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The Firered/Leafgreen playthrough will start an Alternate Continuity.
While the Red/Blue and G/S/C games will be connected, the Firered/Leafgreen playthrough will start a whole other story, continuing through Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald, the G/S/C remakes, and eventually Gens 5 and 6. Things that might trigger this include:
  • The protagonist choosing the Dome fossil instead of the Helix.
    • Confirmed.
  • The protagonist becoming one with the voices to such a point where they become Brainwashed and Crazy.
    • Jossed, the mob has become sane.
  • The Protagonist pulling a Face–Heel Turn.
  • A switch of protagonists. If Leaf is chosen, this Red could have the potential to lead a resistance while Leaf takes Red's role in the story and changes things.
    • The protagonist being another girl is confirmed.
Among others.
  • Pokemon Fire Red is confirmed, and randomized. The protagonist is another girl named A who chose the Dome Fossil.

FireRed!Red is Original Red's son.
Jossed if the lore makes it to where such circumstances would be impossible (e.g, TPP FireRed taking place in The Far Future of TPP Red, it being an Alternate Continuity, etc.)
  • Jossed. The protagonist is a girl.
    • For this game, sure. However, thanks to his appearance in games after this one, it still doesn't rule out the possibility of this Red being related to the previous one.
If TPP FireRed takes place in The Far Future, then the protagonist is a descendant of Red from TPP Red and TPP Crystal.

The storyline will play exactly, if not similarly, to Twitch Plays Pokémon Red
Firered is the remake of what they already played, so...
  • Becoming increasingly Jossed as we go through Day 1. Not only is the protagonist female, but there's been more allusions to TPPE than TPPR.

The similarities to Twitch Plays Pokémon Red will be a case of History Repeats.

In FireRed the mob will chose the Dome Fossil instead

After Fire Red, the Admin is going to try another monster-collecting RPG series.
  • Twitch plays Dragon Warrior Monsters
  • Twitch plays Shin Megami Tensei
  • Twitch plays Monster Rancher
  • Twitch plays Digimon
  • Twitch plays Robopon
    • Jossed, the Admin said that after Fire Red, they will do Pokémon Platinum.

After FireRed, the Admin will move on to either Platinum or HeartGold.
  • Shamelessly adding on to this theory, the Admin will hack the game so that we do not need any Touch Screen activity.

The game will be hacked to replace Blue with the other protagonist.
If this is an alternate universe or years in the future, it could be possible that the other protagonist could take the role of Blue, or perhaps even be Blue's descendant.
  • Jossed.

There will be a cult in the lore of this game dedicated to worshiping the Mob itself.
What better thing to worship than the entity that grants adventure and glory to those who get possessed by it?

The Mob will create a plan to "Go down on Leaf".
That way, they have a 1:1 female-to-male PC ratio, and be able to do all they can to confirm some of the above WMGs. After all, part of the mob has to be tropers, and who doesn't squee in joy at a confirmed WMG?

The lore will revolve around heritage vs. individuality.
With continuing the legacy of one's ancestor being heritage and fighting against the legacy being individuality.

FR!Bill won't be the same Bill as Red!Bill.
Rather, he'll want to go out of his way to end Red!Bill's legacy. Also, the protagonist will keep all Pokemon not in his party with Bill, trusting Bill enough to let him keep some.
  • Sort of Confirmed; there are theories that FR!Bill is not the same guy as Red!Bill, but most stories involving him usually don't have him acknowledge Red!Bill's existence. Time will tell if it will come around to that.

There will be a theme centered around stories.
If the world of TTP FireRed is in actuality an Alternate Continuity or set in The Far Future of the previous three stories, it is entirely possible that by then, the adventures of Red, AJ and A would be little more than stories. It could perhaps have a Princess Tutu feel to it, as the main character and everyone within the new Kanto must live up to and act out the original story of TPP Red on a grand scale. It could also serve as a potential meta commentary on how the Mob tends to force lore on characters- the characters are assigned roles, and when they do not comply with these roles, the Mob tries their best to get the characters to know their place in the story.
  • Sort of... if nothing else the presence of the Randomizer has at least called for several references to Alice in Wonderland.

