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Fridge Brilliance

  • The captured Slugma's name, AUNHGBUUNO, sounds very similar to Slugma's cry.
  • The fact that Pokémon show up in the strangest of places with abilities one wouldn't expect them to have means that A potentially succeeded in spreading anarchy across the world, or at least managed to spread it somewhere.
  • In the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice at first wanted a nonsensical world, but when she saw exactly how nonsensical it was, wanted to leave. Similarly, as the Mob controls A, they are at first intrigued by the randomized world, but horrified at what power it holds.
    • Actually backed up by the events of the game. A likely started out wanting chaos (like the Mob and the previous A), but by the time of Mt. Moon, she conspicuously chose the Dome Fossil over the Helix Fossil - saying she'd prefer order to chaos now.
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    • Of course she did. The world has been corrupted by the randomizer, an embodiment of anarchy and shows just how bad a world without any laws can get. She’s using the power of the Dome to bring order back to the universe. She's trying to restore the world to normal.
  • Given Blaine's nature and the nature of his Gym, it would actually make a lot of sense for him to specialize in Psychic mons.
    • His actual typing, Rock, makes sense given he lives on the very island where fossils can be revived.
  • Compared to the anarchistic world that is Kanto, the Mob is quite tame. The Mob's growing levels of rationality and sanity make a bit of sense in this light.
  • Upon inspection of the Rocket Game Corner sign, the subtitle "A Playground for Grownups" can be found. Considering the spinny tiles found in the hideout have been christened "Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride", this only heightens this subtitle.
  • If, in future runs, the mob blames Team Plasma for the release of their Pokemon instead of Bill, that means the latter may have lost his status as antagonist by the end of this run.
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  • The Charizard resurrected from the Old Amber is male but still being heralded as the return of Abby. A gender swap certainly wouldn't be beyond this strange world of ours.
  • The chances of the Helix Fossil being resurrected as an Omanyte or Omastar were slim to none. However, the Pokemon in the fossil not chosen is later revived and put on display in the Safari Zone. By choosing the Dome Fossil and reviving it as an Ariados, we not only foiled the Dome's resurrection, we ensured that Lord Helix was revived into the world!
  • Shellock Holmes has an ability that prevents it from being put to sleep. You know what else doesn't sleep? Crime.
  • In regards to the legendary 'birds', Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres are replaced by Mew, Mewtwo, and Latios. The original birds have one, two, and three in spanish in their names. Articuno is replaced by Mew - the first pokemon. Zapdos is replaced by Mewtwo - the second version of Mew. And Moltres is replaced by Latios - the third wheel.
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  • If Green is still alive by the events of Twitch Plays Pokémon HeartGold, he will likely become the new Gym Leader of Viridian City. What better replacement for the Normal Gym Leader than the boy who used Normal-types in his champion team?

Fridge Logic

  • If this incarnation of A is the same A from the previous LP, then what exactly happened to her team?
    • The same thing that happens to Ash's every couple years. Alternatively, TPPFR is a computer simulation being run by A because she misses the "voices" so much.

Fridge Horror

  • After defeating Wallace, A thought she would be freed of the influences of the Mob. As it turns out, the Mob were hungry for more. Doubles as Fridge Brilliance, given A's character. She didn't want to be free.
  • Considering that abilities may change during evolutions, Surskit may not be allowed to grow up due to its rare typing and the Volt Absorb skill.
    • Perhaps this would have been for the best, Surskit did evolve and his ability changed to Insomnia.
  • The Helix and Dome religions managed to resurface. AJ's journey and final confrontation with Red was All for Nothing.
    • Perhaps not. The voices are starting to understand the need for balance.
  • A bit of Fridge Tear Jerker, but according to some lore, Wonderland's Bill was trying to figure out a way to get his daughter back or at least see her one last time. A tried to suffocate him in his transporter thinking he was Green-haired Bill. There's a theory that Bill is A's father. Putting all of that together, it becomes rather heartbreaking- imagine what it must have felt like to be that man in what seemed to be his last moments, watching as someone who looks like his long-gone daughter tries to kill him.
    • Even worse- imagine what will happen to A when she figures she killed her dad by mistake.
    • Turns from Fridge Tear Jerker to Fridge Heartwarming when, after defeating Blaine and exiting his gym, A finds out that her father is indeed alive.
  • A has caught a Torchic that knows Softboil. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • The biggest horror still remains and will most likely stay: The PC system still exists in the times of Platinum and all the other Pokemon Generations. Like last time, no matter what happens, Bill Wins (or at least finds someone to continue his work).
    • The presence of Pokemon Bank as of Gen VI makes it even worse: the PC is now able to reach across time and space to claim Pokemon from past generations.
  • It says on the Mob's character page that they qualify for Unreliable Narrators in-universe. If this is right, then exactly how much of what they tell A about her father is true? How much is fabricated as a means to get her to pursue him? This applies to the previous protagonists as well.
    • This becomes worse when you realize: This takes supposedly takes in the apparent far future of Kanto. Who exactly can tell that this is the same A from the Emerald playtrough? She could now just be the empty shell of A possessed by the Mob as a face to wear. Or even worse just a random girl the mob broke so much that she started acting like A.
  • The last we see of Green is a shot of him staring into space, tossing a Pokeball up and down, lost in thought. Beforehand, he just had his dreams crushed by A, and his own grandfather scolded him for not raising his Pokemon correctly. Now take a look at the scenery in the background. It's a bridge. Yes, Green may have just become so broken that he's thinking about putting an end to the pain of his defeat. Permanently.