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  • Napoleon recovered from losing his starter and, after numerous tries, defeated Galactic Commander Mars and had a successful grinding session in Eterna Forest.
  • Budew paralyzed Jupiter's Skuntank and Shinx defeated it with 11 HP remaining. The Mob listened to Shinx's cry in celebration.
  • The alleged PC shuffle for the Togepi egg went relatively well with only one Pokemon deposited.
  • They beat Fantina with Bronzor, the last capable Pokemon, having one HP left. It then received a well-deserved level-up.
  • Just before that, Budew finally evolving into Roselia. The awesome Irony is that this was made possible by the Trolls/bots' constant Start+A spamming to get the mob stuck in the menus. When this almost led to using a Rare Candy on Budew, the mob decided to do the exact same thing (spamming Start+A) which led to this run's first evolution.
  • Zubat evolved into Golbat without any help.
  • The Eevee received turned into a Flareon.
  • While Shinx was put into Daycare and retrieved back, it had caught Pokérus! The fact that they managed to get such a rare thing to happen is an awesome moment.
    • Once it was discovered it spread to the other team members, the chat mobilized to take advantage of this.
  • Maylene's Lucario defeated Napoleon's entire team... except Golbat, who defeated it and her Machoke to earn the Cobble Badge.
  • The Mob encountered a Shiny Geodude and killed it.
  • After the Streamer activated the Y button when the Mob trapped themselves forever on a slot machine, they proceeded to get triple sevens during the first minute of playing.
  • Cyrus got one when he defeated Napoleon with one Ice Punch, as only Golbat was alive. Some people interpreted it as him punching out Golbat himself.
  • Napoleon's second battle with Cyrus starts out poorly, and both of them come down to their last Pokemon: Napoleon's Roselia versus Cyrus' Murkrow. Petal Dance leaves Murkrow with below 50% hp. Then he gets poisoned and Faints to another Petal Dance. Cyrus was defeated and Roselia reaches lvl 50. Roselia had 24 hp at the end.
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  • While in Jubilife, a miracle occurred: Flareon was given mail to hold, protecting it from the PC forever. They followed it up by giving mail to Shinx, Bronzor, Roselia, and Golbat.
  • Within an hour of releasing Bidoof (which sent Trolls to Reddit proclaiming victory and the death of TPP) the Mob casually catches a Bibarel to fill the empty party slot. Its name? 00 00 06, more commonly called 006.
  • At 9 days, 7 hours, and 13 minutes, Roselia evolved into Roserade. Fittingly afterward, the daytime version of the Canalave City theme began to play, signalling a new dawn.
  • And then, after 9 days, 23 hours and 17 minutes, Bronzor evolved into Bronzong. This happened during the mobile-only chat, which at one point was full of progress stalling trolls, and despite the presence of a B-troll, who was only a second too late with their B command.
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  • After being unfrozen, Napoleon swept Candice's entire team with Flareon. Flareon is considered the worst Eeveelution by a wide margin. In other words, Candice just got utterly humiliated by losing to one of the worst Pokemon in terms of competitive play.
  • Cyrus scored another one in the Galactic HQ, when his Honchkrow finished the last of Napoleon's Pokemon with only 1-2 HP remaining.
    • In the rematch, after a slow start with some questionable switches, Flareon is send out and sweeps Cyrus' team, even OHKO'ing Honchkrow with Fire Blast.
  • Napoleon and Cyrus' epic staring contest.
  • Yet another for Cyrus. After being lost for hours in the Distortion World, Napoleon finally made it to Cyrus, ready to save the world. Cyrus completely destroyed his team, causing him to black out and wake up in the Hearthome Pokemon Center. Twice.
  • Third time's the charm: Napoleon finally beat Cyrus, with Flareon once again sweeping the bulk of his team - and then promptly clashed against Giratina itself. The fight was tricky, as Giratina kept dodging attacks via Shadow Force, but a critical Petal Dance from Roserade weakened it enough that Bronzong could finish it with a simple Extrasensory.
