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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald

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In Loving Memory
  • The stream had just begun and multiple young children including, but not limited to /', Camila, and T, were erased from existence to join Kris (from Crystal) and Xxx (from Red).
  • The Mob really wanted Treecko, but got Torchic instead. Due to that choice, Treecko won't even be seen in-game.
  • The Mob called for Torchic's release 5 minutes after receiving it.
    • Five minutes? Some were calling for it after five seconds.
  • Torchic's Nature is Lonely.
  • A's identity crisis.
  • A has been living in poverty since Petalburg due to whiting out so much and being unable to defeat Roxanne and Wattson.
  • A's luck finally turned around when she caught a Marill... only for it to be placed in the PC. While she retrieved it, every other Pokemon was trapped in the PC.
  • Torchic has been left behind in the PC, with only Abra for company. And given Abra's reputation to the Mob as "the Fap King"...
  • This lore says A was framed by the Voices.
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  • This theory about A being a martyr by keeping the Voices with her as long as she can.
  • A changed Hoenn's Trendy phrase to "GOOD ABRA" and "APOLOGIZE ABRA." Her Abra was in the PC when she did this.
  • The Oceanic Museum. The Mob interprets it as a historic archive of the lore of the first two generations. The fact that it is accompanied by a soft piano arrangement of the S.S. Anne theme does not help matters.
    • Some lore also considers the Oceanic Museum, with all its callbacks to the old Twitch Plays Pokemon games, the place where A first learned about the Voices.
  • You never grew up, a comic about how Torchic and Marill's relationship changed when she evolved.
  • On the fourth day, while attempting to get a party together to beat Wattson, Zexy the Torchic was released. He will never grow into the glorious Blaziken we wanted now.
  • Farewell friend. The worst part is the final panel.
  • A vows vengeance on the Voices for releasing Zexy.
  • Now there's a shell where my friend used to be.
  • Dedicated to Zexinja.
  • At least he won't be lonely.
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  • This time, it's personal.
  • Dotty and Oddish were released during another PC struggle. Another influx of art followed.
  • Goodbye, Dotty.
  • I will carry you.
  • Quiet Wish.
  • Lettuce.
  • A's guilt over abandoning Oddish.
  • Birdcop was released 1 day from retirement.
  • What could have been if Zexy was still around.
  • Level 100.
  • One very small, simple fact: We failed. A failed.
    • Until the Streamer extended the time limit by 3 days.
      • Some members of the mob interpret this as one of the A team playing the Song of Time.
  • A just can't win.
  • The 20d 10h 13m run. A made it to Wallace's last Pokemon, Gyarados, with only GJ remaining. GJ hit Gyarados with Surf several times, bringing it to the red...and then Gyarados one-shotted GJ with a critical Earthquake.
  • The final Pokemon shown in the credits was Zexy. If only for a brief moment, we brought Zexy back.
  • The beginning is the end is the beginning.
  • Rough Waters, a part of 'The Life and Wiles of Brendan T Birch', which series of emerald comics that have been continuing past that game. Needless to say, it gets real heavy when involving Brendan's past as well as some of his actions in the present.


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