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Tear Jerker / Twitch Plays Pokémon Black 2

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  • Nate was selected at the beginning, named ALLQ♂♂Y, and erased from existence before he could select his first Pokemon.
  • CLY refused to give her Tepig a nickname when she first received it.
  • Flaaffy was accidentally deposited when CLY was trapped at Pokestar Studios.
  • CLY's Pokestar Studio movies flopped.
  • Leavanny Lore.
    • "He recklessly thrusts himself in to battle to prove that he is not useless, that he is not disposable, that we don't have to get rid of him. Leavanny eagerly wants to prove himself to the Voices he isn't wanted by... but I don't think he ever had to prove himself to his trainer."
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  • Zorua's Memory Link, which shows two Plasma Grunts having a conversation and N appearing after they've left to give a monologue.
  • Real Talk.
  • She'd be everything I wasn't.
  • Groudon's capture, a heartfelt reunion between the Mob and Kenya from HeartGold.
  • The fact that Sceptile never made it to level 100 like the others and got left behind by only one level.


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