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The Character Page for Twitch Plays Pokémon Black 2. For a directory of all character pages, as well as characters shared between runs, see here.

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Major Humans

     CL Y ., (Cly) 

CL Y ., (Cly, Cly Cooper, Clara, Chloe, Chloe Y. Ukare, Carly, Cally, Clytemnestra)

The protagonist of TPP Black 2, a young girl from Aspertia Town. She refused her Pokedex and has claimed not to want Pokemon twice. She chose Tepig as her starter.

  • The Ace: Succeeded Ao for having the highest level mons on the team, not to mention her other achievements. One such achievement being beating all the previous protagonists fair and square in PWT. If anyone can claim to be the greatest trainer, it's her.
  • Alliterative Name: If she goes by Cly Cooper in some interpretations.
  • Badass Adorable: She's a cute-as-a-button Idol Singer/Classy Cat-Burglar/regular girl, and able to do all of the above.
  • But Thou Must!: She refused Pokemon twice, but was locked into the sequence and had to say yes.
  • Character Development: Started off as a spoiled brat who didn't like Pokémon fighting, but after the PWT, she began to figure out that she was good at it and become the best trainer ever.
  • Character Tic: Checking her Trainer Card and changing her Nature/Class.
    • Checking her Bag and the Pokedex.
  • Classy Cat-Burglar / Karmic Thief: Cly Cooper will steal whatever Team Plasma may steal.
  • Contrasting Sequel Main Character: To GMYC, big time. While he's a fanboy of the voices, she does not want to be part of them, going as far as refusing the Pokedex AND a Pokemon. And while GMYC never let any of his Pokémon evolve and released several of them, Cly never cancelled an evolution (though this was enforced by the streamer) and released none whatsoever.
  • Eagleland: Type 3 all the way. While she is by all means a hard worker and willing to find her purpose in life, she also steals in quite a few interpretations, has severe issues about leaving home, and started out as a Spoiled Brat.
  • Farmer's Daughter/Farm Girl: A Unova born girl who has spent an inordinate amount of time at Floccesy Ranch. Further, her initial lineup included a pig and two sheep.
  • I Have Many Names: Even the Mob hasn't decided what her name is.
  • Idol Singer: She's been characterized as an idol and a diva.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Goes with the Classy Cat-Burglar interpretation, but even outside of that she's interpreted to steal things from the Pokemart.
  • Momma's Girl: One theory as to why she refused her Pokedex was because she was reluctant to leave home.
  • Refusal of the Call: Tried to refuse her Pokedex and her Pokemon, much like the Platinum protagonist.
  • Reluctant Hero: At first, she was shaping into one, as she's refused the Pokedex AND a Pokemon. Past the PWT, she shook off the reluctant part.
  • Shout-Out: One of her alternate names, "Cly Cooper", is intentionally made to sound like a certain other infamous anthropomorphic master thief.
  • Skewed Priorities: CLY has priority issues.

A scientist working for Team Plasma, Colress acts as the field commander while Ghetsis runs things from the shadows.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Colress didn't appear until Black/White 2, but fan art included him in the first game's story, usually as Ghetsis' comic foil. He has also been shipped with Fennel.
  • For Science!: His entire motivation for joining Team Plasma.
  • The Heavy: Colress does most of the field work for Team Plasma in the game.

     Hugh MR 

HughMR (Mr. Hugh, Hugh Misters, Mr. Hugh Humor, Humor)

The player character's rival of sorts. HughMR is determined to stop Team Plasma, as they stole his sister's Purrloin five years ago. He hasn't put a lot of thought into his plans to rescue Purrloin. His starter is Oshawott.

  • Punny Name: Sounds like 'Humor'.
  • Revenge: The reason why he hates Team Plasma and his motivation for becoming stronger.
  • Took a Level in Badass: The unofficial Champion of the "B4", the four Ace Trainers guarding the gates to the Pokemon League.

    Pokemon Breeder Irene 
A Pokemon breeder with a Togepi and Happiny who makes excellent grinding fodder. Due to the frequency of their battles, the Mob agrees that she and CLY are in love.

