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  • Unlike AJ from Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal, Ao-chan easily made it to Cherrygrove City.
  • The mob was able to use a Potion on Trapinch not once, but twice at the start.
  • 4's Aipom used Attract on Aoooo's Trapinch. Trapinch used Hammer Arm to one shot Aipom on the first turn.
  • Ao, the chosen one.
  • A random guard gives Aoooo a Pokemon with mail to deliver to his friend. That Pokemon? A Groudon with Water Absorb.
    • Someone on tumblr did the math. The chances of that happening was about seven times higher than finding a shiny.
  • Bill plays his trap card.
  • Aooo taught Groudon Surf.
  • The Mob encountered Raikou... twice... in one hour.
  • Bonsly evolved at lv 18, learning Barrage and receiving the ability Sniper, despite being one of the most likely to be dropped. He stayed on the team through the Elite Four and Kanto run.
  • At 5 days, 3 hours, and 9 minutes, the Mob engaged the Red Gyarados, and was shocked to discover the randomizer turned it into a Shiny Xatu, a Pokemon they wanted so badly in Crystal that they resorted to wasting Poke Balls on Will's Xatu in vain. 3 minutes later, they succeeded in catching it for real. The Mob has caught their first-ever Shiny Pokemon, with the added bonus of it being a fan-favorite.
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  • The Mob defeated Pryce before Jasmine and Chuck soon after with an underleveled team.
  • The so-called "Treaty of Cianwood", an agreement between the proponents and opponents of Groudon, stating that they would leave Groudon in the daycare until Jasmine and Team Rocket were defeated so the other party pokémon could get some experience. In return, Groudon could return on the team afterwards and its opponents wouldn't try to fight it. Aside from one minor push to get Groudon out of the daycare prematurely, the Treaty was honored, which means that the Mob fixed their own Broken Base...until the next day when Groudon ended up released, making the entire compromise all for naught.
  • With Clair, the randomizer gave TPP what still hasn't happened in the games: a gym leader who specializes in Dark type Pokémon.
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  • You would think the Mob using the Master Ball on a Cranidos would be a candidate for Epic Fail, but you'd be wrong. Why? Its Attack stat when evolved is the highest in the game, short of only Deoxys-Attack. Higher than Stalinking. And thanks to the randomization, its ability could end up being something that can help it immensely. If only it ever evolves.
  • Marshall the troops.
  • For the first time ever, the Mob came first place at something! Ao won the Bug Catching Contest by catching a Pinsir and got a Sun Stone as her prize.
    • She later won it again with a Weedle.
  • The Great Dome Escape.
  • A confederacy of hosts (plus Brendan).
  • The Mob coordinated to de-register the Vs. Recorder, preventing trolls from slowing the game.
  • Lord Skull's Daycare time paid off, and he and Ariados have very powerful movesets now.
  • Everyone collectively soiled themselves when Lance sent out Raikou. It promptly swept the entire team with Uproar.
    • And then he sent out another one.
    • And then Ao won.
  • In Kanto, Ao caught a wild Omastar. Lord Helix has returned.
  • Suicune was ranomized to a Bronzor. Ao caught it.
  • Misty was beaten, and she went out fighting with an Entei to boot!
  • Ao caught the "Snorlax", which turned out to be an Ekans.
  • By taking to Steven, Latias has been unlocked.
  • Pressure cooker is one for both Ao's allies and Zigzagoon.
  • During the battle with 4 at Mt. Moon, he sent out LORD CLAW.
  • Ao decided to catch "Ho-Oh" after all, and did so with a Poke Ball.
  • During the Double Battle with Clair and Lance, the pair sent out a Darkrai and Raikou, while 4 sent out a Registeel. Five tries later, Ao and 4 beat them.
  • Domino No. 5.
  • Blue used Articuno and Moltres for his battle. This allowed him to finally win a fight without beating on an already weakened team.
  • Helix reached level 75, which means Helix has returned to his original power.
    • He has gone far beyond that now, becoming only the second Pokémon in the history of TPP to reach level 100!
  • Ao defeated Lance in the rematch; Helix swept Karen's team and almost swept Lance, and Vibrava finished the job.
  • Eventually, Ao reached the lone trainer on the mountaintop who would be her final challenge. That trainer was... A from FireRed, using Red's name.
  • Already, Ao's team exceeds Napoleon's team in terms of average levels.
  • Unity. Aaron saves the day.
  • Oracle, aka Xatu, reached level 100, making her the second Pokemon in the run and the third in TPP history to do so.
  • After a very close loss to Alice, it happened. Cranidos evolved to Rampardos. Even better, his ability is Flame Body.
  • During the interim between games, Flamesplash learned Sacred Fire over Tackle.
  • After 18 days, 21 hours and 33 minutes, and six attempts, Aoooo has defeated Alice.
  • Someone restarted the game to deliver Kenya's Mail.
  • The End of the Bill Saga.
  • One Last Message, Part Two.
  • No Horrorterrors for Ghetsis.


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