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A Golden Beginning: New Bark Town, Re-randomization - Day 1

  • The streamer once more leaves the intro running with button inputs disabled, this time for Randomized Pokémon HeartGold. Pokémon Stadium 2 remains in the upper left corner for betting.
  • "Twitch Plays Pokémon HeartGold" begins. The Mob quickly chooses to be the female protagonist with the name "aoooo". The Mob immediately claims that she is a werewolf named "Aurora". She exits her home, meets Ethan's Marill then enters Professor Elm's lab. The starter chosen is a Trapinch! It is female, has an Impish nature, and it knows one move - Hammer Arm. Its ability is Anger Point.
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  • Unlike AJ from Twitch Plays Pokémon Crystal, aoooo easily makes it to Cherrygrove where she meets a suspiciously and overtly helpful Old Man who not only gives her a tour around the city but also gives her a pair of running shoes. Sensing the bad vibes coming from the old man the mob runs away from him and proceeds to go to the Pokémon Center to heal Trapinch.
  • Aoooo's Trapinch crushes her rival's Aipom. Upon returning to New Bark Town, she tells the police officer her rival's name is "4".
  • Ethan gives aoooo 5 Poke Balls, and she immediately goes out to waste them. She only catches a level 3 Jigglypuff, nicknamed 63AAIAACC.
  • 3hrs 23m and 05 seconds into the game the Mob is reunited with Youngster Joey and his top percentage Rattata. After a quick battle Joey decides to give his number to aoooo. The next few minutes the Mob spends calling Joey despite only standing a few steps away from him.
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  • The Mob enters Dark Cave and promptly loses their collective minds when their first encounter is a wild Riolu. They then proceed to encounter Slowpoke and Marowak, and decide to buy Poke Balls to catch them. After blacking out due to a wild Riolu using Hammer Arm on Trapinch, they head to the Poke Mart and buy the aforementioned balls.
  • Aoooo catches a Level 2 Diglett with the ability Multitype. Unfortunately, she used her last Poke Ball on it.
  • Around this time, the game is re-randomized to make certain Trainers have random teams. As such, 4's starter changed from an Aipom to Houndoom.
  • Aoooo makes her way to Violet City and Sprout Tower. She cannot challenge Falkner until she completes the tower climb. Aoooo blacks out several times but doesn't give up. After struggling with ladders, aoooo defeats the Elder, obtains the TM for Flash, and celebrates by calling everyone on her PokeGear repeatedly. She also finds the Root Fossil.
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  • After blacking out against Bird Keeper Abe's Budew, aoooo defeats him and challenges Falkner, who uses a female Nidoran and a Shellos. The Shellos destroys aoooo's team with Aqua Jet, netting Falkner the win.
  • After facing off against Bird Keeper Rod, who also uses Pokemon with Aqua Jet, aoooo makes her way back to Falkner and wins, earning the Zephyr Badge and the TM for Wring Out.
  • Upon exiting the Gym, Prof. Elm calls aoooo. He wants her to go back to his lab and pick up the Mystery Egg. The Mob obliges and heads to a Poke Mart, where an assistant gives her the Egg. It contains a female Smoochum, whose attacks are Ice Punch and Extrasensory.
  • The Mob finds a Dragon Fang and a Miracle Seed and are torn between completing the Dome Puzzle or progressing with the game. They also run from a wild Beldum. Soon after, aoooo catches a female Skitty.
  • A civil war ensues between those who want to get rid of Skitty, Diglett, or Smoochum and those who want Quilava and/or Eevee. The Mob settles on catching a Quilava at the least, but almost forgets the plan when confronted with a Duskull that knows Luster Purge.
  • Despite all possible precautions, Quilava evades capture and breaks out of aoooo's last Poké Ball. The Mob is saddened but soon heads back to the cave. They complete it and defeat Hiker Anthony, exchanging phone numbers.
  • Aoooo heads to Azalea Town, where Team Rocket has set up cutting off Slowpoke Tails for profit! After an hour of wandering around, lost in a small town, aoooo enters the Pokemon Center and Slowpoke Well. Kurt's injured so it's up to her to stop Team Rocket.
  • Aoooo battles Grunts and wild Pokémon, making it to Rocket Executive Proton with Trapinch at 7 HP. She blacks out to his Surskit. On a return try, Smoochum levels up to 4, and Trapinch defeats Proton with Trump Card at 3 HP.
  • High off her victory, aoooo leaves... and runs into 4, who demolishes her team with his new starter, Houndoom. A rematch goes slightly better, but 4 prevails yet again.