     The Gym Leaders 

Unova Leaders



The second gym leader. Roxie specializes in Poison-type Pokemon. Proved herself to be a notable roadblock early on in the game.

  • Love Interest: For CLY
    • Things get more complicated when the mob begins to ship Cly and Pokémon Breeder Irene together.
  • Poisonous Person: Not really, but her Pokemon certainly are.


The third gym leader, a Bug type master. Two years after the first game, he has remodeled his gym with a spider web theme, with his main chamber being a giant cocoon with rainbow-colored water. Proved to be a huge roadblock despite Cly having mons up to 10 levels above his.

  • Ambiguously Gay: The floor of his main room has rainbow colored water.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: His primary type.
  • Blow You Away: the secondary type of most of his mons. Flying moves were super effective against 3/5 of the team when he was challenged. Skyla could be a problem too...


♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪ DANCE RIOT ♫ ┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┘ ♪

The fourth Gym Leader, specializing in Electric-type Pokemon. Two years after the first game, Elesa has turned her old gym into an amusement park, dyed her hair, and built a new gym with a fashion show theme and catchy dance music.


The fifth Gym Leader, specializing in Ground-type Pokemon. Two years after the first game, he has remodeled his Gym from a mine shaft with elevators into a dimly-lit underground facility with conveyor belts.


The sixth Gym Leader, specializing in Flying-type Pokemon. Two years after the the first game, she has remodeled her Gym to make use of industrial-strength fans instead of cannons. These fans are strong enough to blow back any and all challengers to the nearest wall, the only defense against them being special walls that keep whoever is behind them safe from being blown back. Naturally, this presents a serious problem for the Mob.


The seventh Gym Leader, specializing in Dragon-types. He has redesigned his Gym in order to hide the DNA Splicers within. It didn't actually work, though.


The eighth Gym Leader, specializing in Water-types. He's an easygoing, friendly swimmer.

Hoenn Leaders



The infamous Electric-type Gym Leader from Hoenn has made a surprise appearance inside the Cafe Sonata in Castelia City.

     The B 4 

A group of four powerful trainers with weather-based teams who, dubbed "B4" by the Mob, are the final guardians to the gates of the Pokemon League.

Ace Trainer Carroll

A generic NPC trainer on Victory Road who proved surprisingly difficult for the Mob to defeat. She uses a Hail-based team.

  • Boss in Mook Clothing: As an Ace Trainer, Caroll looks no different from any of the other random trainers the Mob usually defeats without any trouble. Caroll, on the other hand, has managed to cause CL Y ., to black out from a full team several times already. She was defeated on the seventh attempt.

Ace Trainer Elmer

An Ace Trainer who uses a Sun-based team.

Veteran Portia

A Veteran who uses a Rain-based team. She was the first B4 member defeated.

Veteran Sterling

A Veteran who uses a Sandstorm-based team.


Cly's Team ("The 100 Club")

    The Team In General 

  • Bequeathed Power: From GMYC's team in Black. Because none of his mon evolved, all of Cly's were able to.
  • Fiction 500: 3 of the team's members joined the 100 club during the initial run, with the unprecedented decision to allow post-game exploration for the first time adding two more. Combined with Cly being characterized as an Idol early on, and having the most cash of any TPP protag (due to minimal blackouts and Pokemarts), Zenny as a fast talking talent agent, Gator as a dapper fellow, Sceptile as a President, and Zoro as a rock star, this is probably the fanciest team yet.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: Emboar, Feraligatr, Sceptile, as representatives of the three starter elements, bound together to defy the cycles of their predecessors.
  • The Team: The most consistent team in TPP history, with no shuffles after day 2.
  • Superior Successor: With forced evolution, this is the first team since Fire Red to be full of fully evolved (or can't evolve) Pokemon.
  • Super Team: The team is made up of the evolved forms of Pokemon that have all been prominent characters in official Pokemon Animes, Mangas, or promotional material. A starter from 3 different generations, a bird and bug both owned by Ash, and a Zoroark.
    • It also has five Level 100 Pokémon, more than every previous TPP team combined. (Although two of them didn't reach Level 100 until the postgame, which no previous TPP team had the luxury of.)

