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WMG / Twitch Plays Pokémon Black 2

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CL Y will become the next (temporary) victim of the Entralink.
The streamer said (s)he added a code to force evolutions, but didn't mention disabling the C-Gear like in Black 1. And this time the Mob will blame Bianca (as she gives the C-Gear) instead of Fennel. Or say she's working for Fennel.

Tepig will be released, and OGJ (Azurill) will become the next M4.
The Curse of Fire and the Will of Water. What more do you need?
  • Jossed on OGJ becoming the next M4, since she was boxed.

Alternately, Tepig will not be released, proving that the "Curse of Fire" was manufactured.
  • Confirmed.

The Plasma Frigate's Password Terminal will be our final boss.
Saw this on reddit earlier. To go along with the ideas that Team Plasma is going to be the final big bad of the series, and is ultimately behind the PC releases (and are therefore advocates of the Dome Fossil), the Team Plasma Frigate is home to one game breaking puzzle TPP will probably never beat.

A computer that required specifically typed passwords.

  • Couldn't we just use democracy?
  • The "final" part was already Jossed; we're playing Pokemon X next.
  • Jossed, beat even faster than Skyla's gym after the slow mode was upped to 30 seconds.

This run will be the first without any releases.
The party is fully evolved, massively overleveled,and has good type coverage. Plus the forced evolution has driven away many of the old trolls. When the Mob whites out, there's almost never any people inputting left to visit the PC.
  • With the PWT finished, this may happen.
  • Heading down Victory Road with no releases and only one accidental deposit.
  • "With the PWT finished"...yeah, about that...
  • Final result: No releases. Well done, everyone.

At least four Pokémon in the party will reach level 100 at one point before the post-game.
Each E4 member plus the Champion has 6 level 70+ Pokémon in Blaze Black 2, and TPP never faced a more difficult E4 than this.
  • Jossed. We got 3 level 100s, a 96 Emboar, and two in their 80s.
    • And five were level 100 by the end of post-game, leaving only a level 98 Sceptile.
      • 99 actually, he gained a level off Red.

The reason the Streamer wants the post-game to end at the Pokémon World Tournament is...
  • The tourney's been modified so that CLY will face the other seven player characters. Because why not?
    • Confirmed.

Lord Cover's death was actually a good thing.
In Crystal, Helix planned his own death at the end of Lazorgator's rampage against every then-known god because his followers had killed in his name; come the next run, Emerald, our player character was the incarnation of chaos, and, of course, Helix is the God of Chaos. Cover is the God of Life. He died in a run marked by more releases than any other, and the next run had none (and not even the excuse of nepotism like Fire Red). Just like Helix's initial death brought a run full of his aspect, so has Cover's.

The fact that no one was released was a result of Ghetsis' defeat
.Ghetsis was behind all of the pokemon releases the whole time. Stopping him once in the previous game hindered his ability greatly, and now that he's done for good, everybody lived.