The Shifting Sands of Reality: Re-re-randomization, Azalea Town - Day 2

  • After four failures in total, the game is re-randomized yet again in order to make Gym Leaders have themed types. 4's new starter is Kricketot with Mega Horn. His Duskull also proves formidable, knowing Shadow Punch and Dig, and his Shuppet knows Sacred Fire. Aoooo wipes out several more times before deciding to leave him there and grind.
  • Bugsy's Gym has been given a themed typing, the Ground type. His Mamoswine wrecks aoooo's team once more.
  • In the Slowpoke Well, aoooo catches a female Croagunk holding an Icy Rock. She then re-challenges 4. After a hard-fought battle, Kricketot is taken out by Trapinch's Trump Card. 4 is defeated!
  • Aoooo heads to Ilex Forest, where she runs afoul of wild Magikarp and Feebas, the latter of whom have Hydro Cannon. Eventually, she makes it through and teaches Cut to Skitty.
  • During a break in updates, Bugsy is defeated. Aoooo heads on to Goldenrod City, but Jigglypuff forgets all of his attacking moves except Hidden Power. After giving out mail to Trapinch and Smoochum, aoooo spends time dancing in the GTS station.
  • Aoooo obtains the Bike and deposits Skitty in the PC. She then talks to the Spearow guard at a gate... and receives Groudon, named Kenya. Groudon's attacks are Bone Rush, Fissure, Sand Tomb, and Focus Blast, and its ability is Water Absorb.
  • Aoooo gets the Radio Card and enters Whitney's Gym, which is Steel-type. She defeats Whitney's Magnemite and Steelix handily with Kenya, earning the Badge and the TM for Dizzy Punch. Aoooo then teaches Dizzy Punch to Diglett and Cut to Kenya.
  • Progress is delayed by a bot attack that wants aoooo to deliver the mail and Groudon on Route 31. The Mob mobilizes to defeat the Postman bots and almost takes off Trapinch's mail in the process.
  • With only Groudon alive, aoooo reaches Ecruteak City. In the Pokemon Center, she encounters Bill, who tells her about his Storage System. Immediately after, Croagunk is stored in the PC.
  • Aoooo heads back to Goldenrod City and receives the "Eevee" from Bill, which turns out to be a Gloom. She names him cccdeccccc. His moves include Frenzy Plant, Pay Day, Sludge, and Perish Song. The Mob is initially excited, but their joy turns to anger as Gloom has the ability Slow Start, which halves Attack and Special Attack for the first five turns in battle. As if an omen, Groudon's mail is removed. Aoooo then leaves Bill's house and heads to the Pokemon Center and department store, where war ensues. Groudon's mail is tossed in the confusion.

Sisyphus: Ecruteak City, Groudon War - Day 3

  • The day opens with arguments continuing over which Pokémon to keep and which to box/release. Most of it is about whether or not to keep Groudon, with shouts to get rid of Gloom and Diglett and withdraw Croagunk and a newly-caught Misdreavus. The Mob battles wild Pokémon until only Groudon is left standing.
  • Aoooo wanders around in the wild, then goes fishing in Ecruteak. She reels in a few Pokémon, including a Charmander that, sadly, doesn't want to be caught.
  • Aoooo goes shopping. Among the things she sells are the Odd Keystone and Root Fossil. She buys a Net Ball and some mail and receives some berries from the deliveryman.
  • Aoooo teaches Groudon Surf! She then has a battle in Morty's Gym, which is Rock-type. The Streamer says they will not implement democracy for another 12 hours so everyone can see why they need it. Meanwhile, aoooo is stuck near the entrance of the gym, constantly walking into the pit.
  • After 10 hours, aoooo leaves the Gym, picks up HM04, Strength, and the TM for Sand Tomb. Attempts to teach it go nowhere, and she eventually enters Mt. Mortar and captures a female Piplup named P11H0:):)D, as well as a Vulpix.
  • After being poisoned by a Togepi, Groudon faints to a Spearow. Aoooo wakes up at the PC, where wars ensue. After narrowly escaping release, Groudon is deposited. Aoooo leaves the Center to fight trainers, but after blacking out, everyone is deposited except for Smoochum and Trapinch, who are protected with mail.
  • A struggle ensues, with Diglett and Groudon being rescued from the PC. Unwilling to risk it further, the Mob abandons Jigglypuff and Gloom, and goes to buy Pokeballs. They buy 2 Net Ball and 13 Air Mails, but get rid of all of the mail, including Trapinch's.
  • Aoooo catches a male Bonsly, naming him A.

