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Epic Fail / Twitch Plays Pokémon Black 2

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  • An NPC gave CLY 30 Cherish Balls. She tossed 28 of them.
  • CLY threw away a Quick Claw, which could have let slower Pokemon get a first attack.
  • CLY's failure at beating Cheren and Roxanne despite level advantages. One Anorith swept her entire team.
  • Flaaffy was accidentally deposited at Pokestar Studios without any interference from bots.
  • CLY's Pokestar Studio movies were huge flops.
  • CLY challenged a Plasma Grunt when her only conscious Pokemon was a weakened, poisoned Pignite. It was Double-Slapped to death by a Trubbish.
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  • CLY received permission to sail to Castelia, but was more interested in defeating Brawly after having already won against him. She lost.
  • Croconaw failed to learn Ice Fang, and later lost Water Gun for Agility, leaving him without a STAB move.
  • CLY battled Victini and ran. Victini does not respawn.
  • CLY took forever to teach Low Sweep to Grovyle. After finally succeeding, she tried to teach it to Emboar as well...only to accidentally select Strength, as well as Grovyle again instead of Emboar...overwriting Low Sweep.
  • CLY danced her way to Elesa and challenged her with only a paralyzed Emboar conscious. Emboar fainted to a Hydro Pump from Elesa's Lanturn.
  • The Mob continued to grind Grovyle in order for it to learn a strong attacking move, but their efforts proved to be all for naught when it did not learn Leaf Blade.
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  • CLY struggled with Driftveil Gym's elevator for 30 minutes.
  • After defeating Clay's Krookodile, Sceptile learned Slam over Grass Knot. Which he'd just used to defeat the beast.
  • On two separate occasions, Cly's Emboar managed to defeat Clay's final Pokemon, only to faint from the recoil damage inflicted by Emboar's Life Orb.
    • The same thing also happened against Flannery at least once.
  • CLY level-ground so much that N's Zoroark, the key to taking out Nidoking, has begun to disobey her.
  • CLY battled Volcanora, brought it down to red with one hit... and ran.
  • During a Double Battle, Zoroark knocked out CLY's Sceptile and was then defeated by a Deerling.
  • CLY used the Master Ball on a level 35 female Tranquill.
  • Sceptile once fainted mid-Dig due to poison.
  • After days of buildup, CLY encountered Arceus... and ran.


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