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The Character Page for Twitch Plays Pokémon Black. For a directory of all character pages, as well as characters shared between runs, see here.

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Major Humans

     GMYC ("Jimmy C." / "Gimmick") 

GMYC ("Jimmy C." "Gimmick" "Jimmy Gimmick" "Jim Costello" "James Costello")

"Take a look at your team Jimmy. They're all ordinary 'mon. No Legendaries, no Gods, none of them even evolved. But together with you, you helped them become strong. The favor goes both ways. I know we've had our... difficulties but you are not the same kid you were when you set from Nuvema Town. Remember how badly you wanted to be a legendary hero like Alice or Napoleon? You weren't a hero then but idk man, look at you today: Blue Eyes White Dragon over there pretty persistently begs to differ. And Jimmy do you know whats the best thing about being a hero? You don't have to do it alone."''
The protagonist of TPP Black, a young man from Nuvema Town. He is a long time fan of the Voices and previous Hosts... and is maybe TOO eager to follow their commands.

He reappears in Black 2 at the special Twitch Plays Pokemon Tournament held at the PWT, as the starting opponent that Cly had to face.

3 years later, he gets a revisit, and finally gets to become the Champion.

  • 10-Minute Retirement: Retires after beating Ghetsis to go find N, but comes back a few months later to challenge Cly at the PWT. However, after that, it sticks for a lot longer, to the point the trope isn't really aplicable, since it took him 3 years to come back to pokemon fighting
  • Achilles' Heel: The sand pits in the Relic Castle.
  • Admiring the Abomination: Seems all too happy to be possessed by a group of Eldritch Abominations that will determine his every move. He mostly dropped the "Admiring" part by the run's end however, after living the horrors the voices brought on him.
  • American Accents: New Yorker, to be exact. It's been suggested that he actually hails from Castelia City.
  • Ascended Fanboy: Was a fan of The Voices before being chosen as their new vessel This came to bite him really badly later however.
  • Blind Obedience / Horrible Judge of Character: He's a little too eager to please at times and readily obeyed Team Plasma and the Voices when told to release/kill his Pokémon. He may also be trying to join Team Plasma, depending on which parts of the lore to believe. Averted in the revisit, during which he opts to heavily rely on democracy rather than on the relentless and chaotic commands of anarchy and is a lot more wary of the Voices as a whole.
  • Black Sheep: To the fandom. Widely considered the weakest and most pathetic host overall, to the point he didn't even manage to beat the Pokemon League and failed to become the champion and having downright shit popularity. On that last point he manages to make a huge comeback due to several fanworks exploring in deep his character traits and his rather tragic history. And in terms of power, for the revisit he manages to grow his team into a genuinely powerful one and finally defeats Alder.
  • Broken Pedestal: After seeing several of his teams thrown away and—as all hosts—being abandoned by the Voices, one of the most popular interpretations is that he grew to resent them in the end. In an interesting contrast to most of the other Hosts who downright hated the possession from start to finish and want nothing to do with the Voices afterwards, he is still on better terms but nowhere as in love as he was at the beginning. He came around 3 years later for the revisit, but was far more wary and less excitable.
  • Cannot Talk to Women: Or at least to Skyla.
    Jimmy's dating advice: When you have to talk to a girl, you should avoid her at all costs, fire yourself out of a cannon, hit your face against a wall three times and then run away.
  • The Corruptible: A meek and friendless boy with a big, big hero. Said hero is a mindhive of crazed, extremely powerful and dangerous voices. The moment they got to him he basically went powermad. He came to really regret that in later lore.
  • Character Development: A rather nasty case, since his was built on the misery his possession ended up causing him:
    • He was a shy, friendless teenager all to eager to obtain the power of the Voices. The whole slew of tragedies that happened in his run made him slightly bitter; however, it also helped him truly bond with his final team and managed to strike a few more close friendships, notably with N himself.
