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Fan Nickname / Twitch Plays Pokémon FireRed

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  • "Ashley" for A thanks to the fact that both A and Ash leave their respective home regions on a completely blank slate. note 
    • Alice is also a common name for her considering the constant mind fuckery of the world around her, including birds with fists and screaming spiders.
  • "Hijinx" for hnjkrs the Machop.
  • "Hyperbug" for the Hyper Beam-spewing Surskit found on Route 1.
  • The Skitty is nicknamed Meow Zedong.
  • "Aunt Bueno" for AUNHGBUUNO the Slugma.
  • "M16" for Marill, primarily thanks to its resemblance to A's Marill (later Azumarill) M4. Some have also taken to calling it Rill.
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  • Instead of a Magikarp, the salesman in the Mt. Moon Pokémon center sells Sandslash, leading to the nicknames "Sandsplash" and (when she was revealed to have Flamethrower and the Flame Body ability) "Flamesplash."
  • Lt. Surge was called Lt. Quake after it was discovered his Gym was Ground-type.
  • Some have taken to calling Bill "Father Bill" thanks to similarities between him and Enrico Pucci, primarily how both characters remade the universe to get rid of potential threats.
    • If one counts FireRed's Bill as the same person, this also includes enacting a sadistic plan for a loved one.
  • "Wonderland" for the Bizarro World Kanto, primarily to keep with the Alice in Wonderland themes.
  • After the robotic voice returned from the Emerald/FireRed intermission, many began to christen it "The Voice".
  • "Regret Tower" or "Guilt Trip Tower" for Pokemon Tower, since its ghostly inhabitants are primarily Pokemon that the Mob has bonded with or wanted.
    • Similarly, "Grind Tower" thanks to the fact that A's Pokémon train in there for hours.


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