Resurgence of Ancient Forces: Ecruteak City Continued - Day 4

  • Groudon starts to disobey the Mob after hitting Level 31 due to being a traded Pokemon. This can be alleviated by getting Morty's gym badge.
  • The Streamer reinstates Democracy, saying it now has a randomly set 30-120 minute time limit before activating. Smoochum is deposited.
  • After numerous tries, Morty is reached. He has a Geodude, an Omanyte, and an Onix, but falls to Diglett, Trapinch, and Groudon. Morty is defeated! Aoooo receives TM30.
  • Following a PC scuffle in which Groudon was deposited and retrieved, Aoooo goes shopping for Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Potions. She uses them to catch a Larvitar and Poliwhirl.
  • Aoooo heads to Olivine, where she discovers the Gym Leader is missing to attend to a sick Ampharos. 4 mocks her team, but she heals and leaves the Pokemon Center without incident.
  • Aoooo enters the Lighthouse and battles several Trainers, and attempts to teach Poliwhirl Surf. She clears it and exits, encountering a wild Entei that breaks out of her Dive Ball and runs. The Mob compromises and attempts to store Groudon in the Daycare, but they end up walking in the direction of Violet City instead and Ao obtains HM06.
  • Initial progress towards the daycare is slow, but once past the National Park, which Aoooo ends up skipping with the help of, somewhat ironically, Groudon and Cut, she quickly makes it to the daycare. Once there, Diglett is almost released, but the Mob makes it out of the PC just in time. Groudon is left behind at the daycare.
  • Eager to start level grinding, Aoooo heads to the grass nearby the daycare, but with only Poliwhirl left and close to fainting, she quickly blacks out and is transported back to Olivine City. She then starts level grinding there instead, but progress is slow due to many of the wild Pokémon being evolved and carrying all kinds of nasty moves. However, the tables begin to turn as A evolves into a Sudowoodo.

Off the Beaten Path: Lake of Rage to Olivine City - Day 5

  • Aoooo checkpoints at Ecruteak and grinds, then makes her way to Mahogany Town and grinds in the wild areas nearby. She keeps losing any money she's made in trainer battles. It seems the Mob would rather have her black out than go heal at a Pokémon Center.
  • The Mob guides Aoooo to the Lake of Rage in order to see what the Red Gyarados has become - it's a shiny Xatu. Sudowoodo and Trapinch weaken it, and Xatu is caught with the fourth thrown Poké Ball. The team wasn't full, so it went right into the party, negating a trip to the PC.
  • After clearing the Rocket Hideout with the help of Lance's Garchomp (and losing once to Proton disguised as Giovanni), the Mob enters Pryce's Poison-type Gym and makes their way to him. They lose several times, but with the help of Trapinch and Dig, Pryce is defeated.
  • Aoooo heads to Cianwood City. She deposits Diglett in an attempt to get "Shuckle".. but Poliwhirl is also deposited. Poliwhirl knows Surf, so unless Sudowoodo can learn it, Aooo may be trapped on the island.
  • "Shuckle" is a male level 20 Noctowl named Shuckie. He is Relaxed with Soundproof as an ability, and knows Air Cutter, Comet Punch, Smellingsalt, and Defog. Noctowl can't Surf. The Mob attempts to teach Sudowoodo Surf as they enter Chuck's Fighting-type Gym, which is... Fighting.
  • After several tries, Aoooo defeats Chuck and teaches Xatu Fly. She wanders around and enters a Pokethelon Dome competition, accidentally flies to Cianwood, and makes it to Olivine, where Jasmine returns to her Gym once Amphy is healed.
  • After an hour of being lost in the Lighthouse, Aoooo makes it to Jasmine and her Dragon-type Gym. She defeats her Gible and Bagon, but whites out to her Altaria several times. She eventually abandons fighting Jasmine and heads to the Cliff Cave.
  • Aoooo heads to the Safari Zone and captures an Ekans, who is added to the team. She then catches a Koffing and two Geodude. After blacking out, Aoooo heads to Goldenrod, where a war begins over the Daycare.

