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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald

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4,000 people playing one game of Pokémon Emerald got a Master Ball, couldn't keep it, and wasted it on a freaking Team Aqua Grunt's Zubat within 10 minutes.Note 
  • Within a single second of starting, the stream crashed.
  • At this point the mob has managed to soft reset three times, deleting the characters /', Camila and T. The streamer eventually had to disable the Select button.
  • The Twitch chat itself got torn to pieces several times, forcing the stream to be paused. Which then caused riots, making the chat have it even worse…
  • It took an hour and 10 minutes for the Mob to find and enter Brendan's house. In a tiny town with just three buildings.
  • In fails unrelated to the stability of the game, the Mob took an hour and fifteen minutes just to get to the point of the game where they would select a starter Pokémon. Once they were able to chose a Pokémon though the chat spammed A and selected Torchic.
    • Double the fail, as the huge push in the week leading up to Emerald was to select Treecko due to its status as Grass Type (last two gens used Fire and Water respectively), Green Color (matching the color Emerald), and generally overlooked nature.
      • To be fair, Treecko is also a double-edged sword - given the Mob's erratic tendencies when learning moves, combined with the fact that it learns many non-offensive moves, it could end up being utterly useless.
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  • A whited out after two wild Poochyena encounters - failing to get past the very short first route of the game - because in the second encounter Zexy would do nothing but use Growl over and over until he fainted.
  • The mob wasted 4 of their 5 free Pokéballs in trainer battles. They used the last one on a wild Wurmple, the only Pokémon in the area that none of them wanted to catch. It broke free, and then it knocked out Torchic.
  • Once again, the starter mon was incapable of evolving in a timely manner. Level 38 - twenty two levels after it would evolve normally - and still got released as a Torchic. Serves as a double Epic Fail because the first gym is Rock and therefore is somewhat strong against Torchic and its Fire type. If it evolved on time, it would have learned Double Kick and therefore have a Fighting Super Effective attack against the Gym. And to add insult to injury, even if he wasn't released, reaching level 36 meant Zexy's signature move - Blaze Kick - was lost for good, unless he'd somehow get to the Move Tutor.
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  • A's entire team utterly lost a double battle against two level 8 Pokémon (by comparison, Zexy was level 18, the other three were level 6/7), in no small part because the team attacked each other more often than the enemy.
  • They spend the last of their money on Poké Balls, intending to catch a Water and/or Grass type. They eventually do manage to catch a Marill... problem is that they caught two Poochyenas immediately before that, resulting in their best chance of beating Roxanne being sent to the PC.
  • Upon heading to the PC to retrieve their Marill, the mob managed to deposit everything, and now they're running around with only the Marill. Ironically enough, this happened on the eve of the one-month anniversary of Bloody Sunday.
  • Every time the mob needs to use a Pokemon Center, due to the layout of the center in Gen III, they'll inevitably end up missing the desk and getting stuck in either the left or right corner of the building, or in front of the PC. And then when they try to go down + left/right, they'll overdo it and run straight out of the center and possibly into another building.
    • Bonus points for getting stuck in front of the PC. The stream will be filled with B-spam for a minute as people panic and try to run, so even when they do manage to go up and talk to Nurse Joy, they'll cancel out of her heal dialog.
  • It gets better. While trying to heal Marill and Dogeyena after a grind session, the mob managed to deposit both of them while being stuck at the PC. They narrowly avoided releasing Marill by like two down pushes, and it is now Bloody Sunday. On the plus side, Marill is now healed.
  • In a second attempt at the PC - now on Bloody Sunday - the mob withdraws a bunch of Pokemon, not including Marill, then deposits all of them, including Zexy. The mob is left with a Nincada.
    • Marill is finally retrieved and every other Pokemon ends up back in the PC. Again.
  • In another attempt to heal Marill and create a save point at the Rustboro Pokemon Center, they deposit Marill again and withdraw two Poochyena.
  • After finally defeating Roxanne, Marill leveled up and learned Rollout, replacing Water Gun.
  • Rustboro City and its surroundings prove to be so difficult to navigate that the Mob has been unable to leave Roxanne's city for any longer amount of time.
  • A double battle against a pair of trainers possessing only level 14 Minuns and Plusles turned into a disaster when Marill unintentionally targeted Nincada with Rollout, eventually wiping it, and then one-shotting Torchic when he came out. Nincada had previously Leech Lifed one of the Poochyenas to death, and the other fell to the opponents. Marill eventually became paralyzed, and rather than continuing to Rollout, switched to status attacks, until she finally fell to the last Plusle's Quick Attack.
    • The whole thing was made even more embarrassing because the AI kept spamming Helping Hand half the time, rather than any damaging attacks. There was ample opportunity to end the battle, but status attacks and paralysis killed any hope of success.
  • The Mob used a Rare Candy on Zexy in order to make him evolve. Not only did he fail to evolve again due to B spamming, he also failed to learn Slash.
  • A three hour PC scramble in an attempt to deposit the Poochyenas in the party led to much frustration, especially considering at the end of the struggle the party was still half dog.
  • Zexy forgot Ember in favor of Mirror Move, meaning that the one move that could reliably deal with Magneton is now gone.
