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The task of Napoleon's voices in Platinum was to prevent the chaos of Johto and Kanto from spreading into Sinnoh long enough for the HGSS protagonist to restore balance (hopefully) once and for all.

Bill will once again start as the major villain of the run, but after being met the Lore will either abandon him or try to change him into a good guy.
The same thing happened in FireRed, it stands to reason it will happen here.
  • Ended up as an inversion. People started out thinking that maybe Bill would have turned good after the confrontation with Alice and they could move on to Team Plasma (as releasing Pokemon is their canon goal); however, Bill has returned to prominence with most expecting that this run will be "Bill's Last Stand" and he will go out with a bang before passing the torch to the new villains.

Red will be replaced by Leaf and her team from FireRed.
  • Our hero will have a very hard time then with DJ Stalinking, considering he will be a level 80+ and (presumably) will not be hampered by truant.
    • Confirmed, although she is using Red's name.

Lyra will be chosen by the mob.

After the events of Twitch Plays Pokémon FireRed, Bill went home and became a family man.
If the Team Plasma does take Bill's place as antagonist, then it's possible that Bill might have had a Heel–Face Turn after seeing the extent of his actions. He then left to actually be a parent to Alice instead of locking her in a simulation to help her. This is also why he appears in HGSS- at that point, he's fully turned and likely actually visiting family.

The Root Fossil will be revived and serve as a mother deity.
  • Whereas Omastar, Kabutops, and Aerodactyl represented anarchy, order, and neutrality respectively, the Root and Claw Fossils will represent peace and war. Whatever comes from the root fossil ‘‘could‘‘ be a defensive pokemon who (while unlikely to be useful due to twitch's usual strategy) represents Root's ideal; a world of diplomacy, or simply a world without the mob.

Claw, on the other hand, could become a more offensive Pokemon in 4-chan's hands, representing the constant fighting between the teams, the protagonists, and even the mob.


Groudon will be released.
Having such a potentially powerful Pokemon is way too good to be true, and we do have a tendency to end up releasing potentially good Pokemon. Plus, it'd be an awesome Tear Jerker for the lore to write about.
  • Going to be that much harder now that Groudon knows surf, one of the few Hms to act as release-immunity.
  • Besides, it's not the first time such a powerful Pokémon has been obtained by Twitch and successfully made it to endgame. Remember DJ Stalinking.
  • This is the OP speaking and guess who was right? Confirmed.

Groudon will be deposited into the PC, and the Mob will release one of their favorite Pokemon getting it back.
Remember how the Gator Wars ended? Yeah, same basic concept.
  • The first part happened. We'll see about the rest.

aoooo was raised by the Poochyena Wolf Pack.
That would explain so much.

Red at mount silver will use the randomized Fire red team
  • Confirmed, the final challenge is A and she has her Fire Red team.

Sandslash is Kenya reincarnated and Kenya was Zexy Reincarnated.
  • Sandslash has the move 'Wish' and it's our wish come true to have Kenya. Zexy is the Hoenn starter, and Groudon is a Hoenn Legendary.

AJ will be at the top of Mount Silver
If we're on the quest to restore the gods, then it would work to have the one who cast them down the last time be our final boss.
  • Jossed. It's A from randomized Fire Red.

A was forced to fight Ao by Bill because Bill attached an Explosive Leash to each of her Pokemon.
Bill gave her a randomized world to capture exotic pokemon, he proves that he can take them away just as easily.

Overpowered even by Groudon standards, having strange abilities, and being transplanted into a different region that's all mixed up than how it should be.

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