Momentary Ceasefire: Olivine City to Team Rocket Radio Tower - Day 6

  • Day 6 begins in the middle of a war over going to the Daycare. Aoooo wanders into the Ilex Forest and blacks out to the local Pokemon, leaving her with 44 dollars and not enough money to retrieve Groudon.
  • The Mob continues to debate whether to get Groudon once Aoooo has enough money and wanders around the National Park north of Goldenrod, battling Pokémon and looking for items. Aoooo calls the Daycare Lady, who says Kenya has grown 8 levels so far. The general consensus among the Mob is to go to Olivine to try to defeat Jasmine and perhaps save the Radio Tower, before getting Kenya back. This compromise is dubbed "The Cianwood Treaty" in the chat.
  • Ao confronts Jasmine again, and defeats her on the 2nd try. After exiting the Gym, however, she receives an urgent call from Professor Elm telling her that Team Rocket has taken over the Goldenrod Radio Tower. The Mob immediately breaks out into a dance riot.
  • Ao begins infiltrating the Radio Tower by disguising herself as a Grunt, but 4 stops her and unveils her ruse. A battle ensues with an onlooking Grunt, ending in victory. Despite whiting out several times afterward, Ao clears the tower and faces an even more pressing problem: 4 and his new Ice-type team.
  • Ao faints to 4 so often she's left broke again. After eight tries, she finally defeats him... only to wipe to the Rockets and Burglars after him, losing the money she just earned. After beating more Grunts, Aoooo finds and obtains the Armor Fossil. She then defeats the rest of the Rockets and rescues the Director, who gives her a Card Key.
  • After collecting some items, inputs stop working! Ao is paralyzed. Joey calls to see what's wrong, but she is unable to answer him. Eventually, the game unfreezes long enough for Aooo to defeat Executive Ariana. However, she wipes out to Archer and his Chinchou. Ao retries and defeats Archer, disbanding Team Rocket. The Director gives her a Rainbow Wing, and Ao heads to the Daycare.
  • Ao withdraws Kenya and stores Shuckie in the Daycare. With the Cianwood Treaty fulfilled, the Mob begins their long journey both to and through the frozen hell that is the Ice Path. Progress is hampered when the Dig command is used.
  • Ao obtains the HM for Waterfall in the cave! The Mob continues to struggle with the boulder puzzle. Sometime during the toughest puzzle, the chat is spammed with a rioting, donger-filled rendition of "Let It Go".

The Day the Voices Cried: Blackthorn City - Day 7

  • After many hours of wandering through the Ice Path, Ao finally reaches Blackthorn City! She has no money, and only Groudon and a nearly-fainted Trapinch healthy enough to battle. When attempting to teach Waterfall, it's claimed Ao wants to put mail on the team. Chaos ensues and trolls spam the "Toss" command. Several TMs are used to overwrite good moves and the EXP Share was tossed. And so was the Armor Fossil.
  • Clair was randomized to Dark-types. Ao attempts to navigate her Gym. She makes it to Clair with only Groudon and Sudowoodo alive, but fails. Two attempts later, Sudowoodo defeats Clair! He also forgets Shadow Sneak for Amnesia.
  • The Mob enters the Pokemon Center and attempts to give Xatu mail, but toss all of it instead.
  • GROUDON IS RELEASED. Larvitar is deposited. Sudowoodo is able to learn surf, and the Mob attempts to teach it to him. They toss most of their items in the process, but Sudowoodo forgets Amnesia for Surf, enabling Aoooo to enter the Dragon's Den.
  • After speaking with the elder and Clair, Aooo obtains the Rising Badge and "Dratini", who is a timid Sandslash with the Drought ability!
  • Ao heads back to New Bark Town and obtains the Master Ball from Professor Elm. Sandslash is appointed its guardian.

From the Ashes: Bell Tower ("Tower of Commons"), "Ho-Oh", and The Legendary Doge - Day 8

  • With Kenya gone, the Mob decides to try and capture "Ho-Oh" as a replacement using the Master Ball. Ao runs into 4 near the Kimono Girls and fights the first girl, who has a Gengar. The second girl has a Kingdra, who makes short work of Ao's team and blacks her out.
  • Ao heads off to grind, then challenges the Kimono Girls again. She makes it past Kingdra and the third girl's Exploud. The fourth girl sends out Electivire and blacks her out.
  • Trapinch evolves into Vibrava!
  • Ao defeats the Kimono Girls (the fifth one had Scizor) and follows them to the Bell Tower, which contains many Com Mons. They reach the top, and the Kimono Girls begin a ritual dance that summons "Ho-Oh".
  • The Mob successfully retrives the Master Ball from Sandslash and engages "Ho-Oh", which turns out to be...Phione. They open the ball pocket, then close it, then run from Phione.
  • Their collective souls crushed by the utter disappointment that was Phione, and the spectacular failure of their effort to replace Kenya, the Mob begins wandering aimlessly.
  • Out of options, the Mob resorts to their ultimate gambit, their last chance to obtain a powerhouse that can help them defeat the Elite Four: capturing one of the Legendary Doge.
  • The Master Ball is used on a Level 13 Cranidos. It is quickly dubbed "Lord Skull" and "Master Skull" respectively. Although reactions are mixed at first, the Mob eventually recognizes his potential and decides to train him.
  • Ao heads past Tohjo Falls and to Victory Road and attempts to grind. This fails, and as the Mob debates over going to Goldenrod or staying at Victory Road, they fly to Mahogany Town instead.
  • As the Mob wanders aimlessly while grinding, they begin debating on a plan to replace Ekans and Sandslash with Pokemon from the areas surrounding Victory Road so the team can have better type coverage and higher-leveled, evolved Pokemon. Ekans levels up enough to evolve, but fails to do so.
  • Ao enters the Bug-Catching Contest and wins by catching a wild Pinsir! She receives a Sun Stone as her prize.

