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The Character Page for Twitch Plays Pokémon Platinum. For a directory of all character pages, as well as characters shared between runs, see here.

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Major Humans

     nqpppnl "Napoleon" 

Nqpppnl ("Napoleon", "Napoleon Edgeworth", "Nipple")

The Protagonist of Twitch Plays Pokémon Platinum. He received the starter Pokémon Chimchar from Professor Rowan.


Pearl ("PP", "Pearl Porter", "Pearl Gates")

The rival of Napoleon in Twitch Plays Pokémon Platinum. Known for randomly running into Napoleon out of nowhere.



Professor Rowan's assistant and the player character not chosen by the Mob.



The leader of Team Galactic and the main villain of the game, and quite possibly the most difficult evil team boss so far.


Nqpppnl's Team "The Court of The Sun"

    The Team In General 

     !☂!!☀! !: 1 "Queen Sunbrella" 

!☂!!☀! !:1 the Roserade ("Queen Sunbrella")

A female Roserade with Poison Point. Was instrumental in defeating Pearl's Piplup outside of Jubilife City. She is Lonely, likes to thrash about, and likes spicy food. In what can only be described as a miracle, she finally evolved into a Roselia on Day 4. After finding a Shiny Stone on Iron Island, the Mob used it to evolve her into her final form of Roserade.

  • Badass Adorable: This one speaks for itself. Sunbrella has single-handedly carried the team on multiple occasions.
  • Cool Loser: Despite taking down Gym leaders and Team Galactic members, when Napoleon entered her in a Cool contest she came in dead last.
  • Convenient Miscarriage: She laid a Budew egg with a male Roselia, but it was taken away by the Daycare Man and eventually erased from existence.
  • Dance Battler: Petal Dance, which is also a Dangerous Forbidden Technique. Shared with Cabbage the White from the Emerald run.
  • Green Thumb: Budew is a Grass-type Pokemon, and used her powers to great effect against Roark and Pearl's Piplup.
  • The High Queen: Often referred to as the queen by the mob given that she managed to make it to her final evolution.
  • I Can't Dance/Performance Anxiety: During the Dance Competition of the aforementioned contest, she comes last (despite having Petal Dance).
  • The Leader: Has finally taken her place as this after a lengthy time spent in the PC.
  • Lucky Charms Title: Responsible for her nickname.
  • Life Drain: Knows Absorb. This has allowed her to fight against much stronger Pokemon, like Roark's Cranidos.
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: Wasn't able to evolve into Roselia despite long being capable of doing so thanks to people spamming B every time she levelled up.
    • Averted on Day 4 when a miracle provided by a Rare Candy allowed her to evolve into Roselia. And again on Day 10 when she evolved into Roserade.
  • Poisonous Person: Her ability poisons those who come in contact with her.
  • Standard Status Effects: Poison with her ability and paralysis via Stun Spore.
  • Something About a Rose
  • Spiritual Successor: To Zexy, a lonely team leader with roses. In addition, her trainer is also apparently French.
  • Team Mom: Serves as one to the group especially to Sunshine.

    Bronzong "Steve" 

Bronzong ("Steve", "Bronzonger", "Liberty Bell", "Captain America")

A Bronzong. It is Impish, often dozes off, and likes sour food. Evolved from Bronzor during the final hour of Day 10, while the main chat was broken and only mobile chat was accessible.

  • Alone Among the Couples: Every other Pokémon on the team is shipped with someone, some way, some how. Bronzong, however, does not have anyone to be shipped with.
  • Asexual: Bronzong is not attracted to any of its teammates because it has no gender.
    • However, since Bronzong are normally able to breed with Ditto, biological sex might not have anything to do with romance.
  • The Determinator: Held on to defeat Fantina's team with only 1HP left.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: It beat Giratina.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: As a Bronzor, moonlit as Captain America's shield from time to time.
  • No Biological Sex: Much to the chagrin of shippers.
  • No-Sell: To one of its weaknesses, Ground, thanks to Levitate. And naturally to Poison.
  • Phrase Catcher: └(oѪo)┘ RAISE YOUR BRONZONGERS └(oѪo)┘
  • Power Floats: A Psychic-type bell that levitates.
  • Psychic Powers: Knows Extrasensory and Future Sight.
  • Stone Wall: Fire is its one and only weakness and its defense values are excellent, but its attack is really, really lacking. On top of that, its nature increases Defense but reduces Special Attack (and all of its attacks are special...) This issue was reduced when it evolved, since Bronzong gets a pretty significant boost to offense.
  • Super Soldier: Even though Shinx caught Pokérus, it was attributed to Bronzor. Since its early nickname was Steve anyway, it was too easy to associate it with Captain America.
  • Those Two Guys: It's one with Moonbat, due to the two getting ignored by Voices quite a bit, and their lack of involvement in the shipping.