     VVUU (Wilbur) 

VVUU the Emboar (Wilbur, Bacon, Faithful Tepig, Ganon)

A male Tepig chosen as the starter, which later evolved into Emboar. Has a Lonely nature. The seventh Pokemon in TPP history to reach Level 100, and the longest lived and most powerful Fire starter so far.

  • Blessed with Suck: Given a Life Orb that boosts his attacks but loses HP whenever it does damage, which commonly leads to him fainting after having a clutch hit.
  • Cast from Hit Points: The effect of his Life Orb.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Fighting is his secondary type.
  • Determinator: He battled with Elesa's Pokémon alone, winding up paralyzed with HP in the red by her final two Pokémon. Rather than conveniently faint during battle as the Mob had planned, he went on to knock out the rest with Blaze-powered Flamethrowers, nabbing CLY a badge.
  • History Repeats: The second Tepig in a row following Pokemon Black. The mob immediately began to not only riot for protecting and releasing Tepig, but they also began to riot for the Streamer to reset the game so they can pick another Pokémon. Others, however, have once again vowed to "Save the Bacon". And this time, they succeeded, ending the Curse of Fire!
  • One-Man Army: Beat Elesa single handledy while paralyzed, and the rest of his team had fainted prior to that.
  • Playing with Fire: His primary type.
  • Phrase Catcher: "That'll do, pig."
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Serves as the Red Oni to Umbrellagator.
  • Rousing Speech: As heard here
  • Same Character, But Different: Some interpretations believe that this is the same Tepig that GMYC released in Black. In the first game, he had a Naive nature and liked to run, but being released shattered his optimism, changing his nature to Lonely.
    • Backup Twin: Another interpretation is that he and Commander Bacon were brothers, and that Wilbur's Lonely nature stems from not hearing anything about him in two years.
  • Screw Destiny: Defying B-trolls through forced evolution, and defying the Curse of Fire longer than any predecessors, he became the first fire type starter to reach its final form.
    • By Day 16, he'd defied the Curse of Fire all the way to the Hall of Fame; two days later he became the fourth member of the team to join the 100 Club.
  • Superior Successor: The first Fire type starter to evolve at all since Abby in TPP Red. Also despite having picked Torchic, Chimchar, and another Tepig previously, this is the first Fire starter to become a Fire/Fighting type. As of Day 16, he is now the first Fire starter to survive the entire game and make it to the Hall of Fame. As of Day 18, he is now the first Fire-type Pokemon, as well as the first starter within the generation the game is set in, to reach Level 100.
  • Turns Red: Blaze boosts Fire-type attacks at 1/3 HP or less. It secured a win against Elesa when he used Flamethrower on her last two Pokémon.

     qfwwqhhzwu (Quiffle) 

qfwwqhhzwu the Unfezant (Fhqwhgads, Kazooie, Quiffle)

A female Unfezant caught as a Pidove. Her nature is Gentle. The sixth Pokemon in TPP history to reach Level 100.

     zzffzz zzw (Zenny) 

zzffzz zzw the Leavanny (Zenny, Charlie)

A male Leavanny caught as a Sewaddle. His Nature is Rash.

     AEEEEOPM.J (President Aipom J.) 

AEEEEOPM.J the Sceptile (The Chosen One, President, Geico Gecko, GG, Gordon Gecko, Aipom J)
Originally a male Treecko received at Level 10 from a Harlequin. It evolved into Grovyle on Day 2 after a grinding session in Floccesy Ranch and into Sceptile while grinding with Breeder Irene. He has a Mild nature.
  • Butt-Monkey: Generally the first to be knocked out, and doesn't have many strong attacks.
  • Green Thumb
  • Took a Level in Badass: After being generally considered a joke by some elements of the Mob for the entire run, finally proved himself once and for all by carrying the entire team in the second fight with Red, finishing off the Archangel and sweeping through Lord Helix, Air, the Fonz, and ATV, all while being the sole non-level 100 mon in the party.
  • The Bus Came Back: Meta-example. The mob wanted a Treecko in Emerald, and finally got one in the team in Black 2, 5 runs later.
  • The Chosen One: Said to be this, as he nearly single-handedly swept Red's entire team.
    • It Sucks to Be the Chosen One: He finished the game with the rest of the team being level 100. He finished at only level 99, with only a few more battles left to go before he hit the level cap.
      • Taken up to eleven when you consider that he's normally always the first one knocked out, being one of the weakest team members in terms of stats.
  • Turns Red: Overgrow, which boosts Grass-type attacks when HP is down to 1/3.

