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Recap / Twitch Plays Pokémon Platinum

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The Rise of a New Empire: Twinleaf Town to Oreburgh City - Day 1

  • The streamer predictably starts the game early with command inputs disabled. Nobody is surprised. However, they leave an intermission game in the upper left corner.
  • Pokémon Platinum begins with 7,000 viewers. Pokémon Stadium on the side continues. The player's money, Pokédex statistics (<caught>/<seen>/<total>), Pokémon's moves and badge count is added to the stream's interface. The Touch Screen is controlled by the Mob entering coordinates into the chat to be pressed on the Touch Screen.
  • Seconds in, an obstacle appears. The Poké Ball's button. After managing to press the button, the Mob chooses to play as Lucas with the name "nqpppnl", nicknamed "Napoleon" or "Nippoleon". The rival is almost named PP, then AZ, but then is named Pearl.
  • Napoleon explores Twinleaf Town while being slowed down by major lag. After saving the game multiple times and flipping the Trainer Card, Napoleon enters Pearl's house and speaks with Pearl. The two go to Route 201.
  • Pearl gets the idea of running through the tall grass to reach Sandgem Town, but is luckily stopped by Professor Rowan. After some though, Rowan decides to give the two a Pokémon.
  • Napoleon chooses the female fire type Chimchar! However, the Mob demands to release Chimchar at once. Pearl then picks Piplup and challenges Napoleon to a battle. After spamming Scratch, Piplup faints. The Mob wins their first Gen IV battle!
  • The Mob returns home and receives the Running Shoes. Napoleon goes back to Route 201 to encounter Pearl wanting to go to Lake Verity to try and catch a Legendary Pokémon. Once they arrive at the lake, they encounter the antagonist of Pokémon Platinum - Cyrus. The Mob declares that he is Miley Cyrus.
  • The Mob goes back to Route 201 and navigates through many wild Pokémon. Napoleon eventually greets Dawn in Sandgem Town.
  • Dawn escorts Napoleon to Rowan's Lab. The Mob doesn't nickname Chimchar. After the change of music, Rowan gives Napoleon a Pokédex. Once the Mob leaves the lab, Rowan gives Napoleon TM27 Return.
  • After receiving the TM, Dawn shows Napoleon the Pokémon Center and Pokémart... until the stream crashes with the music still playing. Seconds after the stream "uncrashes", the game's lag fades away.
  • Napoleon enters the Pokémart. The Mob buys 13 Poké Balls, 3 Potions, and receives the bonus Premier Ball. TM27 Return is sold.
  • Napoleon heads south to take a walk along Sandgem Beach and finds an Antidote. On Route 202 he is stopped by Dawn, who advises him to let his mother know about the journey he is about to undertake. After negotiations fail, he concedes and heads on the road back to Twinleaf.
  • After a while, Napoleon returns to Twinleaf. The Mob receives the Journal from Mom and the Parcel from Pearl's mom.
  • The Mob makes way for Sandgem, then Route 202, then Jubilife. On Route 201, the Mob catches a level 2 female Starly on their second Poké Ball. A level 3 male Bidoof was caught and nicknamed "1 00RR0000". After much howling, the Mob settles on the name "Oreo", "100 Roars", or "100 Oreos". Then a level 2 female Bidoof nicknamed "0 DB666K06" is caught. It then dawns on the Mob that they had just caught Devildoof.
  • The Mob finally makes it to Route 202. Dawn shows Napoleon how to catch a Pokémon (even though Napoleon already has caught three).
  • Right after Dawn's demonstration, the Mob catches yet another level 3 male Bidoof.
  • After catching the Bidoof, the Mob catches a level 3 female Shinx. The Mob is pleased. She is nicknamed "AA UU↓↓"" to which the Mob asks, "Are you down?"
  • A Kricketot is caught nicknamed "AA ". Then a level 4 male Shinx named "600GG006♀G", referred to as "Google" by the Mob. Both are sent to the dreaded PC.
  • After Napoleon going on a catching spree, Youngster Tristan (not Joey) challenges Napoleon. The nameless Bidoof faints. Within minutes, Tristan is defeated. While several more challengers approach when traversing Route 202, Devildoof and Oreo faint.
  • Napoleon runs into Dawn at Jublife City. When she guides Napoleon to the Trainer School, they meet a globe-trotting member of the International Police. His name. Ah, no. He shall only inform the Mob of his code name. His code name, it is Looker. Looker gives Napoleon the Vs. Recorder then leaves.
  • After meeting Looker, Napoleon eventually arrives at the Pokémon Center. The Mob confronts the PC. They browse through the many colorful boxes. The nameless Bidoof was deposited. Then Shinx. Then Starly. Then Devildoof. The Mob then runs out of the Pokémon Center with only Chimchar and Oreo left in the party.
  • Napoleon enters the Trainer School and hands the Parcel over to Pearl. Pearl then sees that there is an extra Town Map in the Parcel so he gives it to Napoleon. Pearl leaves to go to Oreburgh City while Napoleon looks around the Trainer School and receives an X Attack.
  • The Mob buys three Heal Balls at the Pokémart. After a while, Napoleon receives the Pokétch.
  • A level 5 female Budew is caught on Route 204. It is nicknamed "!☂!!☀! !:1". The Mob has no idea how to pronounce nor refer to this namenote .
  • After leaving Jubilife, Napoleon is challenged by Pearl on Route 203! Starly faints quickly thanks to Chimchar's attacks. Piplup is sent out. However, Napoleon switches Chimchar out with Budew. Budew uses Absorb twice and poisons Piplup with the Poison Point ability, causing Piplup to faint and for Napoleon to win the battle!
  • Napoleon catches several Pokemon with emoticons for names, defeats some trainers, and heads back to Jubilife. Budew is deposited during a PC scuffle and is replaced by a caught Bidoof.
  • Napoleon heads east, making his way to Oreburgh City. He finds out from Pearl that the leader is away in the coal mine, so he goes there to find him. Along the way, he stops at a Pokemon Center and the Mob releases Oreo the Bidoof.
  • The mob find Roark in the mines, and shortly after convince him to go to the gym. After stumbling around, the mob makes it back to the gym. In their first attempt, they managed to get him down to his Onix. However, at that point all they were left with was a Bidoof with one HP left and a level four Shinx. Just before the mob whites out, the stream goes down, causing a riot.
  • The stream shortly goes back online seconds later with the Mob at the Pokémon Center. After the Mob starts messing around with the Pokedex for a bit, the stream goes down again, causing another riot.
  • The stream goes back up, but after several minutes of stumbling around with no progress, the stream goes down for a third time, inciting yet another riot.
  • In the midst of stream crashes and wandering around Oreburgh, the Mob deposits all Pokémon except for Chimchar, who is now level 15. The Trainer Card was also scribbled on.
  • After more and more nonsense, Napoleon finally makes it back to Oreburgh Gym! Chimchar being the only Pokémon in the party, Napoleon whites out in seconds. This brings the Mob to the realization that they need to evolve Chimchar to Monferno, a Fire/Fighting type. Napoleon goes to the lower Pokémon Center floor and accesses the PC. A Bidoof is withdrawn. Napoleon explores Oreburgh City. Napoleon approaches the Pokémon Center. He enters. The Mob confronts the PC. Chimchar is released, this being the third time a fire starter was released. The Mob hopes to have a Bidoof solo run. Shinx went missing, it was unclear if it was released or deposited (eventually it turned out to just be deposited).
  • Napoleon withdraws Shinx and deposits Bidoof. A plan is hatched to withdraw Budew and evolve it. However, after three hours at the PC failing to accomplish anything other than withdrawing Bidoof and depositing Shinx, this is abandoned and Napoleon sets off to catch wild Pokémon.
  • This plan fails miserably as Napoleon fails to catch anything, and wastes all his balls with no money to buy any more. The Mob resigns itself to challenge the PC yet again.
  • While trying to withdraw Budew a nameless Bidoof is released.
  • After much effort, Budew and Shinx are finally withdrawn. Napoleon flees from the Pokémon Center before anymore damage can be done.
  • Almost at the end of the day, Napolean defeats Roark and obtains the Coal Badge. Budew reaffirms her status as the leader of the party by having swept Roark without any help (and thus drawing comparisons to M4 and Lazorgator in the chat, not entirely positively).
  • Napoleon returns to Jubilife City where Looker acknowledges that he had received the Pal Pad earlier. Napoleon heads north to the trail to Floaroma Town when suddenly he and Dawn tag battle two grunts from Team Galactic! Budew faints in battle and Shinx is set out. However, the battle is won thanks to Dawn's Turtwig.

