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Team Galactic are followers of Bill.
In following with the logic of a comic some fan made, Bill wanted to randomise the universe into his own in Fire Red. He ultimately failed, but his cult of followers tried to pursue his dream of reshaping the world into Bill's image.

Thus, Team Galactic was born.

The next protagonist will be a parody of the TPP protagonists.
The protagonist, unlike the previous four, will be a stubborn individual whose ineptness at training Pokémon is usually blamed on everyone but themselves. Because they were chosen by the Mob, they could potentially believe that every action they make is either of divine importance or in the moral right. They could be an Ascended Fanboy of the stories told of the previous heroes, and create their own lore as the run goes along. Because of this, they could also be Genre Savvy at certain plot points happening.
  • We're running with a Napoleon Delusion so this actually might have some ground satirizing the insanity of the previous protagonists.

There will be a cult in the lore of this game dedicated to worshiping the Mob itself.
What better thing to worship than the entity that grants adventure and glory to those who get possessed by it?
  • Worse: the protagonist is part of the cult. By the time the adventure rolls around, they decide to sacrifice their free will and sanity, as well as their own thoughts, to fulfill what the Mob desires as an empty puppet.
  • Well, we did visit that church back in Hearthome...

The mob will demand perverted things to happen to Cynthia.

The Mob will attempt to evolve an Eevee into a Glaceon to help defeat Cynthia's Garchomp. They will wind up failing miserably.
  • Or, alternatively, they succeed at evolving Eevee into Glaceon, but it's so underleveled that it doesn't stand a chance against any of the Elite Four.
    • Flareon, confirmed, though the Mob ensures that he gets a lot of attention.

The Mob will go the whole game without releasing any Pokemon
  • The "Yellow Hand Mode" will no doubt make even seeing the release option a rare event. And the ever-decreasing viewer count should be able to avoid any releases caused by "too many down inputs."
    • And Jossed at 5 hours in. Pour one out for Oreo.

Alternatively the Mob will against all logic find a way to release a Pokemon.
  • Never doubt the Mob's ability to release a Pokemon.
    • And there goes Oreo. Poor Bidoof. They always get all the hate.

The task of the (Platinum protagonist's) voices this run will be to prevent the chaos of Johto and Kanto from spreading into Sinnoh long enough for the HGSS protagonist to restore balance (hopefully) once and for all.

Mob will end up double KOing Cynthia.
Too bad it won't count as victory.
  • Jossed.

Touch Screen inputs will somehow be implemented.
  • Some parts in Gen IV do require the touch screen. Maybe something like "touch x,y", for the coordinates on where to touch.
    • Confirmed.

The Distortion World is the home of the Voices.

Plantium will be hacked to replace Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia with a Aerodactyl (balance), Omastar (anarchy), Kabutops (Democracy) in some order
like what he did with the Red fight in Crystal.
  • Doubt it.
    • Aaand Jossed.

Cyrus will replace Bill as the main antagonist to the Voices.
  • He's already watching them on Reddit, and may have been responsible for it briefly being flipped upside down (which put his face on prominent display). It could be part of a plan to control the Voices.
  • Confirmed, for the Platinum run, at least.

The mob will win a Contest this run.
  • Predictably Jossed.

There will be a Bidoof in Napolean's Hall of Fame team
It's too funny not to happen. Plus, every time we use the PC a Bidoof always ends up in our party.
  • Probably not a Bidoof, but probably Agent 006 the Bibarel.
    • Confirmed. In fact, she played a large part because of her damaging water-type moves.

The Snowpoint Gym will take the longest time to defeat
Considering that our protagonist is named Napoleon, and we just happen to have a city with a harsh winter (like Russia) it seems fitting that there will be several, several failures in this gym.
  • Jossed, thanks to Flareon sweeping all of Candice's Pokemon in the second attempt.

Since Sinnoh is PokeCanada...
... does this mean Napoleon is the Kalosian equivalent of Quebecois?
  • Way his character's shaping up? Yes, in so many ways yes. Pretty soon he's going to demand that all written text also be in Kalosian and to have Pokebec recognized as a sovereign nation. Also sorry to toot my own horn but I don't think I'm going to create a better portmanteau than Pokebec for years.

there will be a mass PC releases. . .
  • ...and the mob will call it Waterloo.
    • Well, there was the reset, but it's likened to a temporal paradox, instead. No mention of Waterloo, since the run went back in time.

The mob is really going to like this Flareon.
What did Burrito teach us all about not engaging to religious grade hate?
  • Seems to be heading in that direction after Flareon swept Snowpoint Gym before any of Candice's Pokemon got to attack.
    • Confirmed, and very much so: he's the highest-leveled Pokémon by the end of the run, close to M4, having done a lot of sweeping in the late game and the Elite Four. Also, shipping.

The Togepi will be a major character this time and become a Togetic
  • To avenge the Togepi that was released in Gen 2 ...
    • Time to Joss this one. Togepi is involved in the lore but has had no impact on the party and simply moved between Daycare and PC.

The mob will go too far with the report riots.
Leading to the mob pushing for the anonymous admin to be banned.
  • Thankfully Jossed. For now.

That Bibarel is so dead, AKA "For Sinnoh, Napoleon?"

Agent 006 IS Betadoof
She knew that she could never evolve, thanks to the B spammers, so she faked her own death, evolved and returned to the team under a new alias. Unfortunately, her death-faking was so good that she lost twenty levels in the process.

The letters Napoleon writes were intended for someone out-of-country.
His writing style seems to indicate that he doesn't know whatever language the recipient is speaking very well. It's likely the reason we understand him is through Translation Convention, which is why his conversations with others are fluent.
  • Better: The recipient is in fact Vietnamese.
    • Betterer: Napoleon, allegedly being from Kalos, is trying to write the letters in Kanto's Japanese.
      • Betterest: The symbols are actually Kalosian.

The sudden romance drama? Cyrus's fault.
He's been shown to see past the fourth wall and watches the Mob, and he's tailored operations against their weaknesses: trolls have been successful to a degree we haven't seen since Red (to the point of divine intervention being used to stop them multiple times), chat shutting down except for the trolls' haven of mobile chat and then stopping altogether, freezing inputs, and finally even crashing the game. After all of those failed, Cyrus turned to taking down one of the Mob's strengths: The Power of Love, which saved the Crystal run and was a constant thereafter. His influence led the Day-Care Couple to break apart SunFlare and his crashing the game deleted Sunbrella's own Love Interest from the timeline. Had he not been defeated when he was, misfortune might have befallen Napoleon's harem, too.

The Egg is not Solaireon's
006 conceived an egg with another Pokemon, possibly a wild Pokemon, and claimed the egg was Solaireon's in order to break up Sunshine and Solaireon for one of three reasons: 1. She's in love with Solaireon, 2. She's in love with Sunshine, or 3. She's just a bitch. I can't think of any other possible reasons, but there could be some... feel free to suggest other possible reasons.

The first thing Napoleon did after becoming Champion was evolve Shinx.