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If we ever get to the Hoenn Region...
  • The game will take extra long to set up. Or else...
  • The game will be super-laggy.
    • Confirmed.
  • We will take up the new fossils as a new pantheon of gods.
    • Jossed, Mirage Tower wasn't even there when the Mob went into the desert.
  • The democracy/anarchy system will be changed AGAIN.
    • We might experience a new third way of inputting commands… that still will be slower than the lightning-fast anarchy mode.
  • Double battles will be avoided at all costs, due to the fact you can make your Pokemon attack each other.
  • Dive will be nigh-impossible to use.
  • The protagonist will be male again, because it’s the first option on the list and EVERYONE will be spamming A as usual.
    • Jossed, the protagonist is female. Her in-game name is A though.
  • We will get destroyed by Sootopolis Gym and Sky Pillar. They're similar to the ledges, but taken to new insane levels (as in a error sends you back; in case of Sootopolis it's a long long way of inputs, in case of Sky Pillar it's basically fast inputs; considering the 30s lag, Sky Pillar might be the ultimate form of the Ledge).
  • There will be a new (and possibly false) Bird Jesus, probably a Tailow or possibly a Torchic. And of course, people will automatically demand that we release it, even when it's not that strong yet.
    • Seeming more likely, as Torchic was the starter and people were demanding that it get released within the first five minutes.
    • Twelve hours in and it's over twice the level of anybody else in the party. Go ahead and confirm this.
    • Torchic is already overpowered with less-than-decent moves. This may as well already be confirmed.
    • Jossed. RIP Zexy. You died for a good cause.

The Emerald play through will feature a hack that replaces Steven as the Bonus Boss with AJ
In order to keep a sense of continuity between the games.

The admin will pull an April Fool's Day joke on the Mob by messing with the command interface.
What's the best way to mess around with the Mob? By changing around the way commands are interpreted with the automation scripts to the point where Democracy Mode might not even help. And since the admin lives in Australia, they could pull it off long before a majority of the viewers reach April 1st in their timezone, throwing them off even further.

The lore of this playthrough will take place in a Götterdämmerung setting
Helix was not going to destroy the world, he was going to remove the influence of the Mob, recognizing it for the petty, destructive force that it was. Unfortunately, the Mob through AJ stopped him, and thus destroyed the gods and their influence. But the gods performed necessary duties and without it, the world has fallen into decay. Whether this means the hero in this playthrough will try and rebuild it into glory, or cast it into ruin will be what becomes of this playthrough.

Alternately, the lore of this playthrough will be about a kid who likes to have fun.
The kid will hear the voices, who recognize the turn-based nature of the Pokemon world, and act out their journey as though it were a fantasy RPG (e.g, referring to moves as "spells", assigning classes to their Pokemon, etc.)

Given the large amount of water in Hoenn, this playthrough's lore will have a pirate motif to it.
Better yet if it has strong themes of friendship and camaraderie, making it very much like certain pirate-themed manga.
  • Given that the theme of Hoenn is the bonds between trainers and Pokemon, this idea might hold some weight.
  • This might be a stretch, but Torchic can evolve into Fire/Fighting Blaziken, which can potentially give blazing kicks. Black Leg Zexxy, anyone?
    • He's already been given a womanizing personality. I think we have a Sanji.
    • But the really cool fire-type character got released, so wouldn't that make him Ace?
    • Jossed for Emerald, but turned out to be at least partially a theme in Alpha Sapphire.

Given the large amount of water in Hoenn, the Mob will side with Team Magma.

Given the large amount of water in Hoenn, the Mob will catch a lot of water Pokemon.

The Mob will turn the player character's "trendy" phrase into this run's motto.
Since the game allows the player character to "say" certain things at certain points, the Mob will interpret those words and turn them into the basis of this run's lore.
  • I don't think it'll turn into the theme of the lore (unless it makes sense out of or in context).
  • It did become popular among the mob tho.

Lanette is a heroine who defeated Bill.
The Pokemon storage system works differently now, and selecting a Pokemon now requires more lefts and rights than ups and downs. As such, accidental releases will become less common, redeeming the PC.