The Bringer of War: Oreburgh City to Eterna City - Day 2

  • The second day of Pokémon Platinum starts with Bidoof at level 8, Budew at level 17, and Shinx at level 11. Napoleon enters the Ravaged Path.
  • Napoleon makes it to Floaroma Town and enters the Pokémon Center. The Mob nearly deposits Budew but luckily doesn't. The Pokémon Center is left without Napoleon healing.
  • Napoleon goes to Route 205 and battles a Galactic Grunt. The battle is won. After winning, Budew grows to level 20 on a wild Pachirisu. Budew levels up to 21 as she fights Mars, but Napoleon is defeated and heads back to Floaroma.
  • Napoleon heads to the Valley Windworks and encounters the first Commander of Team Galactic: Mars, the Bringer of War. She easily defeats Napoleon several times, sending him back to the Floaroma Pokemon Center. After much struggle, Napoleon defeats Mars and frees the Valley Windworks.
  • After several moments of wandering around, the mob makes it to Eterna Forest. There they encounter Cheryl, and decide to grind in the area due to her healing their Pokémon after every battle. Because of her abilities, half the Twitch chat is determined to make her their waifu.
  • After a lot of grinding, Cheryl and Napoleon are defeated by a trainer's Dustox and black out. Meanwhile, Pokémon Stadium crashes.
  • Napoleon returns to Eterna Forest and meets up with Cheryl again. Eventually, the Mob manages to escape from the forest and make it into Eterna City. After entering the Pokémon Center without healing, Napoleon obtains the Explorer Kit.
  • Eventually, Napoleon makes it to the grass-type Eterna City gym with Budew at level 27, Bidoof (fainted) at level 22, and Shinx at level 19.
  • The first gym trainer is challenged. The battle is won and Budew grows to level 28. Due to B spam, Budew doesn't evolve into Roselia. The clock spins.
  • The second gym trainer is challenged. Shinx participates in the battle, growing to level 20. Once again due to B spam, Shinx doesn't evolve into Luxio. The clock spins.
  • The third gym trainer is challenged. Budew is sent out with paralysis and Absorb at only one PP left. Growth is spammed until Budew faints. Shinx is sent out against the opposing Roselia and one hits it with a Bite. The battle is won and the clock spins. The only remaining trainer is the gym leader, Gardenia. With the remaining Pokémon in Napoleon's team being Shinx with 79% health and paralysis, Gardenia is challenged. Within a minute, Shinx faints due to Turtwig's Razor Leaf. Napoleon blacked out and returned to the Pokémon Center.
  • While at the Pokémon Center, Napoleon receives the Friendship Checker on his Pokétch.
  • In the gate between Eterna City and Cycling Road (Route 205), Napoleon receives the Exp. Share from one of Professor Rowan's aides. After attempting to enter the Cycling Road without a Bicycle multiple times, the Mob gives up and goes back to the gym.
  • Napoleon challenges Gardenia again... then blacks out. In yet another rematch, Napoleon defeats Gardenia and receives the Forest Badge thanks to Budew spamming Growth and Absorb. TM86 Grass Knot is gifted to Napoleon from Gardenia.
  • Napoleon runs into Pearl who shows him the Ancient Statue. At the statue, they encounter (Miley) Cyrus once more. Later, Napoleon meets Cynthia, who gives him the HM01 Cut. The Mob teaches Bidoof Grass Knot over Growl... then immediately erases it for Cut.
  • Instead of entering the Galactic Eterna Building using Cut, the Mob insists that Rotom should be caught in the Old Chateau. Napoleon heads in the direction of Eterna Forest, but instead goes south down the route that can only be accessed with Cut.