    • After the Voices left him, he learned not to mindlessly adore something or someone he has barely actually interacted with, and by leaving his fanatic traits behind he finally manages to come out of his shell.
    • His brutal ordeal, along with the many different experiences he accumulated during it built up a lot of confidence and self-assurance which later allowed him more actively participate in Pro Gaming, eventually becoming one Staryucraft best players in the whole world.
  • Character Tic:
    • Entering the C-Gear and becoming trapped in the Entralink.
    • Trying to register friends on the Pal Pad.
  • Cute and Psycho: He's affable, enthusiastic, and chipper, and he also killed and ate his starter because the Voices said so.
  • Dare to Be Badass: 3 years later, he gets a long awaited revisit. The Streamer gave him 3 days before Randomized White 2 begun. The challenge was both to him and the Mob: Jimmy had to become champion before the time ran out. And he did it with less than 2 hours left.
  • Dandere: An interpretation of what he actually is. It just happens he went completely and utterly hyper during his whole possession since the Hosts were his lifelong heroes, and becoming one sure made him go all out. While after the whole experience is over he manages to come a bit more out of his shell, he is still rather reserved.
  • The Ditz: Unlike previous protagonists who only acted strangely because of the confused inputs, Jimmy seems to be one on his own. When the Mob took him to the Battle Subway to multi battle (and maybe hook up) with Hilda, she had to carry because he was inept at giving his Pokémon instructions, and it didn't help that they attacked Hilda's Pokémon a lot. By the time of the revisit he is much more focused and manages to play the Battle Subway without attacking Hilda and actually competently fight.
  • He's Back!: Revisited 3 years later. The Mob sure rejoiced quite a bit at having him back, even if it was only a few days.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: He's a big fan of the Voices. According to one comic series, his obsession started because he wanted to be like the previous legendary hosts.
  • Famed In-Story: By the time of Black 2, as the hero who stopped Plasma. On top of that he became a world-class pro gamer!
  • Friendless Background: His relationships with Bianca and Cheren are often viewed as very shaky at best, and one of his mayor motivations in becoming a host was to make friends. Albeit the whole ordeal costed him quite a lot, he manages to truly befriend N and Cly.
  • Foil: Utterly in contrast with Cly, the following Host. Aside from their gender, which has always been a tossup, they're on completely opposite sides of the spectrum. Whereas Jimmy was poor, lacking in self-confidence, and started off as a weak gamer with a poorly regarded team, Cly is a boisterous rich idol who also becomes one of the strongest player characters in TPP history, if not the World's Best Warrior He's also a slave to his Voices (who hated him during his original run), but slowly grows out of that mindset; Cly, meanwhile, cooperates with the Voices and finds them rather annoying, if useful.
    • This can also be seen in the care they put into their teams: Jimmy didn't evolve a single 'mon at least until the revisit, while Cly evolved all of her party and a couple more.
  • Good Hair, Evil Hair: Gets a goatee for the revisit, 3 years later.
  • He's All Grown Up: For the revisit. He was a mid to late teenager in the original run, and now he's is between his very late teens or early twenties. Most notably, he has grown a goatee and a (admittedly shitty) moustache.
  • Keet: Extremely hyperactive and over the top, to the point he can be downright annoying to those around him. However, this is mostly just an act.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": He becomes the one trainer who can stop Team Plasma. He's also a fan of the Voices and the previous trainers they guided.
  • Lethal Joke Character: As previously mentioned, he is considered by many one of the -if not the- weakest host at least before the revisit, yet he managed to beat the game in only fifteen days, that had been the shortest time to win up to the point and bested N and Ghetsis on his first fucking try.
  • Loser Protagonist: His initial character arc paints him as one. Being one of the weakest player characters doesn't help matters. He gets better after the 3 year revisit.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: A popular interpretation is that he seriously regrets many of his actions as a host due to having blindly followed the Voices into committing atrocities against his own pokemon.
