering accuracy with Sand Attack, harkening back to Red's Pidgeot.
    • When Azumarill came back in as the last Pokemon and all hope seemed lost, she finally managed to use Rollout, survived a bite even at her critically low health, and blasted through Maxie's other two Pokemon in one hit each, saving the stream from having to redo the arduous climb up Mount Chimney again.
  • Kadabra beating a trainer all on his own. Especially awesome considering the two Slugmas he defeated were both higher leveled than him and the fact he did it with exactly 1 HP left. "Good Abra" indeed!
  • M4 did it again at the Lavaridge Gym, sweeping Flannery with a series of Rollouts. She then defeated Norman with Rollout, winning with only 18 HP left.
  • After days without progress, A FINALLY defeated Maxie at the Magma Hideout.
  • In the Aqua Hideout, M4 defeated a Zubat while paralyzed, confused, at 2 HP, after flinching in the previous round.
  • With 8 health left, Mightyena took down an Aqua Grunt's Pokemon after everyone else had fainted.
  • A defeated the Magma and Aqua Hideouts within 2 days and made fast tracks to Mossdeep, and defeated Liza and Tate with M4 at 1 HP. She then beat Maxie and Tabitha under the same conditions.
  • A dared to go fishing right next to Groudon and Kyogre, who were drying up/flooding the world.
  • The Mob voted for Democracy, then used it to great effect by putting M4 in the back and evolving Oddish and Tentacool into Vileplume and Tentacruel.
    • They later used it to register the Bike to the Select button and teach the following moves: Sludge Bomb to Vileplume, Ice Beam to Tentacruel, and Strength to Mightyena.
    • Later on, Democracy was used again within Sootopolis City to teach 2 Machine moves: Giga Drain (TM19) to Vileplume, and Waterfall (HM07) to Tentacruel.
  • Amidst all of the diving and resurfacing, the fact that the Mob got A to enter Sootopolis City's entrance twice (which requires the player to dive and resurface at certain areas) in Anarchy Mode (the first time was to primarily witness the "Groudon vs. Kyogre" event and navigate the Cave of Origin, and the second time was to witness the "Rayquaza's Descent" event and eventually challenge the Trainers of Sootopolis Gym).
    • In addition, the triggering of the "Rayquaza's Descent" cutscene itself (which many viewers had been waiting to see for a long time), at which point the chat practically went ballistic.
  • Post-Sky Pillar's "Rayquaza awakening": A backtracking from Mauville City, detouring to Route 123 (south of Mt. Pyre) to grab TM19, Giga Drain (merely talking to the lady that gives out the TM was a feat in itself); managing to avoid all of the nasty ledges on Route 123 (which would have meant more backtracking from Mauville again), surfing back up to Route 121 to enter Lilycove City, making her way back to the general vicinity of Sootopolis for the second time, and entering Sootopolis from underwater for the second time, eventually culminating in the aforementioned "Rayquaza's Descent" cutscene.
    • The fact that, approximately after the time period of grabbing TM19 and revisiting Lilycove City, A and her team managed to make it from Lilycove to Sootopolis City with most of the party unconscious save for Vileplume and a paralyzed Azumarill. And when Azumarill was the only conscious Pokémon in the party, A managed to enter Sootopolis Gym and had Azumarill (with a paltry 7 Hit Points remaining) take down a Level 40 Luvdisc via Critical Hit. In a strange inversion of "awesomeness", this sequence of events was capped by Beauty Connie's foe Goldeen (possibly dredging up legends of the past) knocking out Azumarill with a Horn Attack. And in the subsequent rematch against Beauty Connie, Tentacruel sought vengeance and knocked out the foe Goldeen with a series of Dive usages, the last Dive ending up as a Critical Hit.
    • And the white-out delivered by Beauty Connie's Goldeen could qualify as well - rather than being sent back all the way to Mauville City's Pokémon Center (as many had feared, since no other Pokémon Centers had been used afterwards for healing prior to Rayquaza's Descent), A fortunately was returned to Sootopolis City's Pokémon Center instead.
  • Sootopolis Gym and its Elite Floor has been completed in a matter of hours. It's scary how competent the mob can be.
