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O' Brave New World: Game Start - Day 1

  • The game begins after 21 hours of N being crowned. The Mob picks Hilbert and names him "GMYC" ("Gimmick/Jimmy C.") Tepig is chosen as his starter. He defeats Bianca and Cheren. Tepig is named ",".
  • GMYC catches two Purrloin, a Patrat, and Lillipup.
  • Pansage is received at the Dreamyard, meaning that GMYC faces Cress as the Striaton Gym Leader. After several tries, he is defeated and GMYC earns the Trio Badge.
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  • GMYC receives the C-Gear from Fennel as thanks for saving her Munna from Team Plasma. He keeps becoming trapped in the Entralink while trying to progress.
  • GMYC heads to the Daycare and activates the PC. Nothing comes of it, and he goes back to being trapped in the Entralink. Two touches take GMYC to the Entralink, and it's difficult to get out. By now, most of the Mob treat it as some sort of hell, a PC to trap humans, a place where released Pokémon go, or even a very addictive online game.
  • Finally, GMYC heads west and enters Wellspring Cave, doing battle with Team Plasma Grunts. Progress is slow because of the C-Gear. There is a good point, though: inside the cave, reception cuts out and the Entralink is inaccessible. Eventually GMYC faints to wild Pokemon and heads back to the Entralink.
  • GMYC battles and wins against Cheren, but fails to defeat the Plasma Grunts afterward. He deposits Pansage in the Daycare Center, then resumes entering and exiting the Entralink. During one visit, he throws away a few Heal Balls and a Poké Ball.
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  • The stream goes down briefly. The Mob hopefully wait, and when it's running again, they're delighted to find the C-Gear has been disabled: it's still possible to press the power button, but choosing "yes" won't turn it on. The chat is filled with this:
    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ PRAISE STREAMER ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  • GMYC continues with his misadventures and enters Fennel's house, messes with her PC, and tries to register friends on the Pal Pad. He also meets Amanita, Unova's PC admin, and reads a book she has about Bill. He uses the PC. One of the Purrloin is deposited, and Patrat is released.
  • Pansage is rescued from the Daycare.
  • GMYC heads to Nacrene City and the second Gym, defeating Cheren and N.


Massacre Monday - Day 2

  • The day opens with GMYC in the Nacrene Gym. He obtains a Fresh Water and defeats the trainers within, but leaves before fighting Lenora. Trolls impede his quest to heal.
  • GMYC challenges Lenora, but is easily defeated. He heads to Pinwheel Forest to grind. While there, he catches two Tympole, one named "NONNQWMMSO" and one without a nickname.
  • Hours later, an overleveled Pansage defeats Lenora, earning the Basic Badge.
  • While visiting the Daycare, GMYC gets Pokerus. Unfortunately, the mob releases Lilipup, Tepig, Pansage, Purrloin, and a Tympole. They are left with a Tympole in the party and a low-leveled Purrloin in the PC as the only survivors.
  • GMYC spends all of his money to buy 64 Pokeballs. He attempts to battle trainers, but with one Tympole, he blacks out very quickly. Eventually, it hits Level 16 and learns Mud Shot, renewing some hope.
  • GMYC catches a Venipede named "wg2gnxgrrr", two Pidove, and two Cottonee. He trades one Cottonee for a Petilil named Lili. He defeats a stubborn trainer with a Munna and continues on.
  • While grinding, GMYC catches a Timburr and another Pidove. He deposits one of his Pidove in the Daycare and catches a Sewaddle to fill the empty space.

