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Heartwarming / Twitch Plays Pokémon Black

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  • Several Mob members have devoted time and energy to save Tepig from the PC.
  • The Mob being protective of Bianca when her father yelled at her.
  • Jimmy is cool (Online).
  • The Streamer intervened to disable the C-Gear.
  • Hilda's adventures in the Subway, where she decides to save a homeless Drilbur.
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  • GMYC putting his team in the Pokemon Musicals.
  • GMYC waited in the side streets of Castelia overnight until Tuesday came around so he could wait in line and buy a Casteliacone.
  • Let's focus on the good things!
  • After a harsh grinding session, GMYC unwound by making Tranquill, Druddigon, and Joltik the stars of a Stardom Musical.
  • For the second time, the mob managed to give a Pokémon a normal-sounding name — this time, it's a Druddigon named "Dru". For bonus points, it's a shortened version of his species' name!
  • For working together to defeat Drayden, Nonon and 5 are collectively known as the Dragon-Slaying Duo.
  • The Creator says that if no Pokemon evolve during the playthrough of Black, then Black 2 will have a forced evolution code added to the streamer that prevents the use of the B button during evolution sequences.
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  • GMYC caught Reshiram... and refused to use it, relying instead on his own fire-forged team.
  • There will always be heroes.
  • The Voices leave Fanboy Jimmy.
  • GMYC says thank you.


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