  • A withdrew Poochyena from the Daycare, who is now Level 29 and knows no damaging moves.
  • A found a Pokeball on the ground...and immediately caught a fifth Poochyena.
  • On the fourth day, while attempting to get all of the powerful Pokemon out of the PC, Zexy was released.
  • A has tossed the EXP Share without ever giving it to a single Pokemon.
  • After much effort, A finally boarded the cable car for a long trip up to Mount Chimney... And then immediately got on it again and went back down.
  • On Day 8, while trying to grind Wingull in the Daycare to learn Surf, the Mob dragged A to the PC, deposited Kadabra at the Day Care, and shuffled the party around multiple times. Their coveted Trapinch turned out to be useless in battle, making part of the reason why it happened completely pointless.
  • A entered 2 Cool Contests and came in last place both times; in the first she didn't score a single point.
  • A created level 10 and 11 Pokeblocks with 19-23 feel. To put this in perspective, level 9 was often thought to be as low as the Pokeblock levels could go, and big feel numbers mean the block is very hard. So what we have is a previously incomprehensibly bad tasting Pokeblock that goes down worse than sandpaper embedded with razors.
  • A, not used to actually having money, spent most of Day 9 spending virtually all of her money entering and then exiting the Safari zone (sometimes within a few seconds). But after spending nearly 10,000 pokedollars (and would have spent even more, but the guards finally began rejecting her when she didn't have any more with her), she ended up with 29 Oddish (cuing jokes in the chat that A spent $10,000 on ''weed'')
  • A whited out just steps away from Maxie with a team that included a Level 67 Water-type Pokemon... versus fire-themed grunts and mostly rock-type random encounters.
  • M4 was beaten by a Geodude... with Rollout.
  • A managed to battle Maxie, but M4 fainted! The only hope was a Max Revive.. and the Mob was able to use it somehow! On Graveler. Which promptly self-destructed. And thus A whited out shortly thereafter.
  • Within ten minutes of acquiring the Master Ball, after it was nearly used on an Electrode, it is wasted on an Team Aqua Grunt's Zubat.
  • On the first attempt on Sootopolis Gym's ice puzzle in Democracy Mode, A completed the first section upstairs but overshot at some point in the second section, at which point the run switched back to Anarchy Mode and many people in the chat were like "Welp, see ya guys in an hour!"Note 
  • While waiting for Democracy to be voted in, A has twice now wandered into the Elite 4 fights and rendered the Democracy vote moot.
  • While leveling up their pokemon, the mob accidently replaced Graveler's Rollout with Explosion, essentially making it useless. Luckily, it was overwritten not long afterward with Strength.
  • A few hours later Hariyama forgot Earthquake for Endure. The former being a one-time-only TM move, and its best attack. It even had another TM move, Hidden Power, which they could have easily re-learned. But no, the mob had to choose Earthquake.
  • The mob encountered a Shiny Chinchou with no Pokeballs and were forced to kill it.
  • The Mob made it to Wallace after countless attempts, but the only Pokemon she had was a severely wounded M4, who was promptly defeated by Wailord. Even worse, the only move M4 used was Rock Smash.
  • While fighting Phoebe, Doge deleted Bite for Take Down, at once removing the only move it could use against her Ghosts and replacing it with a weaker version of a move it already had.
  • The Mob splurged to buy Revives, Hyper Potions, and Full Restores... and used almost all of them in one battle with Glacia. The Full Restores were used on Vileplume.
  • The Mob failed to beat the game during the original three-day timer. But the Streamer reset it, all while berating the players for their failure.
  • After an extra day of grinding and better moves, the Mob somehow did WORSE than when they only had M4 and GJ.
  • During the battle against Glacia around 20d 1h 1m, despite having a myriad of Fighting-type moves in tow to dispatch of Ice-type Pokémon, Annie the Hariyama is stopped in her tracks by the Frozen condition (inflicted by a Glalie's Ice Beam), losing Hit Points and eventually fainting due to a combination of Ice-type attacks from an opposing Glalie and the weather condition of hail.
  • During the battle against Elite Four Drake around 20d 1h 14m, M4 the Azumarill misses two consecutive Rollouts against Salamence, who at the time was Drake's last Pokémon.
  • At 20d 1h 21m, Tentacruel (at 7 Hit Points remaining) manages to strike Champion Wallace's Gyarados with the quadruply-effective Electric-type Hidden Power, but Gyarados still manages to survive with very low Hit Points and proceeds to knock Tentacruel out with a well-placed Surf.
  • At 20d 6h 48m With 1HP, the Mob pull back Mighty Doge and send in Cabbage, who is under leveled and extremely vulnerable to Flying-type moves, against Altaria. Unsurprisingly, it goes down pretty quickly, making the switch pointless.
  • Tentacruel facing off Whiscash would have been a walk in the park, but in an attempt to use Surf, the Mob selected Electric-type Hidden Power several times, which has no effect on Whiscash due to being part Ground-type.
  • The Mob came the closest it had ever gotten to defeating Wallace. Victory was within their grasp...and then they used Surf instead of Hidden Power to take out Gyarados, giving it enough time to Dragon Dance twice and kill Tentacruel with a super-effective, critical hit Earthquake.