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Recap / Twitch Plays Pokémon Black 2

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...That Has Such Pokemon In It: Game Start, Aspertia City to Virbank City - Day 1

  • Immediately before the game starts, the streamer confirms that this is not the last run, and TPPX will indeed happen.
  • The game begins with around 2,000 viewers. Nate is selected and named "ALLQ♂♂Y", but is swiftly erased when the game crashes and is reset to make room for Rosa, named "CL Y.,". The rival is named HughMR.
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  • CLY proves to be the rebellious sort, rejecting her mother's offer of a Pokedex and Bianca's offer of Pokemon twice. She chooses Tepig as her starter, but doesn't give it a nickname. The mob immediately clamors to release Tepig.
  • CLY catches a Patrat and a Sentret, in that order. She also catches Pidove, Sewaddle, Azurill, two Mareep, and Meowth. She also catches Riolu and Tyrogue, but both are sent to the PC. CLY battles Roxanne, but her Anorith sweeps the entire team despite a level advantage.
  • CLY battles Cheren, but is defeated. She runs around aimlessly, trying to grind, but is hampered by bots spamming the run command.
  • PVG the Mareep evolves into Flaaffy and Tepig evolves into Pignite.
  • CLY defeats Roxanne, then defeats Cheren and receives the C-gear from Bianca, heading to Virbank City. There she has a flashback to N, who mentions the great Trainer GMYC. She deposits Meowth and Patrat and receives a Treecko from a Harlequin. She then challenges Roxie after defeating her bandmates, but is defeated.
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  • The day ends with CLY grinding in Flocessy Ranch.

Viva la Evolution: Virbank City to Castelia City - Day 2

  • CLY grinds Treecko and he eventually evolves into Grovyle. She battles Roxie again and is defeated, and battles Brawly once and Roxanne several times.
  • Eventually, Pignite defeats Roxie with Rollout. The Toxic Badge is acquired, as is the TM for Venoshock.
  • CLY rejoices in her victory, but soon encounters a trap: at Pokestar Studios, Flint drags her to the movie creation studio and refuses to let her leave until she releases a movie. Flaaffy is deposited in the nearby PC.
  • The Mob decides Flint is an agent of Bill or Team Plasma. PC bots return in force now that CLY is trapped, but she's more concerned about Flaaffy than becoming a movie star.
  • CLY finally makes her movie using a rental Riolu. It defeats Brycen's Pawniard, but faints to a Vullaby. She then makes another one where Riolu faints to Pawniard's Brick Break.
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  • CLY finally leaves the building... only to head back in to watch the movie. The crowd doesn't like it, and it flops. CLY then heads back to Virbank, where she spots Team Plasma with Roxie and HughMR. Pignite is defeated, and CLY wakes up back in Flocessy.
  • On the way back to Virbank, Sewaddle evolves into Swadloon. It evolves into Leavenny immediately after. CLY defeats Team Plasma, receives the HM for Cut, and goes back to battle Brawly. She loses.
  • Pidove evolves into Tranquill while grinding. Tranquill and Pignite defeat Brawly together after several consecutive losses. CLY receives permission to sail to Castelia, but is more interested in defeating Brawly again. She loses.
  • CLY heads to Castelia City and receives the EXP Share, Shiny Charm, and Hugh's phone number. A harlequin then gives her a free Level 10, male Totodile. She does not nickname him, and then throws out the 28th Cherish Ball. The EXP Share and party order is swapped around several times.
  • CLY visits the Name Rater and nicknames her Pokemon. When she finishes, she receives word from Iris that Burgh has gone after Team Plasma.
  • HughMR teams up with CLY to battle Team Plasma. Totodile learns Bite over Leer, establishing himself as different from Lazorgator. Soon afterward, he evolves into Croconaw. He then fails to learn Ice Fang, discouraging the Mob.