    Golbat "Moonbat" 

Golbat ("Moonbat", "The Count", "Dracula")

A male Golbat. He is Docile, somewhat vain, and happily eats anything. Evolved from Zubat on day 5, making him the first member of the team to evolve without the aid of a stone or Rare Candy.

  • Big Little Brother: The lowest-leveled member of the party and one of two members who isn't fully evolved, but at 5'3", he's the largest member of the team.
  • Blow You Away: Not only is secondary type but also has the move Air Cutter.
  • Death Glare: The bat has Mean Look.
  • Determinator: He survived a STAB Sunny Day Fire Blast from Pearl's Rapidash.
  • Life Drain: Knows Leech Life.
  • Love Interest: Possible, as Shinx (heartbroken from Solaireon's betrayal of her love) and himself fought together in the Resort Restaurant, sparking a shipping between two underevolved Pokémon that won't ever be let evolved, it seems..
  • Our Vampires Are Different: In one extremely suspicious situation, Moonbat fainted immediately after being exposed to sunlight.
  • Poisonous Person: Primary type.
  • Razor Wind: Air Cutter and Air Slash.
  • invokedThe Other Darrin: Sometimes mistaken for Happybat, who remains in the PC.
  • The Power of Friendship: What is needed in order for it to evolve into Crobat.
  • Those Two Guys: He's part of a duo with Steve, due to the two getting ignored by Voices quite a bit, and their lack of involvement in the shipping.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Trounced both Lucario and Machoke in order to beat Maylene.
  • Weak, but Skilled: He is only in his second form and he is the most underleveled member of the team, but he has extremely good moveset with absolutely no bad attacks, which helps him greatly in battle.

    Flareon "Solaireon" 

Flareon ("Sola(i)reon", "Sun Prophet/God/King", "Curse Breaker", "Ashbringer", "True Prophet", "Flame Jesus")

A male Eevee received from Bebe, who got him from Bill. Since the mob was able to acquire both the Fire Stone and Water Stone, they decided to let random anarchy inputs choose what Eevee evolved into, and ended up with a Flareon. He is Hasty, often scatters things, and likes sweet food. Believed by some to be a prophet of Old Amber.