Messengers of the Divine: The Pokemon League and Grinding (Mostly of Teeth) - Day 9

  • The day opens with half-hearted grinding. It isn't easy, knowing half the team is underleveled.
  • Cranidos is deposited in the Daycare and Noctowl is retrieved from it! He is now Level 44.
  • Sandslash and Ekans are deposited in the PC. Further deposits are prevented by the fact that Sudowoodo, Xatu, and Vibrava have mail, though the mail-less Noctowl has been spared from the PC.
  • Ao passes Victory Road and defeats 4's final team, which is Flying-type. She reaches the Elite Four. Will sends out a Quagsire as his first Pokemon. His next Pokemon is Steelix, cementing Will as Ground-type. Steelix knocks out Vibrava with two Ice Punches, and Aooo blacks out.
  • Ao buys a lot of Ultra Balls, using one to catch a Banette named M.
  • Ao proceeds to catch an Ariados, named "2 0". The Mob immediately declares it to be the second coming of Dome.
  • Ao defeats Will and challenges Koga, who is Psychic-type. He defeats her with his Hypno. Ao then accesses the PC and releases Banette. Noctowl is deposited. Ao then catches a male Hippopotus named "0570" and a female Flaaffy named "0000050 .".
  • Ao catches a Shuckle, 2 Banette, a Bastiodon, and a Lileep.
  • Ao challenges the Elite Four again, making it to Koga's Slowbro before blacking out. She catches a Slowpoke named P.

Harder, Better, Faster, Bastiodonger: Pokemon League/Grinding Part 2 - Day 10

  • The party is shuffled around multiple times via PC, but no causalities occur. Ao leaves Victory Road and heads home, intending to get enough money from her mother to retrieve Cranidos.
  • Aoooo calls the Day Care lady and learns that Cranidos has grown to level 26.
  • The Mob coordinates to de-register the Vs. Recorder, preventing trolls from slowing the game. That done, they resolve to grind via the Elite Four and Victory Road. This proves successful, and Xatu reaches Level 57, at which level she can take out Will's Nidoqueen and Koga's Hypno in one hit. Lileep is deposited, leaving the party as Xatu, Sudowoodo, Vibrava, and Bastiodon.
  • Ao spends the rest of the day alternating between challenging the Elite Four and grinding.

Alliance of the Holy: Grinding Part 3 - Day 11

  • The grind continues. Bastiodon learns Meteor Mash in lieu of Metal Burst, while Vibrava learns Magnitude, her ultimate technique, in lieu of Swift.
  • Lord Skull is retrieved from the Daycare at level 35. He is taught Waterfall, and has several other powerful moves, but unfortunately lost both of his STAB moves. Ariados is also withdrawn, with a powerful moveset. A Banette is released. With her team finalized, Ao wins the Bug catching Contest again with a Weedle, earning a Sun Stone. She then buys a ton of mail.
  • Ao heads home to give mail out. Her last remnant of Kenya, a Grass Mail attached to Vibrava, was almost lost when it fell into the PC, but it was quickly retrieved and put into the bag. She then heads to Tohjo Falls and Victory Road and spends the rest of the day grinding.

Where It All Began, And Where It Will Begin Again: Pokemon League Finale, Kanto Arc Begins - Day 12

  • Ao faces the Pokemon League once more, this time defeating Koga and moving on to Bruno, who is Flying-type. After several more runs, Ao defeats Bruno eventually and faces Karen, who uses Rock types. After several more runs, she finally faces Lance, who uses Electric types. Vibrava makes short work of his Luxray and Electivire, but then he sends in RAIKOU, who sweeps with an Uproar.
  • Ao enters the League once again to challenge it. Sudowudoo almost completly sweeps Will but is defeaten at the end, Vibraba finishing the job. As always Koga proves to be the sneaky ninja he is and Ao takes almost 10 minutes to talk to him. Xatu successfully defeats his full team flying them to oblivion, but with only 47% of her maximun health remaining. Bruno is challenged almost immediatly, and after a few switches Xatu destroys his team without taking a single point of damage with Hustle Powered Flyes. Karen is shortly thereafter challenged. Bastiodon quickly steps in and sweeps her entire team with Meteor Mash, but comes out grieviously injured. Ao proceeds to challenge Lance, the chat with low expectacions. Xatu and Bastiodon are taken out instantly, and the mob losses all hope. Trumpbrava has other plans however and completly decimates Lance's entire team incluiding his two Raikous with Magnitute after Magnitute without taking a single point of damage. The chat goes completly insane and Ao is coroned Champion.
  • The chat correctly continues the saved file and Ao goes on with her adventure
  • Ao enters the S.S. Aqua and clears it, entering Kanto. She faces Lt. Surge's Bug type team, but is defeated by his Scyther.
  • Upon recovering, she encounters an Omastar and fail to catch it. The chat goes completly insane and wanders endlessly in the area,discovering that Omastar has a 5% encounter rate. Determinated to add their beloved god to the team the mob wanders for over 2 hours and sucessfully catches Lord Helix who is now in the team
  • Afterwards, she tries to find the switches to get through Lt. Surge's gym, but cannot find them, and keeps checking her radio.