Sewers, Spider Webs, Science, and Subways: Castelia City to Nimbasa City - Day 3

  • Day 3 begins with CLY grinding her Pokemon in preparation for Team Plasma.
  • Eventually CLY and HughMR force Team Plasma out of the sewers and meet up with Burgh. Suddenly, the enigmatic Colress appears to make commentary and disappears just as quickly as he arrives.
  • CLY is told by Iris to go to the Gym, but the Mob decides to continue grinding. In the cafe, they encounter an old enemy - Wattson! They battle him twice, but are defeated.
  • After being beaten by their old nemesis, The Mob heads to Route 4 to grind further. In the process, Croconaw evolves into Feraligatr. Unfortunately, he loses Water Gun for Agility.
  • CLY battles Victini and runs. Victini does not respawn, so there is no way she can catch one now. She then battles Wattson and Burgh, but is defeated both times.
  • CLY's quest is hampered by bots, who direct her to Liberty Island. She eventually shakes them off and goes back to Burgh, but is unable to beat his first Pokemon, a Vespiquen with Defend Order, Roost, Air Slash, and Leftovers.
  • CLY leaves to grind. In the process, Pignite evolves into Emboar.
  • Eventually, Burgh is defeated thanks to the quick wit of Tranquill.
  • CLY encounters Colress again, telling her to meet him on Route 4 for a battle. She loses the first time, but prevails in the rematch, earning the TM for Psyshock as a reward.
  • CLY arrives in Nimbasa City and enters into a Double Battle with Nate against the Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet. Due to a weakened team, CLY loses, leaving Nate to hopelessly fend for himself. In the rematch, however, Nate is knocked out and CLY carries on, emerging victorious.
  • The Mob heads to Elesa's new gym, only to find that she is not there at the moment. Displeased, the Mob decides to head into her old gym, which is now an amusement park.

Ms. Elesa's Wild Ride 2: Electric Boogaloo: Nimbasa City - Day 4

  • After clearing the Amusement Park, Elesa returns to her new Gym, which is now a fashion show. CLY proceeds to make her way across the catwalk. Finally, after all three of the models have been defeated, beams of light shine down on Elesa as the music builds to a crescendo, and the main stage explodes into view. CLY dances her way to Elesa and challenges her with only a paralyzed Emboar conscious. Emboar faints to a Hydro Pump from Elesa's Lanturn.
  • A second attempt to defeat Elesa fails. The Mob then heads to the Big Stadium and finds Flannery, the Fire Gym Leader from Hoenn, challenging her in the process. This attempt also fails.
  • CLY heads off to grind and encounters a Roughneck named Joey. Shortly after defeating him, Tranquill evolves into Unfezant. She then encounters N's Sigilyph. She attempts to catch it, but fails, and defeats it. N's Darmanitan then appears and knocks out Emboar. CLY flees, but later defeats N's Darmantian and N's Scraggy.
  • The Mob continues to grind Grovyle in order for it to learn a strong attacking move, but their efforts soon prove to be all for naught when it does not learn Leaf Blade. CLY then gets the Bike and spends a lot of time hopping on and off of it.
  • Desperate to give Grovyle a STAB move, the Mob heads into the Lostlorn Forest and finds the TM for Grass Knot, teaching it to both Emboar and Grovyle. They then receive the TM for Snarl from a random backpacker who tells them a bit about Zoroark before revealing that he himself is one and runs off.
  • After another loss to Elesa, CLY goes to the football stadium and learns about football. She fights the trainers there and rematches Flannery, but loses. While grinding with Breeder Irene, Grovyle evolves into Sceptile.
  • CLY loses to Elesa twice more and grinds with Breeder Galen.
  • As the day ends, CLY's team has all fainted except for Emboar. The Mob directs her to Elesa's Gym under the belief that a black out is inevitable. What follows is one of the most miraculous events in the entire history of TPP. Emboar sweeps Elesa's entire team. While paralyzed. The chat erupts into a victory dance riot as CLY earns the Bolt Badge.