FireRed Takes place in an Alternate Timeline where A was unable to stop the Elite Four.
A's defeat led to a worldwide reset a la Part 6 of Jojos Bizarre Adventure, destroying the old characters, but leaving them in the new world in some sort of form. FireRed therefore is equivalent to Steel Ball Run in that it takes place around the same time as the original, but with similar feeling characters.

A, the protagonist of TPPFR, and FR!Bill are banding together to stop Red!Bill.

This is Emerald's alternate timeline.
The protagonist is a girl whose name is A, encounters a Zigzagoon as her first wild Pokemon, and the game also had a false start.

The A from Twitch Plays Fire Red is the same as the one from Twitch Plays Emerald
Going from a previous lore that Fire Red is Bill resetting the TPP timeline; A succeeded in hacking into Bill's PC in the Hall of Fame and is trying to save the original timeline.

Just to get it out of the way. The reasons why should be obvious.

The randomized Pokemon are caused by Bill's plan to end the world.
Since FireRed is the Fore Gone Conclusion of Bill winning as he goes back to Kanto to continue his plans, the chaos in the region spreads where none of the Pokemon have moves they can even learn and even the starters are completely out of whack.

Leaf is still inside the body that A controls along with the MOB.
Leaf is her own person but A has come in to stop Bill while the MOB is back to cause anarchy in the next unfortunate trainer. The MOB didn't expect A to come back to take over again with out of whack Pokemon. Leaf just sits back and has the MOB fight with A on whether or not its her or if Leaf is her own person.

The new A is the same from TPPE, reborn and trying to atone.
A in the last game succeeded in bringing total anarchy to the world, only to realize that she basically doomed everyone in the process, now she's trying to fix her mistake and restore at least a little order before the world destroys itself.

The new A is either a relative of the A from TPPE or mostly unrelated.

A is the same A as in Emerald, and created this new world by hijacking Bill's technology.
At the end of Emerald, A snatched away Bill's victory from right under his nose. She's now out to cause chaos in a different region...

This Kanto is an Ironic Hell for the Mob.
Deciding the Mob was too dangerous to be kept in the material world, the Helix sealed it into the Anarchy World in hopes of trapping the voices there forever. The Dome sees this as an opportunity for the Mob to chose its fossil this time, and thus become their new god and become powerful enough to challenge the Helix.

Machop has narcolepsy.
Prof. Oak deliberately gave us a spontaneously sleeping mon and his nephew a Disk One Nuke. Nepotist.

The storyline of this game takes place after Red's defeat in Crystal.
After Red's defeat, Helix was unbound from his Pokeball and in his wake plunged the world into a post apocalyptic state, setting the Mob free to run amok and take control of the souls of both innocent wild Pokemon and the caught Pokemon of trainers. (Including A's team from the Emerald playthrough.) With Red and AJ being direct victims of Helix's gambit, only A remains to end the madness once and for all.

Alternately, the world of this game is thanks to Bill having already won.

Mob will make epic fails. A LOT OF EPIC FAILS.
Mons, their Abilities, held items and level-up moves are all randomized. So there's chance we'll end up using something that normally would be good, but here is totally useless.

Bill is the Final Boss.
If mons, abilities, held items, and level-up moves are all changed in this run, why not a few of the trainers? As a case of Not His Sled, it will turn out that Green will not be the Champion... instead, Bill will be the true Final Boss. And his party will consist of Kabutops, Flareon, Raticate (knowing Dig), Flygon, Beautifly (or Dustox), and Milotic (knowing Recover).

We will encounter a pokemon with Wonder Guard as its ability and not realize it until we attack.
Bonus points if it belongs to a Gym Leader, an Elite Four member or, Helix forbid, Green. Bonus bonus points if it is a Sableye, and therefore completely immune to normal damage.
  • Jossed, no Pokemon aside from Shedinja in this game has Wonder Guard still.

A isn't Emerald A.
She's just a normal girl who lives in Kanto…and happens to be named after a famous trainer from the past.