This run will revive a Discredited Meme from Chuggaaconroy.
The Mob is going to catch a Zigzagoon and teach it Cut. It will then become one of the most powerful Pokemon in the party attaining the same praise as Pidgeot in the original run. Alternatively, they will catch a Misdreavus.

Lanette tamed the PC, much to Bill's joy.
The improvements Lanette made to the Pokemon storage system made releases less common, making the rogue PC less likely to take Pokemon from disorderly kids.

A is a Magical Girl who turns into Slash from Guns N' Roses and TPP Emerald will be a deconstruction of both Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll and Magical Girl series.
She signed a contract with Axl Rose.

The lore of this playthrough will be about a girl trying to escape a time loop.
The opening played over and over and over and the game was reset three times already.

A is the first human clone developed.
That's why she's Kid A.

A's main objective won't be to stop Team Magma and Team Aqua, but to make her way to the Root and Claw fossils.
And, more specifically, she'll follow a religion revolving around one of the two fossils (whichever the Mob ends up choosing) and Rayquaza as the main deities. In addition, Groudon and Kyogre will also be featured as neutral entities.
  • Jossed. Since Mirage Tower wasn't even there for the mob to get to, scratch fossils out of the lore.

The game glitches up so much because the people of Hoenn are harder to control.

The theme of the game will be about preventing the apocalypse.
Hoenn was going to be destroyed in seven days by Helix in the Crystal playthrough, and Groudon and Kyogre's abilities present the threat of an apocalypse by themselves.
  • I think that's already confirmed in the Pokemon Emerald sense. Not so sure about the TPPE sense.
  • Confirmed on the very last day of playing. Their goal is now to finish the game before it ends on them.

A is hearing the voices of the Fossils.
Assuming Emerald takes place after Crystal, this would also include the voice of Lord Helix. They are using this psychotic girl to resurrect them once again.

A isn't the killer. Her mom is.
Slasha, Mr. T, Camila, and all the other kids were potential Pokemon trainers that A's parents thought would be bad influences. So they killed them. A's mom kept trying to keep A in her room because she doesn't want her to go out and become a trainer like her father, since that's what led to marital difficulties. The voices this time around are those of the deceased children, whom A is helping obtain revenge by becoming Champion.

Alternatively, no one member of the family was responsible for the deaths of all three.

Camila A. Slash is even crazier than the voices.
In fact, by controlling her, we're arguably making her more sane.

If there is another Bloody Sunday-esque event, it'll be put in a much darker light.
A murdered her siblings and tends to have her Pokemon attack each other when given the opportunity. Releases have been fairly consistently portrayed as murder by the hivemind. Put two and two together.
  • ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ SLASHA DEMANDS BLOOD ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ ... pardon the gratuitous meme, I just had to do it.

The lost children were trying to free A from the mob.
The lost children caused the crashes when we began the game to free A. They were only able to influence the game during the first few hours after their deletion. They made garbled noises to block the commands from the mob. During one crash, they got rid of the select button in order to not lose anymore kids. A was able to move freely during the crashes. But now that the lost children are fully gone, A is unable to ignore the voices anymore.
  • The lost children told A that the mob wanted Treecko or Mudkip the most. This is why A stalled for an hour to get a starter. While being in control of herself A chose Torchic instead of the other two starters that the mob preferred.

The story will undergo Reverse Cerebus Syndrome.
Possibly if the aforementioned pirate motif showed up?

!!'s name is pronounced like the alert sound from Metal Gear Solid.

When the mob meets the Pokemon of Land, Sea and Sky...
...they will go friggin ballistic and cries of 'hail helix' will be heard all the way back in leaf green.

The actual final boss of this generation is the Pokemon Center.
The center is an eldritch abomination which feeds on Pokemon; it's shaped specifically so it's impossible to approach the healing desk without ending up in one of the two corners, and which guarantees the A will end up in the PC corner at least once due to overshooting. The only reason the PC is less dangerous in this generation is to lull the mob into a false sense of security about approaching it and not B-spamming immediately.