Memory of Tears: Driftveil City - Day 5

  • As CLY heads to the upper section of the city, she spots HughMR going up against sever Plasma Grunts, and steps in to cover him.
  • After defeating the Plasma Grunts, HughMR reveals the reason why he hates Team Plasma and wants to become stronger. Five years ago, his sister's Purrloin, a gift from his grandfather, was taken from her by Team Plasma, and he was powerless to stop them. This story deeply touches the Mob, and they vow to help him get his revenge.
  • CLY battles Charles the heartbreaker in a Rotation Battle. She wins, and passes out items in an effort to teach TM moves. Feraligatr forgets Crunch for Dig, Sceptile forgets Fury Cutter for X-Scissor, and Leavanny forgets Bug Bite for Grass Knot.
  • CLY arrives in Driftveil City and notices a Plasma Grunt and a member of the Old Team Plasma talking. The conversation turns hostile until HughMR steps in and chases off the Neo Plasma Grunt. The Old Plasma member thanks CLY and invites her to a house on a hill next to the Gym to learn more about the history of Team Plasma.
  • After defeating Plasma Sage Rood, he presents CLY with N's Zorua. It is added to the party at level 25. CLY then battles Hoenn Gym leader Norman, but blacks out quickly.
  • N's Zorua is given the EXP. Share in order to catch up to the team's current level. While grinding in Clay's Gym, it evolves into Zoroark.
  • The Mob finds their way through the darkness of the Driftveil Gym and challenges Clay. His Krookodile is taken out with ease, but his Nidoking proves to be a formidable roadblock, having super-effective coverage against the entire team and wiping them all out in a flash.
  • The Mob challenges Norman, the Normal-type Gym Leader from Emerald, and defeats him. They then challenge him again and black out.
  • The Mob heads to Route 6 and begins grinding with Breeder April, who has a Chansey they can farm EXP from. CLY comes close to defeating Clay with Emboar, but he faints due to sandstorm damage.
  • Meanwhile, it's discovered that wild Fossils may be found in Relic Castle, shortly after Driftveil.
  • After defeating Clay's Krookodile, Sceptile learns Slam over Grass Knot, leaving him without a super-effective move against the rest of Clay's team. However, she reuses the Grass Knot TM to teach it to Sceptile again.
  • On two separate occasions, Cly's Emboar manages to defeat Clay's final Pokemon, only to faint from the recoil damage inflicted by Emboar's Life Orb.
  • N's Zoroark begins to disobey CLY, so she spends the rest of the day grinding the other team members.

The Pokemon World Tournament - Day 6

  • On Run 9, Clay is finally defeated. He presents CLY with the TM for Earthquake and the Quake Badge, which makes Zoroark start listening to her again. He then drags CLY, Cheren, and HughMR to the Pokemon World Tournament and demands they sign up.
  • However, when CLY arrives, the Mob suddenly erupts in panic when they find a PC waiting for them next to the receptionists. Utterly terrified, they run as far away from the tournament site as they can.
  • After going over several plans, the Mob decides that the best way to proceed without a catastrophic killing spree is to get mail from Accumula Town. CLY is directed home.
  • Their plan ultimately ends in failure when trolls begin inputting directions towards the PC in the Accumula Pokemon Center. The Mob runs away to Floccesy Town and comes insanely close to depositing Emboar.
  • CLY flees to the Relic Castle, where she encounters several trainers, Fossils, Unown, and Volcanora. Emboar brings it down to red with one Flamethrower, but CLY runs.
  • CLY enters the PWT at last, with no casualties. She wins the PWT almost entirely with Leavanny, defeating Hugh, Cheren, and Colress.
  • After the tournament, a Team Plasma grunt is caught spying on the event and runs off to the docks. CLY, Hugh, and Cheren give chase and board a mysterious pirate ship. The ship is revealed as the Plasma Frigate when several Plasma Grunts reveal themselves. With the help of Hugh and Cheren, CLY defeats them all. Suddenly, Zinzolin, one of the Seven Sages of Team Plasma, appears from the Captain's Cabin and reveals himself as one of the acting commanders of Neo Team Plasma. He orders the Shadow Triad to eject their unwanted guests from the premises.
  • CLY goes with Cheren to the Weather Building, where he explains Unova is slowly freezing over. He gives her the HM for Surf. In attempts to teach it, she runs into some scientists. Umbrellagator has an epic battle with a Ditto that transforms into him.