  • Eating the Eye Candy: He seemingly enjoyed staring at Hilda's ass... and was also the target of it when Skyla flirted a little with him.
  • Motor Mouth: He is very energic so sometimes he does this. He largely drops it when he is not a Host or when away from the Voice's vicinity
  • Nice Guy: Generally considered to be the nicest of the bunch in the larger narrative. That being said he can be mildly annoying due to how easily excitable he is.
  • Non-Elemental: His team is one of the most varied the Mob has ever got, type wise. While in terms of raw power and stats his team is very weak at least before the revisit his large type coverage makes him surprisingly competent.
  • Perpetually Broke: Like Aoooo before him, he isn't very good at keeping his money, often spending it on a bunch of items he doesn't need or likely won't use.
  • Perverse Sexual Lust: Not as marked as some of the female Hosts, but he is...rather popular in the fandom not just for his characterization. Case in point during the Battle Subway there was a lot of people claiming how hot was Hilda's booty... and a fair share of those were also staring at Jimmy's. The fact that he was the oldest host ever used at that point (being at least 16, and some interpretations put him up to 19 and by the revisit he is in his early twenties) doesn't help matters.
  • Pretty Boy: The fandom more or less considers him the hottest male Host, and it's not for nothing— his canon art depicts him as youthful and he has fair features.
  • Pro Gaming: He was a superb, if casual, gamer on his own right before he became a Host, and after his journey with the Voices was over, he used his newfound confidence and experience to become far more active in the pro scene, eventually becoming a Staryucraft world champion!
  • Retired Badass: Generally accepted that he quit Pokemon fighting after taking down Team Plasma. He came back into it a few months later to challenge Cly in the PWT, but after that he apparently quit for real...Or at least for 3 years, when the Voices gave him another go and finally became Champion.
  • Odd Friendship: After the showdown at the Pokemon World Tournament he became a close friend of Cly. Yes, a shy and meek but nice gamer became close to an abrasive, snarky and even slightly snobby pop idol. Cemented by the contrasts of their playstyles.
  • Odd Name Out: Shares this with Red, Napoleon, and D. For a majority of Season 1, many of the Voices' hosts names have started with the letter 'A': AJ, Camilla 'A' Slash, Alice, and Aoooo before him, and Arty after him.
  • Older and Wiser: In the revisit 3 years later. While he is at best at his early twenties now, he is a lot less gullible and doesn't fall to the brainless adoration of the Voices.
  • Ship Tease: With N. While Black bn itself already has plenty, particularly the Ferris Wheel which is almost a date, however, Jimmy lost several fights with N, causing him to do these cutscenes over and over again. One interpretation is that he was losing on purpose to spend more time with him.
  • Socially Awkward Hero: The Voices gave him a massive ego boost for the duration of the run, but in truth he is a rather meek and shy teen.
  • Stepford Smiler: Incredibly over the top and hyperactive? One popular interpretation is that that is just a facade for a very shy, friendless boy who just wanted to be cooler now that he had a chance with his heroes, the Voices, and was trying to hide the fact that he was a "loser".
  • Trademark Favorite Food:
    • Ice cream, specifically Casteliacones. He waited in the side streets of Castelia overnight until Tuesday came around so he could wait in line and buy a cone.
    • Fresh Water (if it's considered a food). Hosts gotta stay hydrated!
  • The Unintelligible: His messages spoken via the Tag Log on the C-Gear have all been nonsensical.
  • Took a Level in Badass: A downright staggering one in the revisit, where he finally manages to turn his team into a extremely powerful party, that, while not on par with some of the strongest hosts is still above most. To put the cherry on top he finally gets the defeat Alder and become the Champion, which had been a sore spot both for him and the Mob for a long time.
  • The Unfavorite: In the fandom, he was one of least popular hosts. As mentioned above however, thanks to fan investment and a journey redo, he got a lot better.
  • World's Strongest Man: Not in the way you'd think, he was an unremarkable trainer at least before the revisit and on his own was a scrawny teenager, but after the Voices left him he managed to become one of the top Staryucraft pro-gamers in the world.