     u 2 E!☂☂☂M☂ (Umbrellagator) 

u2E!☂☂☂M☂ the Feraligatr (Dapper Gator, Sir Gator, Umbrellagator, Termigator, U2, Demyx, Sobek, Diggator)

A male Feraligatr received as a Totodile from a harlequin in Castelia City. His Nature is Relaxed. The fifth Pokemon in TPP history to reach Level 100.

  • An Ice Person: Knows Ice Beam.
  • Bash Brothers: With HughMR's Dewott.
  • The Cutie: Umbrellagator has been characterized as happy-go-lucky, positive, and adorable even after fully evolving.
  • Improbable Weapon User: When he knew Protect art would depict him using an umbrella as a shield.
  • Lucky Charms Title
  • Making a Splash: There was a time this was Averted when he forgot all of his water moves. Played Straight now as he knows Waterfall and Surf.
  • Mon Bites Mon: Bite and Crunch.
  • Quintessential British Gentleman: His tendency to carry umbrellas when its not raining have led to Dapper Gator and Sir Gator being a nickname.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Obviously serves as the Blue Oni to Emboar.
  • Second Coming: Of Lazorgator from Crystal. Some even believe that he's one of Lazor's descendants.
    • Subverted when he learned Bite over Leer (Double Subverted when he learned Ice Beam). Subverted by his characterization.
  • Spiritual Antithesis: Lazorgator was a bitter rage machine, Umbrellagator is viewed as much friendlier and more classy.
  • Super Speed: Had learned Agility over Water Gun, leaving him without a STAB move for a time.
  • Super Strength: Knows Strength.
  • Superior Successor: Unlike Lazorgator, who only knew Icy Wind, Umbrellagator learned Ice Beam, thus surpassing his ancestor by actually being able to utilize lasers. He is also the first starter Pokemon to reach Level 100, a feat that Lazorgator did not accomplish (his highest level was 85).
  • Turns Red: Torrent boosts Water-type moves at 1/3 max HP.
  • The Unpronounceable: Some characters and a bunch of umbrellas.

    Zoroark (Zoro) 

N's Zoroark (Zoroark‡, Zoro, Zoroark the Spy, Zorock)

After defeating Plasma Sage Rood, he presented CLY with N's Zorua. It was added to the party at level 25 and evolved into Zoroark through the use of the EXP. Share. He has a Hasty nature. It started to ignore CLY's commands when it had reached Level 51, but after Clay's defeat it obeyed her again. It is the fourth Pokemon in TPP history to reach Level 100.

  • Casting a Shadow: Dark type, with actual shadow powers.
  • Cunning Like a Fox
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Zorua are not malevolent and are more along the lines of tricksters. This one in particular, despite being abused, was lovingly raised by N up to and after his departure. Even after evolving, Zoroark will only do what they feel is necessary to protect those they care about.
  • Iconic Item: A guitar.
  • I Will Wait for You: Some lore interprets that he wants to see N again, and has been waiting for quite a long time. In the post-game, Zoroark gets his wish, shortly before being defeated by N's Level 100 Zekrom.
  • Master of Illusion
  • No-Sell: To Psychic attacks.
  • Shout-Out: Because of the double-dagger symbol next to his name on the HUD, and the fact that his ability allows him to disguise himself as another party member, he has been compared to the Spy from Team Fortress 2.
  • Troll: When its level became too high, it began refusing to obey CLY's commands.