The Bringer of Jollity/Death: Eterna City to Old Chateau - Day 3

  • Napoleon runs back to Eterna City and promptly heads for the Galactic Eterna Building. Inside he is greeted by Looker, who is disguised as a Galactic Grunt. Napoleon then battles a Galactic Grunt with Shinx. Napoleon wins the battle. Shinx levels up to level 23 and doesn't evolve. Another battle against a Galactic Grunt automatically begins. Napoleon wins once more in a close battle ending with Shinx at low health and low PP on Shinx's only attack, Spark.
  • After blacking out against Scientist Trevor, Napoleon battles Galactic Commander Jupiter. Bidoof faints to her Zubat, and Shinx's Roar drags out Jupiter's Skuntank, which sweeps the team with Night Slash. After blacking out again against her Zubat, the Mob comes to a consensus: they must either kill or catch Rotom.
  • The Mob heads to the Pokemart and buys 4 Potions and many Pokeballs. After some wandering about in Eterna City, they head off to find Rotom in the Old Chateau with intentions of catching it. A wrench is thrown in their plan when several balls are used to catch yet another Bidoof, several Bronzor, and another Zubat.
  • The Mob arrives in the Old Chateau. Entering the kitchen, they see a spectral image of an old man who vanishes just as quickly as he appears. They begin their search by catching a Gastly.
  • Unfortunately, the Mob realizes that they overlooked a major detail: Rotom can only be caught at night. They immediately head back to fight Jupiter, and are defeated several more times.
  • The Mob attempts to grind to beat Jupiter, but their efforts are hampered by B-spammers and bots. They eventually head to the Old Chateau, where they encounter Rotom. Unfortunately, they have no Pokeballs, and black out fighting it.

Growing Strong: Hearthome City to Solaceon Town ("Epic Tuesday") - Day 4

  • Another attempt against Jupiter fails, and the Mob returns to grinding.
  • After more grinding, Budew paralyzes Skuntank and Shinx defeats Jupiter with 11 HP remaining. She flees, and the Mob listens to Shinx's cry in celebration.
  • The Mob comes to a horrible realization: they need the Bike, which means they must receive a gift that the Champion, Cynthia, has intended for them - a Pokemon Egg. In order to proceed, Napoleon must attempt to safely store one of his Pokemon inside the PC.
  • The Mob protects Shinx by fainting every other Pokemon so she'd be safe from deposit and release, then goes to face their destiny at the PC. The Bidoof with Rock Smash and Cut is deposited, and the Mob immediately runs out of the Pokemon Center before anything further can be done.
  • The Mob is quick to designate their main Bidoof as the new Keeper, having sacrificed itself to keep others safe from the evil of the PC. Afterwards, Cynthia gives them the Togepi Egg, and the Bike is obtained. They then encounter a new obstacle: In order to go on Cycling Road, Napoleon must already be riding the Bike. Much bag shuffling ensues, and Razz Berries are lost.
  • The Mob makes its way to Hearthome City, where they encounter the Gym Leader Fantina and her dreaded team of Ghost-types. Napoleon also enters Sunbrella in a Cool Contest. She comes in dead last. He enters Bebe's house, but leaves immediately.
  • After several attempts at navigating the Hearthome Gym fail, a miracle happens. Through the use of a Rare Candy, Budew evolves into Roselia. Napoleon challenges Fantina again with the newfound power of Roselia, and despite her fainting manages to defeat her with Bronzor at 1 HP.
  • After grinding on trainers and depositing Zubat in the Daycare, Napoleon receives Bebe's Eevee. It's level 20, male, and his attacks are Tackle, Helping Hand, Sand Attack, and Growl. The chat erupts over what to evolve him into.
  • Near the end of the day, Nintendo drops a bombshell: Hoenn confirmed! However, this is thought to have no impact on TPP, given the "impossibility" of 3DS emulation.

