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Fridge / Twitch Plays Pokémon Platinum

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Napoleon having team of fairly small, unevolved Pokémon would be seen him trying to avoid the same misconception what the real Napoleon had, where because his guards were taller than him, it made Napoleon look short in comparison. Or maybe he really is bit short, so he tries to make him look taller by having a team of small Pokémon.
    • Even after some of his Pokémon evolved, his final team doesn't have any one who is taller than him. The tallest member of his team, Golbat, is about as tall as Napoleon is.
Fridge Logic

Fridge Horror

  • Cyrus wants to create a world without spirit. How does he go about doing this? By experimenting with the Voices and capturing the three Pokemon of the Lakes, which are said to be embodiments of the human spirit. As each member is captured, the Mob suddenly begins to drastically change, for better or worse. When Azelf was taken, the Mob began to lose their determination, the viewer count began to plummet, and trolls began running rampant. When Mesprit was taken, the Mob suddenly ceased its caps-lock shouting and became sane and logical. And when Uxie was taken, the Mob fell completely silent, freezing Napoleon in place, unable to issue commands.
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  • The game crashed while Napoleon was lying down on a bed. Now read that while keeping in mind a certain legendary Pokemon who causes people to be trapped in endless nightmares.