GMYC's friend/rival. Her starter is Snivy.

In Black 2, she has become Professor Juniper's assistant.



GMYC's friend/rival. His starter is Oshawott.

In Black 2, he is now the first Gym Leader, taking over for Lenora as the Normal-type Gym Leader.

GMYC's team ("The Expendables" "The Student Council")

    The Team In General 

  • Badass Adorable: 2/3 of the team are not fully evolved, due to the Mob being unable/unwilling to let anyone evolve during this run, yet they've beaten the Elite Four and then N and Ghetsis.
  • Closest Thing We Got: The Team was shaping up pretty well under Commander Bacon until Massacre Monday happened leaving only Nonon standing. The current team had to be rebuilt from scratch.
  • Colour-Coded Characters:
    • Nonon: Pink
    • Fives: Black
    • Zecoro: Yellow
    • Sparky: Red
    • Dru: Green or Orange
    • Bird Matt: Grey
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: In the revisit 3 years later, the Streamer gave the Mob and Jimmy only 3 days to win the game. The entire team became incredibly powerful, fully evolving and getting superb movesets for this final hour.
  • Superhero: They are all superhero/vigilante themed.
  • Surprisingly Elite Cannon Fodder: Due to the above Closest Thing We Got. Several had moments to step into the spotlight during the Elite 4 runs and the team in general defeated both N and Ghestis on the first match each.
  • The Team
    • The Leader: Nonon - the sole survivor of Massacre Monday giving her seniority over the new recruits. Also the Will of Water's SURFer.
    • The Lancer: Zecoro - its dark appearance and electric typing make it a spiritual successor to AA-j from red. Also one of the most reliable carries. His reliability takes a heavy hit by the revisit, and more or less drops to the weakest team member, mainly due to his rather lackluster moveset, combat frailty and his stats falling behind his now fully evolved teammates, effectively making him... The Chick.
    • The Big Guy: Dru - the resident STRENGTH user. Recruited since he's a fairly powerful dragon that doesn't need to evolve.
    • The Chick: 5 - was underleveled for most of the run but helped with some clutch victories with support moves like Leech Seed. Also has the most docile appearance. 5 becomes closer to The Lancer in the revisit as she evolves, lowers her cuteness factor, gets a much more powerful moveset and her threat level becomes second only to Nonon herself.
    • Team Pet: Sparky - always seen latching onto Zecoro. By the revisit, he is more akin to The Smart Guy, having a very unique physical moveset for an otherwise special attack sweeper and holding a typing and moves key to defeat several important opponents.
    • The Generic Guy: Bird Matt - previously a part of a Those Two Guys duo with Bird Pat until the latter was deposited. Now he's on his own.
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up: Aside from Zecoro (who was captured that way) and Dru (who doesn't evolve) none of the team evolved. Initially, anyway...
  • Took a Level in Badass: A spectacular one in the revisit where they ALL manage to evolve and level up to be nearly on par with the other stronger hosts.

    NONNQWMMSO (Nonon) 

NONNQWMMSO (Nonon Tympazure, Anonymous) the Tympole

"Just Toad it"
- Popular chat chant to murder something with her
A Tympole caught in a Great Ball. The chat tried getting rid of her...with catastrophic consequences, only for her to be the sole survivor of two massacres. She was then embraced by the mob and became the de facto leader of the new team: The Expendables, albeit her psyche took a sizable hit after seeing so many horrors. She finally gets to evolve all the way into Seismitoad during the revisit 3 years later and leads the team to an epic victory against Alder.

Her ability is Swift Swim.

  • Anarchy Is Chaos: If she is Anonymous, she may be a second prophet to Lord Helix, alongside Bird Jesus, "Anonymous" normally being linked to anarchy.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Heavily downplayed. While she is perfectly capable in combat and a key member in most mayor fights, her limited moveset and low stats puts her below the likes of Dru and Zecoro. Completely and utterly played straight in the revisit when she fully evolves and thanks to her typing giving her almost no weakness and improving her moveset she manages to powerlevel against the Pokemon League to become nearly unstoppable and the keystone of the team.
  • Breath Weapon: Hydro Pump!
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Knows Mud Shot. If allowed to evolve, she'll also be Ground-type. Which she does in the revisit and gets freaking Earthquake!
  • Irony: In Kill la Kill, Nonon Jakuzure is associated to snakes by her name, while her colleague Ira Gamagori has toad motifs. Ironically, the Pokemon named after Nonon is destined to (hopefully) evolve into a toad.
    • Also in Kill la Kill, Nonon is a member of a group known as the "Elite Four". As an important member of GMYC's team, his Nonon will most likely be used against... well, you know the rest.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Knows Hyper Voice, which she used to defeat Drayden's Haxorus.
  • Making a Splash: As is tradition in every team, she is this one's signature water user.
  • Mighty Glacier: At her final form during the revisit. Hits like a truck, and can take massive amounts of punishment. She had the problem of being outspeed, but her sheer level started to make up for it
  • Musical Assassin: She knew Round and Uproar.
  • Shout-Out: Her name is a reference to Nonon Jakuzure, another well-known Musical Assassin.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Oftenly depicted as having visions and tramatic episodes from the time she saw all of her teammates annihilated to the computer. The other team members, particulary the more stoic Dru and Jimmy himself try to confort her. This goes hand in hand with her...
  • Survivor Guilt: While she is a lot better now, she did not take the obliteration of her friends very well.
  • Skeletons in the Coat Closet: One fanart depicts her wearing the skull of the released Tepig in her conductor's hat, in the same way Nonon Jakuzure incorporated the skull of her pet monkey into hers.
  • Sole Survivor: After the rest of the team was released in the Monday Massacre. This happened again on Friday of that week, when everyone was boxed or released except her.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Occasionally goes into one of these, remembering her fallen friends.
  • Verbal Tic Name: She was given "Nonon" as a nickname while trying to say she didn't want to be named.
  • Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?: After growing into a extremely powerful 'mon by the revisit this was the Mob's general reaction to any fight that got too long. "Just Toad/Frog them" was basically everyone's answer to any problem because Nonon was just that powerful.

