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Headscratchers / Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald

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  • I haven't caught any footage of it, but what exactly makes the new Pokemon Center layout any harder to navigate than the first two?
    • Basically, unlike previous PC's which layout was a list, Gen 3 introduced a grid PC layout. Now not only they have to worry about moving up and down but also left and right. At least there's no more a release menu.
    • One major thing is the PC was moved closer to the healing desk, making it more likely we use it when trying to heal.
  • Somebody please explain to me why people insist on multiple personalities for A. You can be a socially awkward sociopath who likes animals without that. I should know, I'm like that too.
    • When Emerald first started, there were several soft resets in creating a character, due to the mob really wanting a female host, and a few trolls trying to get another boy. Some people have interpreted this as multiple faces of A, or Camelia A. Slash.
      • I get that, I was there. But it does not address the fact that multiple personalities aren't needed for a Composite Character, so there has to be another reason.
      • The other reason is that people couldn't decide on a canon personality for A (see the YMMV tab), so at some point people just went "screw it, they can all be canon."

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