Lore will reveal that the Bill of this game is in fact separate from the Bill from the past few games; here, this Bill is a simple PC moderator rather than the villainous mastermind that the Other Bill was. Due to similarities in name, the Mob (and consequently, A) will blame everything on him, even if everything that occurred wasn't his fault in the first place. Cracking under both pressure and being used as a Scapegoat for all of the Other Bill's evils, he snaps and goes into full Then Let Me Be Evil mode. Eventually, they will have gotten the "Evil PC Guy" they so desired out of this Bill.

If this is a simulation, then this Bill is just a data version of the real Bill.

The story is being told though the heavily aged A (Alice) to her newly crowned champion grand daughter, A-chan.
Alice is so old that she barely remembers what kind of pokemon she saw in the past fifty years. That also includes their abilities and moves. Of course A-chan will be confused after her grandmother told her that birds can punch.

This is an alternate continuity—from AJ losing to Red.
Lord Helix is the embodiment of Anarchy, but exposure to pure Anarchy gone too long brings forth Chaos. In the original timeline, AJ defeated Red and thus Helix, allowing the world to stabilize and freeing Anarchy to be pursued as a philosophy rather than impugning it as, ironically, a law of the universe. In this splinter timeline, AJ lost against Red, bringing about a world of pure madness. In the prime timeline A-chan is a sprightly, marginally terrifying anarchist; in this, A-chan is a self-appointed savior of the universe. She chose the Dome Fossil to restore balance to the cosmos.

A choosing the Dome is a good thing.
Recently, A has chosen the Dome Fossil over Helix and the mob exploded in fury. But let's not be so quick in chiding A over what seems outwardly to be a poor choice, and let's instead be aware of the nature of the world she lives in. Remember the quote on top of the main page for this run, and extend it to the fossils:
"Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't."
Yup, A knows what she's doing better than we do. And A made the right choice.

A's goal is to undo the randomization by any means necessary
This means that A has been forced to engage in several Enemy Mines with opponents who the Mob would ordinarily dismiss out of hand: The Dome Fossil's democracy is required in order to bring things back into balance, while Chairman Meow would normally be an enemy of the Mob, opposing both Anarchy and Democracy, but they require his power in order to restore order.

Zigzagoon wasn't released.
Rather, it faded away from the PC of its own accord. Zigzagoon is this world's equivalent of the Cheshire Cat, and it will continue to appear and disappear at random places throughout the playthrough.

A is Bill's daughter.
She grew up with her mother in Pallet Town after Bill left to continue his research alone, but has had a loving (if long-distance) relationship with him. Then it turns out the randomization is the result of a glitch in his PC system, and now A has to track him down to find out if it can be fixed...

Bill isn't completely behind the randomization.
After being freed from the Voices, A tracked down Bill to end his reign of tyranny once and for all by defeating the weapon he created: the PC. Bill tried to reason with her in desperation, but A would hear none of it and with M4's help shorted out the servers... leading to data corrupting and Pokemon with impossible abilities and movesets being released all across Kanto.

FireRed!Red is a Retired Badass.
By the time A's journey through Kanto started, he had already stepped down from his status as Champion.

Bill is using the power of Anarchy and the Helix Fossil to cause the Randomisation.
3 years after Red becomes champion, he is defeated and killed by AJ atop Mount Silver, leaving the broken body of Lord Helix lying there. Tracking AJ to the site of Red's defeat, Bill takes the still living but immobile Lord Helix and uses the Power of Anarchy and his computer system to corrupt and Randomise all of Kanto.

The Helix Fossil, completely paralysed, is still conscious and aware of the horror being visited on Kanto and the perversion of Anarchy. Desperate, it sends out a desperate message to its age-old enemy: the Dome Fossil. The Dome, being the personification of Democracy and Order, is also enraged at the Randomisation of Kanto by its former servant Bill, and makes a pact of alliance with the Helix. The Dome sends out its own voices, and chooses its own avatar: a young girl from Pallet Town named A.

Three days later, A, driven by voices she cannot comprehend and in a world gone mad, stumbles across and picks up the Dome Fossil in Mount Moon. A and hte Dome must defeat Bill, save the Helix, and restore order to Kanto... Whatever the cost.