An Omen of Fire: Solaceon Town to Route 210 - Days 5 & 6

  • After grinding near Solaceon Town, Togepi begins to evolve...but is stopped at the last second by a known "chat leader". Mass rioting ensues over the perceived betrayal, though it's revealed it was an accident.
  • A disturbing glitch in the Daycare occurs when every NPC is replaced by a black void.
  • In the Solaceon Ruins, Napoleon acquires a Water Stone. A Fire Stone is used on Eevee instead, evolving it into Flareon. Immediately after, 666s are written on the calculator.
  • Napoleon shuffles his team around via the Daycare. Zubat had gained 5 levels since being deposited, learning Air Cutter and Confuse Ray, replacing Supersonic and Bite.
  • Napoleon continues through Route 210, but hits a roadblock when the Bike is required to get up the hill. While grinding, Shinx forgets Spark for Scary Face, leaving it with no attacking moves. To add insult to injury, she fails to evolve once more. The Mob teaches it Thief in place of Charge as damage control.
  • Napoleon arrives in Veilstone City and heads for the Department Store in search of TMs. He buys a bottle of Fresh Water and TM14 (Blizzard), but is left with only 1500 Pokedollars.
  • While grinding, Zubat evolves into Golbat.
  • After spending a while traversing Veilstone City Gym, Napoleon makes it to Maylene only to get trounced.
  • Meanwhile, Togepi has grown to level 26 in the Daycare. Napoleon retrieves her and once again shuffles his party around. He leaves Shinx with the Daycare, where it can level and learn a damaging move.
  • Napoleon goes to the Lost Tower to confront the ghosts hiding within, but blacks out against a scared Youngster and his Mothim. After much struggle, he works his way through Maylene's Gym to fight her... and loses.
  • The Mob attempts to use a Rare Candy to evolve Golbat into Crobat, hoping for a miracle like with Roselia. Unfortunately, the bots and trolls have learned not to make the same mistake twice, and immediately come prepared with B-spam to cancel the evolution.
  • After spending some time dancing the night away in the Veilstone Game Corner, Shinx reaches Level 41, meaning she has finally learned Discharge. The Mob immediately heads off to do another kind of dance: the Daycare Shuffle.
  • After several moments of fumbling around, Sunbrella is accidentally deposited into the daycare. The chat effective becomes torn between those who want to continue on and those who want to get Sunbrella back out.
  • After some more fumbling around, Togepi is withdrawn from the daycare. Once again, the Twitch chat is in an uproar over those who want Sunbrella back.
  • As The Mob despairs over their current situation and party, an accidental opening of the menu showing the party brings a spot of hope: during her time in the Daycare, Shinx caught Pokerus. What's more, it has spread to her other five teammates. The Mob quickly mobilizes to get stat boosts with this new development.
  • Napoleon heads to the Great Marsh and catches some Pokemon, none of which are added to te party.
  • Upon Napoleon walking into the Veilstone Game Corner, a spontaneous dance party breaks out in the chat as the catchiness of the music is noted. The Mob makes it their new goal to get the Coin Case and begin gambling in-game.
  • Sunbrella is re-deposited to learn Petal Dance at level 40. Napoleon spends him time grinding and walking around, then re-challenges the Gym. After an hour spent at the puzzle, he finally challenges Maylene.
  • After a promising start when Shinx defeats Meditite with Discharge, Maylene's Lucario sweeps Napoelon's entire team except Golbat. Napoleon sends him out... and he defeats Lucario and Machoke, earning Napoleon the Cobble Badge.
  • Daycare shuffles abound, with Golbat gaining 2 levels in the process. Togepi is left behind as the party works their way to Route 215.
  • The Mob makes their way through the Valor Lakefront and enters the Underground accidentally. They almost set off a trap which would have sealed them in the Underground forever, but narrowly escape. Afterward, Napoleon reaches Pastoria City and battles Pearl.
  • The Mob visits the Footprint Doctor, and has Roselia's footprint evaluated. The high friendship between Roselia and Napoleon earned her a Footprint Ribbon, signifying Napoleon genuinely may care for his Pokemon.

Someone Set Up Us The Bomb: Wayward Cave to Celestic Town - Days 7 and 8

  • The day begins with Napoleon in the middle of fighting Pearl. He wins, going on to face the Pastoria Gym Leader, Crasher Wake. Wake defeats him several times, and Napoleon goes off to the Great Marsh, Sinnoh's version of the Safari Zone. He catches several Pokemon, tempting the Mob, but none are added to the party.
  • A Daycare Shuffle occurs. Bronzor is left behind as the Mob level-grinds. Togepi is retrieved, and Napoleon makes his way to Wayward Cave, which has an insanely evil ledge waiting for him.
  • While exploring Wayward Cave, the Mob finds and kills a Shiny Geodude.
  • After grinding with the help of Mira, the Mob heads to Route 208 and the Daycare. Togepi is deposited. While grinding, Bidoof hits Level 37, forgetting Hyper Fang and learning Super Fang.
  • The Mob is divided on what to do with Flareon, and whether to grind, do the Daycare Shuffle, or battle Wake. Flareon learns Fire Blast and Rock Smash.
  • After arriving back in Pastoria, Crasher Wake is defeated, but a new dilemma quickly presents itself: Team Galactic has been sighted in the Observatory. Napoleon, Pearl, and Wake immediately head there when suddenly an explosion rocks Pastoria. A lone, British Grunt exits the building and escapes, leaving Napoleon to give chase.
  • The Mob heads back to Veilstone in order to deal with the Psyduck problem on Route 210, but is allured by the Game Corner's dance music. They enter it...and play the slot machine, trapping them forever. That is, until the Streamer quickly intervenes.
  • The Streamer enables the use of the Y button, allowing the Mob to play the slots without being trapped and also enabling Yellow Hand Mode for the PC. Within the span of one minute, the Mob gets triple sevens on the slots.
  • Napoleon attempts to head to Celestic Town, but the path is blocked by thick fog and tough trainers. After hours of traversal, Napoleon finally makes it to Celestic Town and its Pokemon Center. He then goes to challenge Cyrus with only Golbat alive, and one punch brings him down. Napoleon goes to try again.
  • Napoleon's second battle with Cyrus starts out poorly, and both of them come down to their last Pokemon: Napoleon's Roselia versus Cyrus' Murkrow. Petal Dance leaves Murkrow with below 50% hp. Then he gets poisoned and Faints to another Petal Dance. Cyrus was defeated and Roselia reaches lvl 50. Roselia had 24 hp at the end. Napoleon receives the HM Surf as a reward.
  • After more failed evolutions, the Mob snaps and riots continuously.