A did, in fact, murder her siblings Camilla, '/, Mr. T, !!, Milton, Hazel and Reid. However...
She isn't a psychopath. She isn't AxCrazy. They were all Mercy Kill's. A, knowing how much Red and AJ suffered at the hands of the Mob, couldn't bear to see her siblings put through the same torment. So she took the burden upon herself so they wouldn't have to, preferring that they be dead than possessed. All of her erratic behavior besides this (such as taking over an hour to leave Littleroot, choosing Torchic as her starter, ect) are the combined results of her resistance of the Mob, as well as beings a Cloudcuckoolander.

A was framed by the Mob or Teams Aqua and Magma and must prove her innocence.
If you wanna control or get rid of a 10-year-old, make 'em look crazy.

Unless democracy comes back, No one will evolve.
Last game we had to use democracy mode to get evolutions, at the time of writing though, democracy is disabled unless we get stuck for a long time and it's unlikely anyone will evolve without it's help
  • Jossed, M ---/'/'4 evolved into Azumarill after the mob beat Brendan on Route 110. Jossed further when Dotty evolved on the first try, and then Alpha.

A didn't choose Zexy; Zexy chose A.
It was well known to the three starter Pokémon who the Mob wanted, and thus who was the most likely to be chosen: Treecko. Being the most rational/level-headed of the trio, he was fairly reluctant to embark on a journey with Hoenn’s resident serial killer. The thought of being her partner (rightfully) terrified him, but he saw himself as having little choice in the matter. A was controlled by the Mob; the Mob controlled everything. His will meant next to nothing in the end.

Mudkip, on the other hand, simply didn’t WANT to help A. He wanted no part in helping her, because in doing so he’d be supporting her bloodlust, lending his approval to all the evil she’d done. He wanted to fight on a side that sought justice… perhaps, even, revenge. He wanted that or nothing, which is why he prayed for the Mob to get it’s way and have Treecko as A’s right hand; that way, he’d be left out of the grand mess entirely.

But Zexy—then, an ordinary Torchic—saw things differently. He took one look at A, and saw a girl that was as brilliant and bright as she was insane. He knew she had her reasons for killing the others; whether they be selfless or even a bit selfish, it wasn't his place to judge. She would have her enemies. There would be scores of trainers and organizations looking to take her down. To face it all, she would need a partner willing to fight by her side, not out of fear or obligation, but loyalty. He wanted to intertwine his story with hers.

And so, when A finally made her way out of Littleroot to save Professor Birch, before his fellow starters could react and before the Mob could do anything at all, Zexy jumped out at A with wide open arms…

Tate & Liza (of Mossdeep Gym) know about the mob.
So to stop them, they made their gym into the mob's greatest weakness; movement puzzles ending with a double battle.

We're going to be stuck and forced to initiate democracy.
Two words: Sootopolis Gym. See above.
  • Semi-confirmed. Democracy returns, but it's because of the Strength puzzle in the Seafoam Cavern.

If there's still a secret code to get democracy back…
It's the Konami Code.

A released Zexy because $@!& You that's why!
She knew that the Mob would end up relying on Zexy to complete her journey... and given that she seems to disregard the commands she is given like the true anarchist that she is, she released Zexy.

A will challenge the Elite Four with a pure Poochyena/Mightyena lineup
She seems to really like those dark dogs.

Lanette is drag.
Body surfing and/or Immortality Immorality may be involved here.

Alternately, Bill is the only one of the Pokemon Storage System moderators who is an AI.
"I'm sorry A, I'm afraid I can't do that."

What does "A" stand for, anyway?

For all we know, the "A" might well mean "Arya".

A might idolize Team Aqua to an extent.
She's already got the pirate headband and the Poochyena obsession down. Add in her large amounts of surfing time on the water and her multiple water Pokemon and you might just have an Aqua fangirl.

Let's take a look here:
  • Releasing the mob's more favorable Pokemon and thus the more developed ones (Zexy, Dotty, Bird Cop, Trapinch)? Check.
  • Some members of the mob discouraging others from "forcing lore", even though they're approaching the lategame? Check.
  • Not acting according to anyone's interpretation? Check.
What else am I missing...?
  • Welcome to Jossedville, population: My own WMG.

The return of democracy means the Mob is getting better at controlling A

She's losing, and the mob is taking more control.