We All Scream For Ice Cream: Castelia City - Day 3

  • GMYC progresses through the forest, battling trainers and Team Plasma. He clears the forest, heading on to the Skyarrow Bridge and Castelia City. After chasing off a Plasma Grunt, listening to Ghetsis give a speech, and rescuing Bianca's Munna, he heads for the Gym, buying a Casteliacone along the way.
  • GMYC has little difficulty getting through the gym's honeycomb-shaped puzzles, but's it's very time-consuming because of the way the Mob must input several b+directions in a row to get through the honey doorways. He blacks out a few times but finally reaches Burgh, whose first Pokémon is Whirlipede. GMYC's underleveled team is no match, and he blacks out again.
  • Another failed gym run later, GMYC heads to Route 4, where he catches a Darumaka. He catches many other Pokémon, including Sandile, Sewaddle, Cottonee, and Sawk. Then he battles some trainers in the Battle Company in Castelia and earns the EXP Share.
  • GMYC defeats Burgh, nabbing the Insect Badge and TM76, Struggle Bug. He meets up with Bianca in Route 4 to battle and defeats her on the second try. Same happens with Cheren later.
  • GMYC battles Team Plasma when they try to steal the Day Care Man's Pokémon. Later, he rides the Ferris wheel with N several times because he keeps losing the battle afterward.
  • Giving up for the moment (and perhaps tired of GMYC going on "dates" with a guy), the Mob decides to go to the Battle Subway instead. GMYC successfully enters in a double battle with Hilda as his partner, though his Pokémon attack Hilda's Pokémon as often as they attack the opponents'. Meanwhile, the Mob also marvel at GMYC and Hilda's... physiques. The duo loses during the third battle, and GMYC returns to the Ferris wheel to battle N for the sixth time in Nimbasa but fails to beat him.
  • GMYC heads to the Relic Castle and obtains the Cover Fossil. He also battles trainers and catches some Pokémon, mostly Yamask.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE COVER ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ - Day 4

  • GMYC heads to the Daycare, puts the EXP Share on Lillil, and deposits her in the Daycare. He deposits Sewaddle in the PC, retrieves his strong Pidove, stores his weak Pidove as well as Sewaddle, and releases Cottonee.
  • GMYC heads back to Nacrene and revives the Cover Fossil. The fossil contains a Level 25 male Tirtouga.
  • After another daycare shuffle, Petilil is retrieved. The Mob begins making their way back to Nimbasa to confront N.
  • N is challenged and is defeated this time. He announces that he will become the Unova champion and departs with his Plasma underlings.
  • GMYC enters the Nimbasa gym, and coasts through for a while before blacking out. He instead goes to the Musical Theater to participate in Pokémon Musicals and enters most of his Pokémon at least once. The Mob dance riots.
  • GMYC challenges Elesa and is defeated. He wanders around the city as well as its stadium, Route 5, and Route 6, finding a Sun Stone sometime during then. Unfortunately, it's tossed before they can give it to Lillil. He challenges Elesa again and does not win.
  • GMYC goes back to the Battle Subway. For some reason, he takes the train to Anville Town, and the Mob faffs around for an hour before returning to Nimbasa.
  • Elesa is challenged again. Since there is no one in GMYC's team who doesn't have a weakness to Electric or Flying attacks, he loses again.
  • The Mob decides to grind at Route 4/Desert Resort and spends the rest of the day doing so, pausing once due to frozen inputs.

Ms. Elesa's Wild Ride: Nimbasa City - Day 5

  • GMYC returns to Nimbasa City. Elesa is challenged multiple times, but they all result in losses. The Mob decides to grind once again at the Desert Resort.
  • After much trial and error, Elesa is defeated. GMYC goes on to defeat Team Plasma and Clay, as well as Bianca, Cheren, and N.
  • A couple of blackouts from Chargestone Cave later, GMYC goes shopping, buying a large number of Poké Balls, Premiere Balls, and Great Balls, as well as 123 Antidotes. He returns to Chargestone Cave, where he defeats Team Plasma grunts and N.
  • GMYC reaches Mistralton City, gets his Pokédex upgraded from Cedric Juniper, and meets Skyla. The Mob is enamored with her.
  • GMYC spends the rest of the day catching Pokémon and blacking out.

Fatal Friday: Mistralton City, Celestial Tower ("Pokemon Tower 2.0") - Day 6

  • Day 6 begins with GMYC catching Pokémon until he blacks out. He gets lost on an airstrip for a while before leaving, then goes back to the cave to catch more Pokémon/grind.
  • An all-out war ensues over getting a captured Joltik and Zebstrika from the PC. By the end of it, Lord Cover and Lillil are released.
  • After further struggling, the Mob finally moves to the box with available slots and deposits Bird Moses. They then enter Chargestone Cave and finally catch a Joltik. They then head to the next route and catch two Tranquill and a Zebstrika.
  • Venipede and the other Pidove are deposited, and one of the Tranquill is released, but the Mob easily catches another one. The team is composed of Nonon the Tympole, a Joltik, a Zebstrika, a Deerling, and two Tranquill.
  • GMYC attempts to grind the team, which proves difficult, especially with the fragile Joltik. Suddenly, inputs freeze! When they return, Tranquill levels up to 29 and grinding continues.
  • The Mob enters the Celestial Tower and begins grinding their new Pokemon.
  • GMYC reaches the top of the tower and rings the bell, mourning his lost comrades and allowing Skyla to return to her Gym. The Mob rejoices by ringing the bell several more times.