    ~☀☀☀ (Sparky) 

~☀☀☀ the Joltik (Sparky (Peter Sparker, The Spodermon)

A male Joltik. His ability is Unnerve. He fully evolves into a Galvantula during the revisit.
With Zecoro on civilian attires. Sprite Source (for both images)Click here to see him in his super hero attire 

  • Action Initiative: Sucker Punch. The Mob try to spam it while battling Shauntal or Caitlin for type effectiveness and because he couldn't outspeed his opponents otherwise.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: A rare aversion, considering this is a Pokémon game. Joltik is only 10cm tall. Played straight in the revisit when he evolves into a truly big ass spider.
  • Bloodlust: Justified. He is a tick and needs blood to live.
  • Four-Legged Tick
  • Eat the Dog: Enormously downplayed and played for laughs, since he gets most of his substenance by sucking blood from Zecoro. Sparky is tiny anyways so the zebra doesn't mind that much.
  • Lucky Charms Title / The Unpronounceable.
  • Magic Knight: He has several physical moves and his Attack stat is in fact higher than his Special attack, making him a very rare case of a physical Joltik and later Galvantula.
  • Keet: Rather Hyperactive, and can get on Zecoro's nerves.
  • Rule of Cute: Several Mob members don't want him to evolve because he'd be less cute.
  • Shock and Awe: Electric-type and was taught Thunderbolt by TM.
  • The Smart Guy: After his evolution his much higher stats allowed him to function as this. He has some outlandish moves for a Galvantula and his physical stats are high, which gives him an unexpected edge and increased strategies against many opponents. His moveset also has massive coverage, which lets him fit into most plans.
  • Those Two Guys: With Zecoro. Sparky is usually on the other's fur, maybe even taking a blood sip. They are also both electric types who prefer physical moves and can potentially combine attacks.
  • Tagalong Kid / Team Pet: Sort of was this for the run since Joltik stats are pitiful. His wide type coverage gave him a victory or two but he was still never particularly scary. Averted during the revisit, as he manages to fully evolve and his stat impediments go out the window.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: His Unnerve seems to work this way, making foes too nervous to eat Berries.

    QQQQ "Bird Matt" 

QQQQ the Tranquill ("Bird Matt")

A male Tranquill. His ability is Super Luck. He gets to fully evolve in the revisit.
Along with Bird Pat. Matt is on the right. Sprite Source

  • Action Initiative: Detect and Quick Attack. Both were forgotten.
  • Blow You Away
  • Born Lucky: His ability Super Luck allows the user to land critical hits more often. He also avoided four Stone Edges in a row, prompting the Mob to wonder if his Super Luck is also used for dodging otherwise fatal attacks.
  • Global Airship: Was taught Fly after the Tranquill that knew it was released.
  • The Generic Guy: He doesn't really have much going on for him, and is the least popular of Black's main team.
  • Heal Thyself: Roost. It was forgotten.
  • Non-Elemental
  • Razor Wind: Air Cutter and Air Slash, and the trope namer, Razor Wind.


5 the Deerling ("Fives")

A female Deerling. Her ability is Sap Sipper. She has a Sassy nature. She fully evolves into a Sawsbuck during the revisit and becomes dramatically more powerful.