The Wind and Tides: Mistralton City Part 1 - Day 7

  • Umbrellagator is taught Strength over Scratch and Surf over Rage. CLY then obtains a Moon Stone and an Ultra Ball. She battles a guaranteed Shiny Tornadus and tries to catch it, but fails, and ends up defeating it.
  • CLY's progress through Chargestone Cave is hampered by evil ledges and Feraligatr using Dig. She eventually makes it to Mistraton City, where she faces a challenge no one is sure how to face: Skyla's maze.
  • CLY uses the Master Ball on a level 35 female Tranquill. Later, she heads to the Pokemon Center to battle Juan, but blacks out. A second and third attempt also fail, and the Mob quickly flees due to movements toward the PC.
  • The Mob flies back to Aspertia in order to get the TM for Energy Ball so they can teach it to Sceptile. After succeeding, they fly back to Mistralton and enter Skyla's gym.
  • After hours of failing to navigate the maze, CLY climbs the Celestial Tower and rings the bell. After more hours of struggle, CLY flies to Nimbasa Town for a break (DANCE RIOT!), but encounters a trap when Curtis offers to trade Pokemon with her.
  • CLY battles and defeats Flannery several times.
  • At some point during the day, all three starters are taught Earthquake, and Sceptile learns Energy Ball over X-Scissor.

Fan Service: Mistralton City Part 2 - Day 8

  • The Mob remains stuck trying to navigate Skyla's gym. CLY then heads to Mistralton Cave, where she obtains several items and battles a guaranteed shiny Tornadus. She runs.
  • The stream goes mysteriously offline before returning. CLY journeys around Unova, collecting items and battling.
  • The Streamer extends the wind buffer in Skyla's Gym from 5.5 to 8.5 seconds after hours of being stuck near the beginning, allowing Cly to progress more easily around the map.
  • CLY makes progress in Skyla's Gym, battling two trainers.

Final Flight: Mistralton City Finale - Day 9

  • Day 9 begins with CLY still trapped in Skyla's Gym, but a strategy begins to form around the C-Gear prompt stopping the wind from blowing.
  • Umbrellagator is taught Rock Slide over Earthquake.
  • Eventually, CLY makes it to Skyla and challenges her. The fight is close, but Skyla defeats CLY. As the Mob argues over whether or not to deposit Leavanny, the Stream goes offline. When it resumes, the fan times are 15 seconds apart.
  • A second and third fight against Skyla also fail. CLY leaves to grind, catching a wild Phanphy in the process.
  • After an entire day of grinding, CLY heads back to the Gym. It's a very close fight, but Zoroark leads the way to victory. CLY earns the jet Badge and the TM for Acrobatics.

The Demon of Dreams: Lentimas Town, Strange House, Darkrai, Reversal Mountain- Day 10

  • Skyla flies Professor Juniper and CLY to Lentimas Town. CLY comes across a Strange House and decides to enter it. A ghost girl appears before her.
  • After exploring the house, CLY finally heads back to the main entrance and heads up the stairs into a bedroom. Inside it is a Lunar Wing...and Darkrai. The ghost girl reappears and says that she cannot use the Lunar Wing now, inadvertently revealing that she had been trapped in an eternal nightmare by Darkrai and died in her sleep. CLY engages Darkrai, but is suddenly overcome with fear and runs away. Darkrai vanishes, but it may yet still be haunting her...
  • CLY heads into Reversal Mountain with Bianca.
  • CLY clears Reversal Mountain and enters Undella Town. She then makes her way to Opelucid City, defeats Winona, and heads to Shopping Mall Nine in preparation for Drayden. She spends the rest of the day grinding.

