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  • The countdown to Twitch Plays Emerald comes to an end... and promptly freezes. Cue the rioting.
  • The mob's struggle to have a female protagonist despite the game restarting four times. During Professor Birch's speech, there was much spamming of the "down" command so that, when Birch asks for the player's gender, "GIRL" would be quickly selected.
    • The first time, they successfully chose a female protagonist... and promptly named her " /'" (which led to the mob nicknaming her "Slasha").
    • During the third attempt, the mob accidentally created a male protagonist named T (or "Mr. T", as nicknamed by the mob). In response, the mob erupted in riots.
    • The name the female protagonist finally gets? A. A One-Letter Name.
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  • Commence Operation Set The Clock. Could also double as an Epic Fail, seeing as how long it took the Mob to accomplish it...
  • And after finally getting Torchic, beating the Zigzagoon, and getting to name it... the Mob ended up calling it ___ZYYXYY. How do we even pronounce that, no one knows.
    • Ziksy?
    • The Mob agreed on "Zexy" for Torchic.
    • When in Petalburg Woods, Torchic, with only 3 health left, encountered a wild Wurmple. Rather than run or defeat it, the Mob told Torchic to use Growl. The Wurmple then used Tackle... and took only 2 HP off of Torchic. Then unfortunately Torchic used Growl again.
  • A filling out the questionnaire.
  • Someone's been taking lessons:
    "Are you, like, a crazy person?"
    "I'm quite sure they will say so."
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  • The Adventures of A and Zexy.
  • The Mob decide to use the last of A's money to buy some Poke Balls and catch a Pokemon which would be useful against the gym leader. After catching two Poochyena, they finally succeed in catching a Marill...which is promptly deposited in the PC.
    • And then everyone but Marill was in the PC for a time.
  • The Mob accidentally told Nincada to use Cut while standing in tall grass, removing several patches. The chat went insane.
  • A getting a phone call from her dad on a boat stopped it midvoyage.
  • Renaming Nincada. At first they forgot to input anything, causing it the Name Rater to declare: "Its new name is Nincada!" The third time they named it ".TT". What did the Mob decided this meant? TITTY.
  • Losing a double battle against level 14 Plusles and Minuns. Including Marill one-shotting Zexy with a powered up Rollout.
  • After finally getting the party sorted and having a space for when .TT evolves and the mob gets a Shedinja, A decided to use her last Pokéball on a fourth Poochyena, filling up the space that Shedinja was planned to take.
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  • Both Team Aqua and Team Magma like dogs like A does.
  • The one thing Teams Magma and Aqua agree on.
  • During a battle with a Trainer, A had only Dotty the Nincada left, who had been reduced to 1 HP during the previous fight with a Tentacool. The trainer sent out a WAILMER certain to flatten our weakened bug... except it instead used Splash. Which does absolutely nothing. For three turns until it used Rollout and fainted Dotty.
  • In the wake of Zexy's release came this.
  • Operation Grind Oddish.
  • A going up and down the cable cars.
  • A now has seven Poochyenas (and an Electrike for affirmative action).
  • Wattson trusts A and the Mob about New Mauville.
  • A entered 2 Cool Contests and came in last place both times; in the first she didn't score a single point.
  • A created level 10 and 11 Pokeblocks with 19-23 feel. To put this in perspective, level 9 was often thought to be as low as the Pokeblock levels could go, and big feel numbers mean the block is very hard. So what we have is a previously incomprehensibly bad tasting Pokeblock that goes down worse than sandpaper embedded with razors.
    • Did A feed the Pokeblock to a Pokemon? If so, then that means A probably force-fed the block to the poor bastard of a pokemon.
  • A caught seventeen Oddish in the Safari Zone, making 18 total counting the one that was released. They also captured a Gloom to lead them. The event has been called Bendy Sunday or Cabbage Sunday, and the group is known as the Cabbagepatch.
    • That number would later go up to twenty-nine Oddish. The Progress Document devoted TWO-AND-A-HALF PAGES to Oddish.
    • One stream watcher had the idea that A wants to become an Oddish farmer after beating the league, this would certainly explain the 29 Oddish and the Poochyenas (guard dogs?)
  • A, on Safari Sunday, caught an Oddish named "Aarf". The chat instantly went nuts with it.
    • On the same day, Virgin Marril/M4/Azumarill is once again deposited in the PC.
  • A caught a female Wobbuffet with a male symbol in her name.
    • There was a theory that it was asking if Abba Jesus was male.
  • Pikachu's cunning disguise.
  • A completely ignored Archie stealing a submarine in favor of going to the Trick House.
  • After making a "Level 10, Feel 23" Green Pokéblock, A fed it to 5'7'' the Graveler (making it "smarter", at least in terms of Contest Condition). Maybe it'll stop self-destructing at the first sight of a foe?
  • Within ten minutes of acquiring the Master Ball, after it was nearly used on an Electrode, it is wasted on a Team Aqua Grunt's Zubat.
    • This remark about the event's irony (the game's message when Poké Balls are used on Trainer-owned Pokémon, juxtaposed with Team Aqua's actions):
    TorchicBlaziken: "Don't be a thief!" After their organization stole a submarine...
  • When A accidentally approached a PC in Mossdeep, the entire Mob's collective "NOPE!" could be heard: the chat lagged, the game lagged, and a flood of Bs and downs led A out of the Pokémon Center, out of the city, and towards the ocean.
  • Archie was defeated, but summoned Kyogre to flood the world. Steven told A to meet him at Sootopolis City... but she went fishing instead.
  • The Wallace Inquisition - A getting trapped in a But Thou Must! for several minutes with Wallace about the location of Rayquaza, as the Mob alleged that the old lady was lying to Wallace when she didn't mention that it was in Mt. Pyre.
  • A continued fishing right in front of Groudon and Kyogre.
  • A's repetitive diving and surfacing/re-surfacing in numerous bodies of water. She can't seem to make up her mind!
  • Steven, Wallace, Archie, and Maxie all watch in amazement as A saves the entire Pokémon world. Then they continue to watch her zoom around on her bike.
  • The first two battles in Sootopolis Gym: In the first battle, A's Level 82 Azumarill narrowly gets knocked out by a Luvdisc but manages to pull a win. In the second battle, Azumarill gets knocked out by none other than Beauty Connie's Goldeen, bringing back memories of a certain adventure.
  • On the first attempt on Sootopolis Gym's ice puzzle in Democracy Mode, A completed the first section upstairs but overshot at some point in the second section upstairs, at which point the run switched back to Anarchy Mode and many people in the chat were like "Welp, see ya guys in an hour!"Note 
  • M4 reached level 100... and ran from a wild Whismur.
  • The Mob made it to Wallace after countless attempts, but the only Pokemon she had was a severely wounded M4, who was promptly defeated by Wailord. Even worse, the only move M4 used was Rock Smash.
  • Bill's reactions to the timer delay.
  • "OPEN THE BALL, LANETTE!" - the story of why the timer was reset.
  • Game is finally cleared, the Mob celebrates while the credits roll... and the stream crashes. Cue the rioting.
  • During the final fight against Wallace, M4 starts winding up Rollout against Whiscash, who uses Amnesia. For three turns. Some fans interpreted this as M4 hitting Whiscash so hard that Whiscash suffered brain damage.
  • During the Dogz Fashion intermission, we get to hear what the omnipresent, supposedly evil voices sound like...through Microsoft Sam. The end result sounds eerily familiar to Moonbase Alpha's meme-spawning run.


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