Lost in the Land of Chaos: Vermilion City to Pewter City- Day 13

  • Ao continues to spend her time failing to find the switches and traveling to the Pokemon Center in an attempt to heal.
  • At last, the Mob finds the switches and defeats Lt. Surge. They then proceed to Saffron City and defeats Sabrina, who remains unchanged from her previous randomization and uses Normal types. They then defeat Erika and her team of Electric-types.
  • The Mob heads to Fuchsia City and defeats Janine and her Grass-type team.
  • Ao heads to Cerulean and the Power Plant, where she defeats the last Rocket Grunt in Kanto with Lord Helix. She then heads to Misty's Gym for the Machine Part, then goes to the Power Plant to return it. Ao them heads back to the Gym, which is Fire. Magcargo is dubbed Fire Helix.
  • Misty has a team of Magcargo, Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape, and Entei. Helix's Hydro Cannon is replaced by Water Spout, and Vibrava levels up but does not evolve. Guys, we beat Misty!
  • Ao encounters Eusine and Suicune... who has been randomized to be a Bronzor. She catches it, and later catches the Snorlax, who was randomized to be an Ekans. By visiting Steven, Latias has been unlocked.
  • After an item scavenger hunt, Ao makes it to Brock and his Ice-themed Gym. She makes it past his first two Pokemon, but runs into trouble with his Mamoswine. Bastiodon takes it down and gets past his Glalie and Delibird. Brock is defeated! The Silver Wing is obtained afterward, unlocking "Lugia".

Tears of Farewell: Mt. Moon, Pallet Town, Cinnabar Island - Day 14

  • Ao has a battle with 4 in Mt. Moon. He uses Bug-types, and he is defeated by Vibrava and Bastiodon.
  • Ao reaches Pallet Town, the home of Red and A, and begins making her way to Cinnabar Island.
  • Ao arrives at Cinnabar Island, the place where Helix was first revived. The Mob is overcome by sadness and nostalgia.
  • Ao heads towards Blaine's makeshift gym, which has been randomized into Psychic types - Blaine himself uses a Wobbuffet, an Exeggcutor, and a Gallade.
    • Wobbuffet is taken out by Vibrava, but Vibrava is taken out in one swoop by Exeggcutor's Energy Ball.
    • Despite Exeggcutor putting up a valiant fight, dishing out Tail-Glow boosted Energy Balls which almost wipes the entire team, Doot Doot prevails, soaring high and striking down both Exeggcutor and Gallade, earning Ao the 'Vulcano' Badge.
  • Ao and Lord Helix silently stare into the ocean to reflect how far they've come, and how their journey is very close to reaching its end. They then begin making their way back to Pallet Town.
  • Ao reaches Viridian City, but attempts to reach Blue fail immediately. The Mob comes to the conclusion that it is not the right time yet to face Blue, and so they head back to Johto using the Magnet Train to take care of some unfinished business.
  • The Mob catches "Ho-oh"!
  • The Mob attempts the double battle with Clair and Lance, but things go poorly, especially when Clair sends out Darkrai and Lance sends out Raikou. Five tries later, Ao and 4 win.
  • The Mob heads to Union Cave and encounters "Lapras", who is a female Teddiursa. They catch it. They attempt to get Sabrina's phone number, but accidentally board the S.S. Aqua. A retry is successful, and Ao registers Sabrina's phone number.