Let it Dong: Opelucid City to Humilau City - Day 11

  • CLY defeats Drayden, but as they leave they are confronted by Zinzolin and surrounded by Plasma Grunts. Suddenly, the Plasma Frigate is seen flying in the air, and it unveils a cannon which fires ice across all of Opelucid, freezing it solid. CLY and Drayden begin fighting off Plasma Grunts to take back the city.
  • CLY defeats Marlon, Tate and Liza, having defeated all Unovan and Hoennian Gym Leaders.
  • CLY heads to the Plasma Frigate and battles the Grunts there, while HughMR searches fruitlessly for his sister's Purrloin. They battle Zinzolin, who reveals that Team Plasma now controls Kyurem, the Legendary Pokemon. The ice missiles in Opelucid were created with Kyurem's power.
  • While Hugh and Cheren head to the Giant Chasm, CLY explores the Seaside Cave and catches a Tentacool. She eventually flies to Nimbasa and returns Curtis' XTransciever, registering him in the Pokegear. Immediately after, command inputs cease.
  • When inputs return, CLY heads to Nimbasa Gym for a dance riot, then to the musical building. Zoroark reveals he is a rock star, and Emboar goes au natural. Inputs stop for ten minutes, but resume.
  • CLY flies to Humilau City and checkpoints, heading to Route 22 and the Giant Chasm. There, she encounters more Team Plasma Grunts.
  • CLY heads to the Plasma Frigate and meets her deadliest foe yet: A computer requiring a precisely-inputted password. CLY attempts to input the password, but is severely hampered by anarchy mode and inputs crashing repeatedly.
  • With the Streamer's assistance to slow down the inputs, CLY is able to complete the puzzle. However, she blacks out when fighting Zinzolin and has to work her way back...

Borderline of Madness - Plasma Frigate, Colress, Giant Chasm, Black Kyurem, Ghetsis - Day 12

  • CLY makes her way back to the Frigate and defeats Zinzolin. Afterward, she heads through a teleporter and finds none other than Colress, who has been working for Team Plasma the entire time. She battles and defeats him on her first try, and is told to go to the teleporter on the left to meet the real mastermind.
  • When CLY arrives, she meets Ghetsis, who has fallen into the depths of insanity over the two-year time skip. When confronted, he sics the Shadow Triad on CLY and HughMR. One of the Triad reveals he has Hugh's sister's Purrloin, which is now a Liepard, but it had been indoctrinated and brainwashed so badly by Team Plasma that it will only obey them. With Hugh left in shock, CLY engages the Shadow Triad, but they defeat her.
  • CLY fights her way back and defeats the Shadow Triad member and a Plasma Grunt. A kindly doctor heals her team, and she continues to explore the Frigate.
  • CLY leaves the Frigate and heads into the Giant Chasm, where she finds Ghetsis summoning forth Kyurem. Ghetsis attempts to freeze CLY with ice formed from Kyurem's Glaciate, but a mysterious voice calls out. It is N.
  • N stops the icicles using Zekrom's Fusion Bolt, but Ghetsis reveals why he wanted the DNA Splicers: firstly, because it can revert Zekrom to its original form, the Dark Stone, and secondly, because Kyurem can use a technique known as Absofusion to merge with Zekrom. Kyurem transforms into Black Kyurem.
  • Ghetsis challenges CLY to try and fight it, but disables her Poke Balls using his cane. CLY defeats Black Kyurem on the first try, astonishing Ghetsis and driving him to the peak of his rage. N heals CLY's Pokemon, but it is all for naught when Ghetsis emerges victorious.
  • CLY teaches Zoroark Shadow Claw over Fury Swipes, and Feraligatr loses Aqua Tail and Rock Slide for Ice Beam and Protect.
  • After several attempts, Ghetsis is at last defeated forever. N tries one last time to convince his father that what he did was not the right way, but it is too late. Ghetsis has been utterly broken. He flies into a mad rage, cursing N and CLY for disrupting his plans, and attempts to kill them himself, but the Shadow Triad intervene and teleport him away. N has a chat with CLY and departs with Zekrom, leaving Hugh to advise CLY to challenge the Pokemon League.

