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If the players choose Tepig, he will be released.
  • It's an inevitable trend. It happened to Charmander, Torchic, and Chimchar.
    • Not so fast, with the ascension of Solareon the Fire-type Curse could be over.
    • Solareon may have been a fire type, but he wasn't a fire type starter.
  • Now that the Mob has picked Tepig, calls for his release have started. Only time will tell...
    • On Day 2, Tepig was released at the Daycare PC.

The next protagonist will be a parody of the TPP protagonists.
The protagonist, unlike the previous six, will be a stubborn individual whose ineptness at training Pokémon is usually blamed on everyone but themselves. Because they were chosen by the Mob, they could potentially believe that every action they make is either of divine importance or in the moral right. They could be an Ascended Fanboy of the stories told of the previous heroes, and create their own lore as the run goes along. Because of this, they could also be Genre Savvy at certain plot points happening.
  • Ascended Fanboy may be getting its day in the sun, as some comics and stories claim Jimmy was a fan of the voices before being chosen.

The Mob will finally avoid releasing any Pokemon.
They did incredibly well in Heart Gold, until Kenya became a lightning rod of controversy. With no random legendaries this run, the Mob could actually avoid the PC entirely.
  • RIP Patrat, maybe Black 2 shall be release-less.
  • Quite the contrary now, thanks to Murder Monday.
The mob will be unable to catch Reshiram, no matter how hard they try.
  • If we can't save the Master Ball, we will have no reliable way to catch Reshiram. We will probably run out of Poké Balls very quickly. I have no idea what will happen afterwards.
    • The only way to not catch it is to fill the PC and the Party. Which TPP probably won't do considering the ease of releases.
    • That doesn't mean we will be able to catch it. It just means we will be stuck trying to catch it for a long time.
      • Actually, the game forces you to catch it. If you don't, they don't let you progress. Even if you faint Reshiram the battle will not count and it will battle the player again and again until it is inside a ball. If you run out of balls, you can leave to buy more. Also, unlike most legendaries, the catch rate is 45, so it is not like it is an impossible mission even for TPP. The only way to halt capture is to fill all the boxes in the PC and have a full party, which will just never happen.
      • OP again. I'm not saying we'll skip it. I'm just saying we'll be stuck trying to catch it for a long time.
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    • Ultimately Jossed.

The mob will not evolve any pokemon during this run.
  • Considering the fact that viewership has severely lowered and they have kept failing to evolve the pokemon thanks to trolls or for a better challenge, the mob will succeed in finishing Black version or at worst, end up stopping short, both without evolving any pokemon.
  • The Streamer is now running a sort of bet with chat. If they let this happen, Black 2 will implement an evolution-forcing Action Replay code.
  • Confirmed.


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