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Guess how long it took this time? No, really. Guess.note 
  • The beginning is the end is the beginning.
  • Surskit, a Water/Bug has Volt Absorb as its randomized ability. In other words, while it's normally very weak to Electric type moves, its ability both negates all damage they would do and even recovers HP at the same time.
  • We Beat Misty!
  • Bill locked himself inside his teleporter, and A promptly strolled out, leaving him to run out of air or dehydrate, whichever comes first. Unfortunately, upon re-entering the house to check he's still trapped, Bill was standing unharmed in the middle of the floor.
  • A caught a wild Squirtle.
  • Meta-example, if you compare the mob from the first run to this run, we got our badges 10 hours early for the Boulder Badge, and 2 hours earlier for the Cascade badge.
  • The story thus far.
  • Gloat now. If you must. You can't hold us forever.
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  • After a day of struggle, the Mob cleared Rock Tunnel!
  • The Mob finally cleared the Team Rocket hideout with Democracy, and defeated Erika in Anarchy soon after.
  • The Mob banding together to finally evolve Squirtle.
  • The Mob encountering a normal colored Pikachu and much like Chinchou in Emerald, they killed it.
  • The Mob capturing a Slakoth ... without its godawful ability. Then, in Democracy, they managed to evolve it into Vigoroth. This is an awesome moment in the making, because if they succeed in evolving it into a Slaking, and it doesn't have Truant, the Mob will have one of the most powerful Pokemon in existence. To put this into perspective, Slaking's stats are on par with the entire Uber tier.
    • On Day 11, they pulled it off. Vigoroth evolved into Slaking.
  • The Mob traded a garden-variety male Nidoran for Mew. When it turned out to be quite weak, they took the effort to level grind it.
  • Film Noir Shellock Holmes.
  • A Dance with the Devil, Part 1 and Part 2.
  • Managing to evolve Shellock Holmes to a Blastoise could be considered this.
  • The Mob managed to walk from Fuschia city to Pewter and retrieve the Old Amber, along the way Ember was taught to Mew, replacing one of its less useful moves. All of this was done in anarchy.
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  • The revival of the fossils. Dome turned out to be Ariados, which is eerily fitting due to it being a spider, while Old Amber was Charizard, which brought back memories of Abby from Red.
  • The Mob defeated Blaine's Rock-type Gym on their first try despite type disadvantages.
    • Doubles as a CMOA for Flameslash who took out two steel type Pokemon using nothing but normal attacks.
  • A rejected Bill's first offer to go to the Sevii Islands... so he lay in wait for her in the Pokemon Center, where she accepted his offer and was dragged off to fix his PC.
  • Shellock swept Giovanni's entire team. He later carried the team in their struggle against Green's penultimate team, with his Water-type moves bypassing the resistances of the Steel-types that walled most of the team.
  • While the first time challenging the Elite Four resulted in a major failure, the second time more than made up for it, with A getting as far as Lance.
  • It only took eight tries this time to beat the Elite Four and the Champion. Eight. Compared to Emerald's 103, that is quite the accomplishment.
  • Altaria, often thought to be weak and useless, gets dangerous and sweeps Lorelei's entire team, even managing to use the otherwise useless Cut to trick Gengar into wasting its Destiny Bond. Lorelei's ghosts being the Kryptonite Factor to most of the party, this pretty much paved the path to the successful win.
  • In this entire run only ONE Pokemon was released, and that was since the first six hours of the game.
  • The Dome finally gets through to Bill.


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