La danse de l'émeute: Veilstone City to Iron Island - Day 9

  • The Mob heads back to Veilstone and immediately begins playing the slots to their heart's content. They land several jackpots, but shortly after they do, a start input immediately kills their buzz by exiting the slot machine and resetting their progress. It doesn't stop them from attempting to sate their gambling addiction.
  • The Mob slowly makes their way back to Jubilife City, from which they can reach the next town. They stop at Hearthome to cook Poffins, and, like A, do terribly at it. While in Jubilife, a miracle occurs: Flareon is given an Ace Card to hold, protecting it from the PC forever. Flareon is soon deposited in the Daycare, and the Mob resolves to give more letters to their Pokemon.
  • Shinx is given a Bloom Mail in exchange for the Insect Plate. The message reads "Hello! KADABRA". Roselia is also given a Bloom Mail to keep it safe. The message reads "Aww... That's really ADORE". Bronzor's Bloom Mail reads "Hello! AAH!" and Golbat's Air Mail reads "Aww... That's really BUDEW!"
  • The Mob uses the PC in an attempt to get a Bibarel, but Betadoof is released, resulting in an instant "NOPE" from the chat, who promptly force Napoleon to run away. Fortune smiles upon them, however, when they are able to catch another Bibarel, who quickly becomes known as Agent 006.
  • Napoleon takes a long walk in the Lost Tower, battling several trainers and many Gastly. Eventually, most of his team have fainted except 006, and the Mob attempts to white out to leave. It is made difficult by the wild Gastly preferring to Curse themselves into fainting, helping to level 006, but she soon faints, and Napoleon heals up in Solaceon.
  • For about an hour, the Mob shuffles party members around in the Day Care until Bibarel is first, making it easier to teach her Surf. The party is shuffled a little more, and Napoleon leaves with a team comprising Flareon, Roselia, Bronzor, Shinx, Golbat, and Bibarel. That done, he stops home to visit his mother on Mother's Day.
  • Roselia saves the team from a wipeout, and the Mob arrives at Canalave City... only to black out in a battle with Pearl. However, a rematch ends in victory for Napoleon this time. During the battle, it is revealed that Pearl's Prinplup has evolved into Empoleon, and he has a Roserade, the evolved form of Roselia.
  • Afterward, perhaps envious of seeing Pearl's Roserade, Napoleon sets sail for Iron Island to obtain the fabled Shiny Stone, which will allow Sunbrella to become a Roserade herself. Upon arriving, Napoleon meets Riley, who invites him to train inside the caves.

The Bell and the Rose: Iron Island to Canalave City - Day 10

  • Napoleon follows Riley into the caves, and the two partner together. The Mob begins searching for the Shiny Stone while grinding their underleveled Pokemon. Flareon eventually learns Fire Fang, which is its strongest physical attack, and the Mob is quick to dub it as Flareon's signature move.
  • After hours of grinding together, Napoleon and Riley discover Team Galactic within the caves, up to no good. They fend them off easily, marking the end of their partnership. Riley offers Napoleon a Riolu egg, but his party is full so he cannot take it. Eventually, Napoleon acquires the Shiny Stone.
  • Shortly after Napoleon heads back to Canalave, the Air Mail is removed from Flareon, making it vulnerable to the PC. However, it is eventually replaced with a Heart Mail.
  • At the dawn of the 10th day, the Shiny Stone is successfully used. Sunbrella evolves into her final form: Roserade. Their goal achieved, the Mob sets forth into the gym in high spirits, on the dawn of a new day, and defeats Byron on the 2nd try, earning the Mine Badge.
  • At Lake Valor, Napoleon discovers a horrible sight: Team Galactic has blown up the lake, killing many Magikarp! He fights Grunts off and confronts their Commander, Saturn, for the first time. Saturn has a powerful Toxicroak and a Bronzong, but is defeated by Flareon.
  • The Mob spends hours in the Safari Zone. During this time, button input severely lags. Somehow, control gets limited to mobile only, and several trolls attempt to get to the Pokémon Center for a mass PC killing. The chat freaks out. The Streamer says that Twitch's IRC server is down for maintenance.
  • After several more hours walking around and grinding in the same marsh, Bronzor levels up to 47. It evolves into Bronzong during the slow input stream, narrowly missing a last-second B press.

