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The Recap page for Twitch Plays Pokémon FireRed.

A Fresh Start: Pallet Town to Mt. Moon - Day 1

  • The Streamer does the same false start as Emerald, starting the game early and disabling button inputs, this time one hour before start. The stream is downed roughly 6 minutes later. The chat erupts in riots. It goes back up at around 9:20 EST, with no control input.
  • The Streamer enters and invites people to play Invasion on someone else's channel.
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  • Professor Oak makes his introductions with a Machop, and the chat chooses the female protagonist. She is also named A, and her rival's name is Green. Several spit takes are taken.
  • A stumbles out of her house and into the tall grass before being caught by Professor Oak and brought to his lab to receive a Pokémon.
  • A Machop is chosen and nicknamed "hnjkrs" (The Mob decides this means "Hijinx"). The Rival receives a Horsea. It is learned that Machop has Truant as its ability, and that Horsea has Ice Beam. These two facts add up to a nasty Curb-Stomp Battle in Green's favor.
  • The first wild Pokemon encountered is a Zigzagoon. The similarities are off the charts here.
  • A continues out of Pallet Town and encounters a Tailow, which knocks out Hijinx with Mega Punch. A comes to back at home, heals, and then leaves Pallet Town again, only to white out a second time against a Spinarak with Hyper Voice.
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  • Hijinx grows to level 7 and learns Rolling Kick.
  • After finally delivering the item to Professor Oak, he rewards A with the Pokedex and 5 Pokeballs. One is used to catch a Surskit that knows only Hyper Beam (leading to the nickname Hyperbug). The last ball is equipped to Hijinx. A later reaches a Poke Mart and buys 8 more.
  • A Marill, Slugma, and Skitty are caught, followed by another Surskit and a Zigzagoon. Discussion soon ensues about visiting the PC for the first time. The Skitty, named ZDDDNG, is christened Chairman Meow Zedong.
  • A captures three more Pokemon: a female Nidoran, a Pidgey (DPKEKQ), and a Kirlia. As expected, the mob declares DPKEKQ yet another coming of Bird Jesus.
  • A whites out on Route 22 while fighting a male Nidoran with Sludge Bomb, and ends up back in Pallet Town.
  • Zigzagoon is released while The Mob tries unsuccessfully to withdraw Kirlia from the PC; everyone except The Chairman is deposited. They spend two hours trying to get the party back.
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  • After two hours, The Mob takes a break from the PC and wanders around to grind The Chairman, leveling him up four times and teaching him Mean Look before whiting out and giving the PC another try. Two more hours later, all they accomplish is withdrawing Marill and Hyperbug.
  • After trading Marill for Kirlia and The Chairman for DPKEKQ the Pidgey, the Mob finally abandons the PC for the moment and wanders into Viridian Forest... then back to town an hour later, trading Kirlia and DPKEKQ for The Chairman again.
  • A makes her way to Pewter City and, after losing once, defeats Brock's Bug-type Pokemon, earning the Boulder Badge!
  • After reaching Mt. Moon, the Mob buys a Pokemon from the Magikarp salesman. Said 'Mon turn out to be Sandslash with Flamethrower, christened "Flameslash".