  • The battle with Volkner. Sunshine and 006 were able to take down Volkner's Jolteon and Electivire by themselves, with Shinx managing the former with only 1HP remaining and Bibarel doing the latter despite her type disadvantage. Additionally Sunbrella critically injured Volkner's final Pokémon (Luxray) before being taken down... only for Poison Point to activate and kill Luxray too, scoring a double knockout and winning Napoleon the badge.
  • After all the worry about Victory Road requiring five HM moves, Napoleon cleared it on his second try.
  • Golbat tanked a STAB Sunny Day Fire Blast from Pearl's Rapidash and a Body Slam from his Snorlax. In the rematch, he defeated Pearl's Staraptor.
  • Napoleon made it to Flint on his first try against the Elite Four, and almost defeated Flint despite his severely weakened team.
  • On Run 22 of the Elite Four, Shinx defeated Aaron's Vespiquen with a critical Thunderbolt.
  • 006 the Bibarel, the Hm Slave, not only swept Bertha and Flint's teams with ease but also managed to bring Lucian down to his last pokemon before it finally fainted, essentially helping the mob to reach Cynthia for the first time.
  • The Mob's first battle against Cynthia, though ending in defeat, was surprisingly good - her Spiritomb, Garchomp, and Milotic were all taken down (the latter by a Flareon with 9 HP).
  • "It doesn't matter if the going is slow. Nor does it matter how many challenges it takes. I'm never giving up! Not until I beat the Elite Four!" Wise words from a random Ace Trainer.
  • After 17 days, 11 hours and 38 minutes, Cynthia was defeated. Napoleon has officially conquered Sinnoh! They also beat Platinum's Champion in less time than it took to beat Emerald's.
    • What made it extra awesome was that Napoleon made it to Cynthia with almost his entire team intact! Only Shinx had fainted, Flareon was at 65% health, and Bibarel was at 82%, but all the other pokémon were still at 100% health.
    • 006 the Bibarel, the HM-Slave, once again proved instrumental, sweeping Lucian's entire team with Waterfall and Surf. It then took down Cynthia's Spiritomb, Roserade (despite the type disadvantage) and Lucario.
    • Steve the Bronzong took down Togekiss, and manages to seriously harm Garchomp, before falling to two Flamethrowers.
    • Queen "Roserade" Sunbrella came out to dance and takes down Garchomp and brings Milotic, Cynthia's last pokémon to the brink of fainting.
    • After Milotic took Sunbrella out with Mirror Coat and Flareon was brought out, things looked grim for a second as Cynthia used a Full Restore. One Fire Fang and one Strength later, Milotic faints. Flareon takes the team across the finish line.
      • What also made the fight with Flareon and Milotic epic was how Cynthia quoted "I won't let this end yet! This match is too fun to let it end this easily!" before suddenly chucking a Full Restore at Milotic, as if she really wanted to see what Flareon was made of.
    • "...Just a few moments ago, you were the most powerful challenger. And just now, you became the most powerful of all the Trainers. You are now our newest Champion!"
  • This run also set a few noteworthy records:
    • For the very first time, Twitch Plays Pokemon beats the entire main game in pure Anarchy, without resorting to Democracy even once.
    • A completely unevolved Pokemon enters the Hall of Fame.
    • Any Fire-Type Pokemon enters the Hall of Fame, after TPP's terrible luck with them.
  • Several other interesting records were set as well:
    • Most number of times an evolution was canceled, at 47.
    • Most number of Pokemon captured (and kept), at 229.
    • The first time TPP got Pokerus.
    • The highest average team level by the end, at ~74.3 (despite Emerald obtaining a level 100 Pokemon, its average was only ~70.8).
    • The first time the game froze and had to be reset (also resulting in the greatest number of Pokemon 'lost' at 22, beating even the original Red's Bloody Sunday at 20).
  • My name is Napoleon, and I am a Pokemon trainer.


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