... Route 212, Route 217 and Snowpoint City ("Silent Tuesday") - Day 11

  • The day starts with Bronzong fainting, while the chat keeps Napoleon firmly stuck in one corner of the marsh, as to keep him far away from the PC for as long the chat stays mobile only. Napoleon decides to make the best of the situation by catching even more Pokémon.
  • After much grinding and catching Pokemon, everyone except Roserade faints... meaning Napoleon is one Pokemon away from visiting the Pokemon Center and, potentially, the PC.
  • Napoleon leaves the Great Marsh at last and heads west to the Pokemon Mansion. He heals, then heads north, picking up the TM for Sunny Day along the way.
  • Napoleon backtracks to Twinleaf Town, where he discovers a horrible sight: Team Galactic has raided Lake Verity! Napoleon battles a vengeful Mars and triumphs. The remnants of the Mob that are still actively controlling Napoleon set out to Mt. Coronet in order to reach Lake Acuity and Snowpoint City.
  • Napoleon reaches Route 216 makes his way to Route 217, but suddenly the stream goes offline. When it returns, things appear to be back to normal, but the Mob is shocked to discover that all chat inputs have ceased to register, including Stadium bets. Napoleon is now frozen, unable to do anything.
  • After a little more than nine hours, the staring contest between Solaireon and a wild Sneasel comes to an end. The chat is working properly again and the journey continues with Napoleon trudging through the snow on his way to Snowpoint City.
  • Napoleon makes it to Snowpoint City and immediately heads to the gym, where he defeats several trainers. With Flareon and Bronzong low on health, however, he postpones challenging Candice and leaves for the Pokémon Center. A new challenge awaits him there, as a certain pink haired gym leader is standing at the counter. After trying several times to summon the courage to walk to the counter, Napoleon promptly goes back to the gym... without healing.
  • An hour worth of ice sliding later, Napoleon challenges Candice. Flareon takes care of Sneasel and Piloswine, but goes down against Froslass. The other party members follow and Napoleon blacks out.
  • Napoleon quickly goes back to the gym and solves the puzzle in a mere twenty minutes. Instead of challenging Candice, however, he chooses to slide around a bit more. In need of fresh air, he leaves the gym... and resets the puzzle. Several times.
  • Napoleon makes it back to Candice and sweeps her entire team with Flareon, earning the Icicle Badge and TM72, Avalanche. Flareon levels up to 57 and does not learn Smog. The Mob praises him.

To Challenge The Sun: Galactic Headquarters, Spear Pillar, Distortion World - Day 12

  • A Daycare Shuffle occurs with the intent to get Bibarel to the front of the party. This is accomplished, and Bibarel is given the Exp. Share, making leveling her up much easier. Bibarel is then taught Rock Climb.
  • TMs are used to teach Golbat Aerial Ace, Bibarel Shock Wave, and Shinx Return. Not long after, Shock Wave is forgotten for Hyper Fang.
  • Rock Climb is used to access certain areas and obtain items. Napoleon then heads towards the Team Galactic HQ in order to free the Pokemon of the lakes.
  • Napoleon makes it to Cyrus, but Honchkrow and some questionable choices by the mob lead to a black out. Napoleon quickly returns and sends out Flareon, who proceeds to defeat Cyrus' team single-handedly. After beating Cyrus in his headquarters, Napoleon obtains the Master Ball.
  • Napoleon then defeats Saturn and presses the button to release the Lake Trio, but Cyrus already has of them what he wanted, the Red Chain. Napoleon now has to travel to the top of Mt. Coronet, but what will be waiting for him there?
  • The Mob uses the Master Ball on a wild level 17 female Geodude. Napoleon continues on, encountering more dreaded ledges whilst the team are gradually weakened by the wild Pokemon.
  • After 10 attempts, Napoleon clears the ledge and continues north. Bibarel's Exp. Share is swapped for a Great Ball. Roserade is the only living Pokemon in the party and ultimately faints to a Galactic Grunt's Golbat. Napoleon is sent back to Hearthome while the Mob riots.
  • Eventually, Napoleon makes it to the top of Spear Pillar, where Mars and Jupiter challenge him to a double battle. Pearl joins the fight on Napoleon's side, leading with Munchlax.
  • Napoleon and Pearl defeat Mars and Jupiter, but are too late to stop Cyrus from using the Red Chain to awaken Dialga, God of Time, and Palkia, God of Space. The Lake Guardians, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf arrive to stop him, but Cyrus muses that their efforts are in vain. Suddenly, however, a mysterious force in the form of a shadow appears and transports Napoleon and Cyrus into a strange dimension. They have entered...the Distortion World. Cynthia is also there.
  • While working his way through the twisted maze, Napoleon encounters Cyrus, who plans to defeat Giratina and destroy the Distortion World, and continue his plan of rewriting the Pokemon World. Napoleon continues on to a puzzle area.