  • Expy: He's named after Solaire from Dark Souls, and even shares a possible background origin.
    • However, some spell his name without the "i", which makes his name have the prefix "Solar" instead of a relation to this character.
  • Foil: To Sunshine - while she was Not Allowed to Grow Up, he managed to evolve almost immediately after being received, and then shot up in levels while in Iron Island.
  • History Repeats
  • Lineage Comes from the Father: Saved gameplay data after Cynthia was beaten revealed that 006's egg hatches with Solareon's Rock Smash. Further testing showed that if Solareon and Sunshine had an egg, it would've inherited his signature move, Fire Fang.
  • Love Redeems: A lot of people have actually been giving Flareon a chance, and let it stay on the team. So far it hasn't proven well, as it still only knows Eevee's moves, but only time will tell if he will truly be able to vindicate the legacy of the original False Prophet.
    • Now it's looking more and more like he will, as he's grown to the point where he can access some of his most powerful STAB moves (Fire Fang and Fire Blast) and is overall second-strongest on the team.
    • Now that Flareon has performed a perfect sweep on Candice's Gym, not even giving the Gym Leader a chance to retaliate, Flareon redeemed the actions of the False Prophet, and has ascended to Godhood as the Sun God.
  • Mon Bites Mon: He learned Fire Fang, which has the added bonus of burning the opponent. As it is the strongest physical attack of his type that he can learn, it is considered his Signature Move.
  • Playing with Fire: A Fire Type Pokemon, and knows Fire Blast and Fire Fang. Interestingly, he is the first notable Fire-type Pokémon used by Twitch who actually learned any Fire attacks stronger than Ember.
  • Plot Armor: On Day 9 he was given an Air Mail, which protects him from being released/killed by the PC.
  • Redemption Quest: Hopes to break the "Curse of Fire" that is said to have resulted in the releases of several beloved Fire-type Pokemon. That his actions may vindicate those of the False Prophet is an added bonus.
    • You Can't Fight Fate: Unfortunately, as seen in Twitch Plays Pokémon Black, it is shown that his efforts to break the curse were all for naught. Tepig (the fire starter) ended up released along with the entirety of the original team.
      • Of course some maintain that the "Curse Of Fire" is about releasing Fire starters rather than Fire Pokémon in general, some even pointing out that the Slugma and the Ponyta they caught which weren't released, and thus believe that Solaireon never actually broke the curse to begin with.
  • Save The Entire Pokémon Universe: When Flareon beat Cyrus in the Distortion World (or, according to the Mob, did most of the work), he stopped his plans to reboot the universe, thus basically saving the entire universe as we know it. Talk about vindicating the False Prophet!
  • Second Coming / Spiritual Successor: Bears the likeness of the False Prophet from Red, though lore has established his personality as similar to Burrito from Crystal in that he seeks to redeem the mistakes of the past.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": "Solaireon" or "Solareon"? Lore-wise, some believes "Solaireon" and "Solareon" are two different entity.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Between the debate of what Eevee should evolve into, to Flareon being the second coming of False Prophet to break the Fire Curse, to the love triangle arc, to becoming the highest leveled team member, once he joined he overshadowed everyone else in the lore. It's still debated whether he or The Leader Sunbrella should be officially seen as the signature mon of the run.
  • Super Speed: Quick attack.
  • Super Strength: Able to shatter rocks to pieces and move immense boulders.
  • Took a Level in Badass: For a good while, Flareon wasn't all that useful in battle, being underleveled and having a poor moveset, most notably lacking a Fire attack. Learning Fire Blast was a good first step, but it was the training session with Riley that really did wonders, as he went from level 33 to level 50 in just a few hours. Learning Fire Fang, Strength and Rock Smash helped too, letting him take advantage of his huge Attack stat and giving him added utility in the field.

    0"☀ ☀0☀☺ ☹ "Sunshine" 

0"☀ ☀0☀☺ ☹ the Shinx ("Sparkles", "Zero", "Sunshine", "Ace Card", Michael Shinxson/Catson,)

A female Shinx. Her nature is Hasty, she often dozes off, and she likes sweet food.

