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Fridge Brilliance

  • After reading some complaints that "Brenda" would be actively denying what would be considered logical, I came to the conclusion that the idea of "Brenda" could possibly be the idea that any plan with no logic attached to it cannot fail because the results of each step won't have any effect on the plan as a whole.
  • Some say that some of the Ret-Gone protagonists were siblings A murdered in a fit of rage in order to get rid of them. Suddenly A's given name makes sense.
    • Her full name, Camila A. Slash, also adds to this.
  • Fire is traditionally the tool of anarchy, and what did A do as soon as she was given the choice for her starter? Completely ignore the will of the Mob (who wanted the Grass starter) and grab Torchic.
  • On a slightly meta level, our heroes this time around are A and Zexy. There could be a connection to a certain king from 3000 years ago...
  • The female Poochyena is the highest leveled of the lot. In hyena society, the females lead the packs.
  • In lore, characters in charge of the various PCs of the region are regarded as puppet masters. The Mob, supposedly a vicious entity, tends to use PCs to control the various protagonists. Even the Admin can be seen as an equivalent to Bill- they are the ones who set the system up and let it run its course on the unwitting protagonists.
  • In a meta sense, the fact that A doesn't really have a canon personality. A's thought to be an anarchist first and foremost; of course she won't act according to any one user's interpretation.
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  • If an Absol were successfully caught, retrieving it would likely involve using the PC, which could end in tragedy again. Absol are well-known for heralding impending disaster.
  • We were allowed to have a second chance during the battle with Sidney. The Admin is Australian, and Sidney is a very popular city in that country.
    • Except it's actually Sydney, not Sidney.
  • A has a long standing love for dogs, as evident by her multiple Poocheyena. What's the next game the stream plays during the wait between this game and Twitch Plays Pokémon FireRed? Dogz Fashion, starring her supposed daughter, Z. Dog loving must have been passed down from generation to generation.

Fridge Logic

Fridge Horror

  • The Mob will once again take control of an innocent child.
    • That one goes without saying.
    • She turned out to have been far from innocent to begin with.
  • At beginning of the stream, the game crashed at least 4 times. During that time, at least 7 different kids got reset. It could be that they're just accidentally knocked out of existence by the Mob and Admin, but they also could've succumbed to the Mob's control.
    • They could have also been murdered by 'A', who took on some of their names.
  • A caught a Poochyena. Considering her track record with pet dogs...
  • It's amazing how much blame the Mob will put on the characters for their own actions/incompetence.
  • Despite A's attempts of control over the voices one fact remains unchanged: If the voices make her complete the game Fire Red will be next. Judging by the current track record and tenacity of the voices this is very likely. So regardless of her resistance they're going to possess the next protagonist.
    • Even worse is the idea that she only temporarily broke the control of the voices as she seems to follow their chaotic actions now just as the others did.
    • She could be the first "protagonist" in the series to actively be rooting for this outcome. Not to have silence like Red, or to have the Voices destroyed like AJ, but just so she can introduce even more anarchy into the world. Perhaps even into history itself.
      • considering the next game is planned to be played with a randomizer that does seem likely.
  • The character A. might be interpreting the command A as voices calling her name.
  • A may have released Zexy because she knew the Mob was expecting her to rely on him for her journey.
    • That, or it was a message to A who the real master of the relationship is.
    • The lore now points to this being Bill's handiwork.
  • With the realisation that we've caught a Torkoal, it is eventual that it will be released due to our bad luck with other fire-types.
  • Because the little girl's father was seen with a laptop in the Dogz portion of the intermission between this game and the last one, many thought he was playing TPP and controlling her. If it actually was a Stealth Prequel to this LP, then the whole Abusive Parents angle that Norman's alluded to on A's character page started very early on in the girl's development.
  • This game claims Zexxy back in Torchic form was chosen thanks to fire being a tool of anarchy. The next game played is called FireRed. Think about that.
    • Confirmed to a horrifying degree. The world of FireRed has been compared to Wonderland in sheer absurdity and non-conformity to even the laws of nature.