Halcyon Days: Whirl Islands, "Lugia", Viridian City, Misc. Sidequests - Day 15

  • The Mob heads for the Whirl Islands to capture "Lugia". They make it to the chamber rather quickly. Lugia is a Level 70 female Sandshrew. After Sandshrew defeats Sudowoodo with Fissure, Xatu kills her with Fly. The Mob ponders why Suicune and Lugia were not randomized legendaries. While they think (and demand the Streamer for an explanation), more Pokémon are caught. Bulbasaur's cry is heard for the first time in a while.
  • Blue is challenged. He used Flying types with an emphasis on Flying being the secondary typing. He also wielded the power of two of the Legendary Birds: Articuno and Moltres. Professor Oak calls Ao and tells her he has a present for her. She receives Rock Climb and the GB Sounds.
  • Ao tries to encounter Articuno at the Seafoam Islands, but blacks out on the way there. She heads to Cerulean Cave instead, hoping to encounter "Mewtwo", which was randomized into a Beautifly. Aoooo promptly runs from it.
  • Ao then goes to the power Plant to see Zapdos, who is a Gliscor. It uses Dig and defeats most of the party, so she runs from it.
  • Ao visits Cerulean, where Bill's grandfather transformed into a black silhouette of Lord Helix.
  • After gathering Misty's phone number, a timer appears. There are 7 days and 3 hours until Pokemon Black. The stream begins to riot.
  • The Mob returns to the Seafoam Islands to capture "Articuno" but black out.

Prestige: Seafoam Islands, "Articuno", Elite Four Rematch - Day 16

  • Aooo sells Kenya's Grass Mail and every other item except a Nugget, buying tons of Poke Balls. She heads back to the Seafoam Islands.
  • Ao makes it to "Articuno", who turns out to be a female Sunflora. It is promptly captured on the first try.
  • The Mob flies to Indigo Plateau to challenge the Elite Four once again in order to train and prove that they are ready for Mt. Silver. The Mob defeats Will on the first try, then Koga decimates most of Ao's team, leaving Vibrava and Cranidos to fend for themselves. Bruno knocks out Ao's surviving Pokemon.
  • On the second attempt, Lard Helix makes quick work of Will and Ao proceeds to Koga. This time Xatu OHK Os Koga's Pokemon. Continuing once again to Bruno, Helix switches out for Bastiodon. Bastiodon takes heavy damage from Gliscor and uses Stealth Rock before getting K Od. Bruno proceeds to switch his Pokemon every turn once he sends out Gliscor, each of them suffering from Stealth Rock damage until Gliscor is the last remaining member on Bruno's team. The Mob challenges Karen next, who defeats Lard Helix with her own False Helix. The False God takes down most of Ao's team, until Vibrava defeats it. Ao finally makes it to Lance, who finishes her surviving members with his Raikou.
  • Another run makes it to Lance's second Electivire, who KOs Vibrava with Seed Flare. Helix's Mail is removed. The only member left with mail is Sudowoodo. In a later run, Helix reaches level 75, the same level he was by the end of Crystal. Helix has returned to his original power.

A Fateful Encounter: Mt. Silver, "Moltres", "Red" Part 1 - Day 17

  • The Elite Four continues to be challenged, and Ao's team levels up to the early 90s. Ao sweeps Karen's team with Lard Helix, reaches Lance and sweeps most of his team with Lard Helix as well before Raikou takes him down. Lance uses three Full Restores, but Vibrava takes Raikou down with Magnitude and KOs his second Electivire. The Elite Four rematches are done. Erika and Sabrina are rematched and defeated.
  • Ao heads to Mt. Silver. She finds a Power Herb and confronts Moltres, who has been randomized to a male Chikorita. The Mob immediately flees, and Helix gives Ao a Pretty Dewdrop. She then catches two Gardevoirs, causing some discord among the Mob.
  • The Mob encounters a wild Luxray and flees. They make their way outside of the cave and onto the snowy rim of the mountain. The Mob has a very difficult time in the final Rock Climb maze, often overshooting.
  • Eventually, Ao reaches the lone trainer on the mountaintop who will be her final challenge. That trainer is... A from FireRed, using Red's name. She leads with a Level 88 Mew, which knocks out most of Ao's team before fainting to Vibrava's Magnitude. Masquerain is sent out next and finishes off Vibrava. Ao loses.
  • After healing up, the Mob decides to train/go on a catching spree, using up the rest of the Poké Balls in the process.

A Desolate Place Without Any Trace: "Red" Part 2 - Day 18

  • The Mob climbs Mt. Silver once again to challenge Alice a second time. She curbstomps Ao with Full Restore usage along with additional hail damage. The chat explodes wishing they still had Kenya the Groudon on their side. Ao blacks out again.
  • After being defeated a second time, the Mob becomes divided on what to do next. Some want to go back up the mountain and continue trying to beat Alice, while others want to complete the Gym Leader rematches and do the Clefairy event at Mt. Moon, calling it the "Moon Ritual" and believing it will awaken a power hidden within Ao. Tuesday comes around (in the game), so the chance is missed.
  • It seems the Mob has agreed to train Cranidos so he'll be a little more useful. Cranidos continues to level up on Victory Road while failing to evolve due to trolls and bots inputting B every second. They eventually return to challenge the Elite 4, but fail and managed to face Karen. Ao loses money and blacks out!
  • Helix reaches level 100 during a match with Will, on the seventeenth minute of the seventeenth hour of the seventeenth day. The Mob promptly riots.