  • Actual Pacifist: She lost all her damaging moves, so she was shucked into the daycare in hopes she will learn some there.
  • Born Lucky: She contracted Pokerus and passed it to the rest of her team.
    • Born Unlucky: Steve the Bronzong benefited more and was credited for the Pokerus spread over her, her love life is screwed over, and by the time the run first reached the Elite Four, she has developed an inferiority complex over being unable to evolve.
  • Can't Catch Up: Evolutionwise at least. It's a topic of much depression.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Often gets depicted in lore as this.
  • Cute Kitten: The mob certainly thinks so.
  • Death Glare: Leer and Scary Face.
  • Foil: A complete contrast to the last cat in the mob's party, the Communist Chairman Meow Zedong.
  • invokedHilarious in Hindsight: Many comics and artworks (including her current picture) depict Sunshine as having fully black hind paws. However, only male Shinxes have this trait. Females have blue hind paws.
  • I Can't Dance: Does barely better than Sunbrella in a Smart Contest.
  • Life of the Party: Partying like it's 10 PM.
    • Getting cuckolded put a damper on her enthusiasm.
  • Likes Older Men: It's generally accepted that she's the youngest member of the team, but she's in a relationship with Solaireon. Some fanworks that have multiple runs' Pokémon interacting have had someone get the wrong idea about Solaireon due to this.
  • Love Interest: For Solaireon. After Solaireon and 006 got it on, leaving Sunshine heartbroken, it's possible that Sunshine and Moonbat might be falling for one another after the battle at the Resort Restaurant, but the thought was quickly dropped.
    • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: Solareon is still depicted as her interest in lore afterwards. However, it's likely now she's starting to become much more careful as opposed to what was considered unyielding faith before the Daycare incident.
  • Lucky Charms Title: Her name consists of multiple sun symbols, which people interpret as her name being "Sunshine"
  • Mood-Swinger: Often depicted cheerful, cute and endearing, using Scary Face, or outright violent, especially after the Day Care incident. The happy face and angry face in her name seem to indicate that bit of characterization.
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: Similarly to Sunbrella and the rest, her every attempt at evolution was thwarted by legions of B spammers. Unlike the rest, however, this persisted right through to the end of the run, being the only first-stage Pokemon left by the time the Mob defeated Cynthia.
  • Nightmare Face: Despite being a cutie, she possesses one hell of a Scary Face.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: She is weaker than she should be due to her arrested evolutions. Stuck in a party of fully evolved mons and being forced to push herself beyond her limits just to convince the Voices to let her stay on the team, she feels herself to be worthless, especially when compared to Agent 006, who took her first love to boot.
  • Shock and Awe: Used to know Spark, and later learned Discharge and Thunderbolt.
  • Spiritual Successor: Hijinks had a hasty nature and the Truant ability which made it literally doze off in battle every other turn. Sparkles apparently dozes off during downtime only.
  • Stepford Smiler: Has crippling self-esteem problems, but hides them behind a facade of her old childlike cheeriness, as she feels she can't conduct herself more maturely stuck in a juvenile form like she is.
  • Sweet Tooth: Likes sweet food.
    • Comfort Food: Would binge quite a bit when the Mob halts her evolution and immediately tries to blame her for being so weak and demands to box her.
  • The Load: Although she's high-leveled, due to being unevolved her stats are horribly weak. This is the justification trolls give for preventing her evolution, ignoring the fact that their early b-spamming was what hobbled her stat growth in the first place, and wanting to see her deposited or released, with the added fact that Luxray is one of the worst Pokemon competitively and is also mostly useless against the Pokemon League, who have mostly resistances and immunities to Electric attacks.
  • Tsundere: Type B. She appears cute and bubbly on the outside, but her moveset consists of stuff like Roar and Scary Face.

     00 00 06 "Agent 006" 

00 00 06 the Bibarel (Agent 006)

A female Bibarel caught to learn Surf, Rock Climb and Waterfall after another Bidoof that failed to evolve was ultimately released. She is Hasty and likes sweet food.

  • Irony: The trolls took to Reddit proclaiming victory and the end of TPP. The most common response? "We caught a Bibarel."
  • Karma Houdini: Though the blame for the Egg Scandal was initially all on her, it eventually subsided when she proved her usefulness during the Elite Four. The blame and burden of the egg was eventually shifted almost entirely onto Solareon, and she returned to the agency for more missions after Napoleon became Champion.
  • Kavorka Man: Gender inverted, Bibarel's usual design isn't flattering, but she still managed to get on with Flareon.
  • Making a Splash: Is not only her secondary type, but she also knows the move Surf and Waterfall.
  • Overt Operative
  • Passing the Torch: Was captured after Beta Bidoof was released on the 8th Day.
  • Secret Agent
  • Shock and Awe: After accidentally learning Shock Wave, which was meant for Sunshine.
    • It didn't last for longer than an hour, when she leveled up and learned Hyper Fang.
  • Superhero: When she learned Superpower, some proclaimed she is one.
  • Took a Level in Badass: The mon caught for the sole purpose of being an HM slave -and ironically sparking that whole controversy with Solareon- ended up sweeping Flint with ease.
    • Of course, sweeping Flint is a snap because of Bibarel's type advantage. It's when she all but destroys Lucian's team that 006 proves her worth to the team: giving them their first victory over the final member of the Elite Four, and earning their first battle against Cynthia.
  • You Are Number 6

On Standby


KK♀ROOOY the Togepi "Blood Egg" "K.K. Roy", "Princess Omelette"