What Legends Are Made Of: Legendary Hunt, Victory Road Part 1 - Day 13

  • CLY makes it to Victory Road and meets up with N. N recognizes his Zoroark and after a brief reunion wishes CLY good luck. CLY passes through the badge verification gates, and at last, the gate to Victory Road opens.
  • The Mob decides to rest after the epic battle with Ghetsis and Team Plasma, and directs CLY to see all the new Legendary Pokemon added to the Unova Region. They first encounter Zapdos at Chargestone Cave, and run from it. They then defeat Mew and Articuno.
  • CLY eventually heads back to Victory Road and works her way up, being hampered by Sceptile using Dig and a very strong Ace Trainer, Carroll.

Rules of Nature: Victory Road Part 2, "The B4", Pokemon League - Day 14

  • Carroll, the Ace Trainer whom the Mob continuously struggles to beat, is a member of a group of four Ace Trainers with weather-based teams who guard the gates to the Pokemon League. The Mob dubs them the "B4", who represent the final challenge before the Elite Four.
  • Carroll is eventually defeated, as is B4 member Portia.
  • During a battle with Ace Trainer Elmer, CLY's last Pokemon is Zoroark while Elmer's is Venusaur. Zoroark barely survives two sun-powered Solar Beams and clutch KOs Elmer's Venusaur at 8% HP!
  • At long last, CLY finds and defeats Sterling, the final member of the B4, and his Sandstorm team. She heads through the final cave, but is stopped by Hugh, who requests one final battle. CLY obliges and defeats him with only Zoroark remaining. Hugh leaves CLY with a parting gift: the HM for Dive.
  • CLY exits through the cave, and the Mob discovers that the original path has been destroyed due to a landslide. CLY crosses the bridge and arrives at the Pokemon League.
  • After checkpointing at the Pokemon Center, Caitlin is challenged in order for Zoroark to faint and for the party to be healed quickly for the real challenge.
  • CLY re-enters the Pokemon League gates and challenges Marshal. Most of his Pokemon miss their Hi Jump Kicks and end up hurting themselves. Some of them even end up fainting because of this tactic. In the end, however, CLY's team is wiped out and she heads back to the Pokemon Center to recover.
  • CLY challenges and defeats Grimsley.

Shades of Gray: Pokemon League Parts 2-4 - Days 15-17

  • CLY continues to battle the Elite Four, being careful to avoid the PC upon blackouts. Occasionally she stops to grind in Victory Road. On Run 21, Zoroark reaches Level 100.
  • CLY makes it to Iris for the first time.
  • After 39 failed runs, CLY flies to Undella Town, then walks to Lacunosa Town. After grinding with Breeder Magnolia, she flies back to the Pokemon League.
  • CLY uses 4 Rare Candies on Umbrellagator, bringing him to Level 99, and one on Emboar, bringing him to 88.
  • On the 42nd run, Umbrellagator reaches Level 100. CLY defeats 3 out of the 4 before falling to Grimsley. At some point, Unfeazant reaches Level 100.
  • CLY reaches Iris again with only a paralyzed low-HP Feraligatr alive. She fails to defeat Iris.
  • Eventually, the Mob leaves to grind Emboar. They also battle Winona and buy tons of Fresh Water.
  • Finally, CLY reaches Iris with only Unfezant fainted. Zoroark swept her team until fainting to an Outrage from Haxorus, who then took out Sceptile before Leavanny downed it. Iris's Feraligatr took out Leavanny, who was then replaced with Umbrellagator. One Ice Beam and Strength later, Iris's Feraligatr faints. CL Y ., has defeated the Pokemon League.