A Thickening Plot: Mt. Moon to Vermilion Town - Day 2

  • At the Pokemart, A buys 3 Potions and an Antidote, then spends the next three hours wandering around the entrance of Mt. Moon, eventually leveling up Flameslash twice before whiting out to a fire-breathing Hoppip.
  • The Mob struggles to get anywhere in Mt. Moon. After some more stumbling, they get past a few trainers, but no good progress is made. Hiker Marcos' Bagon is a major threat, and comparisons to Wattson swiftly follow.
  • A slowly works her way through Mt. Moon and approaches the Fossils that were so very important to the original run. The Mob explodes, with followers of the Helix and Dome wanting their own specific fossil chosen. The Chairman reaches Level 25, learning Psychic. Super Nerd Miguel has Mankeys with Low Kick, Teeter Dance, and Detect, making battle difficult. His final Pokemon is a Machop, which makes The Chairman faint with a Rolling Kick. But Flameslash steps up and wipes the floor with the Machop.
  • A chooses the Dome Fossil, causing rampant cries among the Mob. She whites out soon after and heads back to Pewter before tackling Mt. Moon again.
  • After a long journey, A finally leaves Mt. Moon and reaches Cerulean City. The Mob is already waiting for their next chance to beat Misty.
  • A beats Misty and her Poison-type team for the third time, earning her the Cascade Badge.
  • Some time is spent in a old man's house, which contains a lot of plants. The Mob fondly remembers A's twenty nine Oddishes and considers catching more. They decide the potted plants are all actually weed.
  • After talking to a police officer about the old man's weed, A challenges Green on the way to Nugget Bridge. Hyperbug is switched out for The Chairman. After dealing with his Growlithe with ease, an old friend reappears: Zexy the Torchic is now a member of Green's team. The Mob despairs at fighting their old friend, but beat Zexy, along with Green's Slugma and Seadra.
  • A proceeds to Nugget Bridge, and tries to steal a girl's Clefairy. She fails and whites out.
  • The chat explodes with nostalgia upon encountering Youngster Joey and discovering that he is now accompanied by two members of the Wolfpack (immediately dubbed "Top Percentage Doge"). However, the Mob's love for Joey and Doge is not quite strong enough to dissuade them from beating him and moving on.
  • A catches a Wooper that knows Bone Rush. She goes up Nugget Bridge, and The Chairman grows to level 31, forgetting Hyper Fang for Leer!
  • A reaches Bill, and the chat goes nuts calling for his death. When they find him, he's trapped in the body of a Clefairy, and demands that A restore him to human form before he gives her the S.S. Anne ticket she needs to complete her mission. The Mob, who isn't having any of his crap, pretends to agree. Bill locks himself inside his teleporter, and the mob promptly points A out the door, leaving him to run out of air or dehydrate, whichever comes first. Unfortunately, upon re-entering the house to check he's still trapped, Bill is standing unharmed in the middle of the floor. Out of options, A resorts to returning him to human form, takes his S.S. ticket, and flees.
  • While on Route 6, A catches a female Nincada. Hyperbug forgets Hydro Pump for Spider Web, and A finds a Safari Ball on the ground, though it's thrown at a Trainer's Pokemon shortly after.
  • A enters Vermilion Town and acquires the Old Rod from a Fishing Guru.
  • The area east of Vermilion proves enchanting, and after wandering in and out of Diglett's Cave (which is rather devoid of Diglett, naturally), A spends a fair bit of time on Route 11. The tall grass there has a smorgasbord of interesting Pokemon, including starters Treecko, Torchic, and Squirtle, the last of which A manages to catch one of.
  • A eventually manages to board the S.S. Anne, defeating Green along the way and acquiring the HM for Cut. After whiting out on other Trainers aboard the Anne, A attempts to reboard it, only to watch it leave. A proceeds to wander elsewhere.

A Familiar Obstacle: Vermilion Town to Route 9 Ledge - Day 3

  • A enters Lt. Surge's Gym; it appears he uses Ground-types. She struggles with the switch puzzle for hours, shaming Red. After much effort, she confronts Surge and his Vibrava, Cubone, and Whiscash, doing well until Whiscash uses Muddy Water, Water Pulse, and Bone Club, knocking out her entire team.
  • Grinding fares little better against Shedinjas and punching Tailows, so after briefly accessing the PC, A tries the Gym again. The Chairman sweeps Surge's team with Razor Wind, earning A the Thunder Badge and TM34!
  • The Mob realizes that The Chairman doesn't have very good stats and that new captures are a smart idea. They settle on catching a Torchic above all else.
  • A heads east and captures a Cacnea so hard the inputs slow to a crawl. She names it "AAHHHKWWVV." Soon after, she catches a Pikachu named "BBACCWV", a Wingull named "APPSZZZZ ", and an unnamed Rattata... and uses two Pokeballs on a trainer's Pokemon, running into a Torchic immediately after the last ball was used. She buys one ball and two Super Potions with the last of her money, but wastes it on a full-health Treecko, which breaks free.
  • A confronts an old foe: The Route 9 ledge. She passes it once, but the trainer on the other side wipes out the team.
  • The Chairman learns his last level up move... and replaces Hydro Cannon with Recycle. His only offensive move is now the miserable Cut. Oh, how the once-formidable Chairman has fallen. Time to elect a new glorious leader.
  • A passes the ledge, but wipes out to the same Totodile and Corphish trainer. Upon waking up, the PC is accessed, but nothing of note happens. A then decides to grind in the grass west of Cerulean.