  • The Mob had spent several hours debating the proper thing to do at the Elite 4. Which included a trip to the PC to deposit XX. But when a faction seeking to retrieve XX took them to the PC in Anarchy, the Mob's resulting "nope" walked A straight out of the Center, down the road, and almost all the way into Victory Road.
  • A caught a Hariyama, nicknamed Annie, who the Mob quickly took to.
  • At 15d 4h 30m, M4 the Azumarill became the first Pokemon in Twitch Plays Pokemon history to reach level 100, from being caught at level 5.
  • While trying to purposely white out, the Mob made it to the battle with Drake. They tried to use a Hyper Potion between battles, but couldn't... and during the battle they managed to use it anyway.
  • The Mob made it to Wallace thrice.
  • 5 minutes before the timer ran out, the Mob fought Sidney and made it halfway through his team in those 5 minutes, losing only one Pokémon.
  • The time limit has reached 0:00:00, but the Admin saves the day by extending the time limit and delaying the start of the Pokémon FireRed stream.
  • One for Brendan: "I replaced the clock in Bill's lab."
  • Vileplume learned the move Petal Dance, and the move Shadow Ball was taught to Mightyena.
  • Upon leveling up to Level 55 (at the time 19d 16h 41m) and learning the move Reversal (overwriting the move SmellingSalt in the process), Annie the Hariyama proceeded to handily make short work of Sidney's Cacturne and Crawdaunt with its newly-learned technique.
  • At the time 19d 17h 41m, under Democracy Mode, after setting Brick Break as the into the first slot move in Hariyama's moveset menu for strategic and practical purposes, the chat actually took the time to turn on something as minor/inconsequential (arguably) as battle animations of Pokémon Emerald Version, serving as a testament to the amazing graphics of the game.
  • Around 19d 17h 55m (succeeding a concerted effort to re-order the position of Annie the Hariyama's Brick Break move into the first slot of Annie's moveset menu), A challenges Sidney. Despite having its Attack stat lowered by Sidney's Mightyena's Intimidate Ability, Annie Brick-Breaks the Mightyena into oblivion. Sidney sends out Shiftry next, who Annie whittles to low Hit Points. The sudden survival gives Shiftry the chance to use Swagger on Annie, which raises Annie's Attack by 2 stages but confuses Annie in the process as well. Annie shrugs it off and proceeds to cleanly knock out Shiftry (despite a Full Restore), Absol, Cacturne, and Crawdaunt with just one use of Brick Break each (with Annie only hurting herself once as the Random Number Generator forsakes her). The match culminates in Annie the Hariyama gaining enough Experience Points to be promoted to Level 56; the chat subsequently rejoices.
    • Even better, the aforementioned events mean that Sidney's Pokémon didn't touch Annie once (with the only damage received being self-inflicted by Annie herself), and that for once, A can proceed to Phoebe's room with the whole team conscious and intact.
    • The best of this battle is that Hariyama is now strong enough to one-shot Shiftry, meaning Intimidate no longer hinders it.
  • In general, the Elite Four run that ended around the time of 19d 18h 48m, where A finally succumbed to Drake's Dragon-type Pokémon. Standouts included Annie the Hariyama using Brick Break and Reversal where appropriate (against Sidney and Glacia, respectively), the whole team getting past Sidney relatively unscathed, and GJ the Tentacruel managing to go solo and taking out a good portion of Drake's team (even when the chat desperately wanted to switch to M4 the Azumarill to get the job done). Still, The Determinator A pushes onwards.
    begman (Emerald live-update thread, at 19d 18h 50m): Seriously though, that was a very hope-inducing run. We've got a lot of heart, and will keep moving forward.
  • During the Sidney battle that occurred at 19d 19h 1m, Annie the Hariyama gets her Accuracy lowered by Mightyena and confused via Shiftry's Swagger. Shiftry also manages to pull off 2 uses of Double Team (boosting evasiveness by two stages) and narrowly survives a few of Annie's attacks, much to A's dismay. Despite these nefarious tactics, Annie pulls through and sweeps Sidney's team yet again, attaining Level 57 during the same battle.
  • Around 19d 19h 56m, despite some aggravating repetitive use of the move Double Team by Sidney's Shiftry, with some Swagger uses thrown in for extra measure, Mightyena manages to dispatch of the leafy foe, tenaciously trouncing it.