  • Badass Cape /Badass Longcoat: The badass part is arguable, but she is usually shown with a rather impressive black cape or longcoat. Definitely badass too as of the revisit, managing to climb into the second most important member of the team.
  • Bambification
  • Cast from Hit Points: Double-Edge. This STAB attack along with Jump Kick make her a high-risk fighter.
  • Commissar Cap: The exact type of hat she wears leans towards the former, but not always. It's always black however.
  • Cyborg: Often portrayed as having several robotic augmentations, on top of being a clone.
  • Cloning Blues: Averted. She is the fifth on a cloning line, but has no issue with it.
  • Death or Glory Attack: Jump Kick. She's never forgotten the move and used it often when battling Grimsley, despite the risk in taking a chunk of her HP for missing.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Not actually a dark type, but rather her general outfit. She prefers black capes or coats along with a similarly black hat.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Almost. She nearly took down Zekrom all on her own.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Her Leech Seed, Double-Edge, and Jump kick have come in handy in a few battles, because of the latter two attacks, she often faints, so other team members usually finish the job. Nonon is remembered as the slayer of Drayden's Haxorus, but it was 5's Leech Seed that whittled down Haxorus' health before it had a chance to KO Nonon.
    • She nearly took out Zekrom out of all people, just dying when it had a silver of health.
  • Green Thumb: Though she lacks useful Grass attacks at the moment. finally gets Horn Leach after her evolution a few years later
  • The Lancer: After her final evolution in the revisit she becomes immensely powerful and gets a much stronger moveset, making her one of the most reliable team members, second only to Nonon herself.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: While she's generally underleveled, her Leech Seed proved crucial in defeating Drayden's Haxorus.In the revisit she becomes the second most important team member and her abuse of Swords Dance with Horn Leach is a massive gamble, one that pays off very well.
    • She later caught up to the others and defeated a Krookodile that wiped out the entire team except for her.
  • Life Drain: Leech Seed. After fully evolving, she gets Horn Leech.
  • Limit Break: Gets freaking Sword's Dance in the revisit, which allows her to massively power up after a few turns of combat.
  • The Marvelous Deer: Evolves into a truly majestic and powerful Sawsbuck during the revisit.
  • Non-Elemental: Part Normal-type.
  • No-Sell: To Ghost-type and Grass-type attacks, the latter due to Sap Sipper.
  • One-Letter Name/You Are Number 6
  • Planimal


aMH the Zebstrika ("Zecoro", "Thunderhorse", "Z33kbra" "Mega Henry")

A male Zebstrika. His Ability is Lightningrod.

  • The Ace: He's a high-leveled team member and the only fully evolved one, due to being caught as a Zebstrika. He sadly falls out of this in the revisit.
  • Badass Decay: The revisit proved to be very, very harsh to him.
  • Broken Ace: In the revisit his status as the strongest team member quickly fades away as everyone else evolves, and unlike Dru, his moveset is too weak to make up for it. He is by no means useless, but his days as the team's powerhouse are long gone, to the point he is the least useful member.
  • The Chick: Basically relegated to this role in the revisit.
  • Crutch Character: By the time of the revisit, his threat level is nearly decimated as the other team members evolve and get much better movesets, badly hurting his reliability. He only has 2 different types of attacks and one of them has pitiful damage (and no STAB to top if off) straight up making him the weakest of the team
  • Cool Zebra: He's apparently cool enough that the Mob fought over catching/withdrawing a Zebstrika, releasing Lilil and Lord Cover and boxing both Pidove in the process.
  • Hellish Horse: He can surround himself with flames and charge at the enemy, making him a Hellish Zebra.
  • Masked Luchador: Sometimes depicted with such a mask. He also favors full contact, agressive moves, fitting the theme.
  • No-Sell: To Electric attacks, due to Lightningrod.
  • Playing with Fire: Flame Charge. He was able to solo Brycen's gym with Flame Charge alone, while all the other Pokémon in the party were down.
  • Poor, Predictable Rock: He only has 2 different types of moves. Which comes to bite him really hard in the revisit since he can't manage to be anywhere as useful as the other members, particularly because his usual advantage -high stats- are no longer above the others.
  • Shock and Awe: Electric-type.
  • Those Two Guys: With Sparky, with whom he shares a platonic and (literally) parasitic relationship.

    Dru (Drew) 

Dru the Druddigon ("Drew'', "Dr. Dru", "Red Skull", "Judge Dredd")

A male Druddigon. His ability is Sheer Force.