Chairman Meow gave up his powerful moves for the sake of communism.
True socialism has all citizens be equal, with none more powerful than the other. Seeing that he was becoming a Crutch Character and thus depriving his team, Meow Zedong gave up his best moves so he could be on an equal level again. Only when the rest of the team surpasses him will he regain his former strength.

Kirlia is the Song Liling to our communist China theme.
Him being an ambiguously gendered spy makes a damn fine Burrito or "Espeonage" successor.

Bill's evil is an exaggeration of Alice's dislike for her father.
In lore, Bill is portrayed as an evil, unrepentant, Card-Carrying Villain. His villainy is played extremely straight to the point where it is assumed that anything wrong that goes on in the games is directly his fault. If he is in fact Alice's father, it could be that she exaggerates his actions due to a dislike of him, and because of this, it often leads to tension between the two.

The Emerald and FireRed protagonists, while separate people, were both inhabited by the protagonist of Every Day during their runs.
The book's protagonist named him/herself A and hops from body to body. A has no choice but to go about the desired lives of those he inhabits, and both girls want to become champions of their respective regions.

Emerald's A did in fact have a split personality- it just happened to be Alice.
In the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice would sometimes pretend to be two people when reprimanding herself: one self was as she usually acted, while the other was more of a motherly, scolding figure. This Alice usually dispensed good advice, though she seldom followed it. Similarly, Alice is the scolding, orderly figure who reprimands A's actions; being A, she seldom followed her own advice. Eventually it got to a point where the "Alice" personality took over, so that she may actually follow her advice.

Mew is responsible (or at least involved in) the randomization.
Mew is notable for being able to learn almost every move possible. Perhaps it decided to share it around?
  • Alternatively, Bill may have used some of Mew's DNA to allow punching birds, etc.

Bill was given a project (possibly by some higher power) to research and capture Pokémon for experimentation in how to create the ultimate being. This would likely explain his desire for rare Pokémon and his creation of the Randomizer to test how moves work in tandem with other Pokemon. However, the methods of which he had to work with were... questionable, to say the least. He left Alice's family so that neither Alice or her mother would think less of him for what he would do later on and to make sure they never got involved, and, to further drive people away, fashioned himself into an unrepentant villain.

The reason Bill has been the main villain of the first three games... because he shares traits with all three of the protagonists.
  • Like A, he is a sociopath that desires to spread anarchy throughout the world.
  • Like AJ, he has his own morally ambiguous agenda.
  • Like Red, he initiates a countdown to the end of the world as an extreme way to rid himself of a threat (Red's was the Mob, while Bill's was A).
He is a living embodiment of the negative aspects of the protagonists, and therefore becomes their enemy.

AATUUVWVW isn't Abby, but he is connected to her
Abby was never a supporter of Helix or Dome, but rather, a follower of the Old Amber. After her untimely death, the Old Amber added attributes of her to its inevitable corporeal form in order to respect his most loyal follower. The result is a male Charizard coming out of the Old Amber. In addition, this means the pre-release team had representation from all three fossil gods, with Abby being Amber, Bird Jesus being Helix, and Flareon being Dome.

The whole adventure is a metaphor for Alice dealing with the reappearance of her Disappeared Dad.
The randomized world of Kanto can be seen as Alice's world becoming mixed up when she figured out who her father was, and the fact that he was still alive. Bill's villainy can then be seen as Alice's frustration with his absence from her life, and her trying to suffocate him in his transporter was in fact a Patrick Bateman-like daydream as a result of said frustration. Her pursuit of Bill is actually her trying to get answers from him over his disappearance, and if Bill stops being the antagonist by the end of the run, this can be seen as him and Alice reconciling.

The Randomizer did a lot more damage than Bill originally intended
Bill's plan with the Randomizer was to do away with Helix and Dome all together, be it that he tired of their presence, or it was a gambit to not have to sacrifice Pokemon to further gain their favor and avoid their wrath. But with the scrambling of every Pokemon that ever lived comes the invokation of some that never did.

The PC was comparatively merciful on this run because it viewed Alice as its sister.
It may be a pokemon soul eating monster, but it does care for its family, of which it sees Bill, Lanette and Alice as a part of. That's why it only took Zigzagoon, and why the lore does not view Zigzagoon's release as its death like so many others.

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