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  • Mareep evolved into Flaffy, confirming that the evolution code was used.
  • The Streamer confirmed that Pokemon X will happen when Black 2 is done.
  • Tepig evolved into Pignite!
  • As of Day 1, the PC has been used successfully, with no casualties at all.
  • A Memory Link was established with GMYC, and his legacy lives on in flashbacks and the musicals.
  • CLY Cooper.
  • CLY obtained Treecko from a Harlequin and has kept it. It evolved into Grovyle on Day 2.
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  • Sewaddle evolved into Swadloon and then Leavanny, making it the first full three-stage evolution since Platinum.
  • Tranquill and Pignite defeated Brawly together after several consecutive losses.
  • Totodile being added to the party means that this is the first run where the Mob has had 3 starters. More importantly, one starter of each type. The Triforce has been completed.
  • Totodile has fully evolved into Feraligatr, and Tepig has fully evolved into Emboar.
  • CLY encountered N's Sigilyph. She attempted to catch it, but failed, and defeated it.
    • N's Darmanitan then appeared and knocked out Emboar. CLY fled, but later defeated N's Darmanitan and N's Scraggy.
  • Treecko has fully evolved into Sceptile, meaning the entire team is fully-evolved.
  • After a grinding session in Lostlorn Forest, the entire team save Emboar had fainted. The Mob headed to Elesa's gym so Emboar would faint and they could heal without risking the PC. Emboar proceeded to sweep Elesa's entire team. While paralyzed.
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  • Plasma Sage Rood gave CLY N's Zorua, completing the team. Not long afterward, it evolved into Zoroark through the use of the EXP. Share. For the first time since FireRed, a team is now complete and fully evolved.
  • Clay managed to get one by wiping the entire team out using only his Nidoking. Several times.
  • Wilbur's dream.
  • CLY managed to enter the Pokemon World Tournament and win without any PC casualties.
  • Umbrellagator has learned Surf, the very same technique another of his kin used to kill the gods themselves.
  • "At Elite Four".
  • All three starters have learned Earthquake, a move that has ended many an urn in previous Elite Four marathons.
  • "This just occurred to me about CLY." After making the decision to go on the international tournament stage, Cly has finally accepted that this is what she wants to do. What she was born to do. To be the very best Champion that no one ever was. And she's not going to take no for an answer.
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  • CLY stared Ghetsis down when he tried to freeze her solid.
  • CLY's final defeat of Ghetsis, which drove him mad.
  • CLY is at the Elite Four. She is five battles away from the end of the game. She has not released a single Pokemon.
  • N's Zoroark reached Level 100, as have Feraligatr and Unfeazant.
  • Something about Qwiffle.
  • CLY beat the entire game without a single release (which is an awesome feat in itself) and brought a Fire Starter to the Hall of Fame and level 100.
  • CLY managed to catch Shiny Zekrom with a single Dusk Ball, literally at the start of the battle.
  • Meta Example: Unlike the other games where the Streamer ends the game after the Elite Four (Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon HeartGold being exceptions), the Streamer decides that the game will end after the Pokemon World Tournament, allowing exploration of the Postgame.
  • In the post game, catching Mewtwo, with a timer ball and it was the first ball thrown and Mewtwo was at full health.
  • Wilbur has reached Level 100. The Fire Curse has not just been broken, it has been completely eradicated from existence.
  • CLY caught Groudon with her second Master Ball and Meloetta with her third. In the case of the former, the Mob immediately erupted in celebration over Kenya, who they had released accidentally in HeartGold, returning to them.
  • This whole run has been made of awesome so far. We get a fully evolved team in a few days, including a fire starter, and used that same team to defeat the Champion. We haven't released a single Pokémon, not even our fire starter. Five of our Pokémon have reached level 100, the other one at 99. And as if that wasn't enough, so far we've managed to catch seven legendary Pokémon! And that's not all: we completed the Unova Pokédex. On second thought, maybe "awesome" isn't strong enough to describe this run.
  • The entire battle against Shiny Arceus in the Nature Preserve. Even though it ended in them fleeing, The Mob finally managed to make Streamer-sempai notice them.
  • The surprise that had been added by the Streamer at the PWT: a TPP tournament where every single past protagonist is fought in a row, Boss Rush style. And. It. Was. Beaten.
    • The final battle against Red was a massive one for Sceptile, who essentially carried the entire rest of Cly's team through the fight while being the only non-level 100 on the team.
    • Yes. Sceptile swept five members of Red's team, including ZAPDOS and the Godslayer. Cly was right. At the end of the day, it didn't matter how popular a Pokemon was; if you trained it well, you can win with it. At the end, Cly firmly set herself as the Champion in a world of badass.


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