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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon Black

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  • The mob demanding Tepig to be released the second he was picked.
  • Bianca being yelled at by her dad.
  • Since Hilbert was chosen, Hilda is homeless.
  • At 22 hours and 8 minutes in, Patrat was released.
  • On the second day, just after beating Lenora and getting Pokerus, the mob released Tepig, Lilipup, Pansage, a Tympole and a Purrloin, leaving GMYC with just a Tympole in his party and a Purrloin in the PC. This is now 'Massacre Monday.'
  • The Voiceslayer.
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  • "GMYC must be devastated."
    I feel like he's only just now realizing how serious and painful it is to have us in his head. A lot of our protagonists only got "real" once they lost a Pokemon, and Jimmy just lost ALL OF THEM.
    I hope this wakes Jimmy up and makes him realize we're not so great after all.
  • Lament of the Angel.
  • Jimmy constantly tries to enter Friend Codes for friends that don't exist.
  • A Chance Encounter.
  • At the start of Day 4, Cottonee was released.
    • And then 2 days later, Petilil and Tirtouga were released in an attempt to get a Joltik and Zebstrika from the PC.
  • Tranquill was released, sacrificing himself so the Mob could get Druddigon.
  • You are my sunshine.
  • The Mob found a Sun Stone at Dragonspiral Tower... days after Cottonee and Petilil were released.
  • After defeating Ghetsis, New Game was selected. Hilda was chosen and named FGQ UVL. She chose a male Oshawott, defeated Bianca and Cheren, and was erased from existence as the stream went down.
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  • N's farewell is still emotional even in TPP.
  • There will always be heroes.
  • Farewell to our biggest fan.
  • The Voices leave Fanboy Jimmy.
  • CLY would be everything I wasn't.