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  • Nate was selected at the beginning, named ALLQ♂♂Y, and erased from existence before he could select his first Pokemon.
    • It's always been a common thing on TPP for the Mob to riot and demand a game reset every time a male character was chosen, though since after Emerald (in which case it was the result of an oversight) the Mob never actually had the power to do this, barring defeating the Elite Four and starting a new game, at which point it would be too late to start over anyway. Of course, the Mob didn't complain when the game happened to freeze at just the right time for them to get their wish anyway.
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  • CLY refused her mother's offer of a Pokedex.
  • The Mob fighting over CLY's name.
  • Our reluctant heroine.
  • CLY's Trainer Card lists her as a Scientist with a Naughty nature.
  • More rebellious CLY.
  • Evolution Farm.
  • CLY's real nemesis: a fanboy.
  • CLY's Pokestar Studio movies flopped.
  • CLY received permission to sail to Castelia, but was more interested in defeating Brawly after having already won against him. She lost.
  • Totodile's nickname was Totodile77 at one point.
  • The Mob kept bugging the massage girl for massages even though she gave them out for free.
  • Leavanny's nickname was changed from a mess of letters to A, though it was swiftly changed again.
  • CLY battled Victini and ran. Victini does not respawn.
  • CLY is the Pokemon world's equivalent of Nicolas Cage.
  • Team Eccentric, Unite! Part One and Part Two.
  • The old Nimbasa Gym has now become an amusement park, meaning "Ms. Elesa's Wild Ride" is now a reality.
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  • CLY danced her way to Elesa and challenged her with only a paralyzed Emboar conscious. Emboar fainted to a Hydro Pump from Elesa's Lanturn. Some tries later, CLY battles Elesa again with only Emboar with the intention to black out and heal, but instead, he defeats Elesa.
  • Test driving Genesect.
  • CLY struggled with Driftveil Gym's elevator for 30 minutes.
  • Team Plasmar.
  • CLY demonstrates how little she cares about the Pokedex.
  • CLY battled Volcarona, brought it down to red with one hit... and ran.
  • CLY's progress through Chargestone Cave was hampered by Feraligatr using Dig. Best illustrated through this fanart.
  • CLY used the Master Ball on a level 35 female Tranquill.
  • Cly with her Daria-esque opening.
  • CLY has priority issues.
  • N's Zoroark is a rock star.
  • CLY's attempts to input the Plasma Frigate password.
  • The streamer for Twitch Speaks, a separate Twitch channel which constantly reads from the TPP chat with a computerized voice, said as a joke that if the Mob managed to enter the Team Plasma Frigate password without using democracy, he would read from the chat himself for an hour into the microphone. He said this because he didn't see any way they would accomplish this task without democracy. But the Mob proved him wrong.
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  • Depending on whose lore you read, Ghetsis is either this or Nightmare Fuel.
  • Sceptile is also fond of using Dig, having dug out of Victory Road several times.
  • Sceptile fainted from poisoning mid-Dig.
  • CLY caught a Mewtwo on the first ball. Said ball was a Timer Ball, and Mewtwo was at full health.
  • The Mob ran from the Shiny Arceus in the Nature Preserve. But the good news is Streamer-sempai noticed them!
  • Can X even top this run?


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