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Heartwarming / Twitch Plays Pokémon Platinum

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  • Team Sunbeam, a happy group photo of the current team trekking through a brightly-lit forest.
  • Budew paralyzed Jupiter's Skuntank and Shinx defeated it with 11 HP remaining. The Mob listened to Shinx's cry in celebration.
  • With an unavoidable PC Shuffle at hand, the Mob protected Shinx by fainting every other Pokemon so she'd be safe from deposit and release.
  • With help from the very trolls they'd reported earlier, the Mob evolved none other than Budew. Budew evolves by friendship. No more than 15 minutes later, Roselia helps them defeat Fantina.
  • Bebe's Compassion.
  • The simple fact that Flareon was a very popular choice for which Eeveelution we got, considering how the mob viewed Flareon in Red, and how that view has changed over time
  • You'll never be false to me.
  • In Hotel Grand Lake, Napoleon met a man who declared that Napoleon had an incredible friendship with Sunbrella. The chat erupted with cries of "Hug Sunbrella!" and "Napoleon has a friend!".
  • While in Jubilife, a miracle occurred: Flareon was given mail to hold, protecting it from the PC forever. They followed it up by giving mail to Shinx, Bronzor, Golbat, and Roselia.
    • More importantly, it was given Air Mail. Part of the reason the Flareon in the Red walkthrough was so hated was that people wanted to fill its slot with Lapras instead. That Lapras was named "AIIIIIIRRR." Some have taken this to mean that Flareon is being protected by that Lapras's spirit, meaning that Flareon's redemption is complete.
    • The Air Mail was eventually removed accidentally, but it was quickly replaced with a Heart Mail. Representing Burrito the Espeon, perhaps?
  • The Mob's outpouring of grief after Betadoof was released.
  • Napoleon paying a visit to his mother on Mother's Day.
  • The idea of a Defrosting Ice Queen premise in general for this run.
  • Shinx learned Return via TM, which increases in power the more she likes Napoleon.
  • All the fanart of Togepi in the Daycare and at "PC Preschool." She may not be on the main team, but at least she seems like she's having fun.
  • Everyone celebrating after defeating Cyrus and Giratina.
  • Napoleon gave Uxie a Poke Doll.
  • After blacking out against Azelf, everyone thought they would get transported back to a Pokémon Center. Instead, Napoleon scurried back to his home, where Mom patched his Pokémon up.
  • During a battle with Volkner, Napoleon actually healed a gravely wounded Bronzong with Moo Moo Milk.
  • On Run 22 of the Elite Four, Shinx defeated Aaron's Vespiquen with a critical Thunderbolt. This event caused an insurgence of people who wanted to keep Shinx on the team, right after serious consideration to box her.
  • The mob has gone on numerous grinding sessions specifically to evolve Shinx, B-trolls be damned.
  • "It doesn't matter if the going is slow. Nor does it matter how many challenges it takes. I'm never giving up! Not until I beat the Elite Four!" Wise words from a random Ace Trainer.
  • Flareon defeated Cynthia, redeeming his entire line.
  • What I enjoyed most about this run was that every member of the team helped.
  • All the difference in the world.
  • Togepi's reaction to the victory.
  • Napoleon gives his thanks to Chimchar.
  • My name is Napoleon, and I am a Pokemon trainer.
  • The Voices say goodbye.