The Volume Lowers: Twist Mountain - Day 7

  • GMYC heads to Skyla's Gym and battles the trainers inside. He makes it near Skyla, but uses a cannon to head to the start of the Gym and leaves. Several times.
  • GMYC finally makes it to Skyla and defeats her with Zebstrika, earning the Jet Badge. On his way out, he encounters N, who tells him that Pokemon never lie.
  • Shortly afterward, the Mob discovers a hidden treasure on the runway: the TM for Aerial Ace. Tranquill. Operation Kreygasm is successful, and the Mob rejoices. The move is taught to both Tranquill, and the some of the Mob rejoice, while a few lament the loss of Roost.
  • After battling and defeating Cheren, GMYC encounters the Champion of Unova, Alder. He gives the mob the HM for Surf.
  • GMYC heads to Twist Mountain, but blacks out inside of it. The Mob directs him towards the Celestial Tower to grind. At this point, the viewer count drops to below 500. The voices have begun to slowly fade away.
  • Surf is taught to Nonon. Grinding is slow.
  • GMYC goes to Castelia City and Nimbasa City, rides the Ferris Wheel with Hiker Andy, and spends all his money on Fresh Water. He enters Tranquill and Nonon in musicals and participates in the Battle Subway doing Multi Battles.
  • GMYC goes back to Twist Mountain, where his Pokémon have a bit of an easier time after the grind in Celestial Tower. He makes it through and reaches Icirrus City, where he encounters Cheren and Team Plasma. He enters the Gym and defeats a few trainers before going in and out repeatedly.

The Shadow of Ideals: Icirrus City, Dragonspiral Tower - Day 8

  • GMYC slides around the Gym like an ice skater, earning comparisons to the Winter Olympics.
  • GMYC finally reaches Brycen. Zebstrika is the only Pokémon alive in the party, and he takes down Vanillish with one Flame Charge. A Swagger from the Beartic helps him defeat Beartic in two hits instead of three, and Cryogonal is down with the last Flame Charge before it's out of PP. Happily, the Mob defeated Brycen on the first try, avoiding doing the ice puzzle all over again.
  • GMYC releases one of the Tranquill, the one who had Fly. He teaches the remaining Tranquill Fly while accidentally replacing Aerial Ace with a non-damaging move, but luckily, TMs are infinite-use. The Mob rejoices.
  • The Mob steers GMYC to Dragonspiral Tower. The team hasn't been healed after the Gym battle, though the imminent black out is stalled by the Mob reviving Nonon, then reviving Zebstrika and Tranquill. They are intent on catching a Druddigon to fill the empty slot in the party, and they succeed.
  • GMYC blacks out to a Plasma Grunt in Dragonspiral Tower, and is robbed of his remaining Pokédollars. The Mob heads back to the Tower immediately and battles more Grunts. They succeed and watch N fly away.
  • GMYC flies to Nimbasa City and goes to Relic Castle, presumably to grind. He blacks out immediately enters Tranquill, Druddigon, and Joltik in the Stardom Pokemon Musical. GMYC then battles Hiker Andy and rides the Ferris Wheel with him.

