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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon Black

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  • Before it was disabled, GMYC entered the Entralink so much that sometimes he only took 1 step in the real world before heading back to Entree Forest.
  • GMYC had to see N's reveal of being a Team Plasma member several times due to failing to beat him.
  • GMYC's failures at beating Elesa.
  • While trying to withdraw Zebstirka and Joltik, Petilil and Tirtouga were released.
  • GYMC made it near Skyla, but used a cannon to head to the start of the Gym and left. Twice.
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  • It took almost a full day to climb the Celestial Tower.
  • Tympole was reduced to using Struggle against a wild Yamask, and fainted.
  • GMYC's epic struggles against Relic Castle and its sand pits.
  • GMYC threw away the Lucky Egg.
  • GMYC wasted all three of his Max Revives and a Max Elixir on a trainer battle and still lost. The trainer he was fighting also had just one Pokemon.
  • The general experience with the Opelucid Gym, as it involved GMYC barely defeating one trainer at a time and losing immediately to the next one.
  • The Master Ball was used on a Level 36 Vullaby named GMHM.
  • GMYC lost a close battle against Cheren because he used a Max Ether on a fainted Pokemon.
  • One for Drayden when he kept spamming Dragon Dance against Tympole, which he could have easily knocked out if he bothered attacking. Even worse is that Haxorus had been seeded, which drained its health even more.
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  • GMYC's fight with Cobalion consisted mostly of him trying to use an Ice Heal or Max Potion on his Pokemon, and not one Pokeball was thrown, even though Cobalion was paralyzed and at red health.
  • During one of the treks through Victory Road, Druddigon got one himself when he failed to faint a trainer's Lilligant (the trainer's last Pokemon mind you), which hung on with virtually no life left, and was confused the very next turn. He then proceeded to hurt himself three times in a row, during which Lilligant wasn't even attacking him, before fainting to Energy Ball, causing GMYC to black out.
  • Druddigon leveled up to 49 and forgot Crunch for Rock Climb, losing one of the only moves that could damage Shauntal's Ghosts.
  • The Mob headed back to Terrakion and ran.
  • GMYC ran from Reshiram repeatedly only to talk to it again and engage it in battle.
  • Ghetsis had a fail moment when he had Eelektross out against Tranquill. Eelektross is an Electric type, which is strong against Tranquill. Instead of using an Electric move, Ghetsis used Acrobatics. GMYC then won the fight.
    • Ghetsis' Mistake.