A Grope in the Dark: Route 9 to Rock Tunnel - Day 4

  • The Mob tries again to move A past The Ledge. While hindered by persistent Down-spammers, the power of Start buffering stymies them and allows A to proceed. Reaching the tall grass at the far end, A is pleasantly surprised to find wild Cyndaquil living there, but she flees from all encounters and finally enters the Rock Tunnel Pokemon Center as a checkpoint. The Chairman is deposited in the PC.
  • Navigation of Rock Tunnel, again done without Flash, is no easy matter, doubly so due to accidental use of the White Flute raising the encounter rate. However, the decreasing user count makes things less chaotic, and the chat mellows out somewhat.
  • A wild Lileep livens things up, inciting new worship and reducing the already-weakened party to just Wooper, who manages to survive Rollout with 10 HP remaining and defeats Lileep with Hydro Cannon. Wooper doesn't last much longer, however, and A runs back to the Pokemon Center to contemplate rescuing The Chairman and talk with Teala some more.
  • Hours later, A is still stuck inside Rock Tunnel. This is not all bad, though, as the party continues to level up.
  • After another whiteout, A is paralyzed in the square of land below the entrance of Rock Tunnel, torn between wanting to grind in the cave and wanting to grind outside. The Mob infests her mind with mysterious faces, and considers the usefulness of Nincada while some call to release Hyperbug. The screen goes blank, and the mob riots like it's 10 PM.
  • When the stream returns, the streamer reveals a system color-coding that registers inputs by when each user first started participating. The Mob has opinions over this for a time, then proceeds to continue bumbling through the tunnel.
  • As the fourth day ends, a series of glitches affects the chat. The Mob's inputs occasionally cease altogether. A few interpret this as A's ability to resist the voices. The Stream goes down for a few brief flashes. The Mob debates the effect of color coding inputs and whether this will result in racism. A few already begin declaring their own color to be Master Race. A remains in Rock Tunnel.
  • With the help of Flameslash, who has been getting stronger with every try, A makes it past more Trainers and gets close to the end, but faints to Hiker Dudley.

A Wild Ride Returns: Rock Tunnel to Rocket Hideout ("Hell") - Day 5

  • The day begins with A still in Rock Tunnel, but morale is improving due to the progress made in previous runs.
  • While attempting to reach the Move Tutor present in the cave, the Mob accidentally moves Shellock to Squirtle to the back of the party, temporarily thwarting their best chance to get rid of Odor Sleuth. Instead, they wander into Hiker Dudley's path again, with Flameslash still in decent condition. Bone Club takes out Mankey and Meditite, but it doesn't quite faint Machoke, who uses High Jump Kick - which misses, with the recoil taking Machoke out. The chat rejoices.
  • After several grueling treks through the darkness, A exits Rock Tunnel and arrives in Lavender Town. However, there are other matters to attend to, specifically getting to Erika, so the Mob proceeds onward to Celadon City. On the way, Hyperbug finally evolves into Masquerain at Level 35.
  • The Mob reaches Celadon City, and heads to the top of the Condominiums to retrieve whatever has replaced the Eevee that would eventually become the False Prophet, Flareon. It turns out to be a Level 25 Swablu (which is quickly dubbed "Swablee").
  • The Mob enters the Game Corner and begins scrounging up coins in order to see what prizes are available for purchase.
  • After collecting all the coins they can find, The Mob once again enters the area that forced the creation of the Democracy system, a place that can only be described as "Hell": the Team Rocket Hideout.
  • A starts hearing literal voices as she is driven insane by the maddening spinning tiles. It's Microsoft Sam. The Mob has a lot of fun getting it to say various phrases, usually involving "senpai".
  • The stream pauses. When it resumes, the Mob notices that a timer has been added for Democracy. The streamer says that if the Mob can complete the maze within 26 hours, Democracy will remain disabled, but if they fail, then Democracy will return permanently.

A Descent Into Madness: Riot Thursday, Rocket Hideout Part 2 - Day 6

  • We're all mad here. The Mob tries to deal with its own voices and beat the Democracy timer, but morale plummets as insanity takes over.
  • The insanity intensifies when the user interface disappears and the voices suddenly stop, blinding the Mob, but order is quickly restored a few minutes later.
  • After several hours of the viewer count dropping, constantly spinning on tiles, and Microsoft Sam spouting "Potato" and "Watermelon" over and over again, the chat inputs suddenly cease, and the stream goes offline. This is only the beginning of what would become known as "Riot Thursday".
  • Once the stream is back up, voting returns, and it seems to be for good this time. Two hours remain until the voting period begins, and A is still stuck in the maze. Around 30 minutes before the return of Democracy, the voices suddenly cease.

A Restoration of Order: Rocket Hideout End, Celadon Gym, The Return of Pokemon Tower ("Guilt Trip Tower") - Day 7

