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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon

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  • TPP Park has a memoriam to Bloody Sunday.
  • The Petz intermissions are even more saddening than the main games. Not only is the mob controlling a little girl who is probably even younger than the TPP protagonists, but unlike them there's no happy ending for her. All she can do is spasm around as she watches her pets become increasingly miserable and eventually get put down. It's a surprise the kid hasn't gone depressive yet.
  • TPP Popularity Battle Royale: Bill and Alice.
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  • In one of the intemissions, the mob decieded to play Mother 3. Yes, Mother 3. It's a good thing that it was only an intermission; the poor cast goes through so much as is. Think about what would have happened if this was permanant...