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  • The protagonist's name this time around is nqpppnl. The Mob has nicknamed him "Napoleon" and "Nipple."
  • Pearl was almost named "PP."
  • The Mob caught 3 Bidoof, two of whom have really weird names consisting mostly of numbers.
  • When Professor Rowan asked Napoleon if he loved Pokemon, he said no.
  • My name is Pearl, and I have a gambling problem. (Plus the rest of the comic series by njike on Reddit.)
  • There is a sullen, middle-aged man in my head.
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  • 80085=BOOBS.
  • Pearl poses happily for his own wanted poster.
  • The Mob's attempts at writing Air Mail.
  • The Mob was required to get on the Bike to go on Cycling Road. They finally managed to select the Bike... and rode right inside a building.
  • After grinding near Solaceon Town, Togepi began to evolve...but was stopped at the last second by a known "chat leader". Mass rioting ensued over the perceived betrayal, though it's revealed it was an accident.
    Z33K33: oh *** me
  • The chat erupted when Flareon was chosen over Vaporeon.
  • The Mob found and killed a Shiny Geodude.
  • Napoleon challenged Cyrus for the first time and was defeated with one Ice Punch, as only Golbat was alive.
  • Lore-wise, there is something incredibly hilarious about the contrast between the sullen, sarcastic Napoleon and his team filled with sunshine and adorable (e.g. this thing).
  • The entire Great Marsh trek.
    • Deep Snow and Deja Vu
  • Napoleon used the Master Ball on a wild Geodude.
  • During the seven hour freeze, someone entered the Konami Code. It didn't work.
  • Finally acting on their strange obsession with "milking" people, the Mob decided to buy 44 Moo Moo Milks from the Café near Solaceon Town.
  • After hours spent to engage Uxie in battle, Napoleon tossed a few Pokeballs... and then fled via a Pokedoll. He followed it up by losing to Azelf, who spammed Nasty Plot and Uproar to wipe out the team and stole Napoleon's money. When Mesprit randomly appeared, he tossed one Pokeball and watched as it flew away.
  • The perfectly timed savestate.


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