Progressive Tradition: Relic Castle Revisited, Opelucid City - Day 9

  • GMYC heads into the Relic Castle in order to obtain the Light Stone, which will awaken Reshiram, the only Pokemon powerful enough to battle against N's Zekrom. Unfortunately, he becomes trapped within the sandy maze and continues to fall down pits and climb stairs. This continues for several hours.
  • GMYC finally completes the Relic Castle, taking on four Plasma Grunts in a row as he confronts N and Ghetsis alongside Alder and Cheren. He celebrates his victory by wandering around in the desert with Cheren before healing his team and flying to Nacrene City.
  • Lenora gives GMYC the Light Stone, which can be used to revive Reshiram. Alder advises that he head to Opelucid City, where Drayden and Iris will give him more information.
  • While in Icirrus City, GMYC blacks out and ends up in Nimbasa, and rides the Ferris Wheel with Anthony again. He flies back to Icirrus, checkpoints, and throws away the Lucky Egg.
  • GMYC battles and defeats Bianca and encounters Team Plasma yet again. He works his way past Icirrus City and enters Opelucid City, where he meets Drayden and Iris.
  • After blacking out at the Gym, GMYC buys tons of Fresh Water. He then flies to Mistralton City in the hopes of catching a Cobalion from the nearby cave.
  • The Mob ultimately decides not to go after Cobalion for the time being, and returns to Opelucid City to challenge Drayden.

Tools of Justice: Cobalion, Virizion - Day 10

  • GMYC messes around with Opelucid Gym's switches and trainers. He battles Drayden with only Zebstrika alive, and while he comes close to winning, he faints.
  • GMYC rematches Drayden and brings him down to his last Pokemon, Haxorus, who wipes out the entire team except for Tympole. Tympole perseveres thanks to a Leech Seed from Deerling and defeats Haxorus with Hyper Voice.
  • Professor Juniper gives GMYC the Master Ball, and the Mob directs him to Route 10 and Victory Road. At the gate between routes, GMYC receives news that a strange storm has appeared on Route 7. He continues and blacks out to an Ace Trainer on Route 10.
  • After a tough battle against a Veteran trainer, GMYC battles Cheren with only Zebstrika remaining. He blacks out.
  • The Master Ball is used on a Level 36 female Vullaby named GMHM.
  • GMYC battles with Cheren twice more and loses. He is out of money. After another try, he wins and is rewarded with money, a fully healed team, and Max Revives from Bianca. The trio reminisces about how they've grown together and vow to stop Team Plasma.
  • GMYC is defeated by the first Victory Road trainer and goes to buy more Fresh Water. He returns and defeats more trainers, but soon blacks out and heads to Route 17 to grind.
  • GMYC teaches Druddigon Strength, replacing Slash in the process, and heads to Mistralton Cave to catch Cobalion. Once at the end of the cave, GMYC begins to fight Cobalion. Although he manages to paralyze Cobalion and reduce his health to critical levels, Zebstrika accidentally faints Cobalion with flame charge.
  • Some time afterward, the Mob battles Virizion and kills it instantly with Aerial Ace. They then return to Victory Road and slowly works their way through the massive cave.

Manifest Destiny: Terrakion, The Pokemon League Part 1 - Day 11

  • The Streamer chimes in and finally addresses the no-evolution proposing a challenge: if no Pokemon evolve during this run, then evolution canceling will be disabled in the next game. All hell breaks loose as the Mob is now forced into becoming what they hate: B-spamming trolls, while the B-spamming trolls that already exist are forced into a trap.
  • Finally, after a few blackouts, GMYC nears the exit. Zebstrika is the only non-fainted party member, with 13% health left. The Mob, at this point, keep entering coordinates to run from battles.
  • The Mob finds their way to the small room where the south door leads to the Pokémon League. They fight over whether to checkpoint at the Pokémon League, meet Terrakion, or move the boulder to make a shortcut through Victory Road should GMYC have to traverse it again. Most people seem to agree on moving the boulder first, then seeing Terrakion after healing.
  • Making the shortcut proved useful. Shortly after, GMYC engages in battle, and an accidental "fight" input causes Zebstrika to faint, sending him back to Opelucid. The Mob collectively grumbles how close they came and make the (thankfully shorter) trek through Victory Road again.
  • Finally, after several attempts, the Mob finally exits Victory Road and checkpoints at the Pokemon League. They then head all the way back down in order to challenge Terrakion.
  • After making their way through another path in Victory Road, the Mob encounters and challenges Terrakion. It demolishes what remains of the team until Zebstrika weakens it enough for Poke Balls to be effective, but it escapes every single Poke Ball thrown at it and defeats both Zebstrika and Druddigon.
  • The Mob enters the Pokemon League and heads towards the Elite Four.
  • GMYC battles the Elite Four. He defeats Grimsley most often, but falls to Caitlin and Shauntal a lot. Druddigion levels up to 49 and forgets Crunch for Rock Climb.
  • The Mob heads back to Terrakion, and, not long into battle, runs. They then head off to grind, and eventually go back to the Elite Four.

