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  • No Horrorterrors for Ghetsis.
  • On the last run against Cress (who had been one hell of a pain in the ass), the mob had Patrat use Bide. The chat was fully expecting to be wiped out by Panpour, who used two Work Ups and then Water Gun. Patrat survived Water Gun with four hit points remaining, and then unleashed its energy, scoring a OHKO on Panpour and getting Jimmy his first badge.
  • Two users figured out how to keep the C-Gear from working, via cheat code. A few hours later, the Streamer intervened to disable the C-Gear.
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  • Pokerus has struck again.
  • On Massacre Monday, every Pokemon in the team except Tympole and a PC-stored Purrloin was released. The Mob rebounded.
  • A critical Razor Leaf from Petilil defeated Elesa.
  • TPP Black Introduction: Serendipity.
  • After taking hours to finally get to her, the Mob beat Skyla on the first try.
  • Despite releasing their entire party on day 2 and messing it up again on day 5, the Mob has gotten 7 of 8 badges in a week.
  • Despite several releases, it seems the Mob has finally started coming to terms with and accepting the PC as an option. Some releases weren't major, and could easily be recovered from.
  • GMYC finally completed the Relic Castle, which had the challenge of four Plasma Grunt battles in a row, without breaks.
  • GMYC's Tympole VS. Drayden's Haxorus. Each of them were down to their last Pokemon. Tympole won with the help of a Leech Seed from 5.
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  • For the second time, the mob managed to give a Pokémon a normal-sounding name — this time, it's a Druddigon named "Dru". For bonus points, it's a shortened version of his species' name!
  • The Creator says that if no Pokemon evolve during the playthrough of Black, then Black 2 will have a forced evolution code added to the streamer that prevents the use of the B button during evolution sequences.
    • And since the run ended with no evolutions, then it looks like the code will be put to effect.
  • After Grimsley's Krookodile wiped out the entire team, Deerling took it and Bisharp out before fainting.
  • On Run 62, Druddigon swept Shauntal, which allowed Zebstrika to defeat Marshal. The Elite Four are defeated.
  • GMYC caught Reshiram... and refused to use it, relying instead on his own fire-forged team.
  • GMYC and team defeated N and Ghetsis without Reshiram on the first try each, and with only one Pokemon fully-evolved due to catching it as such. The run was completed without any evolutions taking place.
    • Right after the Ghetsis battle, Deerling and Tranquill attempted to evolve, but the Mob canceled them straightaway. Evolution canceling has now been disabled in Black 2.
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  • There will always be heroes.
  • This run was the shortest run so far, at only 12 days.
  • The Voices leave Fanboy Jimmy.


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