  • Anti-Hero: He is the most brutal of the team and has no qualms about being violent.
  • Cool Shades: Kamina/ Bro triangle shades to be specific.
  • The Heavy: One of the most reliable and strongest team members. He packs a heavy punch and the other members know they can rely on him. Unlike Zecoro who didn't do too well during the revisit, Dru stood his ground and remained as a key member of the team, even if his relevance was sightly reduced
  • Man Bites Man: Knows Crunch. Arguably his Signature Move since he spams it a lot, particulary against Caitlyn.
  • Mighty Glacier: And Sheer Force makes him even mightier, provided he's taught the right moves. Hits like a truck, has respectable bulk and very good coverage, but hell is he slow.
  • Odd Name Out: The only nicknamed party member that is pronounceable and sounds like an actual name.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Terrible speed compared to other dragons and the only non-legendary, pure Dragon-type Pokémon (which cannot fly) who doesn't have an evolutionary line. The latter is the reason the Mob wanted a Druddigon so badly - it means no grinding a Load and hoping for a miracle come evolution time.
  • The Stoic: Not as silent as most examples, but still less talkative than the rest of the team, while also having a pretty calm demeanor.
  • Super Strength: Knows Strength.
  • Working Through the Cold: Despite his serious elemental weakness to it, he has the necesary bulk to take on at least one shot of the nasty ice moves, unlike Fives who rarely can stand more than one.

On Standby

     J V00PQN 


The second female Purrloin to be caught.



A male Sewaddle.


wg2gnxgrrr the Venipede

A female Venipede.

    Pidove (Bird Moses) 

Bird Moses the Pidove

An un-nicknamed male Pidove, dubbed "Bird Moses" by the Mob.


F3O3OO3OGO the Pidove

Another male Pidove.

     B-list Pokémon 

Cottonee (Unnamed Female, Unnamed Male, -''-' ,RFZ, MINN and QTQ)

A quintet of Cottonee. The unnamed female was traded for Lillil.

Tympole (Unnamed Female, Unnamed Male and Unnamed Unknown)

A trio of Tympole.


A Timburr of unknown gender.

Darumaka ( IRRCIMRHS and Unnamed Unknown)

A pair of Darumaka.


A trio of female Sewaddle.

Pidove (‘!#, 3 Unnamed female and C)

A quintet of Pidove.


A quartet of Sandile, two caught on Route 4 and two caught in the Relic Castle.


A female Scraggy caught on Route 4.

TX-ROM OW the Sawk

A Sawk caught outside Pinwheel Forest.

Yamask (Unnamed Female, Unnamed Male, EJGNMGIFE and TRHOLCXQH)

A quartet of Yamask caught in Relic Castle.

Purrloin (Unnamed female and MMZBMETTBC)

A pair of Purrloin.

Joltik (3 Unnamed male, SC NDBPHMP and AMMNNNNDEO)

A quintet of Joltik caught in Chargestone Cave.

Klink (Unnamed, JXPPPLUBMY, euab_,,.aX, F.UCQKKPO and HHYI)

A quintet of Klink.

Deerling (3 Unnamed Female, 2 Unnamed Male, Unnamed Unknown, Nickname Unknown, P8__1W000', #B OT 3 NZBL, PONH, BMBAIWLINA, F and mG)

A group of thirteen Deerling.

Watchog (3 Unnamed Female, Nickname Unknown, BB, BAL_T, GEEGGB SOQ, B, 00B0T00'A0, L♀ E♀HG♀♀, AAA,,RQ and APPAAKLLA.)

A group of twelve Watchog.


A Ferroseed.

Foongus (Unnamed Female, Unnamed Male and SH IQ Njx)

A trio of Foongus.

Tranquil (Unnamed Female, Unnamed Male, OTBGOI and BBLBBBT 0 QU)

A quartet of Tranquil.

Zebstrika (2 Unnamed Male, Unnamed Female, A, O 3 JND 3 BTJ and EEEPMOJ)

A sextet of Zebstrika.

tbgppltqwo the Boldore

A Boldore.

BBE,X the Litwick

A Litwick caught in the Celestial Tower.

Cofagrigus (Unnamed Female and EHF)

A pair of Cofagrigus.


A female Stunfisk.


A male Shelmet.

GGZZ NZ the Palpitoad

A female Palpitoad.

Herdier (Unnamed Male and 3GG_DO♀PAB)

A pair of Herdier.


A female Bouffalant.

Vullaby (GMHM and Vullab)

A pair of female Vullaby. GMHM was caught in the Master Ball.


A female Deino.


A female Durant.




A female Patrat.