  • At the dawn of the 7th day, the Dome's dormant abilities awaken, and the first-ever Democracy period of the run begins. Having accidentally walked into the wrong tile maze before the period began, the Mob utilizes Democracy to escape. Anarchy resumes so they can make their way back to the proper maze quicker.
  • The Mob makes it through the tile maze successfully, but after battling a Rocket Grunt hop right back on. Eventually they clear it again on the third Democracy period. This time they make damn sure not to get back on Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride by continuing to navigate A into the next area.
  • After traversing the maze and obtaining the Lift Key, the Mob finds the Coin Case and some coins at the game corner. They exchange the coins for two "Abras" (which the randomizer turns into Metapods).
  • The Mob successfully reaches Giovanni and challenges him for the first time. During the battle, it is revealed that Giovanni no longer uses Ground types, and instead uses Fighting types. His first two Pokemon are easily dealt with until he brings out Hitmonchan and it uses Teeter Dance. The bob-and-weave motions confuse Flameslash, but she burns Hitmonchan with Flamethrower and continues fighting through the confusion, bringing it down with Bone Club. Upon Giovanni's defeat, the Silph Scope is retrieved, as well as a Bright Powder.
  • Shellock is taught Cut, and the party is healed after escaping the Hideout. The Mob enters the Celadon Gym, discovering that it has changed from a Grass-type gym to an Ice-type gym.
  • Dissuaded, A goes shopping, intending to buy Poke Balls and find a move tutor. The mob ponders the defecation of vegetables. While in Democracy, A decides not to teach anyone Aromatherapy and leaves the city in Anarchy. The Mob catches a Marill, but fails to catch a Bagon or Slakoth. They enter the Gym again and, after a few tries, A defeats Erika's Ice team and earns the Rainbow Badge.
  • A goes to the mart and buys 17 Great Balls, 12 of which she tosses, and 2 go to her Pokemon to hold. She then fails to catch a Bagon and Togepi, but does catch... a Hoppip. She then receives the HM for Fly.
  • A reaches Saffron City and shares the tea with the guards. On her way out, Democracy takes over and she begins a slow walk to the Pokemon Center and the PC. Hyperbug is almost deposited, but the Mob manages to backpedal in time and heads to Lavender Town.
  • After paying a visit to the Name Rater, A returns to Lavender Town and enters Pokemon Tower. She encounters Green and engages him in battle. His Seadra is a formidable opponent, and his Espeon wipes A, sending her back to Saffron. She returns to Pokemon Tower and defeats Green. The Mob proceeds to the upper floors and encounters the ghosts of several released or deceased Pokemon, such as the False Prophet, ATV (as a Venonat), and Zexy.
  • A catches an Eevee, believed by many to be the False Prophet, and names it A.

A Tower of Tragic Memories: Pokemon Tower, Saffron City - Day 8

  • Burdened with the agony of fighting their friends and loved ones, the Mob continues onward through the Tower, capturing a Mankey along the way.
  • Discussion occurs about retrieving Hoppip from the PC. While battling a Wild Mankey and a Channeler, Flameslash forgets Flamethrower for Safeguard. Soon after, Hyperbug forgets Water Pulse for Mirror Move.
  • Shellock evolves into Wartortle through Democracy. With Hyperbug becoming nerfed and Flameslash becoming useless for the time being, the Mob decides to grind Shellock until he becomes a Blastoise. After he reaches Level 32 and doesn't learn Conversion, the Mob teaches Fly to Hyperbug, replacing Frustration.
  • After much grinding, which is proven all for naught when Shellock is prevented from evolving, the Mob reaches the stairwell to the top floor, and encounters Marowak. Unfortunately, with their strongest Pokemon in the party having fainted, the rest are no match and A whites out. The Mob quickly returns to the Tower, now determined to reach the top since their mission to grind Shellock was met with success.
  • On the way up, the Mob is shocked when the ghost of the Godslayer himself, Lazorgator, appears before them in his base form. Horrified at the prospect of incurring his wrath, the Mob quickly flees the battle and continues up the stairs. Around the same time, a shiny Pikachu is encountered and promptly defeated.
  • A makes it past Marowak, defeats the Team Rocket members at the top of the tower, and receives the Poke Flute.
  • Now able to play catchy tunes again, the Mob steers A to the "Snorlax" south of Lavender Town, which turns out to be a Glalie, and captures it. The road clear, A begins the long walk to Fuschia City. Shellock fails to evolve again, and A whites out in the maze of fences east of Fuchsia, landing in Lavender Town again.
  • A captures a Torchic in the Tower, and the Mob considers replacing Digbug, Swagsire, or Swablee with him. She catches two Treecko soon after, further dividing the Mob. A wanders around the Tower as the Mob argues.
  • Swablee reaches Level 28 just as Democracy activates with the Mob intending to Dig out of the Pokemon Tower; it's used to teach her Drill Peck in place of Growth. Then the Mob immediately returns to Anarchy.
  • After hours of grinding, A leaves Pokemon Tower.
  • Having made her way to Saffron City, A deposits Digbug in the PC in Democracy mode and doesn't withdraw anything. She then goes to train at the Fighting Dojo to pick up one of its Pokemon... and none of the Pokemon A's party battles are Fighting type. Instead, A faces off against a series of Grass types, Bug types, Ground types, and a Gengar. The Mob intends to check what both Pokemon offered are, but pick Jumpluff before checking the other Pokeball. The Mob go to the Pokemon Center and get stuck there, still debating whether to replace Jumpluff with another Pokemon.
  • A deposits Jumpluff in Democracy Mode with the intent to wait for Lapras, but she accidentally withdraws Cacnea in Anarchy Mode. Predictably, riots ensue.
  • As the 8th day ends, A returns to Saffron City and enters the Silph Company building, the third circle of Hell.