suracI: Distortion World, Mysterious Time-Lapse - Days 13 & 14

  • Day 13 begins with Napoleon still trapped in the Distortion World. Earlier, he had encountered Cynthia, who stated that Giratina has presented him and the Voices with a challenge to prove themselves worthy of facing it: a Strength puzzle. The three Lake Guardians serve as assistants to place the boulders within the proper holes.
  • The puzzle is solved, and Napoleon makes it to the end, where Cynthia and Cyrus are arguing. Cyrus challenges Napoleon to one final battle. Unfortunately, Cyrus uses never-before-seen strategic maneuvers which throw the Mob off-guard, leading to Napoleon's defeat. Napoleon is ejected from the Distortion World and must now make his way all the way back to Mt. Coronet. And this time there are no free heals at the top.
  • Driven to despair over their crushing defeat, the Mob erupts into rioting. Frustrated, lost, and confused over their failure, the Mob begins trying to formulate a plan they can all agree with, leaving Napoleon to wander aimlessly. Each plan generally has one thing they can agree on - grinding Bibarel and evolving Shinx and Golbat has become absolutely necessary.
  • The Mob heads to Route 209 after picking up an Odd Keystone. Bibarel is fed a Calcium and Rare Candy, and is given back the Exp. Share. At the Day Care, Flareon and Bibarel are deposited and have an egg. Napoleon collects the egg, which is a level 1 Male Bidoof with Tackle and Rock Smash. Shinx is then deposited in place of Flareon.
  • While waiting for the Day Care results, Napoleon catches a wild Hoothoot.
  • A male Roselia is caught, who ends up in the daycare with Queen Sunbrella. It doesn't take long for the two to produce an egg, but Napoleon decides to leave it with the daycare couple.
  • The dreaded PC is accessed, but Napoleon manages to deposit Bidoof and, a little while later, Hoothoot without fatalities. Sunbrella is withdrawn from the daycare and with the original party restored, but with the male Roselia still at the daycare, Napoleon goes training.
  • Before he can get underway properly, the stream suddenly goes offline. Predictably, the chat riots.
  • An half hour later the stream is restored again and Napoleon finds TM54, Giga Drain... which he also found just before the stream went offline, reminding him of the fact that Cyrus is still up to no good in the Distortion World. Napoleon quickly sets off for Route 217, while throwing Pokéballs at pretty much every Pokémon he comes across.
  • At some point the Mob attempts to save the game while Napoleon takes a quick nap, only to be met with the game crashing to a continuous, ominous tone. Rioting and panic ensues. When it dies down, the Mob spends this time mostly betting in Stadium. The Mob decides that Cyrus won.
  • After seven hours, Napoleon awakes from his sleep and suddenly finds himself back at the daycare, a good distance from the bed in which he fell asleep, in a house at Route 217. Napoleon immediately starts shuffling his party, while the mob struggles to comprehend what just happened.
  • It's discovered that the game reset to the point after the Bidoof egg was deposited, meaning 23 Pokemon were lost to the reset—including a Roselia Roserade had an egg with.
  • In an attempt to prevent another loss to Cyrus when the time eventually comes to face him again, the Mob formulates a plan to use all of their acquired Poke Balls on the way there to eliminate the chances of trolls going into the Bag and using them on Cyrus' Pokemon. As expected, this is not taken well by those who actually want Giratina for the Pokemon League.
  • After surfing around and using all their Pokeballs, the Mob goes to the Galactic HQ in Veilstone, where they obtain the Dubious Disc. They head out and south of Solaceon, and obtain the TM for Giga Drain (again).
  • The Mob eventually goes back to Mt. Coronet, where they attempt to conquer the ledge once again. No one has evolved that can yet. After only 5 attempts, they clear the ledge and reach the Distortion World with a weakened party. Cyrus is challenged, and once again, he completely destroys the team. Realizing that Shinx is the only one that can possibly challenge Gyarados (and even that risks earthquake), the mob seems intent on evolving the Shinx at long last.
  • At Acuity Lakefront, Shinx is taught Thunderbolt over Leer via TM. This does not spare her from her evolution being canceled by B trolls. As the day closes, Shinx faints and the mob makes their way back to the Lodge to heal.

htemoC tnepreS liveD ehT: Distortion World - Day 15

  • Shinx is ground to level 55, but still does not evolve. Meanwhile, the Streamer begins banning people who are using scripts for evil purposes.
  • The rest of the day consists of more level grinding, though in the end both Shinx (level 57) and Golbat (level 50) have yet to evolve. Napoleon decides that enough is enough and head back to the top of Mt. Coronet and enters the Distortion World.
  • Navigating the Distortion World proves tricky, as there is one particular ledge towards the end that impedes process, as once crossed, it means Napoleon has to do a good deal of backtracking to get back to where he was.
  • He eventually makes it to Cyrus, though with a weakened team as Shinx has already fainted on Mt. Coronet. Napoleon challenges Cyrus.
  • 006 the Bibarel is sent out first against Cyrus' Houndoom. The demonic hound proves no match for 006's Superpower and faints in one hit. Next in line is Cyrus' dreaded Gyarados. 006 manages to get him to 50% HP with another Superpower, but faints against an Earthquake.
  • Flareon is sent out next and makes short work of Gyarados with Strength.
  • Next up is Honchkrow, who manages to damage Flareon with Night Slash, but takes major damage from Flareon's Fire Fang. Cyrus tries to patch him up with a Full Restore, but to no avail. Honchkrow falls to Fire Blast.
  • Cyrus' fourth pokémon, Weavile, catches Flareon off guard with a Fake-out, but one Fire Fang later and Cyrus only has one pokémon left.
  • A Full Restore saves Crobat from fainting and it takes out Flareon. Roserade, the Queen herself, is sent out. Crobat confuses her with Confusion Ray, but the Queen simply ignores it and hits Crobat with Petal Dance. Crobat goes down and at long last, after two major defeats and days of grinding, Cyrus is defeated.
  • With Cyrus defeated, Cynthia heals Napoleon's team, and the Mob challenges Giratina in order to escape the Distortion World. Its horrifying true appearance makes Napoleon freeze in fear, unable to run away. He can only stare in horror at something that is, but should not be. Giratina makes short work of Shinx, as its Strength merely phazes straight through it, but a Petal Dance from Roserade critically wounds it before it takes her down. Bronzong delivers the coup de grace with an Extrasensory. Giratina is defeated.
  • With its defeat, Giratina opens a portal back to the real world. Cyrus chooses to stay within the Distortion World and vanishes into the void, never to be seen or heard from again.