A female Togepi that was required to be obtained as an Egg to complete the game. She was a gift from the Champion, Cynthia.
  • Actual Pacifist: Upon hatching, her only moves were Growl and Charm, neither of which did damage.
  • Attention Whore: Much like Marc knows the move Follow Me.
  • Grounded Forever: Left in the daycare in favor of a Zubat due to its low level and pessimism over evolving into Togetic with the B-spammers. Further the mob is in agreement of evolving Roserade over Togekiss with the one pre-Elite Four Shiny Stone.
    • The Bus Came Back: Returned to the party after depositing Sunshine in the daycare so the latter could learn some damaging moves.
    • Commuting on a Bus: Has been left in the daycare for a second time.
  • Hero of Another Story: Fanart shows Togepi having her own story while in daycare, which Napoleon was only a small part of.
  • Human Sacrifice: In order to obtain her, a Pokemon had to be deposited.
  • Interface Spoiler: Her species and gender were revealed before she hatched by the stream interface.

     ☺ .~ ♥ "Bigdoof" 

____☺ .~ ♥ the Bidoof

A male Bidoof. He is Modest, capable of taking hits, and likes dry food.
  • Com Mons
  • Dead Artists Are Better: Back when he was in the team, he was just "the Bidoof". Now that he is in the PC, presumably never to return, he is being hailed as a hero.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He was deposited so the Mob could get the Togepi Egg from Cynthia, and the Bike. Without his sacrifice the game couldn't be continued.
  • Took a Level in Badass: After a long period of being Cannon Fodder, he has leveled up enough to hold his own in battle, though he still is far from strong.


A the Kricketot

A Kricketot that found itself on Napoleon's team.
  • Healing Factor: His Shed Skin ability allows him to heal from status effects.
  • invokedName's the Same: He shares his name with Ace, Camila A. Slash and Alice from Crystal, Emerald and FireRed, respectively.
     ☺;;; ♥' "Happybat" 

☺;;; ♥' the Zubat ("Happybat")

A rather cheerful male Zubat.
     Geodude "Master Geodude" 

Master Geodude the Geodude

A Geodude captured with the Master Ball.

Bidoof Egg

An egg produced by Bibarel and Flareon whilst they were in the daycare together.
  • Interface Spoiler: The interface revealed that it was male and knew Tackle and Rock Smash before it hatched.
  • Put on a Bus: It was quickly deposited into the PC, and has yet to come out.
  • Ship Sinking: What it did to the ship between Shinx and Flareon.

     B-List Pokémon 
Various Pokémon that the Mob caught and haven't had much effect on the game or the players since.


A female Starly. The first wild Pokemon captured by Napoleon.


A male Bidoof captured by the Mob on Route 201.

0 DB666K06 the Bidoof ("Satandoof)

A female Bidoof captured on Route 201.

AA UU?↓↓☉ the Shinx

A female Shinx.

AA the Kricketot

A male Kricketot.

60OGGOO6♀g the Shinx.

A male Shinx.


A male Starly.

0♪ the Bronzor

A Bronzor.


A male Chingling.

☹*011O0 the Meditite

A male Meditite.

(unknown) the Zubat

A female Zubat.

A2 2?♦♣☂♦♦ the Gastly

A female Gastly.


A female Gastly.

"Belgium", "Belimont"

  • Only One Name: Averted for now, as the mob cannot decide which to name Croagunk.


A female Meditite caught at Mt. Coronet.


A female Graveller caught on Route 211.


A female Meditite.

FNRPVDUAX the Machop

A male Machop.

BB Hpf~( the Geodude

A male Geodude.


A female Staravia.




The female starter Pokémon chosen by the Mob.
     1 00 RR 0000 "Oreo" 

1 00RR0000 the Bidoof ("Oreo")

A Bidoof whose name was an incomprehensible string of numbers. He was the first casualty of the run.
  • Com Mons
  • We Hardly Knew Ye
  • Prove I Am Not Bluffing: Some claim that Oreo was actually Napoleon's pet, whom he released to prove he REALLY doesn't like Pokemon. The Mob of course, despite that, and the release of Chimchar, still force him to train pokemon.


A nameless Bidoof released while attempting to withdraw Budew.
    nppmw B9♢Im "Nappaw" 

nppmwB9♢Im the Bidoof ("Nappaw", "Betadoof", "Second Bidoof")

A female Bidoof that was caught around the same time as Bigdoof. She was a member of the team for days, but was released on day 9 in an attempt to PC swap her for a Bibarel.