A Lack of a Solid Plan: The Return of Silph Co. ("Teleport Hell"), Saffron City, The Return of the Return of Pokemon Tower - Day 9

  • En route to the Card Key, Hyperbug's Mirror Move is accidentally moved to the front of his move list, hampering his offensive capacity. Soon after, however, A obtains the Card Key with little trouble, and she sets out to open up the rest of the building.
  • A's winning streak is ended by Green, who defeats her with his Water-type team, including a Goldeen, Kabutops, Poliwrath, and Crawdaunt, as well as his fully-evolved Kingdra. She later tries again and is defeated.
  • The voices return, and the potatoes follow shortly after. Not too long after, the voices go away again, and a timer called "text-to-speech" appears. A teaches Swablee Cut, replacing Bubblebeam, and continues her way through Silph Co.
  • The Streamer arrives and holds an extended discussion about the Text-to-Speech system and Democracy vote. Eventually, changes are made to both.
    • Chat-to-Speech will trigger every other hour, with the possibility of changing the duration still on the table. For the time being, each period lasts 10 minutes, with much of the Mob spanning "potato"-related phrases and other things that amuse them.
    • Democracy votes now trigger at random times between 10 and 100 minutes after Democracy ends.
  • A defeats Green on her third try thanks to mostly Flameslash's Bone Club spam and goes on to battle Giovanni. It's a close battle, but A is defeated.
  • Democracy wins another voting period, but is once again canceled out by Anarchy votes. A encounters a second "Snorlax", which turns out to be an Illumise, and defeats it, sending it back to the mountains. The Mob catches and battles Pokemon between Saffron and Cerulean.
  • During a period of Democracy, Cacnea is deposited and DJ the Slakoth is withdrawn. After a great deal of arguing and a tug-of-war in the tunnel, DJ is moved to the first slot. For the next few hours, some of the Mob want to put him back in the PC.
  • A defeats Giovanni, picking up the Master Ball in the process, and she later defeats Sabrina without much issue. DJ has not leveled, though, and the Mob again decides to grind, putting DJ first, Swablee second, and Shellock third during Democracy. The Master Ball is used on a Bird Keeper's Wingull four hours later, with no success.
  • A whites out, finding herself back in Lavender Town, and heads to the Pokemon Tower to grind DJ and Swablee. During this grinding session, DJ evolves into Vigoroth.

A Fateful Encounter: Fuchsia City, Training from Hell at Guilt Trip Tower - Day 10

  • A eventually stops grinding and makes her way to Fuchsia City. She encounters Koga's Flying-type Gym and challenges him, but faints to his Noctowl after defeating his Farfetch'd and Skiploom.
  • A then heads to the Safari Zone and catches a Pikachu after hitting it with about 8 rocks. She goes on to catch a Lileep, 3 Shuppet, a Gloom, 3 Tentacool, a Wingull, a Seel, a Poliwag, a Carvanha, and a Rhyhorn.
  • During a battle with a Bird Keeper, level 25 Swagsire is able to not only take a level 32 Lairon's third and fourth Rollouts, but also take it out, thus defeating the Bird Keeper. The Mob is quite happy with his tanking ability. This may finally be a turning point for Swagsire.
  • The Mob is tempted to obtain what is believed to be a Mew through trading a male Nidoran. After catching one, the Mob returns to Saffron City and very carefully deposits Swagsire to withdraw Nidoran. After an extended battle between Up+A and B+Down, the Mob begins to make their way back to the Mew Trader. Finally, after many refusals, A trades the Nidoran and obtains Mew, named Marc by its trainer.
  • After healing the party and a struggle over the PC, the Mob exits the Pokemon Center and begins wandering around Fuchsia City. When the voices become enabled, they are inexplicably muted. Eventually, the entire interface vanishes and the Mob is once again rendered blind and deaf.
  • A encounters Koga again and whites out several times to his ace, a Ninjask with Huge Power and Aeroblast. The Mob is divided as to its next action but eventually decide to grind Marc at Pokemon Tower. The guilt has now shifted to Pokemon that are not dead, but boxed and forgotten, such as Smoochums and Machops. While grinding in the tower, the interface returns, as do the voices.
  • After intense grinding to level 30, Marc learns none other than Selfdestruct. The Mob is not pleased.