The Three Sacred Fairies: Lake Trio Hunt - Day 16

  • A plan is hatched to capture the Lake Trio, but after buying hundreds of Poke Balls and making their way to the lake, the Mob discovers that they made a mistake: in order for the Trio to appear, they have to talk to Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town. Rioting and mass captures ensue.
  • Rowan is talked to, and the three fairies fly off. Mesprit roams the map, while Azelf and Uxie stay at their lakes. The Mob resolves to capture at least one. Uxie is engaged in battle. After tossing a few Pokeballs... Napoleon flees by using a Pokedoll.
  • The Mob heads to Lake Valor and engages Azelf. As Napoleon throws balls, Azelf uses Nasty Plot several times, each turn making it deadlier. Due to this power, and Sunbrella's Stun Spore missing, the entire team is wiped out by Azelf's Uproar. It then directs its rage toward Napoleon, taking all that remains of his money and making him flee for his life.
  • While on his way back to Lake Valor to see if Azelf is still there, Mesprit suddenly appears before Napoleon. It then proceeds to effortlessly destroy a thrown Pokeball and run away. Befitting its title of the Being of Emotion, this greatly enrages the Mob.
  • Napoleon encounters Azelf again... and runs away. Following this, he makes his way to Sunyshore City and Volkner, the Electric Gym Leader. He battles him with only Bronzor and Roserade awake. Despite the timely usage of Moo-Moo Milk, Electivire proves too much with its Fire Punches and Napoleon blacks out. On his second attempt, Napoleon defeats Volkner and acquires his eighth badge. He then encounters Jasmine from Johto, who gives him the HM Waterfall.
  • After trial and error, Bibarel is taught Waterfall. Victory Road can now be cleared!

World Conquest: Victory Road, The Pokemon League 1- Day 17

  • Napoleon begins making his way through Victory Road and its Strength puzzles. He clears the puzzles, but blacks out to a wild Rhyhorn.
  • Another attempt at Victory Road results in success. Napoleon has reached the Pokemon League. All that stands in his way are the Elite Four, the Champion, Cynthia... and a surprise visit from Pearl.
  • Napoleon almost defeats Pearl, but his Snorlax tanks a Superpower from Bibarel and kills it instantly with a Body Slam. Napoleon quickly heals and challenges him again. The next match is equally close, but this time Napoleon triumphs.
  • Napoleon challenges Aaron. What should be a trivial battle is made quite difficult due to questionable switches, but he eventually defeats Aaron and moves onto Bertha. This battle goes easier, and Bertha is also defeated. 006 nearly sweeps Flint, but he and Sunbrella are downed by Flareon. Napoleon blacks out. On his second attempt, he makes it to Flint again, but once again blacks out. Subsequent attempts also fail to make it past Flint, but Napoleon refuses to give up. A plan to grind Shinx and Golbat is suggested, but not much comes of it.
  • On Run 22, Shinx defeats Aaron's Vespiquen and Napoleon defeats Flint for the first time. Lucian takes him out soon after, but he does defeat his Mr. Mime.
  • On Run 33, The Mob defeats Lucian and reaches Cynthia. Her Spiritomb, Garchomp, and Milotic are all taken down, but eventually she wins.
  • A timer suddenly appears for HeartGold. The Mob has 5 days to defeat Cynthia.

Fade to Black: Pokemon League Finale - Day 18

  • Napoleon comes ever closer to defeating Cynthia with each run. On the 34th run, he almost takes down Togekiss, but Cynthia uses a Full Restore while the Mob spams Extrasensory with Bronzong, leaving her Togekiss to use Aura Spheres and an Air Slash to take it down.
  • Runs 35 and 36 also make it to Cynthia, but fail. The Mob is not discouraged and tries again.
  • The 40th Run is nearly a success until a sudden troll botnet attack ruins everything by spamming the coordinates to switch Pokemon, resulting in everyone fainting. They then proceed to maneuver Napoleon toward the PC in order to kill Shinx, but the Mob recovers and begins another run.
  • On Run 49 Cynthia is finally defeated and Napoleon becomes the Champion!
    • Napoleon made it to Cynthia with almost his entire team intact! Only Shinx had fainted, but all the other Pokémon were still at fairly strong health.
    • 006 the Bibarel, the HM-Slave, once again proved instrumental, sweeping Lucian's entire team with Waterfall and Surf. It then took down Cynthia's Spiritomb, Roserade (despite the type disadvantage) and Lucario.
    • Steve the Bronzong took down Togekiss, and manages to seriously harm Garchomp, before falling to two Flamethrowers.
    • Queen "Roserade" Sunbrella came out to dance and takes down Garchomp and brings Milotic, Cynthia's last pokémon to the brink of fainting.
    • After Milotic took Sunbrella out with Mirror Coat and Flareon was brought out, things looked grim for a second as Cynthia used a Full Restore. One Fire Fang and one Strength later, Milotic faints.