Judgment Wednesday: The Pokémon League Part 2- Day 12

  • Druddigon forgets Rock Climb for Shadow Claw. It comes in handy against Caitlin and Shauntal later. The Mob also like Joltik's Sucker Punch for the same reason and that it's a +1 priority move.
  • On the 20th attempt against the Elite Four, GMYC defeats Caitlin for the first time. Now to beat them one after another.
  • A commotion erupts in the chat regarding the permabanning of certain players. Soon afterward, a few of the bans are reversed.

The Light of Truth: TEH URN, N's Castle, Reshiram, Final Bosses - Day 13

  • 30-some runs later, GMYC has managed to defeat two Elite Four members in a row. At the beginning of Day 13, the Pokémons' levels are: Zebstrika 70, Tympole 62, Deerling 59, Druddigon 59, Joltik 52, and Tranquill 52.
  • On Run 59, GMYC defeats Grimsley, Caitlin, and Shauntal before falling to Marshal.
  • On Run 62, Druddigon sweeps Shauntal and Zebstrika defeats Marshal. The Elite Four are defeated.
  • Meanwhile, N has defeated Alder. As the new Champion of Unova, he plans to order everyone to release all of their Pokemon. Team Plasma's Castle is raised to surround the Pokemon League HQ, and Alder pleads with GMYC to help.
  • GMYC enters the castle, but is stopped by six of Team Plasma's Sages. But Bianca and six of the Gym Leaders arrive to slow them down! GMYC continues on and heals his Pokemon, narrowly avoids the PC, and visits N's room.
  • At the top of Plasma Castle, GMYC meets N and Zekrom. Suddenly, Reshiram appears, awakened by the Light Stone! GMYC attempts to catch it... but fails. He runs several times, but is forced to fight it before running out of Pokeballs completely. He then flees down the castle steps in search of Pokeballs.
  • GMYC tries to catch Reshiram and is defeated, having to climb all the way back up again.
  • GMYC finally catches Reshiram (naming it OOOOM), but does not add it to the party. GMYC then defeats N on the first try, without Reshiram and only one fully-evolved Pokemon due to catching it as such.
  • After N's defeat, Ghetsis suddenly appears and reveals himself as the true mastermind behind Team Plasma. He verbally breaks N in front of GMYC, then proudly admits that he used his own son as a pawn and that Team Plasma's stated goal is a lie. The true purpose of Team Plasma is not to liberate Pokemon from their trainers, but to steal them for themselves, leaving them as the only people permitted to use Pokemon, and allowing them to take over Unova as its sole rulers. GMYC battles Ghetsis and defeats him on the first try. Two evolutions attempt to take place after the battle, but are canceled by the Mob, ensuring that evolution canceling is disabled for Black 2.
  • Ghetsis is arrested by Cheren and Alder, effectively disbanding Team Plasma. Afterward, N has one final talk with GMYC before departing with Zekrom. The credits roll. The game is beaten. Offscreen, Ghetsis escapes to set up a sequel.
  • New Game is selected. Hilda is chosen, and is named FGQ UVL. She chooses a male Oshawott, defeats Bianca and Cheren, and is erased from existence as the stream goes down.

Sengoku no Yume - Day 14?

  • Pokémon Conquest is played, and the Streamer expressed interest in doing an anniversary run of Red in full anarchy.
  • Lady ABnp3a eventually defeats Nobunaga, almost ending the game... but she runs into an obstacle when she tries to link with Arceus. The Mob pleads for the Streamer to help them.
  • Eventually, the Streamer answers their prayers and completes the link, allowing the Mob to complete the game's true final battle. Conquest has been beaten.
  • The Mob moves on to playing SimCity. They name their starting city "qq" and their mayor "a."
  • Advance Wars is played, followed by Mario Party DS.
  • The Streamer drops a bombshell: Pokemon Black 2 will be the Blaze Black 2 romhack.



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