Giratina (God of Antimatter, "Lord Giratina", "Discord", "President Giratina", "Satan Snake")

A mysterious Pokemon that resides within a world of its own: the Distortion World. It is said to be connected to Dialga, the God of Time, and Palkia, the God of Space, with itself being the God of Antimatter.

  • Eldritch Abomination
  • invoked Ensemble Dark Horse: Because of the nature of the Distortion World and the apparent lack of Helix and Dome, it is thought of that Giratina is the gray area between Helix and Dome, representing a perfectly chaotic order.
  • Graceful Loser: It opened a portal to the real world as a reward for being defeated. Although it would await in Turnback Cave after the Mob had defeated the Elite Four for another challenge, the stream shifted to HeartGold version before Giratina could be revisited.
    • It is possible, however, that Napoleon might return to Turnback Cave after the Voices leave him to refight Giratina, and capture him.
  • Sixth Ranger: If captured, Giratina could have proven to be instrumental in defeating the Elite Four, but the Mob was forced to defeat it due to having no Poke Balls, which were intentionally used on other Pokemon due to trolls spamming the Bag and using the Balls on Cyrus' Pokemon, wasting a turn.
  • invokedThe Other Marty: Was to be captured with the Master Ball, until a Geodude took its place. While the capture of Giratina was still possible, although somewhat unwanted due to lore, the chances were really slim.
  • Troll: It's also the god of trolling. Fitting, considering it's a snake and a certain other god of trolling shares such a serpentine motif.

    Team Galactic 

Tropes applied to all:

  • Horsemen of the Apocalypse: One theory depicts the four Commanders as these.
    • A Form You Are Comfortable With: Another theory, offered by the same person who hypothesized the above, suggests that Mars and Jupiter are the actual Mars and Jupiter from Roman mythology, taking the forms of human women.

Mars (The Bringer of War)

A Commander of Team Galactic and Napoleon's first real challenge. Her signature Mon is a Purugly.

Jupiter (Pestilence)

A Commander of Team Galactic and Napoleon's second major challenge. Her signature Mon is a Skuntank.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Her Skuntank is tanky, fast, and powerful, and has one-hit KOed the entire team several times.
  • Meaningful Name: The planet Jupiter is a gas giant, and several gases are sources of pollution on Earth. In addition, skunks are considered pests because their spray leaves a powerful and foul odor in the air.
  • Poisonous Person: Her Zubat and Skuntank are both part poison.
  • Smelly Skunk: Her signature Pokemon.

Saturn (Famine)

A Commander of Team Galactic, and the most loyal to Cyrus' goals. His signature Pokemon is a Toxicroak.
  • Meaningful Name: He supervised the mission to bomb Lake Valor. This led to the water drying up, leaving the Magikarp within it without any water to thrive on, causing them to die by asphyxiation.
  • Poisonous Person: His Toxicroak is Poison/Fighting.

Charon (The Renewer/Death)

A Commander of Team Galactic and the head scientist. His signature, and possibly only, Pokemon is a Rotom.
  • The Dragon
  • Mad Scientist
  • Meaningful Name: He is the fourth commander of Team Galactic. His title of "The Renewer" symbolizes how he attempts to revive Team Galactic in the post-game. He is also the newest member of Team Galactic to be added after the release of the original Diamond & Pearl, just as the movement of The Planets for which he is named is the newest one, created long after Gustav Holst's death.
  • The Mole: One theory states that he was this to Interpol during the events of Firered.
  • Shock and Awe: His Rotom.
  • The Unfought: At no point can you fight him.

     The Stat Trainers 
Trainers that temporarily join Napoleon as partners on his journey. Their Pokémon all specialize in a certain stat.


The Stat Trainer in Eterna Forest and the first that Napoleon met. Representing HP, she has a Chansey.
  • Stone Wall
  • Ship Tease: Some suggested shipping her and Napoleon. So far, there has come nothing of it.


A girl lost in Wayward Cave and the second Stat Trainer encountered. Representing Special Attack, she has an Alakazam.


