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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon FireRed

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  • A's starter this time? A Machop... with Truant. It will ignore every other command The Mob gives it!
    • You know the Mob has screwed up when the otherwise amicable Admin points out how stupid that choice was.
    "why'd you pick Machop?"
  • Not entirely the Mob's fault, but the Machop was utterly curbstomped by Green's Horsea, which rolled randomly for Ice Beam - a far stronger move than any Pokémon this early on has any right to havenote .
    • A also lost to Green in their second battle, losing more to the rival in two hours than Red did in nearly the entire game.
  • A whited out three times to a wild Pokémon before they even got Professor Oak's Parcel.
  • A's first 5 Poké Balls were spent catching a single Surskit. Which only knows Hyper Beam. She now has two 'Mon that can only attack every other turn.
    • She then purchased more and caught a Marill that knows Hydro Cannon. Not only triggering a debate on if it was M4 from Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald, but also raising the number of 'Mon that can only attack every other turn to three.
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    • She then caught a Slugma just after Marill... a Slugma that only knows Blast Burn, meaning she has 4 Pokémon that can only attack every other turn.
    • And a Skitty with Skull Bash, meaning she has...well, you know the drill.
  • In trying to withdraw Kirlia, A released Zigzagoon after depositing every Pokémon except Meow Zedong. They spent several hours trying to get the party back. And then Kirlia went back into the PC shortly after its withdrawal, having not been seen since.
  • Brock bragged about his Rock-type Pokémon. They were bugs.
  • While trying to buy Poké Balls to catch some useful Mons in Mt. Moon, the mob ended up wasting all of its money on Potions instead.
  • For proponents of Helix, the fact that A, by accident, chose Dome, God of Democracy.
  • Meow Zedong grew to level 31, and forgot Hyper Fang to learn Leer. He then forgot Psychic for Cut.
    • At level 39, he learned his last level-up move, Recyclenote , over Hydro Cannon. His only remaining attacking move was Cut.
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    • Basically, the mob's highest leveled Pokémon forgot all three of his attacking moves, all of which were quite powerful, for three non-damaging moves and a weak move that doesn't even have 100% accuracy and can't be easily deleted.
  • After buying Poké Balls for the purpose of catching a Torchic, A caught a Cacnea, Wingull, Pikachu, and Rattata... and used two Poké Balls on a trainer's Pokémon, running into a Torchic immediately after the last ball was used.
  • Surge's gym has a puzzle where you must find a switch in one of many trash cans, then press another switch nearby. The mob had to check every single can before they found the first switch; after pressing it, they promptly walked outside, resetting the puzzle. It took several more tries to solve it.
  • This occurrence in the Rocket hideout.
  • A bought 17 Great Balls... and tossed 12 of them and gave 2 to her Pokémon to hold. She then failed to catch a Bagon, Slakoth, or Togepi, but did catch... a Hoppip.
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  • Upon reaching level 42, Flameslash lost its signature move, Flamethrower, replacing it with Safeguard. Soon after, Hyperbug forgot Water Pulse for Mirror Move.
  • Once again, the Mob encountered a shiny Pokémon, this time a Pikachu... and once again, they failed to catch it. They're now 0 for 2.
  • After managing to hold on to the Master Ball for almost four hours, A wastes it on a trainer's Wingull.
  • The Mob underwent an intense grinding session with the aim of leveling Mew in the hopes of learning a new attack. What was the new attack it learned? Self Destruct.
    • Thanks to the Randomizer, it cannot learn Strength.
  • They made Flameslash forget Bone Club... in favor of Defense Curl.
  • After navigating the Safari Zone in Democracy, A still had almost 300 steps left, so Anarchy tried to get a nearby TM. After bouncing around for a while, wasting almost all their steps, the Mob walked over to the item and... instead of grabbing it, they opened the menu and exited the Safari Zone.
  • During a battle with Green, Blastoise forgot Water Pulse for Bubble.
  • After much hype to battle "Zapdos" (which was really Mewtwo due to the randomizer) and perhaps catch it, what did A do? Run away on the first turn.
  • The Mob spent over an hour watching Teachy TV in Democracy during Victory Road. Upon finishing Teachy TV, they didn't use Democracy to finally beat the strength puzzles that had them stumped for nearly 48 hours. They reverted to Anarchy and demanded more Teachy TV.
  • The Mob finally reached Articuno, who turned out to be Mew. they weakened it and threw a Great Ball at it. It broke out immediately and used Selfdestruct.
  • After defeating Green on Route 22 and having Mew self-destruct, the mob went back to Cinnabar Island, then to Pallet Town, healed at home and went on to Victory Road after managing to defeat The Ledge. They pushed the first boulder, then whited out against a wild Croconaw. They then ended up back on Cinnabar Island because the Mob didn't visit the Viridian City Pokémon Center and your own home in Pallet Town does not count as a checkpoint.
  • A finally made it out of Victory Road and promply challenged the Elite Four... without healing. Her only two Pokémon left were Sandslash and Slaking while Lorelei turned out to be... a Ghost type specialist. Then Banette used Grudge to take away Sandslash's only means of doing damage (Metal Claw) and it wouldn't take long for A to white out.


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