Dark Past, Bright Future: Post-Game Part 1 - Day 17

  • CLY's quest is not over, however. The Streamer decrees that the Pokemon Black 2 run concludes with victory at the PWT. And the game after X will be... Omega Ruby followed by Red, with Stadium in the meantime. The Streamer also mentions that there is a surprise at the Pokemon World Tournament involving an edited NPC (a man in black clothing) who is next to the PC, and talking to him will indicate the true finale.
  • CLY awakens and is visited by Cedric Juniper, who upgrades her Pokedex to the National Dex.
  • As CLY heads outside her home, Hugh's sister thanks her for returning her Purrloin (now a Liepard). CLY also receives word from them that a Zoroark appeared in their dreams and apparently told them to tell CLY to come to Victory Road.
  • CLY challenges Alder, former Champion of Unova. She defeats him and encounters his grandson, Benga.
  • CLY flies to Opelucid City, and is approached by Drayden, who reminisces about how Iris became Champion before CLY.
  • CLY heads to Victory Road and meets N's Zoroark, presumably the parent of the Zorua given to her by Rood. It leads her to the ruins of N's Castle.
  • N follows CLY through the castle, starting with the room he had been living in for so long. The area is now destroyed and dusty, giving off an incredibly terrifying aura. N can't bear to look upon it and leaves out of discomfort.
  • Eventually, the two find the chamber where N fought GMYC. N challenges CLY with his LEVEL 100 ZEKROM and wipes out half of her team before Leavanny finishes it with an X-Scissor.
  • N decides that his journey with Zekrom has come to an end, and bids a sorrowful farewell to it. Zekrom is reverted back to its Dark Stone form and given to CLY. N remains in his throne room, pondering what he will do next. After a while, the Mob finally leaves N's Castle.
  • CLY catches a Shiny Zekrom, Dark Stone Zekrom, and several other Pokemon, then battles Wallace and Steven, but loses. She then rebattles Wattson.
  • CLY catches Dialga with a single Dusk Ball. She also captures Celebi.
  • The Streamer implements a four day timer until the start of Pokemon X.

Past Secrets, Future Discoveries: Post-Game Part 2 - Day 18 (96 Hours Remaining)

  • CLY heads to Wellspring Cave, and encounters Mewtwo inside of the deepest chamber. She catches it with a single Timer Ball.
  • CLY heads to Striaton and encounters Cilan, Cress, and Chili. It is revealed that the three resigned as Gym Leaders after being defeated by the Shadow Triad. CLY teams of with Cress against Cilan and Chili to train.
  • CLY eventually makes it to Route 1, and encounters Bianca. The two battle, and Emboar reaches Level 100.
  • CLY arrives in Nuvema Town, and the Mob is overcome with nostalgia. They enter GMYC's house and GMYC's mom heals her Pokemon.
  • The Mob heads to Professor Juniper's laboratory, and tells them that if they manage to see all the Pokemon in the Unova Dex, she will give them something as a reward.
  • The Mob heads off to see the remainder of the Pokedex. They head to Route 17 and discover the Plasma Frigate.
  • CLY encounters Colress once again, and he requests a battle with her. After being defeated, Colress presents CLY with a second Master Ball. He states that he is open for rematches at any time.
  • CLY enters the P2 Laboratory and finds Ghetsis' Genesect within. She reads a memo detailing its creation before engaging it and fleeing.
  • The Mob flies to Undella Town and encounters Cynthia inside one of the houses. CLY blacks out against her.
  • CLY encounters Hugh and is given a third Master Ball. Hugh then challenges her to one final, decisive battle. At first, CLY declines, but decides to accept the challenge and defeats Hugh. As he departs, Zinzolin appears and gives her the translations for the ancient scripts within the Abyssal Ruins.
  • CLY rematches Cynthia without healing from Hugh's fight. She blacks out. Fully-healed attempts also fail. She abandons fighting Cynthia and goes to fight Heatran. She makes it faint, but soon encounters Groudon! She then catches Groudon with the second Master Ball.
  • CLY flies to the Pokemon World Tournament and boots up the PC. She flees from it and runs around the building before heading to Nimbasa City and riding the Ferris Wheel with Bianca.
  • CLY catches Meloetta with the third Master Ball. She names it Meloetta_E.
  • CLY heads back to Undella and eventually, after several painstaking attempts, defeats Cynthia.
  • CLY flies to Icirrus and defeats Steven and Wallace twice. She then heads to Dragonspiral Tower and runs from Latias.
  • CLY heads to the Giant Chasm and faces Kyurem in its base form, also running from it.

