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Heartwarming / Twitch Plays Pokémon Black 2

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  • The Streamer's promise to force evolutions was kept.
  • CLY has kept both Tepig and Treecko, both of which have evolved.
  • Evolution Farm.
  • After Flaaffy was accidentally deposited while CLY was forced to release a movie, CLY was more concerned about Flaaffy than becoming a movie star.
  • Roxie and a sailor complimented CLY on her movie.
  • Clyde the Gym Guide is CLY's father.
  • Sunbrella and Umbrellagator.
  • Umbrellagator has been characterized as happy-go-lucky, positive, and adorable.
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  • Sage Rood giving CLY N's Zorua. The Mob welcomed him with open arms.
  • Real Talk.
  • This run is about finding out who you really are and making that decision for yourself.
  • To celebrate 150 days of TPP, the Mob enacted Operation Love Bomb and made copious amounts of positive art.
  • The Art of Cly's Mons.
  • CLY has flown to Aspertia Town several times to be healed by her mom.
  • "This just occurred to me about CLY." After making the decision to go on the international tournament stage, Cly has finally accepted that this is what she wants to do. What she was born to do. To be the very best Champion that no one ever was. And she's not going to take no for an answer.
  • Zorockstar!
  • If N hadn't saved CLY, Emboar would have.
  • Empathy. Fennel and Cress bond.
  • CLY is at the Elite Four. She is five battles away from the end of the game. She has not released a single Pokemon.
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  • Something about Qwiffle.
  • CLY beat the entire game without a single release and brought a Fire Starter to the Hall of Fame.
  • CLY caught Groudon in a Master Ball. The mob immediately cheered that it was the return of Kenya from HeartGold.
  • Fennel makes Caitlin feel better about herself.
    • Subverted harshly when it's revealed that Fennel is actually Flak.
  • The surprise that had been added by the Streamer at the PWT: a TPP tournament where every single past protagonist is fought in a row, Boss Rush style. And it was beaten.
    • The final battle against Red was a massive one for Sceptile, who essentially carried the entire rest of Cly's team through the fight while being the only non-level 100 on the team.
  • Fridge Heartwarming from early in the run: "Screw popular opinion! And screw appearances! As long as it's trained well, it'll win, right?"


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