On Standby



Cl y's first captured Pokemon.



A female Meowth.


Sentret, (Scout)

A wild Sentret.

     OGJ) ! 

OGJ) !, (Orange Juice, Original Gangsta)

A female Azurill.
  • Theme Naming: Orange Juice, what may be the beginning of a breakfast or food item trend.

     Maree♂B .  

Maree♂B_._, (Maree B.)

A female Mareep.

     ,’ % @ - PVG 

,’ % @ - PVG the Flaaffy (Top Percentage)

A male Flaaffy who was caught as a Mareep.

    B-list Pokémon 


A male Riolu. The first to be sent to the PC.


A male Tyrogue.

Wurmple '

A female Wurmple.


A female Tranquill caught in the Master Ball.


A Phanpy.


A female Tentacool.


A male Karrablast.


A female Mienshao.


A Bronzong.


A female Swadloon.


A male Pikachu.


A female Manectric.


A male Woobat.


A male Sawsbuck.


A female Tranquill.


A male Piloswine.


A male Throh.


A female Gliscor.


A male Pawniard.


A female Exeggcute.


A male Servine.


A male Leafeon.


A female Girafarig.

Dewott X

A male Dewott.




The male protagonist of Black 2. Nate was selected at the beginning, named ALLQ♂♂Y, and erased from existence before he could select his first Pokemon.

He eventually makes an appearance in Nimbasa City, as CLY's double battle partner against the Subway Bosses.

  • Ret-Gone: Erased from existence due to a soft reset. However, this was later proven false when he appeared in Nimbasa City.
  • Shout-Out: His name is reminiscent to "Allons-y", the catchphrase used by the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. Many players associate Nate with the Doctor because of this.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye

    Legendary Pokemon 

Kyurem / Black Kyurem ("Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon", "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon")

The mysterious third legendary dragon, representing emptiness. It was split off from Reshiram and Zekrom, and it resided in the Giant Chasm near Lacunosa Town. The townspeople feared it as a horrible monster, leading to the town becoming walled off and extremely orderly.

However, Ghetsis discovered its existence, captured it, and brainwashed it into doing his bidding by torturing it into submission. When it is ordered to kill CLY with Glaciate, N steps in with Zekrom, but Ghetsis activates a trap that allows Kyurem to merge with Zekrom to become Black Kyurem. It is defeated and separated once more, breaking free of Ghetsis' control and fleeing.

After CLY becomes Champion, Kyurem returns to the Giant Chasm. She encounters it again, and after several failed attempts at catching it, flees from it.


A legendary Dark-type Pokemon said to have the horrible power to cause people and Pokemon alike to be trapped in eternal nightmares.

Long ago, a young girl lived inside of what is now the Strange House, but an incident occurred where Darkrai accidentally caused her to enter an endless nightmare. She was rendered comatose and eventually died in her sleep. It now resides within the Strange House, guarding Cresselia's Lunar Wing. CLY battled it, but ran away out of sheer terror.


A legendary Fire-type Pokemon said to represent victory. It resides in Liberty Garden Tower.

Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus

A trio of extremely mischievous, genie-like Pokemon who cause inclement weather wherever they go.

Genesect (Lord Drive, "Dennisect")

Ghetsis' secret weapon. A long-lost ancient fossil Pokemon that was revived by Team Plasma with cybernetic enhancements, utilizing a Drive system that allows it to control the elements themselves through the cannon on its back. As it has been created through human hands as a machine, the Fossil Pantheon does not consider it an official god. The Mob has suggested it may be a captive or heavily modified Kabutops.

After CLY becomes Champion, she discovers it inside of the P2 Laboratory and engages it, but after failing to catch it in a Net Ball, she runs from it.

DQ 3 XY K (Dairy Queen Dialga)

A Dialga that was caught by CLY with a Dusk Ball. The first non-story related Legendary Pokémon to be captured since Zapdos of Red Version.

Zekrom and LLAAM 3P ("Lamp")

A pair of Zekrom. Zekrom was originally N's and LLAAM 3P is shiny. CLY caught LLAAM 3P on the way to reawaken the Dark Stone containing N's former Zekrom which she caught as well, both in Dusk Balls.