Bird Cop was XX's mentor
After she was released, he joined A's team to finish Bird Cop's last case and find her killer.

There is a single mastermind behind all of the releases and it is Treecko
  • Based on the pre-game lore Treecko was considered to be a politician, and so presumably a PR master and potentially a skilled manipulator. Seeing the glory that Lazorgator had obtained and knowing that the voices were coming to Hoenn, Treecko decided to become the starter that would lead the Mob to victory. He perfectly arranged things so that the Mob would be doing its best to get him. Failing that, Mudkip would become the starter, allowing him to be the rival's starter and still get some quality screentime and possibly a few victories over the Mob. However, what he failed to count on was A's rebeliousness. By picking the starter that no one wanted, she ensured that Treecko would be left in Birch's lab for the entire run. Treecko was furious, and wanted revenge on A. At first he was content to let A repeatedly crush herself at Roxanne's gymn, but Marill helped A get past that. Treecko then waited until A was at her most desperate, being repeatedly steamrolled by Watson, when he struck, releasing Zexy, his hated (if unknown) rival. However, Zexy was saved by Dotty and fused with Shedninja. Unable to release Zexninja, Treecko instead arranged for Dotty to be killed as punishment. Oddish had the potential to steal the role as a grass-type, Trapinch was a liability and Bird Cop was onto him. There haven't been any releases in a while, but that's been because A has been careful. And if she lets her guard down, Treecko will be waiting...
  • So wait, Treecko is Man Behind the Man to Bill?
    • More like a Big-Bad Ensemble since it is unlikely that Treecko had any connection to the previous playthroughs' releases.

The return of Democracy is A and the Voices cooperating.

In Anarchy a lot of strange things happened, explained as A rebelling against the Voices. Now that Democracy returned for arguably the emotional climax of the story, it could be that A was willing to work with the Voices to save Hoenn.

The Elite Four of Hoenn (plus Wallace) are Bill's direct subordinates.

With Bill resurfacing as the Bigger Bad of the Twitch Plays Pokémon series during the Emerald playthrough, it is only natural for his high-ranking officers to bar the final steps of A's journey.

Cabbage the White is the daughter of Cabbage.

He is borne of the protagonists' inability to take responsibility for their actions involving the PC and beyond. The more the protagonists take the blame away from themselves, the stronger he gets. This would explain why the events he's blamed for when connected don't seem to make any sense as to how he'd cause them.

This run won't be completed before the countdown to FireRed ends.
The last time there was a countdown in the Twitch Plays Pokémon series, in Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal, the streamer gave seven days for a more effectively trained party to complete the game with the impetus that the stream would not be continued if the Mob failed to succeed. In Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald, the streamer has given three days in total for a largely underleveled party to beat the Elite Four and Champion, while effectively acknowledging that FireRed will be run whether or not Emerald is completed, thus creating artificial strife and discontent.
  • This one just might be jossed.
    • Well in the case of the first three-day timer it was Jossed.

The bots are machines of Bill
He's grown impatient with waiting for A to release her Pokemon by accident, especially since she knows now to avoid it completely. Consequently, he's using bots to manipulate A directly, evidenced by this recent attempt by bots to access the PC and sabotage her party.

A plays a lot of text adventures.
Zexy is named after the cheat code from Colossal Cave. A is so used to protagonists muttering to themselves in those games that listening to voices doesn't seem out of the ordinary.

We will eventually get back to playing Emerald some time after FireRed.
It wouldn't just be right to leave A's adventure on a cliffhanger, would it? At some point, between one game or another, A will get a second shot at fighting the Elite Four and get her well-deserved closure.

The next run and this run will be played at the same time if the mob fails to win on time.
  • Jossed in the case of the first three-day timer.

The A team threaten the admin to give them more time

If the mob fails to win at the end of the timer, the admin will finish the game for them to teach them a lesson in humility, if not purely for the sake of humiliation.
A is stuck in a timeloop
If we don't beat the E4 on the second three-day timer and the steam start's up FireRed? Then A and the team may keep batting the E4 for All of eternity.
Camila A. Slash is actually Flandre Scarlet.
The resemblance is uncanny; she's an innocent little girl with the potential for destruction.

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