Colors of the Soul: Post-Game Finale - Day 19 (27 Hours Remaining)

  • CLY continues her quest to complete the Unova Pokedex and receive the reward that Professor Juniper is offering. Eventually, only three remain—Archen, Skitty, and Eevee. Archen is soon discovered, and CLY heads to the Castelia Garden in search of Skitty and Eevee.
  • CLY encounters Eevee at the Castelia Garden and battles a Waitress who uses Skitty. The Unova Dex is complete.
  • CLY flies to Nuvema Town and shows Professor Juniper the completed Pokedex. As promised, Juniper gives CLY a special reward: a Permit that will allow her to visit the mysterious Nature Preserve. CLY then heads to Mistralton City, where Skyla will fly her to the Nature Preserve using her plane.
  • CLY flies to the Nature Preserve and begins to explore it, finding that the wild Pokemon are extremely strong. She then battles a Shiny Arceus, but fails to catch it or seriously hurt it, and runs. She then captures a Servine and a Leafeon.
  • CLY battles Hilda, who leads with a Level 100 Zekrom. It proceeds to wipe out the entire team several times.
  • CLY battles and defeats Juan a few times, then flies to the Pokemon League to grind. After one failed attempt, she then heads to the PWT.
  • CLY enters the PWT Building and talks to the man in black. The surprise that the Streamer had in store is revealed: The Twitch Plays Pokemon Tournament. Featuring all of the old protagonists. Boss Rush style. The opponents she faces are, in order: Jimmy (Black), Ao (Heart Gold), Napoleon (Platinum), and Alice (Fire Red). She only manages to make it to Alice before blacking out.
  • The Mob decides to grind the remaining two Pokemon who aren't Level 100 yet (Sceptile and Leavanny) so that the 100 Club can be completed. Leavanny reaches Level 100, and the Mob decides to head back to the TPP tournament.
  • Meanwhile, Google buys Twitch. Thankfully, this has no visible effect on the stream (for now).
  • CLY battles and defeats both Alice and Camila A. Slash (Emerald). The second to last opponent is AJ (Crystal), who blacks CLY out with Brian.
  • The Streamer initially announces that the game will end at the 2 day mark, leaving only 1 hour remaining to complete the TPP tournament, but decides to extend the time limit by 3 hours.
  • CLY defeats AJ and challenges Red, beating Bird Jesus, Battery Jesus, and Lord Helix before falling to Air Jordan, just under 3 hours after the initial announcement. Due to confusion about the timing, most of the mob is thinking they've failed and pleading for more time, not realizing that there's still 1 hour remaining.
  • Once they're certain their prayers have been answered, they try again, and although poor switching led to Umbrellagator and Zoroark both fainting against Battery Jesus, "Aipom" the Sceptile sweeps through Red's team, roughly 45 minutes from the end of the extended timer. CLY is inducted once more into the Hall of Fame, and is congratulated by the Elite Four and Iris again. The credits roll, and CLY relaxes in her house before the Mob finally leaves her.

Welcome to the Third Dimension: Intermission - Day 20?

  • The stream ends, and Twitch Plays The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D begins as a filler—and as a tutorial on use of the 3DS, as their first character is quickly erased by the home button. The adventure starts properly with a hero named 33q54 y.
  • The new streamer performs a short concert using the Ocarina. The setlist being as follows:
    • Main Zelda Theme
    • Wind Waker Main Theme
    • Twilight Princess Main Theme
    • Skyward Sword Main Theme
    • Clock Town
    • Ecruteak City
    • Pallet Town
    • New Bark Town
    • Celadon City
    • Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is started. The chat erupts into conversations regarding the Phony Phanpy and consulting the Attorney's Badge, as well as constantly getting penalized for incorrect objections.
  • Super Mario 3D Land is played next, and the Mob quickly gets a Game Over.
  • The game is switched to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The main character is a boy named 5332r1ts.
  • It's then switched to the Nintendo 3DS Menu. Some Miis are made, the browser is used, and one post was made on Miiverse.
  • Next game played is The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Link dies to the enemies in the passageway to the Sanctuary.
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star is briefly played before the streamer quickly switches for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity.
  • The stream returns to Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  • Soon, the stream goes to the Pokemon X title screen. 24 hours remain.



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