A New, Balanced Order: Seafoam Islands and Cinnabar Island, Reawakening of the Fossils - Day 11

  • The Mob returns to Fuchsia City, their goal seeming to be clearing the Safari Zone.
  • After attempts in Anarchy fail miserably and cost the Mob 1500 Pokedollars, Democracy activates and the Mob begins the long trek through the Safari Zone in order to get the Surf HM. During this time, the Mob rediscovers multiple direction inputs using Commas, but this time they can only be done up to 3 times instead of 9.
  • The Mob obtains the Warden's gold teeth and upon reaching the goal house are rewarded with Surf, promptly teaching it to Shellock in place of Odor Sleuth.
  • After exiting the Safari Zone, A gives the Gold Teeth to the Warden, and receives the HM for Strength. She teaches it to DJ, replacing Horn Drill, and sorts through her TMs, finding nothing useful.
  • The Mob heads back to Fuchsia Gym and challenges Koga again. After the party being obliterated by Ninjas, they are left with only Flamesplash. However, she manages to pull off a clutch victory against Ninjask, killing it with a Tackle. DJ had leveled up beforehand and was ready to evolve, but was prevented by B spammers.
  • On their way out of Fuchsia City, the Mob spots a familiar face - none other than Air Jordan, now put on display in the Safari Zone. Pained by the sight of their friend's miserable fate, they have no choice but to tearfully bid it goodbye as they head to the next route.
  • While Surfing, the Mob encounters a wild Cyndaquil that is somehow able to survive in water. They immediately run away. Along the way, Flamesplash levels up and forgets Bone Club for Defense Curl.
  • The Mob surfs down Route 19 and makes it to the Seafoam Islands, stopping there to teach see what's inside their TM Case in order to hopefully improve their Pokemon's movesets, which have been majorly crippled as of late. Crush Claw is given to DJ in place of Growth.
  • After grinding in the Seafoam Islands, Democracy allows Shellock to finally evolve into his final form: Blastoise, as well as letting him learn Octazooka.
  • The Mob heads back to Pewter City in the hopes of reviving the Dome Fossil, as well as making their way to Cinnabar. While in the museum, they successfully get the Old Amber. In order to improve Marc's moveset, they use a Move Tutor to replace SmellingSalt with Ember, with mixed reactions. The Mob then begins to discuss which Legendary Bird they should attempt to capture, with "Moltres" being the most popular choice.
  • A makes it to Cinnabar and revives the Fossils. Dome is Ariados and Old Amber is Charizard. The latter makes them very conflicted.
  • In Pokemon Mansion, Democracy is invoked to evolve Swablee into Altaria. Altareon's ability becomes Trace. After hours of struggle and numerous whiteouts, the Mob reaches the Secret Key at last, and finally finds Simon's partner along the way.

A Mastermind's Trap: Cinnabar Island, Sevii Islands Arc Begins - Day 12

  • The Mob enters Blaine's Gym, which is Rock-type. Under the banner of Democracy, DJ finally evolves into his final form, Slaking. In a stroke of luck, the King also comes with the Minus ability, thus cancelling out his only weakness in the form of the ever dreadful Truant.
  • The Mob engages Blaine, who has Aron, Lairon, Golem, and Shuckle. After a battle lasting nearly 20 minutes, A emerges victorious.
  • A meets Bill outside the Gym, but pays him no heed. Bill says he will await her in the Pokemon Center. Later, while trying to heal, A is suddenly drawn, almost magnetically, to the PC. Left with no other options in order to make it stop, the Mob finally agrees to aid Bill. A is captured and dragged off to the Sevii Islands, where she is given the task of fixing Bill's PC.
  • A desperately attempts to escape the Sevii Islands, but cannot because the islands are cut off from the rest of Kanto and can only be reached by ferry. Bill has won. She immediately gets to work on fixing Bill's PC and gets accustomed to her surroundings the only way she knows how: grinding.
  • A wanders to Ember Spa and receives the HM for Rock Smash. After a few minutes of struggle, she makes her way into the spring, healing her Pokemon, and continues north.
  • As the Mob reaches the area where Moltres sleeps, they encounter several wild Croconaw. They finally reach "Moltres", which turns out to actually be Latios, one of the Eon Twins. It uses Perish Song on Shellock, forcing him into a life-or-death situation. Unfortunately, A has no Pokeballs, and so Shellock is forced to kill Latios in order to lift the curse of Perish Song. History Repeats as a Water-type starter Pokemon kills a god.
  • A makes her way to Giovanni's gym and its nefarious spin tiles, while the HUD goes away again. Giovanni is reached with only half of A's team remaining. However, Shellock is first out, and proceeds to sweep Giovanni's entire Fighting-type team with Water Pulse, earning him much praise from The Mob. Giovanni never stood a chance. Getting out of his Gym, on the other hand...
  • After some impromptu ledge parkour, A continues on her way, only to be challenged by Green. The battle is close, with Shellock sweeping most of his team. However, Shellock finally falls to Kingdra, who also takes out Flamesplash in one shot. DJ is sent out and pulverizes Kingdra, but Green has one more card up his sleeve - Aggron. Amazingly, Aggron is brought to within an inch of life thanks to Crush Claw spamming, but ultimately prevails over DJ, causing A to white out. During the following battle, Shellock forgets Water Pulse for Bubble. A few battles later, A finally defeats Green. Shellock, again, carries the team, easily defeating Green's Steelix, Beldum, Aron, Lairon, and Aggron with water-type attacks, though he's nearly downed by Kingdra.
  • Rather than continue to Victory Road, A goes to the Seafoam Islands to find "Articuno". The first attempt, she goes the wrong way and winds up facing an impassible current, and while backtracking, she uses her last Ultra Ball on a Torkoal. The Mob decides to leave and buy more. This fails, and they eventually decide to confront their old nemesis: the Route 9 ledge.
  • During Democracy, the Mob switches Rollout and Ember in Marc's movepool for easier switching out during battle. However, come Anarchy, the Mob accidentally moves Selfdestruct to Marc's first move slot.