  • With the Phoebe battle that concluded at 19d 20h 7m, Tentacruel (after being switched into battle) manages to single-handedly pwn all of Phoebe's Ghost-type team with a combination of the Water-type moves Surf and Dive.
    • In the subsequent battle against Glacia (beginning at 19d 20h 8m), Annie the Hariyama Brick-Breaks most of Glacia's team save for Walrein. As Annie faints due to Walrein's attack, 5'7" the Graveler is switched into battle (who has a quadruple weakness to Water-type moves and is doubly susceptible to Ice-type moves). Instead of mercilessly falling prey to water, Graveler manages to outspeed Walrein and finishes it off with a stunning Rock Blast, with the first of the 2 total hits being a Critical Hit.
  • A made it all the way to Wallace's Milotic and only lost because M4's Rollout missed.
  • In the battle against Phoebe that concluded at 19d 21h 41m, M4 successfully landed four Rollouts in a row while confused, and then snapped out of confusion on the next turn.
  • At 20d 0h 43m, Annie the Hariyama secured a Flawless Victory by completely sweeping Sidney's team without taking any damage (the first time that the team was able to proceed to Phoebe totally unscathed, at least in terms of Hit Points). Even better, when Shiftry, the one foe that was allowed to act, used Double Team, Annie responded with a Brick Break that was accompanied by a Critical Hit!
  • At 20d 0h 50m, after 2 Petal Dances, Vileplume manages to survive Phoebe's Sableye's Night Shade assault with 4 Hit Points left. Vileplume gets switched out for M4 the Azumarill, who takes down the rest of Phoebe's team. During that particular match against Phoebe, 5/6 of the party members survived, with Mightyena (who managed to knock out Phoebe's Level 48 Dusclops and a Banette) being the only Pokémon that fainted during battle.
  • At 20d 1h 0m, Glacia's Glalie manages to set up a futile Light Screen, with Annie laughing it off and not only breaking said Special-Defending wall (via the move Brick Break), but doing so in glorious Critical Hit fashion!
  • At 20d 3 45m, Annie the Hariyama swept not one but two of the Elite Four's teams, Sidney's and Glacia, with a 1-Hit-KO Brick Break each, all without dropping below 50% HP.
  • The run that started at 20d 10h 13m. The Mob reached Wallace with 3 team members still at full health(Vileplume, Graveler and Tentacruel)and heavily damaged M4 and was closer to winning than ever. First, Cabbage nearly defeated Wailord and managed to drain Wallace's Full Restores; then, M4 rolled through Ludicolo, Tentacruel and Milotic before Whiscash stopped her, then 5'7'' hit five times with Rock Blast, and finally, GJ faced Wallace's last Mon, Gyarados... before falling to critical Earthquake.
  • Spirits were generally low after a failed run that everyone believed would be "teh urn." Right-spammers kept trying to waste Full Restores, which everyone allowed to happen. Then Annie, a Fighting type reserved for Glacia goes down to Phoebe. So what does 5'7" (Five Seve N) do to Glacia? She SINGLE-HANDEDLY sweeps her ENTIRE TEAM, with the final blow being a full 5-hit Rock Blast, no less.
  • It's time to burn!
  • By defeating Sidney and Glacia at 20d 13h 22m and 20d 13h 38m, respectively, Annie the Hariyama secures a stunning double Flawless Victory within one run for the first time, with all of A's party members emerging from the Glacia battle conscious as A proceeded to face Drake!
  • At 20d 21h 56m, with three hours to spare, M4 Moe steamrolled Wallace's Gyarados, defeating Wallace and finishing the game.
    • In the same battle, Mighty Doge took on Wailord, dodged several Blizzards in a row, forced Wallace to use a Full Restore, and fainted after damaging Wailord enough for M4 to one-shot it.
    • Ludicolo managed to survive a Rollout and get off a Double Team. It didn't save him.
    • M4's first Rollout ran out just as Whiscash came out, and she started a new roll. Whiscash is capable of resisting Rollout and destroying M4 quite handily with Earthquake. However, M4's Rollouts hit Whiscash so hard it forgot all its attacking moves, being stuck using Amnesia over and over.
  • For Twitch Plays Pokemon FireRed, the mob selected another female protagonist. Her name? A.


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