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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon Platinum

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  • At only 5 hours in, the Mob released a Pokemon, the very first Bidoof they caught.
  • And after 12 hours, they released Chimchar, marking the third time the fire starter is released.
  • Somehow the Mob, mere steps from their next city, got turned completely around and found their way back to Sandgem Town. Requiring them to backtrack through a cave and a rather large city to get there. All without realizing it.
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  • Shinx forgot Bite for Roar.
  • The Mob taught Bidoof Grass Knot over Growl... then immediately erased it for Cut.
  • The Mob attempts to catch Rotom, but it faints the entire team instead. Not that they actually could have caught it anyway, since they overlooked the minor detail of not having any pokeballs with them.
  • 4 out of 5 team members blacked out in a double battle against a Pachirisu and Chimchar.
  • Epic Fail here for the Trolls/Bots trying to stop evolution. One of their own was spamming X+A and led to the run's first evolution.
  • Shinx forgot Spark for Scary Face, leaving it with no attacking moves. To add insult to injury, she failed to evolve once more.
    • They later taught her Thief... but she learned Sleep Talk over Thief and can't attack. Again.
    • This is made even more depressing/hilarious by the fact that Shinx actually only ever learns 5 non-attacking moves by level-up.
  • Napoleon challenged Cyrus for the first time and was defeated with a single Ice Punch, as only Golbat was alive.
  • The mob manages to complete the sliding puzzle in Candice's gym in a mere twenty minutes, only to ignore Candice and, eventually, walk out of the gym and thus resetting the puzzle.
    • The next attempt has him do the exact same thing again.
  • Napoleon losing to Cyrus in their battle inside Galactic HQ. Cyrus had only his Honchkrow left, at about 25% HP. Napoleon only had Flareon left to damage Honchkrow. Flareon had three attacks that would've done enough damage to defeat Honchkrow, and one that would've left him at 1 HP, meaning it could retaliate with Drill Peck that would faint Flareon. Guess which one the mob picked.
  • Napoleon used the Master Ball on a wild Geodude. Hey, at least it wasn't on a Trainer's Pokemon this time...
  • After being lost for hours in the Distortion World, Napoleon finally made it to Cyrus, ready to save the world. Cyrus completely destroyed his team, causing him to black out and wake up in the Hearthome Pokemon Center, meaning that the entire climb up Mt. Coronet and through the Distortion World maze had to be redone.
    • After a second trek of several hours through the Distortion World, Napoleon challenged Cyrus a second time...and also blacked out.
    • After a third trek, Napoleon descends to the final floor of the Distortion World, looking in Cyrus's direction and ready to challenge him again...and the mob accidentally takes not one, but two lifts back up away from Cyrus, followed by jumping over a one-way ledge, requiring him to go almost all the way around the whole Distortion World maze again.
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  • After hours spent to engage Uxie in battle, Napoleon tossed a few Pokeballs... and then fled via a Pokedoll. He followed it up by losing to Azelf, who spammed Nasty Plot to wipe out the team. When Mesprit randomly appeared, he tossed one Pokeball and watched as it flew away.
  • Napoleon encountered Azelf again... and ran away.
  • After every Pokemon but Golbat fainted, and after falling down the ledge between point B and point D several times, Napoleon finally got past the ledge, only for Golbat to faint one moment later.
  • At one point the game unexpectedly froze, and remained that way for 8 hours before an admin noticed and reset it.