A Day of Reckoning: Power Plant and Victory Road - Day 13

  • Finally, after much debate and several democracy segments ended early, the mob decides the best course of action is to give up on catching the legendaries and kill them instead, due to their team already being balanced, their rightful fear of the PC, and the fact that there is no solution of stopping their usage of Pokeballs on everything they see.
  • Their first stop is the Power Plant, where "Zapdos" resides. There is also a possibility that they will return for "Articuno" afterward.
  • Democracy is used to swap movesets around and teach Marc Surf.
  • The Mob arrives at the Power Plant. While battling their way to "Zapdos", they encounter several Shellock impostors. A little more than half of the Mob decides to try Democracy to catch "Zapdos", but A meets it before the timer is up. "Zapdos" turns out to be a Mewtwo. Immediately, A runs, and Mewtwo, perhaps hearing the voices and deciding that it wants no part of this madness, promptly flies away. The Mob is in an uproar, and when the laughter settles, they consider finding "Articuno" next.
  • The Mob decides to fly during Democracy, a slow process since they have to move a marker across a map and even overshoots once because of the way the commands are entered. A heads to Cinnabar before the Mob collectively realizes there's no way to get to the Seafoam Islands from there. Instead, after a short walk in the Pokemon Mansion, the Mob Surfs north and goes to Viridian City.
  • The next several hours are spent navigating in Route 22 past the dreaded Ledge, which is made even harder because part of the Mob still wants to find "Articuno".
  • The Mob finally beats the Long Ledge, turns in their badges, and heads for Victory Road. The first attempt at beating the strength puzzle in Anarchy fails merely 2 moves from completion. A completes the puzzle, but whites out soon after and is sent back to Cinnabar, having neglected to heal in Viridian.
  • The Mob proceeds to grind in the Pokemon Mansion, halting their overall progression for several hours. Meanwhile, a Kappa Storm breaks out in chat as both players and bots alike type in "Kappa" repeatedly, resulting in the emoticon flooding the majority of chat. After Altareon and Marc have trained a little, the Mob goes back towards Victory Road, this time bypassing the Ledge with little difficulty. Again, A gets stuck on the boulder puzzle.

A Day of Leisure: Victory Road Part 1 - Day 14

  • A, still struggling through Victory Road, makes her way past the first puzzle with little difficulty, but finds the second puzzle much more difficult due to the number of fully-evolved Pokemon residing on Floor 2. She eventually defeats Puzzle 2, though the failure of a Democracy vote leaves the success of Puzzle 3 up in the air.
  • While struggling to solve Puzzle 3, DJ tanks multiple wild encounters, but stays alive long enough for multiple Democracy votes to come and fail. Finally, DJ goes down to a wild Exploud and A is sent back to Viridian City, not before somehow managing to lose all her money.
  • Freshly healed, the Mob has a lengthy battle over the 2nd Floor PC for no real reason at all, then returns to battle the ledge.
  • The Mob spends the better part of 12 hours bouncing between battling the Long Ledge and battling Victory Road. No real progress is made.
  • Finally, in Democracy, the Mob teaches Fly to Altareon and DJ (somehow), Thrash to Shellock, and Metal Claw to Flameslash.
  • Shortly afterward, for some unexplained reason, the Mob decides to view the Teachy TV in Democracy. They spend over an hour watching every episode, then immediately revert back to Anarchy. They attempt to re-use the Teachy TV in the next Democracy, but Anarchy takes over.
  • The Mob tries to fly to Fuchsia in order to see what "Articuno" is, only to discover that they cannot fly to the city because the cursor moves 3 plots each input. Eventually the Mob gives up and returns to Victory Road.
  • Sometime on Day 14 or 15, the Mob rediscovers the usefulness of chaining commands.