ΑΩ / A Battle Among Gods: "Red" Finale - Day 18

  • During a match with Alice, Xatu reaches level 100 as well. The Mob is getting more hype, gaining more hope for Teh Urn. Ao loses, but hope is restored nonetheless.
  • Another Alice run defeats Mew, Blastoise, Masquerain, and Sandslash. Slaking's HP reaches critical levels as Bastiodon whittles down his health, but Alice uses a Full Restore, and Bastiodon is knocked out by hail. Vibrava is sent out... and dies immediately due to Strength. Ao blacks out. The Mob is at once sorrowful about the loss and proud of raising Alice's team, especially Slaking.
  • Ao takes a picture to boost her spirits. Immediately afterward, Cranidos evolves to Rampardos. The Mob is ecstatic to find that his new ability is Flame Body. Ao then takes another photo with her new Rampardos and gets to work grinding him.
  • Ao battles 4 again, and wins. After a couple of losses at the Elite Four, Ao goes to Vermilion City and Diglett's Cave.
  • Ao walks to Saffron City, where she battles Misty again, then takes the "roller coaster" (the bullet train) to Goldenrod and back. She spends a little while around Vermilion, sort of grinding.
  • The stream is attacked by bots. More bots arrive to counter them. Ao goes back through Victory Road, healing on the way to Mt. Silver.
  • The team is healed again in the Union Room, and Rampardos grinds in Mt. Silver at the entrance. When he reaches Level 70, the Mob feels the time is right to face Alice. This run makes it to Slaking, and he's even burned, but a Full Restore heals him and he knocks Ao out. During this run, it is also discovered that Flameslash knows SACRED FIRE, a move it did not previously have before and was added by the hacker who made the team. Predictably, the chat riots furiously, both for and against the change.
  • Helix gives Ao another Pretty Dewdrop, and the chat promtly thanks him. Lord Helix takes on Karl Marc and defeats the communist leader using his holy Surf, and taking moderate damage himself, however much to the chat horror, Shellock Holmes steps in and finishes off the weakeaned God. The mighty Oracle is send in and after trading some blows forces the detective into an early retirement with a critical hustle powered Fly, the chat rejoicing that the most dangerous member of Alice team is down. Despite her critical status, Stare Jesus manages to strike Hyperbug down with another Fly, before herself falling to the rage of Stalinking. Lord Armor shows up and takes on the relentless attacks of the DJ Communist for an extremely long period of time finally managing to end the reing of the gargantual sloth, but the batered deidity is finished off by a vengeful Flameslash who also takes out Trumpbraba without much trouble. Lord Skull is send in and summoning his full powers of luck invoques a x10 magnitute to decimate Flameslash in a heartbeat. the chat immediatly showering him with praise. Alice, put on a corner, sends Altareon who defeats the damaged Lord Skull. Treesus is summoned and the chat orders him to load his Signature Sniper shot, Rock Wrecker. Altareon is instantly assassinated; Aoo has defeaten Alice. The Mob celebrates with victory riots and howls. Much like AJ before her, however, the Voices have not left Ao just yet.
  • On Route 30, Entei appears and challenges Ao, possibly out of revenge for beating Misty again. With no Poke Balls, there is but one clear option. Helix uses Surf. Entei is dead.
  • Ao battles Joey once again, and easily defeats him.
  • After arriving in Violet City, the Voices leave Ao and bid farewell to some of their own as well. Most importantly, however, they bid a final farewell to the lands of Kanto and Johto, where they made the largest impact upon. The curtain closes on a legendary chapter of the TPP saga as the stream goes offline.

Transition to the Third Realm

  • The intermission games resume, and the stream changes to DS games. Only a few minutes pass before the Mob manages to find the off switch and shut off the stream.
  • The Streamer disables the B button while the Mob is playing Mario Party DS... just as a minigame that requires the B button starts.
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is started. The Mob is a Cubone and their partner is a Charmander. Democracy is used to name their Cubone "Cuboner", the Charmander "Abby", and their group "Team z33k". Later, the Mob names a Magnemite teammate Wattson and defeats the game's first boss, a Skarmory.
  • Trolls delete the save data, erasing Team z33k, Abby, and Wattson. The Mob restarts and becomes a Machop.


And so, the curtain falls on the gods of old. Let a new story now be told...