A mysterious man from Iron Island and the third Stat Trainer encountered. Representing Attack, he has a Lucario.

     The Gym Leaders 


The first Gym Leader of Sinnoh. Roark specializes in Rock-type Pokémon.


The second Gym Leader of Sinnoh. Gardenia specializes in Grass-type Pokémon.


The third Gym Leader of Sinnoh. Fantina specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon.
  • The Dreaded: The Mob has a notable hatred of Ghost-type Trainers because of the type's natural resistance to physical moves, and the frequency of moves like Destiny Bond, Perish Song, and Curse.
  • The Maze: Her Gym in Platinum is like this. In the dark.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Agatha, Morty, Phoebe, and Lorelei. She will likely be just as difficult to beat.


The fourth Gym Leader of Sinnoh. Maylene specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon.

Crasher Wake

The fifth Gym Leader of Sinnoh. Wake specializes in Water-type Pokémon.


The sixth Gym Leader of Sinnoh. Byron specializes in Steel-type Pokémon.


The seventh Gym Leader of Sinnoh. Candice specializes in Ice-type Pokémon.


The eighth and final Gym Leader of Sinnoh. Volkner specializes in Electric-type Pokémon.

     The Elite Four and Champion 

The Elite Four in General

  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: A man who has a presumably unhealthy obsession with bug-type Pokemon, an Earthbender that looks suspiciously like Queen Elizabeth II, A Fast Food Clown who uses fire pokemon, and a Psychic bookworm.


The first of the Sinnoh Elite Four. Aaron specializes in Bug-type Pokemon.
  • Blackmail: Upon deciding that he doesn't want to work with Bill anymore in HeartGold, Bill threatens him and Bebe with being blacklisted from academia, as well as framing Aaron's mother for the drunk driving killing of a child if he decides to rebel.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Specializes in Bug types.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: According to the lore he's being backed by Bill, unknowing of his true nature.
  • Stone Wall: His Vespiquen has foiled numerous runs due to knowing Defend Order and Heal Order. If the mob isn't able to kill it quickly, they usually end up losing several party members to it.


The second of the Sinnoh Elite Four. Bertha specializes in Ground-type Pokemon.


The third of the Sinnoh Elite Four. Flint specializes in Fire-type Pokemon.


The last of the Sinnoh Elite Four. Lucian specializes in Psychic-type Pokemon.


The Sinnoh Champion. Cynthia uses a powerful multi-type team with perfect IVs.

She reappears in Black 2, as the sole resident of one of Caitlin's private villas in Undella Town.


Looker ("David Tennant")

A man with a strange manner of speaking and a bad tendency to yell out that he's an undercover member of the International Police.



Sinnoh's PC admin.

     Pearl's Empoleon 

Pearl's Empoleon

Pearl's starter, the one the Mob originally wanted for themselves.

    Shiny Geodude 
A Shiny Geodude. Like the Shiny Chinchou and Pikachu before it, it was fainted by the Mob.



A male Roselia caught and deposited into the daycare during a daycare shuffle, and the father of Sunbrella's egg. He was erased when the game froze and was reset.


MissingNo. "Missingdonger"

Doesn't actually appear, but a glitch that occurred made the Mob remember him.

     The Lake Guardians 

A trio of fairy-like Pokemon that represent aspects of the human spirit. Cyrus captures them in order to create the Red Chains to bind Dialga and Palkia, but Napoleon frees them, and they eventually return the favor by helping to break the Chains. This awakens Giratina, and they head into the Distortion World to guide Napoleon further. After Giratina's defeat, they return to their homes and await Napoleon's arrival.


The Being of Knowledge and Wisdom. It rests in Lake Acuity. Napoleon fought it and used a Pokédoll to flee from it.


The Being of Emotion and Benevolence. It rested in Lake Verity, and now roams Sinnoh after being encountered by Napleon.


The Being of Willpower and Valor. It rests in Lake Valor. Napoleon fought it, but after throwing dozens of balls at it, his entire team was knocked out. He soon returned, but after throwing a couple of balls, he ran from it.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: Dangerously so. It looks quite cute, but don't let that fool you: it's prone to causing uproars, which are highly damaging.
  • Mood-Swinger: One minute quietly plotting, the next angrily attacking.


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