A Farewell Tour: Various Locations - Day 15

  • The Mob somehow stumbles all the way from Victory Road to Route 22, with a goal of healing at Pallet and then trying to reach "Articuno" from the Fuchsia City side.
  • After a bit of debate, the plan Operation: Off-Road Articuno is established to serve as a "Farewell Tour" of Kanto before taking on the Elite 4.
  • Within only a few hours, the Mob already collects their Good Bike and heads for Cycling Road. Enthusiasm is high, as it may be a chance to put some levels on Altareon and Marc safely.
  • Defying all common sense, the Mob heads back to Mr. Giovanni's Wild Ride, where they acquire a Max Elixir. The Mob then continues to defy common sense and gambles, eventually winning a jackpot!
  • A continues west and gets on her bike for Cycling Road. She battles every Cue Ball north of the slope and none of the Cue Balls on the slope.
  • A gets stuck next to the building that connects to Fuchsia: each button input moves A three squares on her bike, and the building's entrance is two spaces tall so she always overshoots. She consults Teachy TV. She eventually enters Fuchsia City, walks around the zoo for a bit, and goes to the Seafoam Islands.
  • A solves the cave's puzzles and makes her way to "Articuno", who turns out to be a Mew. A uses her last Great Ball in an attempt to capture the Mew, but this attempt is unsuccessful. Immediately after this attempt at capture, the Mew Selfdestructs.
  • The Mob isn't sure what to do and wanders around for a while, then eventually returns to Viridian City and Victory Road.
  • Eventually the Mob decides it's time, and begins to use Democracy to solve the strength puzzles. Following a multitude of split votes, Anarchy takes over before the third puzzle but Democracy takes the lead just in time to complete it.
  • The Mob makes it out of Victory Road and goes straight to the Elite Four without healing. A whites out quickly, but on first real try, she makes it to Lance before whiting out, with DJ doing most of the work.

A Journey's End: The Pokemon League - Day 16

  • The streamer once again adds a three day timer and removes Democracy.
  • On her fourth try, A defeats Lance with only DJ left, but he's poisoned by one of Lance's Crobats. He goes through two of Green's Pokemon before he succumbs to poison, and A whites out. This encourages the Mob who, despite having restocked on Balls, plans to just grind the Elite Four until victory.
  • A reaches Green once again, this time with a weakened DJ, who falls to Porygon2's formidable defenses and Rage.
  • The stream mysteriously goes down. When it returns, the timer has been extended from 3 days to 6. According to the Streamer, it's "in case the transition to DS doesn't go smoothly."
  • On their 8th run, at 15d 2h 1m 59s, the Mob watches DJ defeat Kingdra using Tri Attack. The game is won, and A is the champion!
  • While exiting the Pokemon League building, Green rudely shoves A aside and storms off, still bitter over his crushing defeat and previous failures. He is later seen contemplating something, but given that the scenery in this shot is a bridge, it's clear what he's thinking about. A, meanwhile, runs back to her home in Pallet Town, now freed from the voices.

A Brand-New Dream Scape - Day 17?

  • DS games are tested, such as Petz, New Super Mario Bros.., Animal Crossing Wild World, Super Mario 64 DS, and Grand Theft Auto.
  • The DS-based synthesizer app, KORG DS-10, is suddenly put on screen. The team was able to use it by inputting coordinates on where to touch in the chat.
  • Another DS game, Peggle Dual Slot, is put on screen. the team fiddles around with the menus a bit before actually playing. They get stuck on Warren's level, due to lack of people.
  • Yet another DS game, Spectrobes is put on screen.
  • Mario Party DS is put onscreen. The Mob does surprisingly well at minigames and even manages to get a Star... which Peach steals. They quickly declare her an agent of Bill or Cyrus.
  • Another DS game, Worms Modern Warfare 2, is put on screen. It was short-lived, because it was impossible to get past the first tutorial.
  • Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky is put on screen. The team is a Pikachu named "nncaapCCCÆ", and their partner is a Tododile named "Totodilnn'". They decide their team name to be "Poképals!!".
  • On Day 21 (?), the streamer loads up Pokemon Stadium 2 and allows the Mob to bet on random matches in a similar manner to Salty Bets while continuing to play various DS games.

A Surprise Return to Wonderland - Replay

  • As part of a 5-day special event, the Streamer unveils that the first four runs will be revisited, starting with Randomized FireRed. The Mob completes several sidequests, including the Sevii Islands, while also killing and running away from several Legendaries. The remaining randomized Legendaries and their locations are as follows.
    • Cerulean Cave = Lugia
    • Navel Rock Bottom Floor = Moltres
    • Navel Rock Top Floor = Entei
    • Birth Island = Suicune


And a new adventure begins...