Lillipup (Doge)

A male Lillipup. He is of a Brave nature,

     , (Commander) 

, (Commander, Bacon, Kevin Bacon, Francis Bacon, Commander Kevin Bacon)

GMYC's starter. He is of a naive nature and likes to run.

     mbbqUU FG 

mbbqUU FG

A male Pansage. He's of a Brave nature and is somewhat vain.

     B66 4ssidb 

B66 4ssidb

A female Purrloin. Has a Relaxed nature.
  • Casting a Shadow
  • Kill Him Already!: Much like Commander Bacon, this Purrloin (and the other to a lesser extent, but this one's not in the PC) has been getting cries of "box it or lose it", replacing the initial "try not to catch a Purrloin... okay, we ended up getting two of them, great job there".
  • Random Effect Spell: Assist, learned at level 6.



A Tympole caught in a Net Ball.



A male Cottonee.


Lillil the Petilil

A female Petilil received in a trade for a Cottonee.
  • Combat Medic: Aromatherapy heals all Pokémon in the party (plus the partner if in a double battle) of status effects except confusion.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Released while the Mob tried to deposit one of the Pidoves.
  • Heal Thyself: Used to know Mega Drain, but learned Magical Leaf over it. She learned Aromatherapy not too long after.
  • Hope Spot: GMYC found a Sun Stone, but during attempts to evolve her with it, he tossed the stone. There's little chance he'll find another. Later, all attempts to acquire/use a Sun Stone became moot when she was released.
  • Nerd Glasses: Wears a pair of rectangular-framed glasses.
  • Status Effects: Sleep Powder puts foes to sleep. The move was later forgotten.

    Tirtouga (Lord Cover) 
A male Tirtouga revived from the Cover Fossil.
  • Physical God: Was chosen over the Plume Fossil by the Mob, and afterwards revived at the Nacrene Museum.



A female Tranquill.


Tranquill ("Flybird", "Bird Pat")

Another male Tranquill.


    Hilda/FGQ UVL 


The player character not chosen by the Mob. Hilda lives in the Battle Subway since she wasn't chosen. After defeating Ghetsis, New Game was selected. Hilda was chosen and named FGQ UVL. She chose a male Oshawott, defeated Bianca and Cheren, and was erased from existence as the stream went down.

Or so it was believed. She makes an appearance in the Nature Preserve in Black 2, using a fairly powerful team, including a Level 100 Zekrom along with five Level 98 Pokemon.

    Legendary Pokemon 

Reshiram ("Blue-Eyes White Dragon")

A legendary, white Dragon-type Pokemon said to have been split apart from a single entity. Reshiram represents truth, and awakened from the Light Stone in order to test GMYC to see if he was worthy. GMYC captured Reshiram, but instead of using it against N, stored it in the PC, choosing to fight N using his own Pokemon who struggled to become strong without evolution and survived being released in order to avenge their fallen friends who were taken by Team Plasma.

Zekrom ("Red-Eyes Black Dragon", "Z33krom")

A legendary, black Dragon-type Pokemon said to have been split apart from a single entity. Zekrom represents ideals and has been awakened by N in order to make his dream of a world where Pokemon are liberated from their trainers a reality.

It returns in Black 2, but is converted into the Dark Stone once again in a trap set by Ghetsis and forcibly fused with Kyurem to create Black Kyurem.

After CLY becomes Champion, N battles her with Zekrom, and it is defeated. N then bids Zekrom a touching farewell and reverts it to its Dark Stone form and gives it to CLY, who reawakens it and captures it using a Dusk Ball.

Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion

A trio of legendary Pokemon known collectively as the "Swords of Justice". They serve as protectors to the environment of Unova and will openly challenge humans who would dare trample upon the homes of Pokemon. When the Master Ball was used on a Vullaby, the Mob decided to challenge and defeat them. Cobalion was bested by Zebstrika after attempts to catch it failed, while Virizion was left in critical condition after being instantly knocked out by an Aerial Ace from Tranquill. Terrakion was also in critical condition but refused to be caught and blacked out the team. On a second attempt, the Mob ran away in fear of its overwhelming power.

In Black 2, they once again appear upon sensing Team Plasma's evil and begin seeking out strong trainers to aid them in their cause. CLY encounters them but does not capture them, instead choosing to fight Team Plasma with the Pokemon she had raised. After she becomes Champion, Virizion appears again, but is killed by Zoroark.