More info on N's Zekrom can be found on the Black 1 character page.


A Celebi that was caught by CLY in a Dusk Ball.

Mewtwo1N (Number 1 Mewtwo, N's Mewtwo)

A Mewtwo who lay in wait inside Wellspring Cave. CLY caught it on her first try at full health with a Timer Ball.


A Heatran found inside a cave. CLY killed it after failing to catch it.

Groudon ("Kenya")

A Groudon laying outside Heatran's cave. CLY caught it with the second Master Ball.

  • The Bus Came Back: The prevailing lore is that Heart Gold's Kenya left to deliver mail. This is the same one either done with his deliveries, or jumped in the middle of his route.


A Meloetta in the Pokemon Musical building. CLY caught it with the third Master Ball.

Shiny Arceus (Streamer-sempai)

A Shiny Arceus who resides in the Nature Preserve, available only after completion of the Unova Pokedex. It is believed by the Mob to be the Streamer incarnated into the game itself, and they have resolved to meet it.

With the Pokedex completed, the Mob headed to the Nature Preserve and found it, engaging it in battle. After it took out Unfezant with Hyper Beams and Future Sights, all the while healing itself, the Mob ran away.



The Seven Hosts

After CLY had become Champion, the Streamer had confirmed that a surprise was waiting for the Mob at the Pokemon World Tournament. That surprise was a special Twitch Plays Pokemon Boss Rush Tournament: CLY must fight all seven of the previous TPP protagonists in a row to complete the game.


The protagonist of the previous game, Twitch Plays Pokemon Black. A huge fan of the voices, he went on his own journey, but as with previous hosts he suffered the horrible tragedy of losing his entire team multiple times to the PC. He became involved in the Team Plasma plot and stopped Ghetsis' evil plan to take over Unova, but he himself mysteriously vanished without a trace soon afterward.


The werewolf protagonist of Twitch Plays Pokemon HeartGold. Assembled a team of gods to restore order to the randomized Johto, and took down Team Rocket. She was also prone to glitching herself and the world around her.


The protagonist of Twitch Plays Pokemon Platinum, and the first host to state that he did not like Pokemon at the beginning. Hailing from Kalos and leading a double life as a top-class Stadium gambler, Napoleon is an aloof, complex boy with a Dark and Troubled Past which has caused him to distance himself from Pokemon. After he became a host of the Voices, however, he slowly began to develop and learned to love Pokemon again. He put an end to Galactic Boss Cyrus' plans to create a world without spirit and became Champion of the Sinnoh region.


The protagonist of Twitch Plays Pokemon FireRed. When Kanto became affected by the Randomizer, she set out to bring order to the chaotic world. She was eventually defeated on Mt. Silver by Ao. She vanished without a trace after her defeat.


The protagonist of Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald. Not much is known about her past. Some claim that she was a feared killer, while others claim she is merely a mad anarchist who summoned the voices through a ritual for personal gratification. She lost her Torchic to the PC and resolved to undo the corruption within the Hoenn region, ending the plans of both Team Aqua and Magma and becoming the Hoenn Champion.


The protagonist of Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal. After a series of tragedies brought upon by mad Anarchists and Helix worshippers who hated his Feraligatr, he and his team decided to put an end to the corrupt rule of Johto and Kanto by killing the gods themselves. With Amber slain and the Johto Championship Title claimed for himself, AJ traveled to Kanto in order to defeat Red and destroy Helix and Dome, and he succeeded.


The protagonist of Twitch Plays Pokemon Red, and the very first host of the voices. With the guidance of the Helix Fossil, he became the Kanto champion and became a legend. However, fate did not grant Red a happy ending. Circumstances lead to the creation of the Godslayer Army, and he and Lord Helix were defeated atop Mt. Silver. Red vanished after his defeat, and was never heard from again.

  • The Bus Came Back: It's assumed that Red's disappearance was of him being sent into the future for the one year anniversary run for Pokémon Red Version.